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  1. Too bad the Babylon Rogues got the shaft and never actually appeared in the new timeline. That's still gonna bother me if the comic is for sure done.
  2. So it's been over a month now since we all thought the comic was canceled or something and even still Archie has not made a single word about it. Didn't we just go through this last year?
  3. Irrelevant from the topic, but this is something I've been curious on wanting to know lately. For those of you who buy the physical copies of the comic, how do you guys store them? I've been putting them in comic book sleeves into binders with a board on the back of each sleeve, with two issues per sleeve. But I want to know if there's a better method to storing my comics rather than just putting them in a binder. Any thoughts? Anyone else want to state how they store their comics?
  4. Gosh, man, I'm so sick of hearing something bad happening with Archie and the Sonic comics. It seems like every year there's some sort of problem: Penders, the reboot (granted this ended up doing fine, at least to me personally), the four-month hiatus of the Sonic comics back in 2016 that still was never explained, and now this. A lot of this is probably hot air, and perhaps the comics will return back shortly. It's just, I'm so irritated with the amount of complications that occur at Archie or somewhere else that puts the Sonic comics at stake. Sorry for being pessimistic about this, I'm just tired of the comic's fate seemingly being held with barely any tangible threads. Hopefully this whole issue with the subscriptions or whatever passes by soon.
  5. As someone who wanted to write for the comics one day, hearing this news makes me pretty upset. However, I'll remain optimistic about all of this. I hope the comics won't end, and if they do, at least have them go on in some sort of fashion, such as having Sonic go to IDW or whatever else, like what everyone else is saying.
  6. Let me clarify what I mean: when I said the game characters died is that they could have pulled the exact same stunt with the Freedom Fighters or other miscellaneous characters and don't have to explicitly say "they're dead."
  7. Honestly, that whole scene could have been ignored. Instead, we could have had the Freedom Fighters and the Robot Masters die instead of Team Dark. The "no game character can die" rule didn't apply to Team Dark, it shouldn't apply here. Hell, you could have had Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Mega Man, Roll, Rush, and Proto Man survive, include the Boom and X team, and there wouldn't have been such a huge cast. But alas, it's whatever now. Though I'm gonna be honest and say part three was the best issue in the entire crossover.
  8. Egads, I've been revealed! (I uploaded them by the way)
  9. That makes me wonder: besides the tease he gave in StH #272, has Antoine been teased by Sonic at any point? I feel like Sonic would have played around with him enough to break Antoine or something. Antoine kinda seems like that dude you know that is always the butt of the joke and finally snaps one day. Probably has already happened in the timeline or whatever, I'm kinda intrigued if Antoine was ever "bullied" or even teased around by the Freedom Fighters in this timeline.
  10. Really adore the blue banner on StH #290's main cover. Nice touch and reference to the Sega CD games and their box artwork. Still not as interested in the Chaotix arc (I don't like pirates all that much) but I'm really looking forward to Genesis of a Hero. Also, in case you guys missed it, Vincent Lovallo posted a picture showing a sneak peek (peak? I suddenly forgot which one it is) of the Control graphic novel and a conspicuous email detailing a certain milestone issue scripts below but blurred. Hmmm....
  11. I really don't like the fact that Sonic: Genesis is canon in the new continuity. There's just something that really makes me feel like it doesn't fit in with the new timeline at all. It's probably (actually, now that I think about it, it is) the designs of the characters, namely Sally, Rotor, and Antoine. Saying that Genesis, a story arc that featured the characters looking different than how they appear now, happening in the new timeline just doesn't settle in as easy as Worlds Collide, since Worlds Collide only had SEGA characters (and we know they won't change their designs anytime soon). I think it would be better and wouldn't hurt at all to say Genesis actually never happened in the new timeline, but hey, I'm not the writer. I don't know what Ian has planned. (also I'm BlueSpeeder and I'm new here so hi everyone!)
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