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  1. MadmanRB

    Sonic Mania Sales Thread

    No not really if you see the chart here that is: http://vgsales.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic Plus Sonic 4 has one advantage over mania, its on mobile. If Mania came out on iOS and android it would probably faced similar sales if not better (as retro games are popular on mobile)
  2. MadmanRB

    Doctor Who

    So impressions of the ghost monument: First: OPENING TITLES AGAIN! YEEE!!!!!! Secondly: still a bit slow compared to the RTD/Moffat era but as a continuation of last weeks episode its fine. Thirdly: seems like Chubnall really wants to push his new aliens the Stenza as a threat even though they dont make an appearance it seems they have been causing havoc in the background. Fourth: The Leroy Jenkins moment Fifth: while not the best story or the best ending we got to see the new TARDIS at last and well I do overall like it but i will say the crystal pillars are too big for me and I dont like the removal of the trademark center column of the show for a rather unexciting crystal. Really am going to miss the movement of the center pillar mechanism as its the TARDIS moves about, all iterations have had some variation of this and now its sadly missing.
  3. MadmanRB

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    Well then maybe production hasnt been wrapped up just yet. Maybe second or third phase shots here? A lot of modern movies do that, sometimes depending on how a movie is filmed it can go beyond the normal phases of movie filming. Multi stage film making isnt abnormal even for a cash grab movie. You would think such things would drive up production costs but not always as sometimes filming extra phases saves studios money thanks to modern editing techniques and digital compilation
  4. MadmanRB

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Hard to say if there is a delay though ,its only a rumor not confirmed just yet.
  5. MadmanRB

    Sonic Live Action Movie "Use the Schwartz"

    Probably post production which can also include re shot scenes
  6. MadmanRB

    Favorite Eggman Logo?

    Both the adventure and modern versions are appropriate for me, though for scaling the modern is better as its simplified and doesnt face the deformity the SA1 logos do. I am very big in iconography so I appreciate simplified logos more. Make a logo too complex and it becomes silly, this is why i dont like the one from forces. Simple Iconography goes a long way in conveying a idea. To a simple cross signifying Christianity, the star of David for Judaism. to more modern symbols like the Bat symbol on Batman and Supermans S It even works for villains and real life nasties like Nazi Germany, the Hammer and sickle of the soviet union. Villains with great icons are Sinestro and even Lex Luthor has it in recent media.
  7. Explain Sonic forces then Go on, I like to know what the hell he was doing with all those powers that whole time, ordering a bloody pizza? Taking a long vacation in Cancun when the world was being taken over?
  8. In reply to the topic title: No Modern Sonic can go in a corner and die for me. Leave it be for a bit, it will be for the best. Forces really was a downer and i think its time to let 3D sonic and sonic team rest for several years.
  9. I do, nowadays seems like only Sonic and the good doctor have any relevance.
  10. I think they should just get rid of silver as he has been no use... no pun intended. Seriously though he really doesn't have any purpose anymore just another side character to make the occasional cameo but have no real purpose to the story. It's just sad as you can make him work but like any other Sega Sonic character outside of Sonic himself he serves no real purpose to the story and is only there for fanservice
  11. MadmanRB

    Sonic 4: Episode 2 Defence Thread

    Yeah but it still suffers from some of the awful physics in Sonic 4 episode 1. Plus I still consider Sonic Mania the real sonic 4 as Sonic 4 is still rather lame and doesnt feel anything like the classic games. Say what you will about mania with its reused levels it at least plays like a classic sonic game.
  12. MadmanRB

    Doctor Who

    Well to be fair Gold was kind of like this too in series 1 of NuWho, only a few tracks stood out. I dont mind ambient and incidental music, not every tune has to be epic or mind blowing. For now let the themes come more natural, a common complaint about Gold is sometimes his themes were overblown and while I like his themes i sort of agree. And if you are a fan of the classic series like I am ambient and incidental music was the classic series bread and butter. As long as the series doesnt rely on stock sounds and stock tracks then its fine with me. Plus there were a few times when the music in "the woman who fell to earth" was actually good. Like when the Doctor made her first appearance, i loved the subtle Doctor who theme played Then there was the small theme played at the climax, it wast the best but it was a good leitmotif. If the theme they used when she was talking Tim Shaw down slowly evolved into her theme I can dig it. Actually i think she knocked it out of the gate very much like how Smith and Capaldi did it. Not so much Tennant as his first episode he was asleep almost the whole time. (but it was a good way to show off the concept of regeneration to the new audience) Ecclestons first outing no complaints, as simplicity was needed to introduce the new series Now when we talk about the classic series well... The TV movie was a mess (poor Paul McGann) Time and the Rani was a mess too (Stupid JNT!*) The Twin Dilemma too (Stupid JNT!*) Castrovalva was quite unique but convoluted (Stupid JNT!*) Robot is stupid but fun Spearhead from space is fantastic and the best regeneration story of all time And well The Power of the Daleks in its original form is still sadly missing. Loved the reconstruction though! And then a unearthly child... is well mixed in modern eyes. *JNT John Nathan Turner the series showrunner whos run on the series is the most controversial even moreso than Russel T Davies and Moffat
  13. MadmanRB

    Doctor Who

    Nope, all we had is blabbering sadly.
  14. MadmanRB

    Doctor Who

    Thanks, is that the real theme? Have to ask as you know how it is, fan creations all over youtube
  15. MadmanRB

    Doctor Who

    The BBC america stream as well... I am american obviously. I heard you guys in the UK got it but certainly not us here in the states.

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