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  1. Jason Griffith is my favorite sonic voice. Sorry rodger just sounds like an old man trying to be young and hip to me. Dan green is my favorite knuckles but I like all of knuckles older voices, his newer one is okay too. Lisa is my favorite amy. lani is my favorite rouge. David is my favorite shadow but jason comes close too for me. Mike pollock is obviously the best eggman and the best in general. Mike Pollock is god, I mean, have you heard his ella. In all honesty I liked all of tails voices. My favorite silver voice is pete. My favorite blaze is Erica. I could keep going but I think this is enough.
  2. Are you who I think you are?

    1. Straw Hat

      Straw Hat

      I dunno... Who do you think I am...?

    2. Spinez


      possibly the same straw hat Ive encountered over and over on many sonic videos?

    3. Straw Hat

      Straw Hat


  3. Oh, I thought it was because random people attack me whenever I say I don't like them that much. I haven't met anyone who didn't like the comics. Also, I don't mind if other people like it.
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