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  1. That is fair and in your right. I wont argue about it Baiting? No More like a bluff, I play poker not chess
  2. Now thats a response i like, but still you got a free SJW bingo chip on the house if you want it. I am a good sport about it Again a well metered response. Nice!
  3. Well you are most welcome for the free space on SJW bingo, shall I finish your card? Luckily SJW bingo is so easy to play, heck even i have fun at it And no not a SJW myself actually, I just like playing SJW bingo now and then. I play to lose, best way to play really.
  4. Okay maybe its time to play SJW bingo a bit and see how it goes here is your free space for those playing at home: maybe we would not have this argument if Rey had a penis..... I mean I gave a good argument on maybe why Rey is so skilled but hey whatever Sally Acorn has the same issue if you made her a male black hedgehog who rode on a bike and carried a firearm she would be the most popular character in the sonic franchise. I guess thats another thing the Sonic and star wars fans have in common, the term mary sue thrown about because its Tuesday and of course because both are female characters.
  5. Well my defense for Rey is her upbringing, she ad to fend for herself for all her life and that pike she used was a good prototype for a lightsaber. People bitch about how Rey lacks training, i argue she had more training than Luke did thus why she is so good at fighting in episode VII. As for her powers in the force well its no worse than Anakin, since we dont have the mediclorian handwave this time its possible she is loaded with the stuff. Actually I think Anakin is a bigger Mary sue and I will be honest I think Hayden Chrtistianson is a far worse actor than Daisy Ridley. At least in Ridley i can see her potential as a good actress, never got that from Christianson. Again my comparison to Natalie Portman with her may be spot on as outside of Star Wars Natalie Portman became a rather capable actress. Star wars always had an issue with clunky dialog and even bad acting.
  6. mind you I am also not happy with the current state of Sonic, only i rather Sonic just go classic for a while. There can still be 3D or 2.5D sonic games but Forces was the end result of a rushed development much like 06. I actually think the best compromise is to have good 2D games and 3D games but again I dont think segas is capable of making good 3D sonic games.
  7. Well me i am burned out by all the damned gimmicks, the boost levels and lazy game level design. Modern Sonic offers me nothing other than "ooh look shadow clone #209458!" I rather have classic sonic again, the glory days where Sonic didnt have baggage like extra characters or crap storylines. If that means sonic going 2D i am all for it But what would you do if Sonic went 2D again and this time for good? Guess you will miss out on many possibly great games because you are too attached to modern Sonic. Me I am not so blindly attached to classic sonic but at the same time Sega needs to learn from its mistakes. If that means a few classic style games until a new 3D game is ready so be it, actually rather sega do that than blunder into another 06.
  8. Well the why should i give a damn about Modern sonic? I was born before the adventure era, so why should i care about the modern games? Enjoy werewolf sonic, your black gun toting hedgehogs and your wisps and your boost formula... Me i actually know what a good sonic game looks like, you would too if you only gave the classics a chance.
  9. Shame then as you may miss out on something great. I mean you already counted mania out which is a shame as its honestly the best sonic game in years 2D or otherwise. I personally dont care if the levels are re mixes of old ones as the gameplay is solid and its still sure as shit better than forces as while forces may have more new levels.... its actually worse for it. I mean yes the story is basic, we re not going to get game of thrones lord of the rings shit here but thats never been Sonics forte.
  10. But thats the problem: this is sega And honestly what game have they made in the last 5 years that was any good that was not a remake or a re do? Segas kind of lost steam as of late, they have made attempts to come back but its all gone down the crapper. I honestly think unless there is something done soon with sega they will wind up like atari.... they are already halfway there as it is now. Sadly yes one of the ways to help is to buy retro games, they offer me a retro 2d sonic game? sure i will; buy it if its anything like Mania. And honestly re mastering isnt such a bad idea either, but sega seriously lacks the power it once had. My personal advise is to not ask for such things and be realistic, try to enjoy the 2D sonic games and levels. Mania is a great game if only you give it a chance. I know that 2d games must be lame to you or whatever and 3D is the end all and be all of games.... but its a costly venture. This is why a lot of indie games use 2D because its cheap. Me i dont care if there is ever a full 3D sonic game, i just want something good... They did a good job with colors and generations but they do need to change things without doing something stupid like werewolf sonic again. But i dont think taking out the 2D sections is a good idea.
  11. Well Sonic 06 hasd two mary sues both Silver and Shadow so yeah.... Hey if you can arbitrary use the term mary sue so can i (come to think of it I actually think Silver is more of a Mary sue than Rey is if we use all those urban dictionary buggery that people like these days or those real shit mary sue tests that prove nothing)
  12. Well if you really want a good reason why i have no faith in Sega doing a good 3D sonic game then look at 06, do you want another Sonic 06? And again lets be realistic here sega isnt nintendo, Sega is worth USD $1,891,853,600.00 and nintendo is worth USD $2,271,142,960,450.00 Even in its heyday Sega wanst as big as Nintendo so asking them to give you a all around 3D Sonic game might as well be asking them for the moon. Its not going to happen unless Nintendo buys sega, but i rather not that happen as i kind of like playing new sonic games on my PC without emulators thank you very much.
  13. 3D modeling takes time money and effort. And its not like going full 3D is in sonics best interest. While i think both Sonic adventure 1 and 2 are vastly over hated they do suffer from wonky level design, bad camera angles and sometimes very stiff controls. I actually dont think Sonic does too well in a 3D space, even in a great 3D fan game such as Greenhill Paradise have their drawbacks. And lets be honest do you really think Sega is going to pull a good full 3D sonic game anytime soon? Not with the current staff, they really made some serious blunders in Forces Sorry mate i have no faith in Sega doing a good 3D sonic game, maybe Green hill paradise will be the closest we have to a full sonic 3d game but i still feel its a task beyond sega or even indie developers unless they had loads of cash which is something sega sure as hell doesnt have these days.
  14. No but i do ask for more challenge and also a bit more variety. And yes you can mix 2D and 3D levels and still make it feel fresh and new. There is of course still room for 2D Sonic but maybe classic sonic should stay in the hands of Headcannon and Chris Whitehead and maybe more Mania games for us who appreciate the classics. As for modern gameplay, there needs to be more balance, enough of the boost bullshit and lazy level design. Or if the boost formula is kept make it more like a reward than a handout. I do want more multi character levels like the Adventure games but I know this does come to having multyiple gameplay styles again.... which i am kind of wanting anyhow, the boost formula has played out and we need more character trees.... Flight levels for Tails would be nice, perhaps the return of the treasure hunting levels for knuckles but this time with the better controls of SA2 mixed with the original radar of SA1. Again i know this wont please everyone, people have grown used to the boost formula but at the same time its kind of gotten playerd out. Perhaps a new formula is needed but Boom tried that and it didnt work out too well...
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