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  1. You know this sort of peril is up Team Darks alley so why isn't Shadow and his team important in this arc and trying to stop him the most(it involves technolgical based cyberpunk problems with a mad scientist about to kill off life on earth), or maybe that's overkill for poor Eggman since shadow is immune to disease and a living half magic/half alien super weapon that's driven by justice and hate plus equal to the fastest thing alive, a Morally neutral super spy and highly intelligent bat their that rivals the strongest fighter/treasure hunter in the world, and a hyper advanced automation that is literally a death machine designed to fight and kill god level beings on Shadow and Mephiles level.
  2. Anime designs, concepts, and slick sharp attitudes for all the characters that carry power of being fanservice.
  3. I think it's safe to assume Shadow was right and no thanks to status quo looks stupid for letting Sonic convince him in sparing Eggman. I think Shadow is darker than anything eggman could be, so basically this is unimpressive to acknowledge for Eggman as evil feats go when characters like Mephiles existed once.
  4. I'm not talking about his character motivations, even though it helps my argument, I mean shadow ad a game playstyle would be more robust and complex than the traditional sonic based gameplay since it adds Sonics and fast paced combat ideas on a setting more suited for the tone about Shadow.
  5. They found out his value when they created him to be more battle action oriented than Sonic.
  6. Good ideas, I'd kinda make Shadow into God of War lite, his Personality fits Kratos more than Dante or Cereza.
  7. When are people going to realize Shadow being serious works on a ironically brilliant and tounge in cheek way because it would be a juxtaposition to Sonic and the traditional way the Sonic world as foil in comparison looks like dante from devil may cry? By making him a silly thing as well, you ruin his uniqueness and mystique of a proper concept that makes him Sonics greatest rival.
  8. Uh oh clone thread! Jk! But seriously, at this point, Shadow is the most popular character in the series behind Sonic which when put together is one of the most iconic staple foundations in the series next to Sonic and Eggman. At this point, he deserves a higher position as a brand main staple of the series and should sell and expand his own stories apart from the core Sonic stories, so why haven't they acknowledge him and pushed his popularity as hard as Sonic and his iconic cast then, Shadow belongs on the same level as as Sonic as the main lead of his own spin off brand to market new fans. The fact they don't use him glaringly(because he's so easy to attract to kids) makes his own fame in the series seem unoticable since they won't let him upstage the core three or Eggman, I hated that he played a filler lead in forces, it's like anyone could had been the sole face of investigating Eggman and sabotaging infinite forces, but it's a waste of character and gameplay ideas. Ever since 06, Shadows been the sole face of pointless fanservice for shallow exploiting to fan base, and basically it works. Fans latch to Shadow but view him as a tool that has no real reason to appear as the focused impact of a games/tv shows/comic/etc new and important selling point that stays unique in order to work successfully, like Sonic and the new games and spin offs that revolve around gimmicks that only Sonic can engage in. Shadow isn't even advertised as a iconic main role character that much, his image falls behind the classic 4 and Eggman much more these days. He used to be on par with them but now he only gets to be a staring mystery role in the last second without any real build up, only to either fall short to Sonic in the end. His popularity is not iconic and it's not mandatory for the Sonic mainstream media, the most he gets is a cool moment of getting a single task to complete and then he fades off of the action being barely noticible to Sonic and his friends when they go off and move into the main action and leave Shadow off panel when they to the real hero moments. It's like Sonic Team and many official developers and writers forgot what to do with Shadow with no context on what can they use him without making him a staring role, he's basically a plot device that keeps the heroes on their toes or makes them look good, even though he's a competant and extremely powerful solider or wild card that can take on anything Sonic can. This makes me wonder if Sonic Team really wanted to, could they make Shadow distinctly plot capable without Sonic or Rouge or even Shadow with Rouge and Omega being plot capable without fighting alongside Sonics adventure based threats?
  9. All i know it makes Shadow feel less unimpressive in his role as the anti hero and equal of sonic.
  10. Shadow imo is the smartest character in terms of practical, adept, and resourceful skills to anything. Having a specialty, scientific or acute genius is one thing, but Shadow checks off all possible types of intelligence, with insightful knowledge of those skills. Shadow specializes the most in being probably a demi polymath in almost every field Eggman and others are resprctively good in but as not inhumanley skilled(Shadow might be smarter than Sonic in combat ingenuity and Knuckles is chaos energy molding). Shadow is as scientifically compatible and tech savvy as tails, techno proficient in weapons and gadgets as Eggman, Sharp/Savvy/Acute/Quickly Adept as Sonic if not more due to being more combative and guile, cunning and perceptive as rouge, physically tatical and chaos adept if not unrivaled as Knuckles, duty driven and sensible as Silver, Responsibly introspective with emeralds as Blaze and on more than one occasion just as sane and loyal to friends and moral principles as Amy showing if he wants can have a higher degree of common sense and general rationality. Shadow own smarts are greater than other characters uses when he display them with objectivity and his own cold buisness like drive to do anything to complete any task. It makes him saner than tails in a sense he doesn't hold back acting on his viewpoints and logic.
  11. No. Amy is getting overrated on this board, raw power belongs to blaze or rouge sonce their strong enough to take hits from Sonic and Knuckles at serious performance. Amy on the other hand has never been a contender to Sonic or Knux in a situation with Amy's attacks where they never held back or got got sucker punched by accident when they fight. Shadow displays this, a guy who in that Archie cannon was equal to Sonic and Knuckles in base physical performance and active fight experience. He took her out with one barely forced blow with her own hammer. I don't even think she can take Tails if he's serious about wanting to beat her down. Tails matches rouge in equally physical prowess in Sonic X, he only lost because rouge sucker punch him with a kiss and took the opportunity to disorient his young and innocent akwardness towards females. Overall blaze has superhuman strength and speed and durability + innate energy manipulation over fire. Rouge is the same, superhuman physicals and possibly a afinitty for chaos energy(SA2) plus expert solider and espionage training. These are the the only girls that can keep pace with the metahuman/gifted mutant based males that do the comicbook logic breaking stuff with their feats. These guys include Eggman, Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Espio, Deadly Six, Metal/Mecha Sonic, even Chip. Amy reaches the same level as the other side characters and is possibly the most powerful. She's probably Captain America level.
  12. You know something, I don't see how Sonic and Amy could get along and team up as easily with each other. Sonic himself is to indirect emotionally to Amy, looking at the bigger picture and an excuse to act on the call of thrillseeking adventure, while Amy holds her own focus at getting invested directly with learning about how things happen while she helps save people. It's really problematic, Sonic is barely interested in Amy personally while hes using her as a medium to do anything heroic but not friend like Tails, more like a partner. Amy is getting along with Sonic because she's loyal and obsessed with him. Wish she actually had the ability to get Sonic to earn her respect like Sally instead of viewing her as another buddy to fight bad guys with.
  13. Sonic is so carefree about his friends/allirs he assumes that they think like Tails and wants nothing but action and thrillseeking adventures in super fast motion. Amy in this comic flirting with Sonic seems out of character, she and Sonic have this playful boy doesn't get girl relationship but they talk like their married.
  14. A Amy spin off won't work because she do not have any cool factors to market as a brand concept. Amy is not meant to be taken seriously and her lack of being a dignifed symbol for any personable role as a hero makes that lack. Hell when you look at her, what she lacks is a stand out presence from Sonic as a larger than life or atypically anti heroic. Blaze fits these things more than Amy, she's more serious but not so more than Shadow or Metal Sonic, her brand core elements focuses on her regal composure and superhuman abilities on par with Sonic. Plus she's a lot more of a relatable heroine than Amy, to the point where Amy has an almost upbeat Mickey mouse level cheerfulness that makes her bland stereotype like Sonic to see brand recognition of the bland girl type that never gets picked in multi player games(via Sonia blade or Chun Li), Blaze is much more fleshed out and relatable with flaws, her cold yet clumsy personality and her lack of social cues remind me of elsa from frozen. And before any of you say pink and cheerfully cute characters like Kirby and Pikachubwork, they have brand recognition as action heroes or mascots of their respective franchises where they are like Sonic and use violence and power scaling to appeal to the casual observer like boys and girls. Amy is about being support type, she doesn't lead the front lines nor does she view combat as the main solution for any fixable problem. She's violently driven but she's most of all just a normal girl who relies in the boys or her friends to do the right thing in battle.
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