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  1. Well considering that the MCU did inspire the bad copycats like it did, I mean I think the the MCU is mostly fine but unforutunately its copycats fail to see what made the MCU work for its fans.
  2. Another issue is.... they kind of tried this with the Adventure era 1998 to 2006. You know what game killed this initiative of course
  3. MadmanRB

    Comic-book Legend Stan Lee Dies at 95

    He was a legend
  4. Its possible that Shadow was fighting elsewhere or formulating a strategy to beat Infinite, both are valid excuses. After all Shadow got his ass handed to him by infinite, reformulating a plan to beat him would be a good idea. I mean that would be something, I mean it does sort of make sense too as Shadow might have seen all the duplicates and had to rebase his tactics. Its not the best excuse but still a valid one, armies sometimes make plans over long periods of time if the initial strategy doesnt work. I mean sure its logic for a game without any but at least its something better given in the games.
  5. MadmanRB

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    Yeah but I think we can all agree, Black arms is bullshit. Sometimes Canon can fuck up, and just because its canon doesnt mean it doesnt suck. Sometimes its just best to say "fuck canon!"
  6. MadmanRB

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    Yeah but can one count Sonic the fighters as Canon? I mean it wasnt a very successful game, sure it gave us Bean and Bark (and Honey unofficially) but it really wasnt that well received.
  7. MadmanRB

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    Yes actually. We only learned of some of his backstory In SA2, that he was the end result of the "ultimate lifeform" project and this could have been something that could have been expanded upon. Shadow the hedgehog (game) did shine more light on it but again the biggest issue is it was so convoluted. The whole plot of Black Doom was such an ass pull too, trying to make something more out of such a generic villain. I would have done so much differently such as making the Black doom plot a red herring if one must include him or not even make such a crap story in the first place. Like what if the villain was actually a resurrected Gerald Robotnik? That could have been so much better than "generic evil aliens blah blah blah" like sega did. The game could have been so much better in this regard not to mention give bigger scope to Geralds story. Instead of needing help from an alien race what if Shadow instead of being a genetic descendant of Black doom was created as a techno organic creature? The "ultimate lifeform" part referring to him neither being machine nor Mobian (and yes i use that term for the humanoid animals of Sonic still, canon be damned) but something in between? Now why a Mobian hedgehog as a template? Why not a human or other Mobian sub species? Perhaps he liked the hedgehog because of its natural defences like its quills? I dunno but lets not go too far here as I cannot come up with everything here (and we would be here all day with me rambling like the madman I am). Anywho Gerald goes mad after GUN betrays him and finds a way to transfer his mind into a android/human hybrid... BOOM! Creator vs creation And Gerald creates a whole army of Robot/organic hybrids in revenge and Shadows quest in the game is to either fulfil his creators wishes by joining him or picking the side for freedom and justice. Its not shakespere but its sure as shit better than the mess in Shadow the hedgehog (game) (and may I add would make one hell of a fanfiction, I would do it if anyone asked)
  8. MadmanRB

    Doctor Who

    I really liked "Demons of the Punjab" Both the Tsuranga conundrum and Arachnids in the UK were standard fare but this was rather good.
  9. MadmanRB

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    I agree actually, Shadow having memory loss should have been a bigger plot and should have been the real main story of Shadow the hedgehog (game) Honestly if the game was about Shadow finding out about his origins in a more logical way it could have worked, sure the black doom bullshit storyline is still shit but what if it was better woven into the storyline? Shadow having a quest of self discovery could have been great, I mean the game could still be filled with big shooty boom booms but if the game was better written it could have made Shadow the most complex character in the series as opposed to the most convoluted.
  10. MadmanRB

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    Yes but in Ken Penders defense (and i cant believe I am defending him here) he did have his Echidna story line for a while in Archie and I actually thought it was his best work in those comics. Laura Su may be hated but at least her backstory is actually good (more so than Shade TBH) But thats as far as i go in defending Penders, otherwise he is shite.
  11. MadmanRB

    Why Shadow isn't playable more often?

    Simply put there is too much similarity in Sonic and Shadows gameplay. Shadow in terms of gameplay is not interesting, this is why his starring game has bullshit like firearms in it. At least when playing as Knuckles or Tails the mechanics are a little different, Knuckles can glide and climb as Tails can fly for short distances. But Shadow? meh boring to play to be honest. I mean it fit Sonic adventure 2 but outside of that shadows gameplay is too simular.
  12. MadmanRB

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    Another missed opportunity: Not having a Sonic game for the Sega Saturn upon launch. Sega having that internal civil war in the mid 90's did mess up a lot, between the 32X and the saturn if they didnt have that whole debacle Sega might be still making consoles today. I mean i can forgive the sega CD as it was a experiment but sega should have never developed the 32X or made it into the neptune.
  13. MadmanRB

    What are some missed opportunities in the Sonic franchise?

    Sonic 06. Seriously just a few more years in the oven and sega forcing deadlines and no development allocation. I mean 06 would have still had some serious flaws like princess Elise but at least it could have been saved a little with good gameplay.
  14. Its more Shadows backstory and his fanbase too that is the point of contention. Thing is I didnt have a problem with shadow at first, but that shitty game he stars in that made me dislike him not to mention his fanbase treating him as the best thing since sliced bread
  15. So what is your suggestion? The next game be nothing but the boost formula where the only thing you need to beat the game is hit the boost button? And the only playable character be Modern Sonic? No variation? Sorry but that sounds too boring. Plus Forces tried that with the only difference in gameplay is a gimped classic sonic and a boost less avatar (which again was the only part of that game i liked as otherwise the boost sonic is boring and gimped classic sonic sucks) I honestly dont think boost sonic can run an entire game, Colors tried this yes but it still had 2D sections and did not hand out the boost powerup like candy like forces did.

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