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  1. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Again, that happened in the Archie comics. I was wondering more about outside of the whole Archie thing. Like, if they ever manage to get into some other Sonic related thing or summat.
  2. Okay, I have this thing that's been running circles around my head for couple of days now...

    Time to let it out and devour your souls.


    Mods vs. Rockers.

    1. RedFox99
    2. NikoS


      Same doubt as @RedFox99 here

    3. Kiah


      Wait, who are these rockers that I and my fellow mods are against? 😉 And what are we fighting for? lol 

  3. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Well, I dunno really, Sonic isn't pulling any punches with his "witty remarks" (and the "gags" that were pulled especially in the earlier numbers, though others did those as well), but I feel like in pre-reboot continuity he was shown to have the conciousness about it maybe not being the best way to interact with other people. Something I didn't see issued in post-reboot continuity. So well, I dunno, he felt less of a jerk back in pre-reboot as far as I'm concerned. And he was basically considering that fight as one of the many performed earlier, so when Eggman "got broken" due to the losses and all, I'm not that surprised about Sonic getting a bit confused and worried over what was going on... --- On another note, wasn't it estabilished in the Archie Sonic Comics that Antoine is a coyote? So, you know, I wonder what'd happen to that tidbit of knowledge were the FF brought into somewhere else... Yeah, my mind thinks the strangest things whenever it has few nodes left to compute other things than trying to understand the messiest product of modern science to this day...
  4. Okay.

    I decided to change the avatar since the old's been around quite long.


    If this doesn't feel like it I'll change back.


    Or something.

    1. NikoS


      Looking great


    2. Kiah


      It’s still Antoine... I approve! 🙂

    3. BlueSky


      Well, but of course it's Antoine! Nice you dig. Merci beaucoup!

      He's got more than enough facial expressions on the pages I can crudely steal for avatar pics after all! :3

      And there's no way I'll stop as long as my best internet friend keeps on doing it too!

      And I wanna show my Twan support after all.

      And I'm still going to get the snow pics online, someday it will happen!


      Aaron Webber better keep his hands on his side though...

    4. NikoS


      Oh yeah, the snow pics,
      It's almost that time of the year again,

      I mean, for you guys, here winter is ending.


  5. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    No you are not. I enjoyed them alot. And it tried its best to explain that M25YL story from the unclear parts. I liked that arc. ... FYI, I do enjoy that House of Cards too. Tails' parents just had strong opinions, and considering how much stuff was going on, I can see how some people would like to take the power to their own hands seeing how "gutless" the ruling guys were and all. Not that I'd call it a good solution, but I think I can see from where they're coming from. And I think Amadeus was kinda cool... don't look at me like that. ... And it's nice to hear you finally got the Sonic Comics you wanted in the form of IDW, @Dr. Detective Mike. It's nice to know all this wasn't in vain, I'm genuinely happy about the fact and it makes me feel a bit better about the matter. Really, I'm serious, I'm not bitching. Seriously. I mean every word!
  6. BlueSky

    Ducktales (2017)

    Hmm... If you mean as characters, the concept was first used in some old animation if I recall it right. José and Panchito have been used outside of that too, in the comics, (especially in Dutch(?) ones, but well everybody gets really used in those). Most notable comics mentions would probably go to Don Rosa again, these stories were golden and I actually learned what's the biggest rodent (alive) in the world. Though Rosa took some liberties, like with Josés... place in the society shall we say. But the first one had Donald shushing the others continuously talking loudly about the old woman chases since Daisy was just behind the border... Kinda funny. And that part they entertained the whole nightclub from the back of Panchito's horse was pretty awesome too. Boys always fearing for the worst. Also, don't put chili peppers inside a car's fuel tank kids. https://inducks.org/story.php?c=D+2000-002 https://inducks.org/story.php?c=D+2004-032 Long story short, they're Donalds friends, in a way. Kinda neat concept considering they all "originate" from different American countries and all. Though I wonder if this'll cause noises... But yeah, neat. I'm still happy the old voices of Donald and Scrooge (at least) got into the show in here. At least that was the case with those first episodes I saw. Boys sound just... not for my tastes. Jukka Rasila will always be the Donald Duck for me.
  7. BlueSky

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    At this time of year, at this time of day, and this part of the country, localised entirely within you carage? ... I may have seen it.
  8. Sheesh, that was freaking awesome! It had the tension up, as far as I'm concerned anyway, even when the end results were kind of obvious. Still, it actually felt like something. I actually felt some tension due to the pacing and such, and it was written well as far as I know anything. Art was amazing and I didn't mind about the tears, they were actually fitting for the storyflow, and, it was in context as far as I'm concerned, Mecha-Sally was pushing Sonic's buttons during the whole thing and at the same time she was going to, well, do what she was trying to do. It was pretty emotional considering the characters aren't all-knowing meta blobs knowing everything about the fact how they're considered as characters. And that's something I love to see, some games are still a sore spot for me around that matter. All the dialogue was interesting and delivered the story and right emotions and the pacing was awesome, so much stuff in so few pages, I feel the hunger for more of the story, but I do know and understand it will take its time. You're making amazing progress and that's all that matters anyway. That the stuff is awesome. So yeah, I'm not really that flat-knocked it's having a slow pace of publishing, it's a very well made fan thing after all. Really amazing. Thank you for all of this effort, I hope you can keep going on as well as you've already done. I know the deflation of the words "amazing" and [especially] "awesome" are getting into a completely new level, so I'll change the language to French for getting more adjectives; Fantastique! Magnifique! Meilleur que juste très bonne! And now that I'm on the topic, it was awesome to see Antoine cameo, even when it was about that darn thing, gee Eggman's one psycho bastard, trying to torture others by harming their friends like that, blowing robots on their faces and turning them into robots, freaking psycho... I'll never forgive that bloody bastard nowt will make me change me mind. All in all, it was entertaining, and most importantly, interesting. Something Sonic's been lacking in my eyes since from the sad death of Archie Sonic. Actually... At least some of the lines give me that sort of vibes... or does this go under that oh-so-lovable smiling style one Sonic writer has established well enough by now for others starting to use it as well? But yeah, thanks again for all of the effort! For all of the creators and all of people part of making this possible! Awesome! Just plain amazing! Stocks are running low today! 😃
  9. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    That birthday strory was a debut for Mr. Yardley as the pencils artist. You know, I think that's one more name that'd be good to remember, just my personal opinion though. Gee I really loved the style he had around that time, say what you will about big hands but I don't mind those, I loved the expressions to death! What else was on my mind now, let's see... No wonder my Thursday was so freaking crappy, it was on par with that crappy day of all crappiness. Like that day was crappy enough without the Archie bomb, gee! I have issues. Not just Archie Sonic issues. But seriously, get me a two-ways trip with some extra perks to that dimension where Archie Sonic kept on running and I'll bring some comics with me! Trust me I'd feel a lot less depressed at that point.
  10. BlueSky

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Okay, thanks for explanations to you both, I think this makes sense to me now. At the very least I get it way better than before. I suppose this shows sometimes politics should be left to people who actually know of politics and not people that just speak "funny". Of course it's easier said than done, but I think those guys who actually sound like they get the stuff and still manage to rally really "strong" opinions are kinda scary. Like, they sound like they can reason why they think something could work and then they start to gather really strongly thinking people around them. But well, that's one of the reasons why I like the multi-party system we have in here, that kind of voices have their own parties. Yet even with many parties I still always struggle to find somebody to vote for...
  11. BlueSky

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Thanks a lot @Mad Convoy, that was actually pretty interesting! Soo, in a way it's like USA kind of broke the "bond"/facade between the two communist countries and since it was done with making a deal with China it could seem dishonoring/jerkish to them if US president were to start getting better along with Russia, especially while the trading shenanigans are still an ongoing thing? Well, I think this shows rather well how important it is to know about history to understand how stuff like this works. I think I'll look more into this at some point, this was pretty interesting after all. Thanks again! 😄
  12. BlueSky

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Umm, this may be a bit of a dumb question, but how? What is it that makes it so? As far as I'm aware, the second Western countries started to give sanctions to Russia over the Ukraine stuff, they went to make buddies with China. At least that's the picture I've got. Is it something special with the relationship US has with China or something, since, you know, we got pandas in here this year and Russia is our land-border neighbour, is there just something I can't see? It's not like you can't ever be in some kind of terms with both... Sorries if this was a dumb question, but I just got a bit curious about that thing. 😅
  13. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Actually... That brought to my mind, has anyone else thought how similar Sir Connery sounds to Sean Connery? I just can't say Sir Connery out loud anymore without wondering how silly it sounds...
  14. Last night was a "tropical night" according to the weather forecast, since the temperature stayed up over 20 Celsius degrees trough whole night.

    This is turning into something funny.

  15. You know, if Trump would've tried to squeeze Putin's hand too much, I think Trump would've gone flying to the wall. Putin is a judoka after all I think...

    . . .   . . .   . . .

    You know, Putin likes to keep others waiting, yesterday wasn't anything too strange;


    I know about that thing called academic quarter existing and all, but he seems to like it bigger.

    I wonder why President Niinistö isn't on the list while Halonen is, he's waited for example for ~2 hrs and ~1hr. FYI, Halonen hasn't been the sitting president for over 6 years now...


    Anyone interested, here's some articles in English about yesterday.

    Thought I'd post since why not, YLE was kind of important in this to a degree.


    Okay, I think I'm done about this topic for now, sorries.


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