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  1. Hopefully you can make it work! ^^ Gives me more time to figure out refreshments for myself tbh. 😆 Btw, how does the year system apply to the remixes? Is the og track game's publish year or the remix version's publish year count?
  2. Changed avatar and it's already grown on me during the 1st hour. 🙃

    1. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      You really like Antoine, huh? :lol:


    2. BlueSky


      I am wondering how you guessed zat...



    3. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      Just a hint... :P

  3. Hi! you know what? It's that time of the year I become active for couple of weeks. 😆 1. Fly - Yakuza 3 (Yeah, I'll make sure the Yakuza quota gets filled. This track became even more powerful after the final boss fight.) ...yeah, I suppose I should ask for some Sonic stuff as well. 🤔 2. Stardust Speedway ”B” mix - Sonic the Hedgehog CD (JP/EU OST) 3. Feel Noisy - Sonic Shuffle 4. Theme of Digital Dimension - Sonic Riders Remix: Sonic Adventure REMIX | Celestial Event - At Dawn SpeedHighway[REMASTERED] - Sonic Adventure Wild card: Funk Goes On (Funk'd Up Mix) - Jet Set Radio Evolution (Maybe kind of a misleading name, it's a Yakyza remix after all. 😅) But here you go, I managed to fill all my requests at once this time, unless someone managed to snatch places in front of my nose. 😅
  4. Just for the slight possibility of someone not getting huge enough dose of Engrish last weekend:



  5. Yeah, this was the thing I was after, I was just so darn sleepy words kinda escaped my mind or something. It'd be nice to be able to be flexible with the choices, if it's not too much trouble to the organisers. 😅 I myself tend to pick the remixes on a whim since I don't really know a lot of them, so I just pick the category and try to find a remix for it. Luckily it has worked up until this point the very least, maybe it'll keep on working... that way I do find some nice tracks anyway. But yeah, had a blast. Was epic. Had way too many laughs. Caused even more shenanigans. Almost blew up Motobug with the Earth in tow according to Ryan. Drowned a bridge. Or broke it. Don't remember. You know, the usual Spectacular Motobug weekend. I had the usual. With 120% more ' -things. With 500% more hype. Yeah, it was a total blast. Still feeling the afterglow. Also should I start to refer Polkadi as "the Dragon of Motobug"? 🤔
  6. Yeah, I had fun time as well. It was fun to chat and hype for stuff. And I love the fact I got Reign in. I had a blast and everyone else were prolly facedesking like hell. Too Engrish and all. Also the blue blindness is contagious, don't feel scared to get some treatment to that if it becomes a thing. 😆 But really, liked the fact there was the Sega General, maybe it could be nice to make the restrictions of how many songs per franchise but otherwise it was perfect. Just a bit filled with Persona but other than that pure awesomeness. And yeah, 5+1 could be nice. Maybe it could be like that the 4+1+1 where one could be either or would it be too complicated? Two days is nice and I like how the songs were put together into acts instead of just having all of the songs individually. All in all, I had a blast and I think it was pretty darn cool Spectacular. Right now I'm kinda sleepy so I'll maybe return later if I get anything else on my mind when I get up or something. Night!
  7. Well yeah, Sally and Nicole is/was something I was pretty okay with as well. I don't know really, any pairing that seems like it has grown even semi-believably with characters not rushed in together and them being in-character is okay in general I suppose. Reading some of the stuff again after knowing about it, I think I can see some subtle hints though I didn't pay any attention to those at first but then again I can be sometimes somewhat oblivious especially since I wasn't really looking for any hints anyway... 😅 Well, I was thinking about Sega games in general when it came to the pondering about the fact is there any gay pairings around, kind of funny to know Unleashed had some vibes on it though. I dunno, I've got some experiences with some Sega IPs but not all of them, so I wouldn't really know all off them, though I do consider myself interested in most of those I've checked out. I dunno, I think I get the fact Sonic as a character, and probably the franchise as a whole, isn't something Sega'd be too keen in having any pairs, Sonic's supposed to be free like the wind anyway or something. It doesn't mean I myself wouldn't be okay with them if done well enough though. I dunno, most of the time I feel like I can be okay with many a thing. Only real problems I have are about detachment of the characters when their supposed home universe is considered, it makes me loose all the interest since you know, it doesn't really matter if they're just some random actors hanging around doing their job which is the feeling too much detachment tends to give me. Happily Archie Sonic didn't really steer that way, unlike some games... 😑
  8. Sometimes I get the feeling Sega gives different artistic liberties to different franchises. Sonic seems to be on a tight leash but I suppose they have their reasons, Sonic's feeling nowadays like they're doing their best to keep biggest controversials out as much as possible while having it appearing somewhat bland. Just my personal view anyway, could be due to the fact Sega has done more... interesting choices with other things. It's almost like the spirit of what I liked about the Dreamcast era is still around it's just left Sonic or something. Seeing gay couples could be interesting buut considering how much IDW kept shouting about doing their own thing I wouldn't put it past them to include "no pairings" into doing their own thing... Another reason I'm starting to feel doubtful about how good of an idea it would be to introduce some "old cast" into the IDW verse (partly due to this certain pair I really dig). Though I have no idea, maybe the characters would fit, I have no idea what's going around in there other than a very few opinions of it being somewhat... meh? I dunno, I did read that Cosmo mini series and it was fun and energetic so maybe IDW is okay as well, but weeelll, they didn't have Sega breathing down their necks or anything. And the editorial team is different. ...has Sega even ever made any gay couples game-vise? I can figure out some characters that came out like having vague "man-crushes" but that's about it... though the time around here is what it is and my memory is my memory let alone my abilities of reading between the lines. But yeah, fighting over pairings feels odd. I get the feeling it feels kind of nasty whenever someone breaks a pairing I kind of like by twisting characters in a way they start to feel OoC to me but well, fanfics are fanfics. I'm not going to go on a rampage on Internet over something like that waste of my energy since I feel so flegmatic towards stuff like that. What a wall of text saying nothing really, good job me.
  9. Hoo boy it's gonna be a late night again. 😆 If Sunday's around 6 hours it'll be like what, 4 AM in here in the end. It isn't really anything I haven't accustomed already though. But well, I'm gonna come anyway, gotta have some fun time and see my picks go live. Especially couple of these tracks are something I want to stick around for. But gee, aren't you going fancy this year, gotta appreciate all the hard work and effort you're putting into this one, I hope it'll work out. I'm already getting hyped, the very least my gut is, that is. 😄 Thanks for the organisers putting in so much effort, especially @Polkadi~☆ .
  10. Well, I suppose all the stuff with Sonic's comics "harem" means I should probably be really grateful for how my favourite pairing was handled. Which I of course really am. Could I possibly ask for more considering it survived the Super Genesis Wave and all? There're only so many pairings I hold any interest towards anyway all the different franchises I'm interested in considered. And now it's i limbo, permanently. Oh well, time for me to get to sleep I suppose. It's already like over 5AM in here anyway.
  11. You know what: ... it would've been fun to be able to pick one of those millions of different Receive Yous as a Remix song but I digress, rules are rules. I'm happy Reign made it to the list anyway. I'm just way too sleepy anyway.
  12. Weeeell, I wasn't planning on cutting this close but stuff came in way sooo... Let's see what I can pull off within less than half an hour... I'll add my edit in here as well because ShtH wasn't filled yet and I'm a neurotic person. 2. Waking Up (Shadow the Hedgehog) 3. Blizzard of Coast (Sonic Shuffle) 4. Seven Rings in Hand (Sonic and the Secret Rings) Remix 1. Blue Sky Zone (Sonic Jump) (It says it's practically a remix soo) Remix 2. Skies of Arcadia Remix - Fantasy Haven [Battle 1, Bombardement](Skies os Arcadia)(SEGA General)
  13. ...I just remembered this was a thing and decided I need to make one fast request before the general slot is full; 1. Reign (Yakuza 0) (SEGA General) Because. I was arguing back and forth with couple of other tracks but decided, after a long thought, this would be pretty awesome to include even when it isn't as classic as "Receive You". Even with all the Engrish this kicks butt like the fight it was serving for as the background track as far as I'm concerned. I will come back to throw out more choices later though. I seriously love these Spectaculars. 😁 Probably one of the best things in here. Sorry I'm not so funny to ask for that Get to the Top! Remix of the End karoke track. ______________________EDIT_____________________ADDED_______SOMETHING___________________________SORRY__________________________ Ookayy, this is somewhat of a bother, but since I'm not too keen on double-posting, I'll add this other request down here... Sorries for the inconvenience and impracticality, it just occurred to me... 😅 2. Waking Up (Shadow the Hedgehog) Yet again, sorries...
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