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  1. As much as I'd like this, SEGA only seems to be interested in tearing Sonic 2006 apart. Notice in the video below, they were quick to make fun of '06's loading times, but then completely skip describing Lost World, Boom: Rise of Lyric and Boom: Shattered Crystal. So, no, I doubt they'll poke fun at any recent games. SEGA's still trying to sell them, and nothing sells a game better than constantly pointing out all of its flaws. Oh well...
  2. I'm kind of surprised that games like 2006 and Unleashed HD don't get priority when it comes to backwards compatibility, considering that both games are only available on PS3 and Xbox 360, compared to the games already made available on Xbox One (except Sonic the Fighters) which have already been ported to quite a few other systems.
  3. However, the final cutscene shows the Wisps solving everything (and the black hole turning all the Nega-Wisps back to normal somehow), so the only problem that would remain unsolved without Sonic's involvement would be Planet Wisp returning to its original spot in the galaxy (assuming that the generators still keep the planets in place without Tropical Resort, which seems unlikely). Then again, Sonic didn't realise that Rotatatron's (or Globotron's) arm was stuck in the cannon, so there's no reason for him to just leave and assume that everything will sort itself out.
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    I'm assuming that you're referring to this script.

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