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  1. Because Hollywood has never made a bad video game movie? I mean resident evil is like Citzen kane and the super Mario brothers movie from the 90's might as well be gone with the wind! Certainly this movie will be as great as the Jean Claude Van Damme Street fighter film right? (though that movie is a guilty pleasure for me)
  2. Because Hollywood always knows what they are doing right? I mean its not like they made the ninja turtles into freakish abominations right? I mean surely live action designs from Hollywood are always perfect and without one single flaw amirite? I mean make Garfield look terrible i cant imagine!
  3. Okay so here is my thought: While the motion poster design is obviously awful the actual design has not been revealed yet. I actually want to see the full reveal before I start bitching Oh it will come but not now.
  4. MadmanRB

    Elements/Tropes You Hate in Video Games

    The only issue here is that this can make the DLC feel tacked on as it does in Batman Arkham Knight, me i dont have an issue with separate DLC but at least make it worth it or charge a low price for it (this is why I like mania plus as while its not a complete DLC its cheap enough as DLC)
  5. MadmanRB

    The Outer Worlds (Obsidian) - PS4, X1, PC

    Still didnt stop Minecraft being on the switch though
  6. MadmanRB

    The Outer Worlds (Obsidian) - PS4, X1, PC

    That is hard to say, as Microsoft allows games like minecraft on other consoles and systems. They may let obsidian still release games on other systems in the future, who knows.
  7. MadmanRB

    Elements/Tropes You Hate in Video Games

    This, so much this. The other hated tropes here i think we can all agree do have some games that do it right. Silent protagonists? Yup plenty of good games with those, Zelda, Undertale, early Sonic and Mario games etc. Unbeatable bosses? Well Metroid often does this right, the first battle with Ridley in Super metroid is a good example of how to do this trope right. Backtracking? Again there are times where backtracking isnt so bad. Escort missions? we have the last of us where almost the entire game is a escort mission and it does it brilliantly. Underwater levels? Yeah most of the time they are hated with reason but I have seen a few cases where its been done in a good way. Unskippable cut-scenes? Annoying but in a good game it is overlooked XP/ Levelling systems? again depends on the game, I do feel most of the mid 90's JRPG's get this right though it has become an issue thanks to artificial grinding in modern games and MMO's But microtranactions and looboxes the bane of all games these days. On mobile free games I am more forgiving on it, but a $60 game with added lootboxes and micro transactions is totally bogus.
  8. Well my rationale is that for big screen movies design changes are acceptable as long as the spirit and the sense of the original is kept. Sometimes this is good, again hate to say this but I liked the live designs for Alvin and the Chipmunks as I dont think the original design would have loaned itself to computer animation, even if they didnt decide to do live action. And there is a good rational why some studios do chose live action as the limits of live action present a special challenge to animators especially CGI that has issues with the uncanny valley effect. This prefects technique for larger budget films plus helps refine how certain aspects of character design are done. Especially when it comes to fur, man is fur notorious in CGI for hard to do. I mean it took til Zootopia to get that right and now that has been near perfected in the realm of animation it is time to see how live action will do. This does lead to good places even if the movie is crap, even if the Sonic movie sucks at least they got a new model to play with for future movies featuring CGI animals. Its the only real good side to bullshit like this, if the movie sucks yes it is a shame but some of the animators may hone in some skills to help them get jobs elsewhere so at least its a win for them.
  9. Indeed, looks good to me. I mean i would have been okay if they did the Alvin and the chipmunks style but Sonic needs to be Sonic
  10. Or it could be another model such as the Modern Sonic/ classic Sonic hybrid designs: Agreed, and not just a tease in a Brazillian con where no one took videos or photos apparently. To paraphrase Activision/Blizzard at the botched Diablo immortal reveal: Did they not have phones?
  11. I can live with that, though i imagine it would be a bit more detailed and less like a stuffed toy
  12. Well if used properly yes the Wisps can be made to have good mechanics and can aid as helpers. And actually hate to say it but i liked the wispons in forces, one of the few redeeming factors of the game for me. The only issue with the wispons and the mechanic is the execution, you can tell by gameplay they were added later on in the games development giving them a rather uneven feel. Wity refinement and better gameplay the wispons would be a great addition, especially if it was tails who used them, I can so totally see him using wispon technology or even being its inventor (if he wasnt so badly written in forces argeflargleblargle)
  13. Well if we get some good writers and proper direction maybe yes one day I think Shadow can be a great character much like any other Sonic character. I may hate Shadow as a character and what his popularity has done to this franchise but at the same time there is hope for any character. Too bad all the current Sonic writers wear silly hats and clown shoes.
  14. So says the person who defended how Sonic is right now, at least SatAM Sonic knew what a emotion is. I mean really being tortured apparently meant nothing to Sonic in forces, I guess it was just "Eggman" tickling him or something.
  15. Once again I will have to throw my pro SatAM stance into the fray and say in my opinion SatAM's Sonic is the best characterization of Sonic. My logic that while yes he was arrogant, a bit bone headed and was a bit of a loud mouth he still had signs that he had emotions other than "cocky arrogant prick" as he is often portrayed as. Simply put he showed both fear and sadness, emotions he rarely showcases in other media with the closest being Sonic X (probably ther only other Sonic media to give Sonic and pals something) I really wish sega would bring back complex emotions back into Sonic and his pals, I am not asking for bloody Shakespeare or Tolkien here but at least give me something. Even J. Michael Straczynski will do.

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