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    Sonic PCFree

    My response to the last fangame attempt, I think it applies decently enough here as well. (Also the Wii U exclusivity shouldn't really be used as a selling point over the actual substance of the game to draw people in.)
  2. Nepenthe's post if the epitome of win. Sorta adding onto that, an example of a clone would be something along the lines of the original Giana Sisters, which for the most part just painted over the original Mario Bros. It really comes down to the content of the game, even if a game is speedy platformer with an anthro protagonist that doesn't inherently make it a ripoff of Sonic or bad, in fact to say something's a ripoff is a pretty serious accusation. As long as it's trying to do its own thing then it's no different than what other slower paced games do with Mario, they're inspired by the base and make it their own by adding their own elements. (Rayman, Kirby, Crash) On side note, I've done some research into the Bubsy series...and I can't say it's a Sonic clone, however it's absolutely horrific to watch, especially 3D. It's sooo bad it's just....all you can do is gawk and suffer the dialogue.
  3. I lost all conceivable control when he mentioned West Philadelphia, bahaha.
  4. Epic old school jazz alert: (Also extremely cool shades, hats, and suits)
  5. When you put it like this, I can see where you're coming from.
  6. Than if that's the case than they're not viewing from an objective viewpoint, which during debates people should be doing the majority of the time. If you're stating the facts, it saves a lot of time and unnecessary "back and forths" that don't really add discussion value.
  7. Oh mercy, this sounds awesome. I think I'd be perfect for this if I got comfortable enough, though I have the creeping suspicion that that hour would give my family just enough time to track me down and embarrass the crap out of me, lol. Anywho, this sounds really cool and I'm definitely giving it thought. May the best men(women) win!
  8. Pfffffft, heck we can't even get a new Megaman game. It'd be interesting to see, but a game crossover with Sonic is just....SOOOO improbable right now.
  9. Especially when it doesn't even apply, I don't remember seeing Sonic hold a bowl of ice cream.
  10. You won't get far on on these forums (or in any debate) with worthless responses that waste people's time.
  11. Ironically, I can't even label 06's story as serious. I mean, if you can't TAKE it seriously than how can it be serious at all? If anything 06 is a lackluster comedy.
  12. No. Not at all. An OBJECTIVELY good game is captivating and holds your interest for positive reasons, has few glitches, great control, great/fitting music, and nice aesthetics and gameplay that are original and not bleak. 06 has like, 1 and a half of these. To your credit though, you'd make a great mainstream reviewer.
  13. (SNES version Solkia trollolo) This game is AWESOME. I have fond memories playing this game with my cousin and older brother, from collecting apples to that awesome carpet riding stage. I hope they bring that style of gameplay back for a sequel or something, while it was good back then it has the potential to grow and be brilliant now. Anywho, I <3 this game.
  14. While I don't think you should judge people, I do believe that a sincere post can say a lot about a person's character or mindset, but still you never know.
  15. Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaseeeee Edit: Fuuuu beat me to it, gaaah. Edit2: Editedception: And on a side note, that theme song was probably the fruitiest thing I've ever heard in my life earlier, but it's freaking growing on me, I feel it :C
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