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  1. Ey homie! Long time no see, as a wise hedgehog once said (or 100x said). Hope things are ok. Life can be tough sometimes

  2. ^ Gotta second that. Biggest shame in my opinion is all of those released solicits and the fact there was the possibility of seeing the FF kick some butt that we never got to see in the intended way so to speak, and the fact they kind of laid promises by showing those solicits, promises they couldn't hold at the end. Getting those stories done would've made me happy enough not to whine about all of this especially when I grow old and demented. After that, if there would be chances for that, maybe some kind of open-world kind of closure, it could prolly be neat to make it so that it could tie in into some game or something, but I think there's other ways to work it in the way the comics could feel more like their own thing rather than what they were in fact, ads. It would be nice to have some kind of illusion about comics being relevant on their own considering they had pretty impressive characters and interesting concepts in the book as far as I'm concerned. Though I wouldn't mind some kind of ultimate showdown either. Either way, something cool, like Eggman trying some kind of semi last resort stunt since he got fed up on losing or whatever. A nice rise of excitement before a peaceful ending. Like usual. I'll have the usual Mr. Sonic Grams. And now I feel sad again, all the lost opportunities and stuff, I was enjoying it a lot, but then again, I know I have a weird taste on things I consume for entertainment, so whatever. It's a crying shame I couldn't get that "Antoine kicking ass" issue I was looking for. A lot. The moment I saw the solicits I went trough the roof from the sheer excitement. Now I've lost my faith when it comes to the US comics. It seems like I'd need to make my own stuff now, with black jack and that other thing...
  3. You know, one of the bigger things I've been thinking about lately about the cancellation of Archie Sonic.

    There was this one large thing that was left all open without a conclusion.


    What was going to happen in that last Off-Panel?

    Or has someone told how it would've ended and I didn't know since I've been hanging on other fandoms with the little spare time I've got.

  4. I wouldn't be too surprised if that's the case of sitting MEPs fearing for losing their seats and/or realising lobbyists might not be able to keep all of their promises... 😒 Best part of this farce might be the cow-selling Germany and France performed with this and that new gas pipe... But yeah, there're two reasons why I'm worried; first one is the fact how this will affect on my working possibilities in the future, most of the assets used in my field are open source kind of stuff after all. The other is how this'll affect on fan art and such. This actually might be semi important/interesting thing, but around the elections I managed to pull a somewhat lenghty conversation with one party active that I needed to explain the creative fan culture for quite some time and I hope I got it right, but the conclusion they reached was that in the case of this kind of stuff everybody's pretty much waiting for the first legal case and its judgements. And since fanworks seemingly aren't the biggest thing on the table as far as I can tell (considering even the fact I needed to explain myself pretty thoroughly) it's not happening anytime soon. It's like nothing's going to happen for now since this is so small fish at the moment. Needless to say, this did affect a lot to my vote casting. But yeah, I'm actually worried how this'll affect on me reading Archie Sonic Online. And also will I find a job if everybody's got less resources for employees due to the fact they need to use resources to buy new, buggy and expensive assets for being able to make anything to happen. EU definitely has its pros but listening to just big music corps and calling worried youth bots is definitely a con in my books. And the worst part is I don't know which group is worse, those of the old MEPs who don't know the stuff they're making laws about and just listen to the paid lobbyists or those of the middle-aged MEPs who are total ignoramuses that seem to think whatever and have way too high self-esteem for my liking.
  5. Oh, this topic is a thing, interesting, let's see if my hunch is right... Well, don't mind if I butt in, I can tell you the little I know about this stuff... 😤 So, by no means claim I to know a lot, but I suppose I can fill at least few blanks since I ended up borning up here anyway. The run in Finland was a pretty short one, only couple of years or something I've heard. I've seen few early issues couple of years back in one book event of sorts and I managed to buy one, sadly most of them were like 10€ per issue which was a bit too much for my wallet but I managed to buy one anyway, I think I've mentioned this sometime before in the forums... Okay, the comics were published in Finland, by Semic (which was around and published other translated comics as well, like Spirou albums, until Egmont bought it or something like that, I'm not too sure but Egmont publishes some stuff they did back when they were around) around mid 90's, which was probably a bad time considering the economy of Finland back then, depression was still a thing back then I think. Anyway, the issue I have is dated to 1994, cost 12 marks, was labeled as issue 3 but had the cover of mini-series issue 2 while having stories from issue #3 (the 2 longer ones), and smaller ones about Tails going to his "first solo adventure" (from original issue #4)where he overheard stuff from the picnic Robotnik threw outside with the robots, and the one-page ones where Sally used Sonic's quills as an info board, and where they took the group picture. Kind of a mixture isn't it... Needless to say the translation is pretty... hilarious, like, you remember in that bomb story Rotor said he could make a James Cagney impression (that brings my mind that Nik Kershaw song "James Cagney"), well, in Finnish version the name was localised into this one Finnish singer (Kaija Koo) and in one part he was pretty much citing the lyrics of this one song, I suppose this was used because it kind of fits in the context considering the rough translation to that part would be "oh yeah, come closer baby come closer baby" or something... that's pretty much the only logical answer I can come up with about how James Cagney transformed into a female singer. This becomes pretty interesting as you can see... Sonic was "that darned hedgehog" or something akin to that... Another person whose name was changed was from that Tails story, Michael Jordan became Antti Kasvio... who is an ex-swimmer it seems, and it seems he was pretty good, go figure, these comics teach me stuff I should prolly know since my home country and stuff. There was this small reader corner as well, where readers could ask about stuff, and there were even some kind of game hints thing in it. One kid was sad because their family couldn't probably afford to order the book (but they could still buy the individual issues) since that depression, and the corner holder was trying to convince the kid to try and get them to order it anyway since it's Sonic. The kid actually puts it best; when reading your book one cannot read without laughing, the thing is even, you know, not in the bad way, cheesier than in English come to think of it. I've been checking out whenever it's possible if I could get other issues as well, but I'm not that good at buying on the internet so it's mostly on the events where I get any chances... but yeah, I have this one, where one reader asks who Scott Shaw is since he draws like an artist... Oh geez, it says in here people have asked to get Sonic visit their birthday parties trough the reader corner... Fun fact, our market magazine stands actually imported the English Archie Sonic until it ceased to exist, I'm not too sure when they started but I recall seeing some forum discussions about it and if I remember them right they were talking about things that happened around the 200's or a bit later. Haven't seen the IDW ones anywhere though, cough cough... I can try to answer for more questions if you get any, I'm not sure about how much I can help but with questions about that one issue I think I can help the very least. And this was just something quick I made as quickly as possible, I prolly forgot a lot but I'm in a kind of hurry and I'll get back to it if needed, as you can see this is what happens when I get a possibility to talk about anything, everything gets long when I write...
  6. Sorry for coming here, I think US people have probably heard of this enough to get to the saturation point, but; Your foreign minister is kind of rude. He comes to the Arctic Council meeting and starts to agitate about how other big countries are such a threat to the US and all. The thing is, it's pretty inappropriate, conidering the fact Arctic Council isn't really about talking stuff like that, it's more about talking about the arctic nature and preserving the arctic areas as far as I know anything. Without this kind of tension around, more as something neutral you know. The fact they couldn't even get the final declaration kind of thingy out because of this stuff is pretty sad. And it isn't about just the Arctic Council; it's like every panel and council exists just for the reason that the US government can tell how everybody's a threat to them, while they seem to like to distance themselves from NATO, which I suppose it's around partly for defensive measurements against threats, like, if they need to continuously agitate Europe to do stuff with them against other countries, why they keep distancing themselves from NATO? From my point of view this looks pretty sad. Europe has problems enough as it is, this kind of stuff is just so confusing, like, what do they want? And could they please actually try to act less like roughnecks and more like context-understanding people? It wouldn't be so big of a problem if US wouldn't always start to do something big from time to time only to withdraw into their shell after a while and leave the mess outside. And, if you know, the US wouldn't be so darn huge a country in so many aspects. It's like, even when US won't do anything it still affects to others. It's sad but in that kind of situations it would be really appreciated if that kind of country would have people that'd try to act a bit more... thoughtfully I suppose. Sorry, just wanted to get this out of my chest. Btw, I'm not sure your average US leftist would even be considered as a leftist around here... 😊
  7. So, the effing Cyprus with sexism gets to finals but not freaking Darude!

    I'm sad for the fact naked body sells over meaningful lyrcs, but well, they really like to look away anyway.


    Well, at least Iceland got finals...

  8. Darude's 3rd in row for performing, comes pretty soon I assume.

    1. BlueSky



      Gotta say, the one's before him haven't been anything too special, though second's still a lot better than the first. I can see what kind of thing first performance was trying to go with, and it wasn't pretty...

    2. BlueSky


      Okay, it was pretty good, some stuff happens but it was still better than most of what I've seen today.

      I might be biased but still...

    3. BlueSky


      Okay, Iceland had a pretty interesting one...

    4. BlueSky


      I love it how the commentators started to joke about Eurovision becoming Swedenvision or something.

      Btw the voting's up now.

  9. Okay guys, this is the thing;

    If you want to see Darude performing on Eurovision finals, today's the day to vote for him, since it's the semi finals and he's on the 1st one. Stuff starts in about less than 15 mins.

    I dunno though how many in here are interested, but whatever. Yes, he's the one Finnish committee decided to ask to perform this year.

    No, he isn't performing Sandstorm. His buddy sings about looking away instead.


    And also, hi, I'm here again, it's been ages hasnt it?

  10. Okay, last set. From this winter, these (at least the 2 first) are actually pretty cool I think.





    1. Kiah


      Lovely photos! Thought the Way Past Cool reaction was more fitting for obvious reasons so I changed it 🙂


  11. You know what's fun;

    This song reminds me a bit of Sonic CD's Japanese soundtrack.

    It just sounds a bit similar. Not in a bad way, it's kind of curious.

  12. Hi @Kiah !

    Here's some pics, some are from this winter, some from last winter. I can try to find more of those I took last year but my archival system's a bit complicated so it might take a while... sorries. 😅

    Anyway, here's some!

    From last winter:


    This is from a stream bench. Since it doesn't really get that frozen, the snow keeps "falling" on it like that.


    This was my test how well the snow would support my weight on March. That old dog footprint on the corner can tell there's been few cold nights between that and my own footprints. It was kinda neat.


    A somewhat close picture of few snowflakes. Few of them are actually captured pretty sharply...

    1. BlueSky




      This one shows somewhat well how there was actually somewhat deep layer of snow around. Young trees look practically like branches stuck on the snow.


      This picture is a bit older, I think there's something funny with the fact how large trees are all around the somewhat urban area...


      And here's a cute bird, this time a Great tit from March.

      It was singing pretty loudly.


    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      In the words of Sonic

      "Long time no see buddy!"

      Your winter looks awesome btw. Very beautiful

    3. BlueSky


      Hi there man!

      Yeah, too long I'd say, I'm not even too sure how long I can stick around this time either. 😅

      It does when it snows. This December was a good one but sometimes the Christmas has been completely dark since no snow.

      Tonight there was a thick snowing and people were still shooting the rockets...

      So, more pics, these are from this winter actually.



      And here's a cute little Christmas apple; male bullfinch!


      The colours aren't the best but it's a male.

      Gee, they're still shooting when it's past the time already, they should stop at 2AM...

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Gorgeous. Shame though you can't stay long. Hope all is well. I wish I had as good a view as yours. We're in the midst of a blizzard too. I'll be celebrating the New Year here with y'all. No way I'm getting on the roads tonight

    5. Kiah


      Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing! We haven’t had any decent snow...yet. Wouldn’t expect anything else from this wacky Virginia weather here lol. When we do get some snow I’ll do the same and take some pictures 🙂

    6. BlueSky


      Well yeah, it's a shame, it feels like I'm ignoring my friends but life is like that sadly.

      Well @Kiah the wackiness has grown pretty usual around here too. Last summer was way hotter than usual and spring in 2017 was all over the place, it was warm, then snowing, then warm, then cold... it's crazy.

    7. Kiah


      The struggle is real trying to maintain life in general let alone with balancing friendships in the mix. It’s hard but it isn’t optional when you think about it.

      It was literally 60 degrees Fahrenheit today. Customers coming in the store with shorts on had me both laughing and shaking my head.  

    8. NikoS


      Beautiful photos,thanks buddy!

      Also, hope all is well on your end!! ^^


  13. Hiii!!!

    Guess who's back to say, well...

    Christmas went already, but still..

    Hyvää (myöhäistä) joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!


    I now declare this bazaar open.

    It's a fun little thing they show on TV every new year...

    1. Kiah


      Hi! Welcome back! 🙂

    2. BlueSky


      Hi to you too @Kiah ! Long time no see! 😂

      Managed to squeeze some free time, kinda funny how I managed to post that ~1 min before midnight!

      You know, it's snowing like no tomorrow and it's a bit too windy but they're still shooting the rockets like no tomorrow...

      I hope my place won't burn down.


      The snow pictures are coming btw.

      I'll just do a bit tweaking after I get my social life sorted for this night. 😊

    3. Failinhearts


      Welcome back!

    4. NikoS


      Merry new welcome year back!!

  14. Guys; I might need to be out of here for some time, yet again. Too many exercises and all that jazz. I hope I can come back around Christmas at the very least.

    So, well, do take care, I try not to get too crushed under everything.

    Human pancakes aren't that tasty anyway or so I've heard. 😄

    And the first song that came to my mind was;

    Don't read too much into it though. 😉

  15. I think I'd pass that choice. I wouldn't really find any happiness of bringing some characters I love back at the cost of getting some other character out, I'm just that kind of weird person. There're characters I like a lot, and characters that I don't enjoy quite as much, but they're nonetheless still part of this franchise anyway, and there might be even a teeny-tiny chance of someone loving some character I wouldn't be as fond of, so I wouldn't want to put my grieve out just for some other to get into exactly same situation. Plus I think characters can be improved like everyone has potential, really, if these aren't used "well enough" we have now, what are the chances the forgotten ones would be treated any better? I dunno. Not really worth the risk or is it? And seriously, I do find Silver more likeable than Sonic, from time to time the very least. Even the Pre-Reboot Archie Silver had characteristics that made him sympathetic in my eyes. For the most part at the very least.
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