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  1. The multiple paths thingy is there already, the simplest one being in GHZ Sonic Generations Act 2 for example and it works out perfectly, a slower but an easier one, and a faster but more challenging one. Now I get what you're saying by simply adding more levels to the games to make it last longer but it might get to a point where it gets boring... Maybe that's just me but no matter how good the game is if it gets repetitive and too long to the point where it becomes kind of boring to beat, that's a problem. Adding a few more levels would be fine, but it wouldn't change much, but adding more than that could make the game boring imo. S3&K was a short game, beat it in like 4-5 hours, yet it is still one of if not the best sonic game ever released. It's short but replayable. So length of the games isn't much of a problem as long as it's not abnormally short or even worse, way too long.
  2. Get a channel art, a decent trailer, and some thumbnails that'll make people click the vid when they see it Visuals play a VERY important role here, best advice I can give.
  3. Oh right, that might actually be the case here, considering Christian Whitehead is working on it aswell..Hmm...
  4. The game wasn't that bad at all, in fact I recently replayed it and enjoyed it a LOT. Though Knuckles' Chaotix didn't do too well as far as I know, because it was released on the 32X console which was completely unnecessary at the time, + they're focusing on Sonic and considering KC didn't have him as a character, it would be kind of risky to re-release it and hope that it will do well imo.
  5. It says at this time... I guess that's something, might get an update in the future? plz ;_;
  6. Yeah, we might still get something for EU I guess, just gotta wait and see, got some hope left still >:) Doubt it's gonna cost more than that...
  7. Not only that, it whitescreens for me even when trying to go to the main site, wonder what's up..
  8. A lot of hype goin on around this anniversary thar's for sure... Eh, yet another reason for me to crave visiting japan which won't happen anytime soon... fml:c
  9. That's what I meant mainly. But everything is designed so well from the colors to the chraracters...
  10. I'd much rather have my instashield than the drop dash tbh.. Atleast both, as Indigo Rush said, they wouldn't create problems for eachother unless the player is simply dumb. With that being said, I find the instashield a lot more useful considering I haven't seen ONE instance where the dropdash is atleast 70% necessary, and the shield, when mastered to a certain extent, can save you A LOT, and be more useful overall. Plus it requires some skill and practice to time right, so it gives the player a reason to master it. That's just my opinion though.
  11. Indeed, get out of bed and drink tea or do something else for like 15-30 mins. Going right back to sleep after it occurs gives it like 90% of chance to occur again and again until you just take a break.
  12. For me, as I said, breathing in a weird way, like fast and then slow, just without a regular rythm, works very well. It's easy to do considering you have problems breathing anyway, just doing that makes your body think something isn't wrong and wakes you up IMMEDIATELY. The paralysis might have lasted 1-2 mins and it'll just last 3-5 secs because of this, by far the best technique I've found. Give it a shot if it occurs the next time ;D
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