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  1. This design did appear at Joypolis apparently: Sourced from this page: https://web.archive.org/web/20200924075002/http://segabits.com/blog/2014/02/28/the-weekly-five-how-sega-redesigned-sonic-the-hedgehog/ It also appeared in the 1998 arcade game, Spikeout: This design in particular was by Yuji Uekawa. In fact this design was the one that made him become responsible for redesigning all the characters for Adventure. According to Satoshi Okano, another artist at Sega, this design was chosen from a contest to decide what will be the new design of Sonic and Uekawa's submission, this design, was what won. If you want to learn more about Okano and what he did to contribute to the Adventure redesign you can check this interview: https://web.archive.org/web/20201217040306/https://www.fanbyte.com/features/sonic-hedgehog-satoshi-okano/ In the interview Okano says, “Among the four who participated in the contest there was classic Sonic’s father, Naoto Ohshima, Yuji Uekawa who drew characters like Ristar the Shining Star and Sonic, and Takumi Miyake who illustrated the 1996 Nights into Dreams storybook. Although I was a 3D field designer for SEGA, I was recommended because of my past work on Saturn Magazine.” The submissions were shown in a Sega Harmony magazine, specifically Volume 154. Archived Source: http://archive.is/ui0O3 Through choice of elimination I figured the designs for each were: 1. Yuji Uekawa 2. Satoshi Okano 3. Naoto Ohshima 4. Takumi Miyake Going back to Spikeout, the design from Ohshima also appears there: Both Spikeout images were sourced here: https://twitter.com/KazuCrash_/status/1033125073010483201 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/Bovff Naoto Ohshima himself seemed to have been unaware that his design appeared in the game: Archived Source: https://archive.vn/XiJ1F Here's a ripped version of the entire graphic: Anyways, on the topic of best Sonic design I would say no contest it's Junio/Eguchi Sonic:
  2. Thanks for the recommendations and offering advice. I appreciate all of this a lot and don't worry the post was definitely not a confusing mess.
  3. I appreciate that you noticed the enthusiasm I have for doing research. Whenever I'm interested in something I invest myself into the topic. And yes I have wanted to make Youtube videos for the longest time now. If I may be personal for a moment, the thing with that is that I currently don't have the equipment/software and, especially, the time to do it. Also, my current circumstances of being in a shared room with others is another factor into that. I've got some ideas for Sonic videos. Here's some of them I want to do sometime in the far future if I ever do have the opportunity to create videos: A video covering on Markeyjester who is a well known ROM hacker in the Sonic Retro community. Here's his information: http://info.sonicretro.org/User:MarkeyJester Here’s his Youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCulJ4mGfvo2mpkU5JuaEhUA/videos Here’s some of the ROM hacks he has created: Here’s one he hasn’t released which is a two player Blue Sphere mode: My favorite ROM hack he made was Sonic 1 The Next Level: For some reason footage of this ROM hack appeared in the Netflix documentary, High Score, most likely mistakenly: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/08/sonic-fan-hack-makes-its-way-into-netflix-documentary-series/ I feel that Markeyjester is an underrated creator and deserves some more attention. ==================================================== A video on Satoshi Okano who inadvertently had a hand in Modern Sonic’s design. He was an artist at SEGA and for the longest time the Japanese art for Sonic 3D Blast was mistakenly credited to Yuji Uekawa until he had to come out and say he made it. If you don’t know what I’m referring to here it is: Here’s one post of him talking about it: https://twitter.com/okanotion/status/1167044493733875712 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/Kv0aF There’s an article where he goes more in depth on it: https://www.fanbyte.com/features/sonic-hedgehog-satoshi-okano/ Archived Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20200815225421/https://www.fanbyte.com/features/sonic-hedgehog-satoshi-okano/ If you notice in the article it says that Mania was originally the name for Sonic Jam before Okano suggested the Jam name instead. “Before Sonic Mania was the name of a 2017 return-to-form, it was an idea that Sonic Team art director Kazuyuki Hoshino presented for a 1997 Sega Saturn port compilation of Sonic’s Genesis titles. SEGA chose to go with another title, Sonic Jam, a name submitted by Satoshi Okano, a designer who had joined SEGA in 1996...” https://twitter.com/okanotion/status/1169261857246343171 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/XCvS7 Jam coming from a music term: “The “Sonic Jam” title was my idea,” recalls Okano, “My SEGA coworkers would ask me ‘what does that mean?’ I would politely turn and explain it to them like this: ‘The jam is like the jam in a jazz session. It means it’s packed with cool stuff.’” His art which would also appear in Sega Saturn Magazine prompted Yuji Naka to hold an internal contest for the new design of Sonic. Here’s the art itself: In the article it says this: Around this time, Yuji Naka came across Okano’s Sonic Jam art. With the impending need for a modern Sonic design, Naka was inspired by Okano’s work to hold an internal contest — artists within SEGA would submit their designs for Sonic’s new, modern look. “Among the four who participated in the contest,” says Okano, “there was classic Sonic’s father, Naoto Ohshima, Yuji Uekawa who drew characters like Ristar the Shining Star and Sonic, and Takumi Miyake who illustrated the 1996 Nights into Dreams storybook. Although I was a 3D field designer for SEGA, I was recommended because of my past work on Saturn Magazine.” As it turns out, in August 2020 Linkabel responded to a post by SEGADriven who had provided a scan of a page from a Harmony Magazine, issue no. 154, that actually shows the four submissions. Harmony was an internal company magazine. Here’s the image he included: https://twitter.com/AbelMunizJr/status/1293228950408138752 Archived Source: http://archive.is/ui0O3 The scan itself was created by, coincidentally, Mark Hughes (@thesketchsector): https://twitter.com/segadriven/status/1293231020955836417 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/NTwSL Okano was basically the missing link for Modern Sonic’s design so I think I want to shed light on that. ==================================================== A video on Fat the Kookaburra which is a joke character created by Paul Veer, an artist for Sonic Mania. It came from a post made by Brad Flick which made Paul create a sprite of the character: https://twitter.com/pietepiet/status/893949637588992000 Archived Source: http://archive.is/zS1Ie This discussion and a few others spawned a bit of fan art similar to Eggette who I can perhaps discuss a part on too. Each one had a different design: https://twitter.com/AdamRB/status/894699506398150657 Archived Source: http://archive.vn/guhbC https://twitter.com/Dagr8_Carlos/status/902408737167683584 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/Sw9s1 https://twitter.com/azookara/status/893970589756555266 Archived Source: http://archive.vn/ZSDRX Asides from this, maybe I could even go into what an actual Kookaburra is like and go National Geographic on y’all. ==================================================== A video on the Sonic CD animation. There is a lot I want to discuss about like the process, the animation cels, the differences between each of the releases of the animation spanning from the original SEGA CD version, the 1996 PC version, the Gems Collection version, etc. I also want to discuss Hisashi Eguchi himself since he was the “Chief Key Animator” for the animations. He has his own Twitter here: https://twitter.com/eguchi_1203 Ever since 2017 he has been providing sketches and information on the animation so go follow him if you haven’t. Here’s a few of the reference sheets All sourced from here: https://twitter.com/eguchi_1203/status/837374874213462016 Archived Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20171227015643/https:/twitter.com/eguchi_1203/status/837374874213462016 He also has been making new drawings of Sonic as well. Here’s the first one he made: He deleted the original tweet so here’s the archived source: https://web.archive.org/web/20180228041624/https://twitter.com/eguchi_1203/status/963114414806220800 The unused zone R2 was also seen in the ending animation so I can talk about that. I’m sure most people love this design of Sonic, just like me, so I think it would be interesting to go in depth on these animations too. ==================================================== A video on the rebounding mechanic in the classic Sonic games. Also come to be known as the Badnik Bounce. Here’s a Sonic Retro page about it: http://info.sonicretro.org/SPG:Rebound I wasn’t even aware I could do this until I found this video which also uses the Badnik Bounce term: The video itself was in a SEGA forums thread I came across but unfortunately since those forums shut down in 2018 I can’t source it anymore. With this new knowledge it changed entirely the way I played these classic Sonic games. I’ve found different bouncing chains by myself but mostly with the help of the Zone 0 website which is a site that provides maps for each of the four main classic games: http://www.soniczone0.com/ Here’s an example of someone utilizing this mechanic. I must warn to turn down your volume before watching because it starts off very loud from the sound of Sonic’s spindash: I would like to show off my own skills on this and perhaps teach people who may not be aware of this mechanic. ==================================================== Lastly, is a video on the history of Sonic Mania which will go in depth into everybody who had a role in this game. Every other video I have seen mostly just talks about Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley, aka Taxman and Stealth, and neglects to talk about the others. I feel like the rest should also be covered as well. I will say out of all the videos talking about Sonic Mania’s history I did enjoy the one by Video Game Story Time. They have charming art and good narration: Here’s some examples of the research I’ve done for my own potential video. Did you know that while most people know Tyson Hesse for his parody comic, Sonic’s Big Fat Adventure, he was in the Sonic scene in the early 2000’s making custom sprites: He was going by Rittz during that period and his sprite design was so popular it made people use it as a base for their own sprites. This style would become known as “Rittzified” as shown here: He would also make a sprite comic called “Sonic ARGH” around that time. Paul Veer, who I mentioned earlier, was commissioned by SEGA in 2015 to create an art print for Cook and Becker. Here’s an article from Sonic Retro about it: https://sonicretro.org/2015/09/17/ray-and-mighty-finally-found-on-new-official-sonic-art-print/ Here’s the pixel art itself: Lucas Carvalho, aka Midio, was another artist who happened to join the Mania team because of Paul. Here’s a magazine article where he says it. It’s on the side in the red section: The text you should be looking for is this: “Em certo ponto da etapa de desenvolvimento de Mania, o Paul Veer[um dos artistas] me recomendou como un potencial quarto artista para trabalhar no jogo e foi ai que eu virei parte da equipe.” I’ve translated the answer he said: “At a certain point in the development stage of Mania, Paul Veer [one of the artists] recommended me as a potential fourth artist to work on the game and that's when I became part of the team” I think that’s the only image of the article itself and it comes directly from Lucas himself. https://twitter.com/midio/status/913801458709123072 Archived Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20180518004533/https:/twitter.com/midio/status/913801458709123072 That was just a taste, so to speak, of the research I have done on that topic. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll somehow get the opportunity to make my own Youtube channel. I’m sure someone else will make videos on those ideas before I do though and then I will be called a copycat. And that’s just the ideas I have for Sonic videos by the way, I have so many more that are unrelated to Sonic. For one example I’ve been fascinated by a place called Kowloon Walled City and I’ve wanted to make my own video on it. If you’re curious about it here’s a video on it. Make sure to turn on Closed Captions(CC) for English subtitles: I’ll just see how I turn out myself so I could eventually do all this.
  4. Hey folks I managed to get my hands on the Sonic Mania Introduction Manual. This was an item that was only given out during conventions like the 2017 Comic Con Panel or PAX West. It was never sold anywhere else and is only obtainable by second hand sellers. Of course that means scalpers gonna scalp and the prices for the manuals, that were given away for free might I add, were ridiculously high. The prices ranged above 100 dollars or more. I think I share the same sentiment that Matt Manheimer, formerly of Tails Channel, had about this during the time it was happening: https://twitter.com/mattmannheimer/status/889942792751001602 https://archive.vn/idYMC I always wanted to see the contents inside this manual clearly as I was only able to see it through video or camera pictures. I specifically wanted to see the little writings the Mania staff wrote. I assumed when it first released that someone would scan this and I could see it that way. Three years later and it still hadn’t been scanned. I couldn’t believe that no one who had this manual ever even bothered to try and scan this. Admittedly, I feel I was a part of the problem since I did have it as well for over a year (and a half I think?) and never got around to scanning it myself. One day after my usual search for a sale I finally found one at a reasonable price. I immediately swooped in and bought it. I would like to give special thanks to the ebay user who sold it for just 15 dollars. I would give proper credit but unfortunately I don’t have the exact username anymore and it doesn’t appear in my purchase history either for some reason. All I have is their actual name which was on the cardboard postcard it was sent in. I’ll just say that their first name was Alli. So thank you very much Alli! The manual itself was in a clear plastic sleeve and there was this cute little hamburger sticker where Alli wrote their thanks on it. I thought I would share this too: Enough of the personal story though. I scanned the images at 600dpi and then exported them as PNG images. I have uploaded the whole manual over at archive.org. One version has the pages individually: https://archive.org/details/sonicmania-intromanual-paged/mode/2up The other has the pages together: https://archive.org/details/sonicmania-intromanual/mode/2up If you want the raw images at the highest resolution then there is a zip file download in the gray box where it says DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Click on the link that says GENERIC RAW BOOK ZIP. The separated page version is 341MB. The full version is 332MB. I will also provide PDF links for both: https://ia601502.us.archive.org/4/items/sonicmania-intromanual-paged/sonicmania-intromanual-paged.pdf https://ia801400.us.archive.org/30/items/sonicmania-intromanual/sonicmania-intromanual.pdf If any of you think you can do a better job at scaling, cropping, or just editing it in any other way than I could (which I’m sure any of you can since I’m not that proficient with image editing) than I also have a zipped file folder containing the uncropped versions of these scans: http://www.mediafire.com/file/te9md7mh5eri5kj/sonicmania-intromanual-uncropped.zip/file Here’s a sample of what the uncropped version of the manual will look like if you try. The white space is from the scanner: (The preview image has to be reduced due to file size limitations for this forum so it’s not the actual size) Scanning it was a tedious process of scanning a page and reviewing if they came out very clean because at times there would be very noticeable spots of dirt or small hair on the pages which would frustrate me to try again. I would wipe the scanner so many times just so I made sure nothing would get caught in it but no matter what there would always be a piece scattered here and there so I would just choose the cleanest scan with the least spots to be a part of the final manual scan. This is one of the reasons why it took me this long to scan the entire thing in the first place. As the one who scanned this I can honestly admit that I don’t think I did a great job in scanning it since I had to sacrifice some of the pages edges getting cut but I was tired of it not being anywhere online so I just did the best I could do with this. Now here's some bonus stuff involving the manual According to Aaron Webber the manual went through over 20 revisions before finalizing. He also showed the old B&W printout they ran around for approval: https://archive.vn/eiUxx Simon Thomley (AKA Stealth), one of the developers of Sonic Mania, signed a manual and left it at a Target on the edge of Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA http://archive.vn/E74cQ The video quality is not that great so I decided to transcribe what he had written on it the best I can. So if you're curious here's what the manual says from the way I can see it: "Hello, Sonic fan! I'm sorry that Mania Plus is currently not available here. If you were lucky enough to find this first please take it as a consolation prize! Thank you for playing. Simon "Stealth" Thomley" Here's a Youtube version in case the tweet gets deleted: He left another at a Best Buy http://archive.vn/aIDB0 During E3 2018 a sign for Sonic Mania Plus was right near a hand sanitizing station so the Mania developers (which include Christian Whitehead, Simon Thomley, Brad Flick, Hunter Bridges, and Tom Fry) made a joke about it https://archive.vn/ZQPi4 This made them sign a manual with encouraging messages to sanitize http://archive.vn/lCd31 Here's the image itself: Well that's all the bonus stuff I could find I hope you enjoyed.
  5. Hello I'm posting here because I don't think I'm able to do status updates in my profile since I can't seem to find it there. I would like to have it enabled please.
  6. Tee Lopes showing how a sound effect is used on Stardust Speedway: [OOPS LOOKS LIKE TEE LOPES HAS DELETED THE TWEET.] It was just a few seconds of a clip where it shows how Tee Lopes used a sound effect to create the beginning of the Act 1 track. I don't know how to describe it properly but it's the clacking sound heard at the very beginning of the track.
  7. Outside of the Sonic community I've seen Mania being constantly called as a throwback to the Genesis games but I think these special stages will further cement that this is more of a throwback to the Saturn and how a 2D Sonic game could have looked like in that system. I really love how they decided to basically use the 3D Saturn model design of Sonic for these special stages instead of using sprites. There is a certain charm to him that was only seen in that period before the Modern redesign took over. I also like how the special stages for Mania are combining aspects of the others like CD with the 3D track and UFO, the blue spheres of 3K, and ring collecting for more time from Chaotix. Heroes could also be considered since it was about racing for the emerald as well. For whatever reason this amalgamation suddenly reminded me of this very awesome piece of art that has been stuck in my mind for a long time now: Image Link: https://liris-san.deviantart.com/art/The-Frontier-World-Warps-of-Confusion-469026556 I now it's wishful thinking but I want something like this in a future Sonic game.
  8. Since there is some discussion of Taxman's 3D engine in this page I decided to find out where Taxman himself has brought it up. Here is some instances of him talking about this 3D engine: In this tweet he gives a recommendation on what looks like a level editor for those writing their own 3D engine: These posts show that he has been at least doing a 3D engine since 2015 or even possibly earlier since one of these tweets says that he had taken months in making the engine. It doesn't really surprise me that Taxman is doing this because on his website he says: "my goal as a programmer is to develop fast and flexible solutions for awesome 2D and 3D games on today’s mobile and digital platforms." Even his logo has the motto, "Friend to pixels and polys alike."
  9. Out of all of the other members that have now been revealed I think it's amazing to see Falk from Before/After The Sequel be somewhat involved with this game. Although it's stated by Tee Lopes that he isn't composing but rather sound mixing: Falk has also made a statement on this game: It would have been interesting to hear what kind of tracks Falk could have provided for this game. Now I think the other person I recognized was Paul Veer. He is a pixel artist and in 2015 he was commissioned by SEGA and Cook & Becker (There currently doing the 25th Anniversary art book by the way) to do a Sonic art piece to go along with the rest of the other SEGA franchises. Here's a Retro article talking about his piece: https://www.sonicretro.org/2015/09/ray-and-mighty-finally-found-on-new-official-sonic-art-print/ Here's the piece he made: Here's a link for a better, bigger view of it: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/001/018/568/1a4.png There's a video that shows the process of it: I thought it looked pretty nice especially since it showed Bark, Bean, Fang, Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles, Mighty, and Ray. Seeing Paul Veer's name again automatically reminded me of this piece so I just wanted to share it with others in case they haven't seen it yet.
  10. I can't believe my previous posts speculating that Tyson Hesse had involvement with the leaked animation turned out to be true. I never predicted this kind of thing to occur. The first post is where I discovered that there was a charity stream with many people involved in animation and comic books. Within that list Tyson Hesse was shown to have taken part in this. I realized a connection at that point as both designs were practically identical. After seeing this similarity in designs and then rereading the Retro article about the stream and seeing it crediting Tyson as an animator I wanted to check to see if any of his accounts had any additional information I could discover. The post below had a tweet that I had found of a Sonic animation that Tyson had done which was definitely the smoking gun at that point Later in a third post I stated that perhaps if the animations aren't going to be in the game they could just end up being used for trailers or promo videos. I'm hopefully going to be proven wrong and there will be in game animated cutscenes as I really want to see more of this. Now after seeing that amazing animated trailer with Tyson confirmed to have done it I'm excited to see yet another person who is a huge Sonic fan be a part of this game. This is becoming an amalgamation of many talented and passionate Sonic fans that this game will definitely blow it out of the water and probably receive the most positive reception with people even outside of the fanbase as I think Mania will reach many new people to the series. It also seems like it was Aaron Webber's idea to add in animations as Tyson states this:
  11. So I didn't see anyone post this information and I myself didn't know where to post this so I'm going to put it on this topic. So I was going through the Retro page on Sonic CD's development again to see if there was any new discoveries with either sketches or cels. I was going through the Animation Cels section and quickly noticed this: This was uploaded recently in that section. These are the same animation cels I had previously discussed about: The post I made a while ago: https://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/21989-naoto-ohshimas-facebook-god-damn-amazing/#comment-1102048 A brief rundown of that post is that these animation cels seemed to be in the possession of someone who had won them off a competition. Seeing as this was a new picture of the cels I wanted to find out the source of this one as I did with the first picture of the cels. I found the source of the new picture which ended up being on a tweet that was actually from a month ago (April 11) so it seems like this was obscure for a while as it was just uploaded on Retro just a few days ago (May 24) Here's the tweet: The translation for that tweet is: I have this for me I got it at a game show It is a heirloom. Within the comments he adds more information on how he won it: Here's the translation for the information: By the way it was acquired In the '97 Spring Game Show 's "Sonic Jam" corner you can have a challenge to collect rings of Sonic World (3D stage) several times a day, when you are nominated and you achieve Norma you got a cell picture. Because I was not named on the first day, on the second day I went there in the morning and I managed to appoint somehow I will keep emphasizing that the translations aren't 100% correct but it seems like what I thought was a Sonic CD competition turned out to be a Sonic Jam one. They even mention the previously written problem on the delay of receiving the cel. It's actually pretty interesting to see that it's the same person who has still kept these framed cels all these years because I was wondering if we will ever see another picture of it surface again considering that the last time it was uploaded was back in 2002 in that old website so to see a new picture of it is amazing. That still brings up the other cels that were at the Sega World event: Were these cels also prizes in the competition and if they were who has them now?
  12. So I'm going to have to apologize as I'm beating a dead horse at this point but I believe I have discovered even more information in regards to the leaked animation. I was looking up additional information on PagodaWest Games because I wanted to learn more about there background in games. I saw this on the Google image search: Immediately this made me regain interest on this subject because this is the protagonist of the OK KO show and I wanted to find out what this picture was for. This is the tweet that was a part of this picture: So on February of 2016 Pagodawest was a apart of an event made by Cartoon Network called the Game Jam. Here's the post promoting the event: Here's a news report showing the event as well: http://katu.com/news/local/cartoon-network-game-jam-comes-to-portland This event was in Portland which is where PWG is based in so that's why they took part in it. It was basically a competition of various developers creating a game in a limited amount of time and which ever developer won would have their game published. PWG didn't win the competition but there was more which led me to do more digging. Here's another tweet: It shows that the creator of the show (@ianjq), the one holding the controller by the way, was involved in this event. I've discovered that he has stated being a fan of Sonic as well. I'm entering speculation mode once again. Even though this event took place last year perhaps he saw Sonic Mania being developed and wanted to have some kind of request to have animation for the game. Now that I got a second look on this subject I realized I had forgotten a detail on Studio Yotta. They had already made an animation for a game. That game being Rivals of Aether: I'm starting to think that maybe the animation could just be used in a trailer or promo video and could possibly be uploaded on the official Sonic channel. So now we have the creator of OK KO saying he's a fan of Sonic and has also kind of already met PWG. Again I do apologize if I'm beating a dead horse but I really wanted to share some more information I found and this will be the last time I bring this up as I now feel like I've seen all I wanted.
  13. Tee Lopes recently discovered that FL Studio keeps track on how long each music piece took to create: In response somebody asked how long Studiopolis had taken to make and Tee Lopes posted that it took 7 hours and 55 minutes. It's nice to learn at least a little bit on the background of the music making process especially with how long it took for an amazing track like Studiopolis to only be made in almost 8 hours basically.
  14. So I was just looking at some Sonic videos when I came across a video on the Japanese Sonic 3 promotional VHS and I saw that there was some drawings shown in a book that haven't seem to shown up in Ohshima's accounts yet. Here's some pictures just to have a better look at some of them. This one is the Christmas themed Screensaver art: There's a page that shows many poses for Sonic and Tails but the only two I could visibly see are these: I don't think I've seen these before but I do recall at least seeing the one of Sonic and Tails yawning on a shirt. Here's a different version of the Christmas Screensaver art that seems to be bigger and more bold: Sadly, this one is obstructed but it's clearly the Screensaver art where Sonic is waiting in a bus stop: Maybe Ohshima will eventually upload these as well if he still has them. EDIT: Please note the following reply below my post that just says "This makes me uncomfortable" is not referring to my post but rather a tweet from Ohshima that has been since deleted that contained an image from the Sonic Material Collection. I'm not sure why Ohshima deleted it. It was a drawing of a person wearing a Sonic costume. I suppose it was just to show a concept of how a costume could look that could be used at events like trade shows.
  15. That's one of the aspects that I love about the classic Sonic games as there's a hidden layer of techniques that a player can learn to speedrun them and continue to reduce their time. It feels rather gratifying to run through a stage rather quickly using these skills. I do think it's a shame that the remasters of 1 and 2 aren't able to do the 6-tap spindash due to them being only on mobile. I'm still waiting on the day we get these definitive versions on PC and consoles as it's been 4 years from there release now. Also Mania will have the classic controls of the three buttons all being jump so it's possible to do the 6-tap spindash: Picture source: [Link] I'm glad that this will be possible as I will be constantly trying to speedrun this game when it comes out.
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