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  1. Again the only thing i want is a cameo or a sign that Sega has not forgotten them. I dont want them in the games but cameos in the IDW conics is something we can do. Hell there could still be a story arc about them, like them being from a town or city under siege by Eggmans forces and Sonic helps them free said city. And after the story arc we can say goodbye to them and only have cameos. Thats all I want.
  2. Meh again no one cares about legacy or how outside content can influence things. People forget Jimmy Olson, Harley Quinn, Livewire and the Batcave did not originate in the DC comics yet are staples these days. Rocksteady and Bebop from ninja turtles were not originally in the TMNT comic books But I get it only the games and segas characters matter, as if there has never been a bad sonic game or character ever... wait....
  3. Doesnt stop sega from using characters they dont care about like Silver and the Chatix. If its sega not allowing them then I say fuck sega. Its not like they know how to make a good game these days anyhow.
  4. Just glad someone is still making something from these great characters, you will never see this kind of dedication from Sega. I am still unsure why the SatAM charscters have not appeared in full in IDW as I dont buy the "Archie owns them" claim as why did SatAM exist?
  5. Let me stop you right there
  6. Thing is Japanese Sonic didnt start off well either, this video does bring up the fact they wanted Sonic to have a human girlfriend. Face it West and East Sonic have their good elements and bad elements, no one really got it right if you really want to be technical. Now as for my opinion there are elements here that i do mostly like, the idea that Sonic.... GASP has a family! And GASP! has a mother and father! And GASP! Is not the only child! Granted this sadly open the door to having a shitty fan character like Zoom, Sonics older and much faster brother who is cyan and sparkles like a Twilight vampire but meh. And i like the idea of Robotnik (Not Eggman) being Sonics former mentor, this was played with in the Fleetway comics a bit but never given the deep storytelling it rightfully deserves.
  7. MadmanRB

    Weird Official Sonic Art

    Still rather have that than the stupid blob feet. Although I rather like this design for sonic character feet: I like the paw like design here, not too human but not the typical cartoon 3 toed "bugs bunny" feet Again not a foot fetishist but anythings better than blobs or overly human feet to avoid the uncanny valley.
  8. MadmanRB

    Which character is the most unnecessary?

    Silver.... definitely silver. Especially in forces, sure Silver has telekinesis but Sega has forgotten he has that power. Might as well bring in Big again, at least he can slap enemies around with that fishing rod or have Sticks use her boomerang.
  9. MadmanRB

    Change a character’s personality

    Hooo boy. Firstly i would make Sonic have his fear of water again, having him have a fear of water is a great weakness as that could tie to the drowning mechanic a little more. Making Sonic completely fearless makes him boring. Make him have some doubts now and then too, bring some complexity to his character for a change. Secondly I will make Tails a lot less timid, sure he is allowed to have fears and doubts too but I really hated what they did to him in forces. He is allowed to have fears and moments of doubt now and then but making him such a weakling does not become him. Thirdly can we please make Knuckles less of a meathead? I mean sure he doesnt have to be bloody Stephen Hawking but give him a brain. Fourth make Amy far less clingy, she needs to break out on her own rather than just being a Sonic fangirl. She can still have a attraction to him yes but her being so clingy is very annoying. And for the love of god Make Robotnik Robotnik again and not eEggman, maker him a legit threat to sonic too. I mean sure he can still have his goofy moments but Sonic really needs a good villain again who is not Shadow clone #23495
  10. Please god no, this roster is filled with a million useless characters as it is.
  11. MadmanRB

    Edgy Sonic games were better?

    Again why not learn from Avatar the Last airbender? Adventure, comedy, fun mixed with heavy character development, drama and dark storytelling. It is going to be my Exhibit A on what I want the Sonic franchise to be like.
  12. I know, holy shit a Sonic artist knows what toes are!
  13. Me I have been playing around with mixing some of the ideas of Modern Sonic characters with some of the cues of Sonic Boom: Sonic: Mostly unchanged from his modern appearance, however if there is something that strangely fits him from boom is that scarf he had and some of the extra quills he has: Lose the blue arms, sports tape make him a tad shorter and you got my idea, I actually say I like Boom Sonics scarf but maybe it should be red to better match his color scheme. Tails: Again I actually like Tails boom design, the only thing wrong really is again that sports tape. I think this should be Tails official design in all media, that work belt and googles really fits his character and should be a mainstay of his design. Maybe recolor it though to again a red color. Combine that with how he appears in Sonic Adventure you got something great as I would like it if his boom counterpart had more pronounced chest fur: Now for Knuckles.... nah his Boom design sucks I like his adventure era model the best. Amy: Actually Amy can benefit the most from both her outfits in both Boom and main. I actually really like her boom outfit, it suits her so well (but again we have bloody sports tape!) Replace the sports tape on her waist and give her a black leather belt with a golden ring on it. Also change the tones of the pink/magenta parts of her outfit to red and or white. Out of all of the Boom designs I like Amy and Tails the most, followed by Sonic whos design I am mostly fine with sans blue arms and sports tape. I kniow the boom designs are not everyones cup of tea but there are elements here and there that I like
  14. Agreed, wow I am on a roll today actually agreeing with a Shadow fanboy. Its a Christmas miracle ⛄
  15. So much yes! Again i think we are on the same page here again Sonic Fan J

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