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  1. This is all I've come here for.

    1. KHCast


      >Literally was going to post this just now.


    2. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Just post it tomorrow, nobody will notice lol. Anyways, bye

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      Haven't seen you in a few years Lucid. I hope all is ok bud

  2. Trying to maintain my interest in Sonic is just getting harder and harder. It feels like a decade since I last felt any sort of interest towards 3D Sonic games even though it's been hardly a year since I played Sonic Generations. Sonic Forces... isn't helping. 

  3. I kinda want to make a smell bank of nice smelling soaps and other stuff that smells nice.

    I never knew I loved smells so much. It's a shame that the smell of alcohol is so disturbing for me. At least places like Lush use less alcohol and have other stuff that smell nice. 

  4. Whoop, getting my first paycheck tomorrow :D

    Time to immediately waste it all on some crap. 

    1. JosepHenry


      Buy a Switch for me.

    2. MightyRay


      Congrats man! Enjoy your money!

    3. TailsTellsTales
    4. Kiah


      Nice! I always say splurge on that first paycheck. Then from there on out be sure to save something from each one even if it’s just a little bit. You won’t regret it. 

  5. Yey I got emplyed :D 

    Now I gotta think of something to waste my first paycheck on. Games or Lush...

  6. I know I'm super late, but I'm soooo happy Fang appeared in Sonic Mania. Looking at him bouncing around makes me so happy. Glad to see the trio are back in some form. 

    I gotta finish Sonic Mania already... Oil Ocean put me off a little.

    Also hi! Glad to see everyone doing well :lol:

    1. MightyRay


      Glad you're having fun with Mania! I haven't bought it yet. hehe

    2. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Ah Oopsie. I didn't mean to spoil anything for you :unsure:

    3. MightyRay


      Nah, it's O.K.! I usually spoil myself on things anyway so it's no big deal. Oh did you see the pic of Mami I drew for you a while ago?

    4. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      OH my god you did that? No I havn't, I must check it out asap! Thank you so much for that.


    5. Kiah


      @Mightyray you might want to get on that my friend. ?

      Mania being awesome aside, there isn't anything deemed to be a spoiler with the game now that's it's been officially released for 2 months now so mentioning anything about it sans spoiler tags is fair game now. 

  7. Ahh Sonic Mania is so fun. I just finished Chemical plant Zone 2 and it really reminded me of Portal 2 with all the gels and gel tubes. I guess if there's this kind of innovation for all of the old levels, I don't mind the nostalgia zones too much. 

  8. Finished my final exam and with that, it's the end of school. Even though my official graduation was a while ago, it's only really starting to hit me now that my exams are all done. It's a weird feeling. 

    At least I'm getting a PS4 soon. That's something to look forward too. 

    1. MightyRay


      I hope you pass all your exams!

  9. Sega is releasing a brand new, revolutionary game. Nothing competes. 



    April fools :P


  10. I decided to catch up on SSMB and see if there was any new news while I was walking around, and I accidently walked into the girls bathroom and stayed there staring at my phone for a few minutes as a result. 

    The girls were understanding (although quite giggly), but that was quite embarrassing. There was nothing new here either. 

    1. Place


      This made my night.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Oh sure. You were looking at your phone. In camera mode LOL

    3. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Oh damn, thinking about it that way it would have been really easy for a girl to attack me for it. Even though my phone was facing down, and it was obvious I went in by accident. 

      Some people are evil enough to try to twist anything into a sexual harassment/rape case. I have to be careful... 

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      In this day and age? Yeah. Panic Planet. That oughta be a Sonic stage

    5. Solkia



      Who TF stands around in a public bathroom texting


    6. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Late reply, but I thought I went through a hallway. I don't go to public toilets.

      I know it was really stupid. 

  11. Would you say shows like Panty and Stocking or Avatar are anime or cartoons? What's the distinction for you?

    1. Milo


      Well, the unofficial term for Western animated shows that look like anime is called animesque. Avatar and a few other cartoons (The Boondocks, Marathon shows like Totally Spies!, etc.) are usually described as that category.

      PSG (Panty and Stocking) would essentially be the inverse of that, but I don't think there's a term for that though.

    2. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Oh, well that's pretty simple. Probably easier to call PSG, Dead leaves, etc cartoonesque then. Even if it's not a proper term, I'm sure the sentiment gets through. 

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      For me, Avatar (and Korra) is a cartoon influenced by Japanese [and a bit of Chinese?] work and Panty & Stocking is an anime influenced by American work. So the former as a cartoon while the latter is an anime. It is a bit of a strange thing in general but I call anime Japanese cartoons for simplistic reasons, just that Panty & Stocking as well as say Lupin the 3rd are more Western influenced than usual by the animation/art style. Plus anime being so niche where I am (it's just Pokemon on TV) that only students would known what an anime is.

      It just depends whether the writers/production team and the original work is American/Canadian or Japanese. Those examples are clear enough. It gets a bit harder by co-productions though like many French-Japanese or Spanish/Italian-Japanese stuff though. I don't know if Alfred J. Kwak is a cartoon or an anime as an example. Besides many cartoons and anime to a smaller extent have their animation done in South Korea or China.

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's a great question. I think as long as it's still the same style, it's anime.

      Technically, Boondocks is anime too

  12. Jesus christ, London is still safe people. We've had much worse happen before, our police know what to do.

    Stop blowing things way out of proportion. None of us are in any more danger than usual.

    1. Kiah


      I don't think anyone is overreacting here. Just expressing concern for what is still a terrible thing to have happened even though it's on a lesser degree to other incidents and I have no idea why you have a problem with this. 

    2. KHCast


      Wishing for people's safety is not overblowing anything. 

    3. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      We should be giving our condolences to the victims. Not jumping to conclusions and assuming London is unsafe and that we're all in danger. 

      This is what terrorist attackers want, for people to think London is dangerous now. 

    4. KHCast


      I feel like you're looking way into this. We can do both, and it's implied and should go without saying our condolences 

      Like what, you want people to not bat an eye at this, af not have basic human reactions?

    5. TheOcelot


      London has good security, it's as safe as it can be. Nothing is ever truly safe.

    6. Kiah


      People have been expressing their condolences as well as their wishes for everyone to be safe. If one life is lost due to someone's total malice and respect for life it's one life too many and we have no idea how much farther this could go. Hence the concern which is something we humans should display towards one another especially in times of distress. 

      That said I really don't understand your stance here. I don't understand it at all. 

    7. Athena Cykes

      Athena Cykes

      I mean, you can still wish people to stay safe given the current situation over there.

    8. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      It's pretty obvious that I'm referring to people who think London is in some kind of extreme danger when I say "blowing out of proportion". A lot of people seem to think London is in a lot of danger.

      @Kiah my point is quite clear. I'm saying that we aren't in danger and that you don't need to worry for us unnecessarily. Just send condolences to the victims. 

      It's just suspicious how people are acting like we're in so much danger. It's being treated like a terrorist attack, but it's not confirmed yet. 

      Hoping for the best is very different to immediately jumping to conclusions, assuming we

    9. KHCast


      Again, why can't we wish safety for people? If one person in my city all the way on the other side got killed by someone and the killer was on the loose, I'd still express condolences and safety for people even if they were nowebere near the attack. I don't think it's hard to process expressing people be careful or safe = assumptions that the place is some danger zone where killings always happen

      No ones jumping to conclusions by saying that stuff 

    10. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      "It's pretty obvious that I'm referring to people who think London is in some kind of extreme danger" 

      Good for you if you don't think London is a danger zone. If you look around a little you'll see a lot of people saying Europe and the UK is under threat. I'm not just talking about people here. 

    11. Kiah


      Your point isn't clear to me and it never will be mainly in part due to being a very sympathetic person. If I am concerned about the well-being and safety of others no matter what the circumstances or the said scale of said circumstances are behind it then by all means I will feel it and express it like I always have. 

      If you think I or anyone else is overreacting due to feeling concern for others then that's on you. Seriously I don't know what to say about that and I still don't know why this is bothering you so much. And no one here is saying nor implying that London is in "extreme danger" but enough had happened for some of us to feel concerned and express that said concern. 

    12. Tara


      I think what he's trying to say is that people are acting as though London just fell victim to a 9/11 scale attack when they weren't.  He's not complaining about people expressing sympathy for the victims, but expressing discontent for the people trying to paint the incident as a much greater than it is and spreading fear beyond what is rational for the context of the incident.

    13. PaddyFancy


      I can understand the need to put up a stiff-upper lip and carry on as normal. That's the best way to beat them. Besides, the terror threat level has been like this for a few years, so its been "in extreme danger". People can carry on but there's no harm in showing concern. I, myself, am going to London soon.

    14. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      @KiahThe reason you're not understanding my point is because you're only thinking about yourself. Stop twisting my words. 

      The second paragraph isn't aimed at you if you're just giving condolences. This is aimed towards people who think terrorists are invading Britain. That's extreme danger. Not everything is about you lot. 

      Basically what @Tara said. I've repeated this point several times, it's not just about you. 

    15. Kiah


      I'm doing no such thing so I suggest you get off the selfish kick. You're the one twisting my words saying I'm making this about me and that's just wrong. It's because of my concern for others that I said what I said among many other things.

      You came across as being dismissive towards those expressing concern and per other comments here I wasn't the only one that thought this. You didn't make your point clear in addition to the implications otherwise this status update wouldn't of gone the route it did. Tara's comment cleared things up thankfully.

    16. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      One one hand, I give condolences to the people who were lost during the hit and run as well the attacked police officer. It'll be a bit weary and security might be tightened for the week so it'll make London a bit edgy however worse has happened. It is thankful that the police arrested the man that did this.

      Remains me of the time when I went to London for a school trip then a month later the 7/7 bombings happened, a terrible event that killed a lot of people.

      On the other hand, I completely get what @Lucid Dream is saying. If it was done where I live (London by comparison is safer, at least for a majority of areas) or nearby Bradford that happens a lot more often with hit & runs (I was a victim myself and luckily on got a scratch on the arm) and attempted police killers it'll be shrugged off, it also wouldn't be on national news either. Maybe 5 minutes worth and front page of the day on local news at most. Axing over 2 hours worth of TV programming for this event on 2 major channels is a bit overblown just because it happened in London and not anywhere else in the country. Honestly I thought until I looked it up that something much worse happened.

  13. Hooray for new year money! I got a nice amount of monies to dump on a nice, pricey game.

    So, what game should I get? I'm thinking devil survivor 2 or Nier Automata, but I'm open to suggestions. 

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I really enjoy Shadow of Mordor and personally can't wait for shadow of War to come out

      Let's put it this way. If you love Lord of the Rings, and Assassin's Creed, this is the game for you

  14. I decided to watch Panty and Stocking to see how a Cartoon based anime would be like. 

    I'm disgusted and amazed at the same time. It's an experience.  

    1. Crow the BOOLET
    2. MightyRay


      Panty and Stocking is my fav vulgar cartoon/anime thing.

    3. CottonCandy


      It's one of funniest and most offensive anime I've ever seen. The action is fantastic as well. 

    4. Nix


      Panty and Stocking started showing up in my related videos on Youtube again, so I decided to give it another whirl.  I loved it then and I love it even more now. For such a vulgar and offensive show, it's ... honest about it?  Like it doesn't even try to pretend it has any morally redeeming values, and it's complete disregard for absolutely fucking everything makes it so bad it actually becomes surprisingly endearing.

      The action's fun too, and I love it every time they blow up those silly little models of the ghost monsters.

    5. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      The characters are very refreshing. I love how much of an irredemably disgusting asshole Panty is and how much of a hypocritical bitch Stocking is. It's charming in it's honesty and style. It feels empowering in a strange way. 

      I think the characters are my favourite thing about the entire show. Especcially Knee Socks. 

  15. So I just learnt that a childhood friend of mine that I lost contact with was also a huge Sonic fan. 

    Well, I doubt it would've changed much. Still, it would've been nice to talk about it. None of my friends play games now... 

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Psht. I know how it is. Everybody i know stopped playing like after Dreamcast

    2. Osmium


      you could say they grew up and became functional adults 

      (just a joke lol) 

  16. Sonic Forces better have some ultra graphics settings for PC. I don't want to rely on mods to improve the graphics again. 

  17. My husbando Hijikata has arrived! <3 


    My day is going so well. Classes were great, the day was great, food was great, figures are FANTASTIC! Whoop!

  18. All these comments about mens international day is so obnoxious. Yes, it is hardly celebrated and it should be addressed, but there's a time and place for everything. Videos on womens equality is not the right place, and international womens day is not the right time.

    It's unfair to drown out a day for women by complaining about a day for men. Pretty stupid too. 

    1. KHCast


      It's kinda like a white appreciation day for me, in that essentially every day for those groups is basically a appreciation day since they usually get the better treatment in most situations and have few hardships in historical contexts like other groups.

    2. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      You and those other guys do realize that International Men's Day already is an actual thing, right?

      Or is there something I'm missing?

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @Conquering Storm's Servant I think the issue was that the men's day is constantly being shoehorned in, as if the people talking about it want to drown out women's day completely to make it all about themselves.

    4. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      If that's the case, then yeah that is total bullshit.

    5. Diogenes


      if guys want their day to be a bigger thing, they should work on promoting it, not tearing down other people on their day.

    6. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      @Conquering Storm's Servant I'm quite clearly saying that discussing mens international day (alongside mens issues) on womens international day topics and videos is distasteful. I acknowledge Mens international day in the very first sentence. 

      It actually feels like there's more discussion about mens international day now, as opposed to the day itself. How counterproductive.

    7. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Such people are what we call insular and greedy.

    8. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      No need to spend a weird, unnecessary holiday promoting an equally weird, unnecessary holiday.

  19. Grinding in Pokemon Sun is such a bore. I guess I'll just catch all the legenderies and call it complete. 

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Good luck finding all the Zygarde cells.

      ...no, seriously, good luck. You'll need it.

  20. I now hate Wednesdays. I have tutorial in the morning, and then no lessons for the next 4 hours. 

    I normally don't go tutorial and enjoy life at home, but teachers are forcing me to go tutorial now. It's such a waste of time. So infuriating. 

    1. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      I take this back. My tutorial teacher is amazing. She's telling me she'll sign me in if I let her know I'm not coming. 

  21. I was supposed to study and post here a good amount, but new Overwatch hero distracted me. 

    She distracted me for waaay too long. She's so fun! 

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Wait there's a new hero?

  22. Stephen Universe is really fun. I really like the characters, they're so fun. 

    Also, when Pearl/Garnet sing :wub:

  23. Today, in Physics class, I learned how to make a deadly taser using aluminium foil and plastic wrapping. Hell, the foil started sparking up. 

    This was the most practical lesson I've had in a while. 


  24. Is Steven Universe worth watching? Is it as good as it looks?

    1. Nepenthe
    2. Gregzilla


      I definitely recommend it.  It's not perfect and the fanbase is rabid, but it's got some very engaging characters and lovely aesthetics.  One of my favorite kids' cartoons in a pretty long while.

    3. JayRaR


      Yeah, it's like a bite sized anime. Half Slice of Life, Half Action Adventure, Half Sci-fi.

    4. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      I do love the aesthetic. I do like SoL too. 

      I really wouldn't call it a bite sized anime. It has 112 episodes. Most anime only have 12-24.

    5. JayRaR


      By bite-sized, I meant that episodes are short. 11 minutes compared to like 22 minutes of an average anime episode.

      I do like the aesthetic too, and its amazing this show is still going on.


      Part of me wishes Sonic Boom was like this


    6. Milo


      Yeah, it's worth watching.

  25. I'm literally drinking gold tea. Like, really gold tea, made of Saffron. It's amazing though. It tastes spectacular too. 

    Such a shame I can't get these in the UK. I have to treasure all of it.

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Is there an actual difference between ice tea and tea that's just gone cold?

    2. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Iced tea is actually refrigerated, so that's actually cold. Tea that's gone cold is lukewarm and gross.

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