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  1. Guys; I might need to be out of here for some time, yet again. Too many exercises and all that jazz. I hope I can come back around Christmas at the very least.

    So, well, do take care, I try not to get too crushed under everything.

    Human pancakes aren't that tasty anyway or so I've heard. 😄

    And the first song that came to my mind was;

    Don't read too much into it though. 😉

  2. BlueSky

    Revive One, Banish Another

    I think I'd pass that choice. I wouldn't really find any happiness of bringing some characters I love back at the cost of getting some other character out, I'm just that kind of weird person. There're characters I like a lot, and characters that I don't enjoy quite as much, but they're nonetheless still part of this franchise anyway, and there might be even a teeny-tiny chance of someone loving some character I wouldn't be as fond of, so I wouldn't want to put my grieve out just for some other to get into exactly same situation. Plus I think characters can be improved like everyone has potential, really, if these aren't used "well enough" we have now, what are the chances the forgotten ones would be treated any better? I dunno. Not really worth the risk or is it? And seriously, I do find Silver more likeable than Sonic, from time to time the very least. Even the Pre-Reboot Archie Silver had characteristics that made him sympathetic in my eyes. For the most part at the very least.
  3. BlueSky

    Positive Things About Forces?

    Hmm... I did have fun time while playing it. Well, there are other Sonic games that I do love more, but I think I could say I like it. I liked the fact they took steps to the direction I find more likeable than the past few games considering the story flow. And I did enjoy the fact it was quick to play and easy enough for me to actually play it, no slippery slope controls or to thin dropkill bridges. Fun playing with fast pacing. I dunno really, I enjoyed it so I do seriously think I like it. I dunno, I didn't care to start thinking about missed opportunities since I was more focused on what I got out of it already; the characters that actually took seriously their world and didn't try to break it with a sledgehammer. I dunno, maybe I'm looking for different things than some other, but well, I did find enjoyment of it. I think I like it.
  4. BlueSky

    Ducktales (2017)

    I do think I saw that piñata thing somewhere. It was pretty interesting alright. Though I do think piñatas are freaking dangerous even in real life, I just wonder how many times people have got hit instead of the piñatas... Well, this explains a lot of things, kind of neat idea I think, thanks for the history. 😄 I do find the characters interesting after all. I find many duck/mouse characters interesting, but anyway...
  5. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Well, it wasn't about wiki, it was more about me understanding what I've read. I'm no native and all that jazz. I'm kind of self-aware like that. Next evening; You know what; there's actually this thing that's been itching my nerves for some time now, you know the stuff about Sally and Nicole and such? I've kind of started to wonder, I know it could be me just seeing stuff afterwards only because it has been pointed out later, chances are the picture wasn't even done with that thing in mind and all, which is prolly pretty much having the highest probability and all, but, this thing from Sonic Comic Origins (talking about using wikis, hehheh); I did wonder why Sally looked like that, like, disgusted (that's how her facial expression looks like to me anyway)? I dunno, it was a bit too powerfully delivered for my liking, is this just me seeing things, probably, but man, how interesting, even if it's (like it probably is) just a coincidence. Sheesh, this is kind of odd actually. ...am I having some occurring obsessions or what?
  6. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Well, that was actually what I felt uncertain for. Thanks for "peer" review people. It's appreciated, I sometimes still wonder if I've got my facts straight.
  7. BlueSky

    The Greatest Youtube Videos You've Ever Seen

    I just remembered one. Sadly it's in Finnish so I'll give the gist; Weatherman is asked about the weather by the journalist, he starts telling that winter's coming and first comes snow and then temperature drops, and while he's saying the temperature will go down he lowers the office chair he's sitting on without any warning, which makes the journalist to start laughing. She tries to get the news program to the end properly though. Pretty silly and innocent I think. Somehow it's just hilarious. Do question my sense of humour if you feel it's obligatory.
  8. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I was wondering about that part where he claimed that lead to the.. birth of Mobians? Or did I get it wrong again?
  9. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    The best way to make a French coyote swear he'll kill you; harm his wife (possibly fatally). ... and that's one of the reasons I consider him being quite the passionate badass from time to time. I think I'm writing too late again, I write so ...restlessly[?] again. A Finnish way of saying again. Hard to explain at this time of day, pretty much the stuff you speak/write is messy and questionable considering your state of mind and the state of your brains' self-censoring considering what you think is a good idea to say out loud, like, one can throw some "restless" joke and it could be something pervert or questionable in some other way, not necessarily sexual and all that jazz. ___ But well, I had something real to speak about as well. This fella here; Outside of him referencing StC Super Sonic in the otherwise Archie Sonic centered thing, why did I get a funny feeling of "I didn't think it went like that" in #4? Could someone tell me whether or not he's got this right, because if he has I need to blame my non-nativity about some more funny things... I'm too Finnish and tired to figure this one out myself.
  10. Anybody having any ideas about how that new upcoming EU copyright thing'll affect stuff like avatars in this here site?

  11. BlueSky

    Sonic Headcanons

    I did once find out it's claimed to be a common question to dates whatever bloodtype they have, since bloodtype is considered to connect strongly into one's personality or something. I can't be certain but I think it sounds convincing enough. Thus I wouldn't really wonder why we don't know that kind of stuff about Sonic characters, no need to give any more (love) material like that, especially if they don't have any real grasp on the personalities in first place... Of course, they could just make up some bloodtypes and call it a day... How I found out about this is because of One Piece, I can't remember too well but I wouldn't be surprised if it was from another one of translator's notes... they translate the SBS in here as well after all. 😄 You know, the moment some old geezer gives out even his own bloodtype while introducing himself while inside a whale's tummy it's a bit funny.
  12. Ohh, so how funny it could be if he'd try to do it in Swedish too? If I recall right he was trying to get this translated in Swedish at some point. Come on, that one screenshot even showed an IKEA app! Gee, first Swedish, then Russia, I wonder if he tried to hit Finland but kept missing... nah, that was a bad joke. Sorry. Though I wonder, as far as I have any experiences about French, the Quebec dialect is way more different from French French than Belgian one is from the French French. Natives can correct me when I'm totally wrong but I think this is the case, considering for example how Canadian French speakers appear to be bit like the native Swedish speakers in here; "main" language is a great source of loanwords, one of my many French teachers loved to use word boring as it is in English while they talked in French on the classes... In Switzerland dialect they have a "real" term for 80, not that 4x20 thing French have and makes me appreciate their passion for multiplication. ^___^ But yeah, about Penders; He seems like really trying to give out a picture about him doing his best to polish every teeny tiny bit in his masterpiece before he gets it out when it comes out as if he's just making up excuses. I dunno really, I just hope he gets this all ready in a way or another; as in he gets it out or outright cancels it. Partly just for his own sake too, this is becoming like some kind of metastasis obsession where the metastasis things are the centres of his obsession rather than the project himself, he's like me on the computer while I should be studying instead of wandering around in YouTube instead he seems to have it even worse... kinda sad.
  13. You wanna see my favourite weatherman...


    ...doing some heavy tango?


    He claimed hard core music is the best way to get waked up in early mornings, like around 4am or earlier, I don't remember too well which one...

    Gotta love the Finnish Dancing with Stars...


    Yup, I'm still alive, and I'll tell why I haven't been around for AGES... ☺️

  14. BlueSky

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Again, that happened in the Archie comics. I was wondering more about outside of the whole Archie thing. Like, if they ever manage to get into some other Sonic related thing or summat.
  15. Okay, I have this thing that's been running circles around my head for couple of days now...

    Time to let it out and devour your souls.


    Mods vs. Rockers.

    1. RedFox99



    2. NikoS


      Same doubt as @RedFox99 here

    3. Kiah


      Wait, who are these rockers that I and my fellow mods are against? 😉 And what are we fighting for? lol 

    4. BlueSky


      Well, as in 60's Brittish Mods and Rockers.

      Mods had scooters and some jackets that had hoods and were made of some textile, rockers had motorbikes and leather jackets. They had differing music tastes and mods had Beatles haircuts.

      o >--------------< o

      I guess no one watched any Heartbeat around here others than moi... sniff.


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