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  1. The one curious thing in all of this is;

    Why people are buying so much toilet paper the markets are empty of it? Like, I've heard it's not just a Finnish phenomenom, it's almost like people believe it's the ultimate defence item or something.

    Like the whole world turned Joe Kido in this thing...

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      You've heard it's not just Finnish?

      Mate, we have a whole toilet roll black market running in the UK.

    2. BlueSky


      Well, that's starting to sound a bit crazy, like in some random street alley, there's the weed guy and whatever-crack guy and then there's the toilet paper guy... trying to sell the trhee-layer extra soft or something. UK sure is even crazier than what we have in here...

      Goddammit, I'm happy we still have our own toilet paper resources left, though it would be kinda crazy to see government getting wood out of people's forests by force just for getting some more toilet paper...

      Like, if it was about hankies I could get it, but toilet paper, that's the most basic human need nowadays...

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