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  1. MadmanRB

    Team Sonic Racing: Customization Trailer

    I just hope sega doesnt get any idEA's and pack this game full of lootboxes.
  2. MadmanRB

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well long arcs can be done right if in the right hands. Even Ian can do it if hes got the incentive
  3. MadmanRB

    Eggman's Danger and Lethal Force

    Well fort me I kind of like the fact they made the Good doctor a threat again in Forces, for too long he has been the butt of the joke. Now should he kill? Well its clear by his schemes he does want to cause sonic and pals great harm, so him wanting sonic dead is sort of implied. Now should sonic kill? no I can see shadow do it thus causing a moral divide between him and Sonic, much like the divide between spider man and Punisher
  4. It can work, one can still have a fun filled adventure while in the backdrop there is a war going on.
  5. Thats fine, sometimes i can be a bit too dry for my own good.
  6. Perhaps its because you didnt put it in Klingon? Or Dothraki? Perhaps Elvish?
  7. Newsflash, Roger Rabbit was a blockbuster, your point?
  8. Wrong! The two are not even in the same ballpark, they are not even playing the same sport! Might as well call Ice Hockey Football/Soccer at this rate. Heck call professional boxing golf too while we are at it.
  9. Yeah but this look for sonic is not an enhancement. I mean the 1989 Batman outfit was a enhancement: Heck even the man of steel superman suit is a enhancement: But you are calling something like this: A "enhancement" Over this: Nope not a enhancement.... at all
  10. Yes but by your logic this would be perfectly acceptable: By your rationale here if the live action version looked like Sanic it would be just fine
  11. Plus it should be noted the only clothes sonic has are his shoes and gloves. now for the shoes of this movie sonic..... they are not the best, not that nice looking. I dont hate them but they dont look appealing but sonic not having gloves.... eh not a fan. not the worst change (that would be the eyes) but yipes!
  12. Okay this kind of comparison is asinine, as yes the Captain America movie design is different than his comic counterpart but is still recognizable as Captain America. The live action Sonic however bears very little resemblance to his game counterpart. The difference between movie Captain America and comic Captain America are close enough plus I am glad the MCU did its own version of the suit as opposed to direct comic adaptation as that was done so wrong by the 90's captain America film
  13. I hope all of them, i mean sega for fuck sake lads its bad enough you have not made a good game in like 5 years now (that is not a remake or a remaster) but add in this bullocks and in a game everyone likes.
  14. MadmanRB

    Your favorite voice actors For the main cast

    For me i will say "it depends" To me Jaleel White is the best Sonic VA, to see him forgotten outsider of memes is such a shame as he did bring nice range to the character. However the rest of the main cast is so hard as there are aspects to each VA i like and or dislike. For main continuity Sonic i will say Drummond was the best, I am not going to blame him for the clunky dialog in the adventure era. I mean i liked Jason Griffith but there is a cheesy nostalgic factor to Drummund. And for Roger... I think hes fine but he is better as Sonic Boom Sonic but not main series Sonic. And I got to see what Ben Schwartz will do for the movie, even if the movie is likely to be terrible there is still a chance of him being a great Sonic VA perhaps the best since White IMHO Now Tails... no never liked any of his voices. They got to give him to a woman who can sound good as a male, Cathy Weseluck would be a perfect fit (as well as Ashleigh Ball) Knuckles for me was probably best played Dan Green as he played Knux as a Total badass, Willingham loses points as his Knuckles was way too goofy at times. As for Amy... too many people hate Cindy Robinson but for me shes fine, some say she is too Minnie Mouse but I actually think Ortiz was more Minnie Mouse. Plus I love Boom Amy my favorite incarnation of her character. As for the good Doctor.... i really miss Deem. Actually for the more comedic version of Eggman/Robotnik I actually really loved John Baldry, he had such flair and finesse and again widely forgotten outside of Memes. As for the rest of the cast... meh. Hard to say who is the best voice for Shadow, all are fine in their own special way. For Rouge.... nah dont like any of her VA's
  15. I sure hope that isnt just another rumour, i mean yeah despite my reactions to it the designs here are not too bad all things considered but if they turn out to be test renders and not the final I can safely say thank friggin Christ. Heck thank Buddha, the Hindu gods, Allah, Zeus, Kahless, the SubGenius, Kthulu, the flying spaghetti monster, the invisible pink unicorn, Tarvu, and of course dont forget about the great teapot!

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