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  1. Adventurer

    Participated 20-29 days in the 30 Days of Sonic

    • Awarded
  2. Boom! Bonus

    Participated in the bonus day of the 30 Days of Sonic

    • Awarded
  3. Chocolate?

    Entering more than one entry in the Werehog Contest

    • Awarded
  4. Star Spangled

    Created a Banner for the TSS

    • Awarded
  5. Bold Banner

    Completed 10-19 questions for the 30 Days of Sonic 2

    • Awarded
  6. Hey, Listen!

    Given out for receiving a helpful tip from Omochao while going through his Sonic Boom phase on April 1st, 2014.

    • Awarded
  7. New Year 2013

    A special thank you award for participation on the forums during or prior to the year 2014. Here's to many more!

    • Awarded
  8. Grr!

    First time participant of the Werehog contest

    • Awarded
  9. Friendship is Magic

    For making a pony topic pic

    • Awarded
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