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  1. Whatever there was in store, I suppose it'd have been something I could actually care about. The solicits were pretty promising and there were characters I actually liked that didn't sport Sega plot armour. That's kind of killing most of the tension and when I'm reading comics I'd appreciate there'd be some bits I couldn't be too certain of, otherwise it'd be pretty boring. As much as I felt sad about Antoine getting Metal Sonic blown straight onto his face it was still interesting and exciting. In a way. As an example. My newest conspiracy theory was Sega kept ArchieSonic around just enough time to get the world record broken.
  2. I dunno, that stuff inside the "patient" looks more pleasing to my eyes than some of the stuff I've seen before when it comes to this project. Though it would've been funnier to see some a bit more alien stuff in there, like, there're aliens that resemble humans way more on the outside yet have some different stuff still, like gee I dunno, two hearts? Kanske? It wouldn't be too farfetched to think maybe these guys could have something interesting going on inside them, though the patient seems to miss lot of stuff but then again the stock photos kind of leads me to assume things, but then again, assuming makes and so on... it is hard to be politically correct in this kind of case. Though I suppose it'd be for the best if Penders would leave certain Brittish/Welsh series alone... I dunno, actually, this picture in general would prolly be on the better side, but those background stock pics kinda make it feel a bit cheap to me. But yeah, why don't they design chairs with holes in the backside of the chair in the first place... well, I suppose their design culture doesn't consider the aspect of usefulness or whatever then... Though I suppose that Star Trek reference is the most likely case in here, it fits into his track record after all.
  3. I was more thinking about why my memory decided to remind me of that little detail... sorry about my non-nativity. πŸ˜… But whatever, you're prolly right anyway in what you said.
  4. Well, dunno 'bout you guys but if it's interesting, absurd is fine. One of my favourite tubers claim he's a dadaist after all... And yeah, I suppose it was the best way they could explain the grampa Gerald thing after they estabilished Eggman's fatherline before that happened. Can't really blame them or can I. Like, I dunno, I get over-excited whenever I start over-explaining the concept of space-brain-squids to some careless friend/random person I've known for couple of minutes. I guess I'm crazy. Don't send an ambulance though. But yeah, I suppose one good way to tell Sally and Antoine apart during that time just from their backs is prolly the hair, especially in this sepia coloured case, since Sally has way longer. I dunno, I sometimes spend 10 minutes over-analysing a page or something. Now I remember how girls ran after Elias sometimes, like really. Dunno where that came from.
  5. Well, the only joke is the fact how it looks nowadays like everything's decided by the cow selling between Germany and France. And now that UK's leaving there isn't any other big countries left besides the Southern ones that could potentially say anything. And maybe Eastern countries since they seem to be able to pull the rope in same direction. It's the only way we're screwed to be frank. EU was a nice idea but the fact every important thing gets decided by just two big countries is making it seem kind of, false advertising? Like, wasn't this supposed to be an European Union, not an Union Where Germany and France Decide What Union Does and Says? Or is it EU just because UWGaFDWUDaS and such combinations would be too hard to spell? Like, I have been told one of the reasons Finland started to get into the EU in the first place was the possibility of some kind of semi-military backup in case someone tries to invade another country or something. Some say our ruling people should've stopped the negotiations the minute it became clear there was no real guarantees about any kind of help in case of invasion and go to talk to NATO instead. I'm kind of happy that curved cucumber directive way back when didn't happen after all, like why it's so important that all sold cucumbers should be straight ones? Don't those guys ever go shopping, like over half of the cucumbers I've seen have at the very least a small curve, some are freaking boomerangs. I think this proves EU can sometimes see it's being a bit too silly and stop it before it's too late. But well, I suppose it's something that there's been peace this long in EU or something, it's kind of unusual. European countries may not look like that now but their histories are written with blood. Lotsa blood. But well, this article is still pretty crazy, like why are the record companies shouting about losing money because of YouTube when they can claim videos they don't even own without any consequences anyway? I suppose the more they eat the hungrier they get. Not EU's brightest moments at all. And it's not like the US doesn't look like an even bigger joke at the moment... not at all. Nothing personal, had to say it out loud once though. Now I wonder could I actually make a working boomerang out of a curvy cucumber...
  6. Soo, anyone having any experiences with Shueisha's Manga PLUS app? It does sound pretty interesting, especially if it's a legal choice. I could actually probably read One Piece on the release pace. I'm not going to complain, we're pretty close in here, the latest Finnish edition volume came last week and it wrapped up the Whole Cake Arc. Jeez was there some interesting stuff in that volume.
  7. I dunno, to me it felt like it was no longer canon in sense of the continuity reboot and the FF pretty much forgetting all the stuff that happened in the old one. Like, to them they didn't remember it happening anymore, so in-universe way, one could say it didn't happen..? Does that sound any bit logical? Like, we know it happened since we read it thus it happened to us but since they as residents to that world don't have any real ties, physical or mental, to that continuity anymore (other than some oddities from Blaze's place perhaps) it didn't happen to them if we consider them in their own universe, or something? πŸ€” I could be wrong with my interpretations though... I'm no native and all that jazz, I think you might've noticed it by now already, considering the fact we don't have any prepositions in my native language for example... So yeah, prolly I should stop guessing what others mean, I could get it so wrong... πŸ˜… Now I have an earworm in form of a-ha's "Maybe Maybe", nice. But yeah, I think Mr. Flynn's love to the franchise is so big the hell'll freeze before he wants to stop, or something... kinda cool I think.
  8. . . . Mentioning blowing up Antoine so casually makes me cry man. Other than that, this is pretty interesting, I do think I see where he's coming from and I think he managed to pull the pair-restoration pretty well, as far as I'm concerned. I dunno, Khan thing would've probably been interesting, though I suppose I'd be kidding if I'd say it would be better in my opinion than the usual Sonic and Sally I suppose (though that isn't my OTP either, I think you all know what's my real Sonic OTP), but the adult reasons are there and I can get where all that thinking is coming from. Yeah, pretty interesting. Like, for real, nice insight, I can appreciate it and all. But seriously, blowing up Antoine, the only way to make people understand they might like him if I recall the BK forums posts right... I wonder if they'd managed to get him in on the post-reboot if they'd actually killed him like they intended at first..?
  9. Okay, a question about a PAL Dreamcast.

    . . .

    There's one game that made them to start over and over again, like the whole starting animation thing and all, like every once in 5 or so seconds, until I shut them down and let them be for couple of hours.

    I did some talking to them after that and there hasn't been any problems like that afterwards, though I haven't played that particular game after that episode.

    I did play couple of hours with just a short pause since there was a fingermark on the disk and I tried to get rid of it, could either of those be the cause..? I tried to be gentle with the fingermark but I might've messed up with that, I'm not really accustomed with fingermarks... the game crashed thus I checked the disk and found the fingermark to begin with.

    Anyway, my question is, do I need to worry for them and try to find some technical help or are they safe?

    I'm such a newbie with technical difficulties... please bear with me.

    Even when I'm not that interested in bears...

    You know, there're many synnonyms for bear in Finnish, I suppose it was about some belief about calling it by its name, bear...


    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      The Dreamcast especially the PAL version is so delicate that you could sneeze and it'll be busted, both the console and the cases. It is one console that you have to treat it like a baby.

      As for your problem, it could either be that your disc needs a clean. Clean it with a slightly damp cloth should remove the fingermark. If it still has issues resetting then you would have to open your console up. I can't remember exactly but it involves the power supply on the console and its pins. Remove it and put it back in. Even someone who doesn't trust myself with electronics at all could do it.

      It could be down to the game. Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi had dodgy print runs. I gave up getting Ferrari F355 Challenge to work on mine despite that I had about 4 copies that I tried.

    2. BlueSky


      Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it!

      How lucky it's especially a PAL thing... One of those things I suppose.

      That's good to hear, I was getting a bit worried here. I suppose as long as it doesn't involve anything more complicated than the power supply I should be fine. I suppose it seems like it's probably about the game(disc) but if that doesn't work I'll try and find a guide for that power supply fix. Thanks again! πŸ˜„

      That sucks, especially when you've put in a lot of effort to accomplish something like that. 4 copies, jeez.

      This makes me wonder how cool it would be to have some sort of Dreamcast collection for newer consoles, though at the very least some of the games are on Steam and there are the Gamecube etc. versions but then again my computer isn't really for gaming but well...

      Yeah, the game cases are something else, like why they chose that kind of hard easy-to-crack plastic in the first case...

    3. BlueSky


      Okay, it seems cleaning the disk was enough for the time being, though I didn't have guts for more than two ~1h gaming sessions this time. I'll keep that power supply thing in mind for the future though. Thanks again for the help! I really appreciate it!

  10. Hoo boy have I finally found the time to show my mug in here, just in time I hope? Anyway, the list, here: 1. Theme of Splash Canyon - Sonic Riders 2. Intro - Sonic Gems Collection 3. Sunset Town - Sonic the Fighters 4. Rival Select - Sonic Rivals remix: Seven Rings in Hand Crush 40 version - Sonic and the Secret Rings Hopefully this list is something that needs no corrections. I needed to give some love to some games so I'm pretty glad I'm still in time... πŸ˜… Sheesh I had troubles with the Fighters one, there were so many good ones in there...
  11. Ey homie! Long time no see, as a wise hedgehog once said (or 100x said). Hope things are ok. Life can be tough sometimes

    1. BlueSky


      Well hi there man! I finally dug myself a way out of my hole for a change, so I suppose I qualify as burrowing species now, eh? πŸ˜ƒ

      Yeah, sorry I'm coming and going so randomly seldom nowadays, I'd like to stick around for all of my great pals and all, but yeah, life is taking it's sweet deal I suppose. I hope I have some time for coming here a bit more often now since it's summer and all, but well.

      Happy you still notice though!

      It's frustrating you have friends but not enough time for them... 😣

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's the truth of it. We all have those points in life where we have to prioritize. It's a real shame but as long as you push through it all everything will be ok. Just remember you got peeps here too if ever you need anything. Don't be a stranger bud!

    3. BlueSky


      I'll try my best not to! πŸ˜„

      I do think I need all the mental breaks in form of social interactions I can get after all, this place is way too good at giving stress after all. πŸ˜‘


      Though it seems I'm not the only one in here having busy time IRL... Well this happens, nice to have people around though. 😊

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Hate to say its true but it is. There can be quite the bit of drama here from time to time, and the people who don't realize they're the ones causing it are the onesΒ who stick around most (coughcoughKHcough). So I understand completely. There's PLENTY of other spots out there though, I'm sure we can bump into one another there.

      You oughta try out Discord. I'm usually on there nowadays, it's how I ended up with Sonic Legacy to begin with, and it's a great way to meet people of mutual interests

    5. BlueSky


      Well, it is sad. In a way, after Archie Sonic died, my only real interests in here have been the friends I have and the Motobug events and the ASO thread.

      But anyway, I get stress from my life in general anyway, this place I'm located at the moment called happiest country on Earth 2018 isn't the least of them. Sometimes it feels like living on Nik Kershaw's "Wouldn't It Be Good" or something, like I know others have other problems than I do but for me my problems seem large enough to give me a stress. That was probably what I was also after with saying "this place", though it does fit on this site as well, somehow everything feels so cynical and I get the feeling I like the wrong kind of stuff. That's caused me to drop terms good and bad when talking about stuff I consume and replace them with interesting and not interesting just to be certain since it seems I don't know anything about good quality or something.

      Like, I managed to find (mostly by accident) some anime series to occupy my life since Archie Sonic is no more and then I found out that while it's somewhat popular and I find it interesting and amusing enough to get into it while still recognising it has couple of flaws. After getting into it I find out real-anime-knowing people have deemed the entire thing as poop, including the material the anime is based on in some cases as well. Like, the original material which the anime adaptation's based on is superior to the anime, but the anime manages to catch the feeling pretty well even when it seriously cuts corners from time to time and I do enjoy it for what it is. It is one of the reasons why I think it's for the best for me not to say something's good or bad like that since I don't really seem to work that way.

      I'm rambling again... sorry.

      But well, other places are cool too I suppose, I've heard of Discord and my favourite finntubers have demonstrated how well it works at best (for example when one is drunk after playing some fanmade Moomin game as a drinking game and tries to get his friend to play the 2-player mode with him since it's not going well, that's the best of Finnish tube scene as far as I'm concerned), though I wonder how the talking's done, like can I just write or do I need to speak or what? πŸ€”

      But anyway, thanks for taking your time with me, it feels nice to know people care.

      I'm sorry if I went into too much of a detail, it's kind of typical in my cultural context that whenever someone with different background does the typical "hi how are you" they get whole report of whatever happened to the person they asked it from. Finns don't tend to do the light chit-chat that much I suppose and it can be a bit of a culture shock, sorry. πŸ˜…

  12. ^ Gotta second that. Biggest shame in my opinion is all of those released solicits and the fact there was the possibility of seeing the FF kick some butt that we never got to see in the intended way so to speak, and the fact they kind of laid promises by showing those solicits, promises they couldn't hold at the end. Getting those stories done would've made me happy enough not to whine about all of this especially when I grow old and demented. After that, if there would be chances for that, maybe some kind of open-world kind of closure, it could prolly be neat to make it so that it could tie in into some game or something, but I think there's other ways to work it in the way the comics could feel more like their own thing rather than what they were in fact, ads. It would be nice to have some kind of illusion about comics being relevant on their own considering they had pretty impressive characters and interesting concepts in the book as far as I'm concerned. Though I wouldn't mind some kind of ultimate showdown either. Either way, something cool, like Eggman trying some kind of semi last resort stunt since he got fed up on losing or whatever. A nice rise of excitement before a peaceful ending. Like usual. I'll have the usual Mr. Sonic Grams. And now I feel sad again, all the lost opportunities and stuff, I was enjoying it a lot, but then again, I know I have a weird taste on things I consume for entertainment, so whatever. It's a crying shame I couldn't get that "Antoine kicking ass" issue I was looking for. A lot. The moment I saw the solicits I went trough the roof from the sheer excitement. Now I've lost my faith when it comes to the US comics. It seems like I'd need to make my own stuff now, with black jack and that other thing...
  13. You know, one of the bigger things I've been thinking about lately about the cancellation of Archie Sonic.

    There was this one large thing that was left all open without a conclusion.


    What was going to happen in that last Off-Panel?

    Or has someone told how it would've ended and I didn't know since I've been hanging on other fandoms with the little spare time I've got.

  14. I wouldn't be too surprised if that's the case of sitting MEPs fearing for losing their seats and/or realising lobbyists might not be able to keep all of their promises... πŸ˜’ Best part of this farce might be the cow-selling Germany and France performed with this and that new gas pipe... But yeah, there're two reasons why I'm worried; first one is the fact how this will affect on my working possibilities in the future, most of the assets used in my field are open source kind of stuff after all. The other is how this'll affect on fan art and such. This actually might be semi important/interesting thing, but around the elections I managed to pull a somewhat lenghty conversation with one party active that I needed to explain the creative fan culture for quite some time and I hope I got it right, but the conclusion they reached was that in the case of this kind of stuff everybody's pretty much waiting for the first legal case and its judgements. And since fanworks seemingly aren't the biggest thing on the table as far as I can tell (considering even the fact I needed to explain myself pretty thoroughly) it's not happening anytime soon. It's like nothing's going to happen for now since this is so small fish at the moment. Needless to say, this did affect a lot to my vote casting. But yeah, I'm actually worried how this'll affect on me reading Archie Sonic Online. And also will I find a job if everybody's got less resources for employees due to the fact they need to use resources to buy new, buggy and expensive assets for being able to make anything to happen. EU definitely has its pros but listening to just big music corps and calling worried youth bots is definitely a con in my books. And the worst part is I don't know which group is worse, those of the old MEPs who don't know the stuff they're making laws about and just listen to the paid lobbyists or those of the middle-aged MEPs who are total ignoramuses that seem to think whatever and have way too high self-esteem for my liking.
  15. Oh, this topic is a thing, interesting, let's see if my hunch is right... Well, don't mind if I butt in, I can tell you the little I know about this stuff... 😀 So, by no means claim I to know a lot, but I suppose I can fill at least few blanks since I ended up borning up here anyway. The run in Finland was a pretty short one, only couple of years or something I've heard. I've seen few early issues couple of years back in one book event of sorts and I managed to buy one, sadly most of them were like 10€ per issue which was a bit too much for my wallet but I managed to buy one anyway, I think I've mentioned this sometime before in the forums... Okay, the comics were published in Finland, by Semic (which was around and published other translated comics as well, like Spirou albums, until Egmont bought it or something like that, I'm not too sure but Egmont publishes some stuff they did back when they were around) around mid 90's, which was probably a bad time considering the economy of Finland back then, depression was still a thing back then I think. Anyway, the issue I have is dated to 1994, cost 12 marks, was labeled as issue 3 but had the cover of mini-series issue 2 while having stories from issue #3 (the 2 longer ones), and smaller ones about Tails going to his "first solo adventure" (from original issue #4)where he overheard stuff from the picnic Robotnik threw outside with the robots, and the one-page ones where Sally used Sonic's quills as an info board, and where they took the group picture. Kind of a mixture isn't it... Needless to say the translation is pretty... hilarious, like, you remember in that bomb story Rotor said he could make a James Cagney impression (that brings my mind that Nik Kershaw song "James Cagney"), well, in Finnish version the name was localised into this one Finnish singer (Kaija Koo) and in one part he was pretty much citing the lyrics of this one song, I suppose this was used because it kind of fits in the context considering the rough translation to that part would be "oh yeah, come closer baby come closer baby" or something... that's pretty much the only logical answer I can come up with about how James Cagney transformed into a female singer. This becomes pretty interesting as you can see... Sonic was "that darned hedgehog" or something akin to that... Another person whose name was changed was from that Tails story, Michael Jordan became Antti Kasvio... who is an ex-swimmer it seems, and it seems he was pretty good, go figure, these comics teach me stuff I should prolly know since my home country and stuff. There was this small reader corner as well, where readers could ask about stuff, and there were even some kind of game hints thing in it. One kid was sad because their family couldn't probably afford to order the book (but they could still buy the individual issues) since that depression, and the corner holder was trying to convince the kid to try and get them to order it anyway since it's Sonic. The kid actually puts it best; when reading your book one cannot read without laughing, the thing is even, you know, not in the bad way, cheesier than in English come to think of it. I've been checking out whenever it's possible if I could get other issues as well, but I'm not that good at buying on the internet so it's mostly on the events where I get any chances... but yeah, I have this one, where one reader asks who Scott Shaw is since he draws like an artist... Oh geez, it says in here people have asked to get Sonic visit their birthday parties trough the reader corner... Fun fact, our market magazine stands actually imported the English Archie Sonic until it ceased to exist, I'm not too sure when they started but I recall seeing some forum discussions about it and if I remember them right they were talking about things that happened around the 200's or a bit later. Haven't seen the IDW ones anywhere though, cough cough... I can try to answer for more questions if you get any, I'm not sure about how much I can help but with questions about that one issue I think I can help the very least. And this was just something quick I made as quickly as possible, I prolly forgot a lot but I'm in a kind of hurry and I'll get back to it if needed, as you can see this is what happens when I get a possibility to talk about anything, everything gets long when I write...
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