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  1. My physics teacher said I wouldn't get above a D. 

    I got an A* in the last 2 tests we've had. Shame he thinks I cheated somehow... 

    1. Teoskaven


      -don't mind the video title, it's referred to the teacher-

    2. Solly


      What kind of asshole is your teacher to say something like that?

      Even if you were a student with a history of problems, telling you that you're going to do poorly and making false accusations of cheating is beyond inappropriate. 

    3. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      I have no history of problems. I just didnt do as well as he wanted me to do last year... 

      And since it's physics it seems near impossible to recover from. Physics is by far the hardest subject after all.

    4. Solly


      At any rate, I don't think him saying that kind of shit to a student is okay.

    5. Hyp3hat


      Your teacher is a bloody wasteman, they should be fucking proud of you for turning your grade around, not treating you with suspicion. As someone who struggled with physics at school, I'm impressed

    6. Failinhearts


      What a dick, plain and simple.

      Congrats on that A, buddy. If only you got the recognition you deserve and not plain doubt.

    7. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      As a person who deals in a science, I'm surprised he doesn't understand that he'd need some evidence to back up that assertion.

    8. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Holy crud, you guys seem more pissed off about it than I am :lol:

      He did say that I made his day when I got those results. I don't mind if he finds me a little suspicious, he'll have to accept me sooner or later. 


    9. Kiah


      Per what other things you have mentioned, what in the world is with the teachers you have over there? Not only are some of them failing to protect you which is the humane thing to do but they are telling you that you that you won't do well?!

      How discouraging and disgusting. I take extra offense to that I guess because I had that happen to me when I was in school many years ago on top of me being a person big on helping others. You are supposed to teach and encourage your students to succeed. Not put them down and accuse them of cheating. As someone who can have a powerful influence on students, as a teacher you don't do that nonsense as that could be very damaging.

      Good on you for proving them wrong. Way wrong. And congrats on the A. Especially since Physics isn't a walk in the park :)

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