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  1. Just watched the Vector episode, and I loved it! Really like the portrayal of Vector here, as it's different from his game counterpart but not enough to where it's not really the same character anymore. Him having his own reality TV show is a good counterpart to actually having a detective agency in the games. I was curious how they were going to play it off without him being a Chaotix member and Espio and Charmy not being present either, but props to Reid Herrison because I think he did a great job substituting them, although I still would like to see all three of them together. This is probably one of if not my favorite episode this season, and if we're not getting another game character then I'll just have to wait till the Season finale to get to see more of the other already shown game characters. Also, can we talk about how tall Vector is? I can't be the only one that noticed the size difference between him and the other characters, right? Or maybe I am the only one and I'm making a huge deal outta this for no reason. joins in the OHing Real talk, we might be looking into this too much, but I don't care, give me Season 3.
  2. They said that he lives in a cave not that it was about a cave lol.
  3. Ah that's a bummer that he considers them unnecessary. Ozcrash's Sonic World was amazing so, I'd definitely be all for him helping Taxman see other wise. I know nothing about the merchandise, but it's atleast still being sold. And while Social Media doesn't really focus on Boom, you have the Sonic Tumblr that show's the preview images as well as the Sonic Streams on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel that talks about the upcoming episodes as well, so it's far from being covered begrudgingly. The show's treatment on Boomerang is bad, but it coming to Netflix is probably the best outcome for it since even if Sega told them to put it back on CN's main channel, it'll be advertised poorly and still be in a bad time slot. So in a lot of ways it will be receiving better treatment this way. Sonic's not big in Japan yes, but then why bother releasing both the games and show in Japan if it was meant for western audiences. It'd be a waste of resources if they knew that it wouldn't do well, no? So they obviously had faith in the show if that's the case. And yeah, they are plenty of dubs of the show. There's YouTube video of the whole "You Should Check on Your Grandkids" thing from the sidekick from season 1 in like 8 languages I think. Remember, Boom's been shown in over 40 countries, and I'm sure they've got a dub for their own language of the show. Interesting premise.
  4. That's... a lot of good points. And I thought I knew a lot about Sonic lol. I see where you're coming from and on the grand scheme of things I may have underestimated their popularity. And I had read Bill's post saying how we were being over-analytical about what he says. Best thing to do now is wait and see. There's no need to stress over every little thing they've said. (with the olympics, I'd say they'd keep going till 2024 in Beijing, end where they started) I'd so love a reference to that, (I know I'm bringing this up a lot) but even in the Olympic games they have a special animation together, so I'd love for them to interact Ah I see, I knew the name sounded familiar, thanks. But I can see them being much more lenient with that since it's mostly the main 3 + Eggman they got to work with, not really any of the side characters You know I could actually see them doing that this time lol I mean like I said, they seem to be fine with the Main 3 + Eggman and Amy. Shadow and Metal Sonic make sense from a popularity perspective. And we've already talked about Vector's inclusion. So that only leaves the other characters which hardly appear in anything at all that much, besides brief cameos or whatever they're doing in Forces. It's not that off to say they could be limiting them to some degree. And the only branch cutting I've seen was the move to Boomerang, which really wasn't them that was CN. With Boom coming to Netflix in several countries, it getting a Japanese dub, and getting nominated for the Teen Choice award which Sega even advertised I don't see them cutting off branches at all.
  5. Who is Taxman again? I forget. And yeah that's true that he's one of the first, but it's a very obscure fact. Yeah I brought up them just not wanting to use her because writing issues but who knows? Maybe Sega is limiting them to few options.
  6. Very true. I was one of the people who thought that the Chaotix first appeared in Heroes before figuring out Knuckles' Chaotix was a thing. That's why I think that Vector, and well the Chaotix as a whole aren't the most popular characters in the series. Sure they've been in some of the games, but comparing it to how many games Team Dark, and Team Rose (excluding Big), they haven't really been in much. Generations was their comback after being gone since Shadow (main-game wise).
  7. So he'll be writing another episode before the season ends then? Wonder what that episode will be about.
  8. I was pretty fond of Tails' Crush as well. So he's definitely capable of writing good episodes.
  9. I'd just say wait and see. Best not to get our hopes up for something that may or may not be true Yeah, I agree. The Metal Sonic episode was all over the place in pacing so I'm hoping that won't be the case with Vector's episode.
  10. I don't know, I feel like if that was the reasoning than he wouldn't have bothered with the question at all. Maybe that's just me being optimistic, but I'm still not convinced to the show's cancellation yet, and with it coming to Netflix UK and possibly Netflix US, they have no reason to cancel it. And if Sega of Japan really didn't like Boom, why would they release the Boom games (with an alternate name) along with a Japanese dub of Season 1 as well? But I do agree with the stigma of how poorly Sega's treated the other characters, and I was hoping Boom could be a medium to where they could get more action, but aside from the main cast, the guest characters only seem to appear in one episode for a season, which bums me out. The only other medium where the characters get much showtime is the Olympic games, which is pretty sad all things considered.
  11. When you're comparing him to the likes of Shadow and Metal Sonic, he's definitely not as popular. His debut game didn't sell well either, and didn't appear in another game till a couple years later. Not to mention that after Heroes (unless you count Shadow), he wouldn't appear in a main line Sonic game till Generations. He has his fans sure, every character does, but he isn't all that popular.
  12. Yeah totally, Metal Sonic and Shadow make sense, they're popular characters. But Vector is relatively obscure, to be honest. So I doubt it's advertisement.
  13. Oh don't get me wrong, I think Shadow is a character who can be written into comedic situations well and doesn't need to be dark and edgy all the time. The small snippets that I've seen of his character in the comics show me that that's the case. But the Boom Crew just chose otherwise is the thing, and while I don't think he was written well in the Season 1 finale, he could be written perfectly fine in his next appearance. It all comes down to execution. And with Knuckles, yeah he was a relatively serious character before 06, but afterwords, he sorta became a joke. He didn't even appear in Unleashed (which he apparently was, but just didn't) or Colors. And let's not forget his role in Lost World or lack there of. All they did with Knuckles was up his stupidity. And from what I've seen, not a lot of people care about his role anymore. I think (for the most part) Knuckles has been written well as is. He's dumb, but that's because of his naivity. I don't get why they're being so restrictive tho. They let them handle other characters just fine and are also fine with Boom being it's own thing, so why be okay with some characters and not others?
  14. Shadow is the exception. Shadow wouldn't have even been in Boom if it weren't for fan demand. The writers themselves said that they didn't know how they would write him in since he's literally the exact opposite of comedic, which is why the comedy for him is that he's always serious despite being surrounded by comedic characters. We know nothing about Vector but the thing with him is that you still wouldn't need to change that much about him and judging by the title of his episode, he's still a detective, one of his more defining traits.
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