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    Dear Light Speed Dash, plzwork ty.

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    Sonic, music, games and lots of nostalgia.
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Sanic/MLP fan, high elo LoL player who loves listening to music, dealing with stress, talking about weird subjects and overthinking to death. That's me.

Absolute randomness:

Age: 15

Irl name: Niko

Favorite music producer: EDEN, Mt. Eden (2 different producers btw)

^ Most of their songs are by far my favorite, pretty  hard to decide.

Favorite Sanic stage in classic games: Hydrocity Zone from Sonic 3.

Favorite soundtracks from Sonic games: Angel Island Zone from Sonic 3, Hydrocity Zone from Sonic 3, Live and Learn from SA2B, Windy Walley from SA1 and holy FUCK, Sonic Colors' most music, it's hard to pick one.

Top 10 Favorite Sonic games:

1 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles 
2 - Sonic 2
3 - Sonic 1
4 - Sonic Generations 
5 - Sonic Adventure 2 
6 - Sonic Colors
7 - Sonic Adventure 1 
8 - Sonic Lost World 
9 - Sonic Heroes
10 - Sonic 4 EP 2 



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