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  1. Can please send Ohtani a polite tweet saying how we want Classic Sonic's music to improve? Before is too late?

    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude


    2. Joseph Mello

      Joseph Mello


    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's actually pretty cool. What a Nostalgia trip

  3. Tell me this is a parody account. I don't wanna sound pessimistic (lol) but I DOUBT that this music is going to improve. So in one side we are going to have rock and orchestral music goodness, and in the other we are going to have bad genesis imitation. And in my opinion the genesis sound chip was already very flawed to begin with. Call me drama king, but nostalgia is killing my excitement for this game.
  4. i love green hill zone

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      The level or the Forum?

      One's crazy and has loops, the other is crazy and has loopy people LOL

    2. Joseph Mello

      Joseph Mello


      Green Hill is my waifu

  5. Mike can sound threatening just fine.
  6. Is all just speculation. I just think this time Eggman will show his menacing side even more. Lost World did a great job with that.
  7. Is that it seems the bosses are going to be the Egg Sentinels, instead of Eggman himself... He still hasn't show up yet, that why I think he will only pilot the final mech. That's why I can't wait for E3. I need more information... I would be fine if he pilots every mech.
  8. And I agree with you! I WANT him to act just like Handsome Jack. But he doesn't need to face Sonic by himself until the end, if you know what I mean. He can talk with Sonic throughout the game.
  9. So, how much of Eggman's presence do you guys want? I hope you can only encounter him in the final boss and nothing else. Kinda like that RPG final boss that you only encounter at the end of the game after he conquers the world. (Kefka from FFVI)
  10. Azoo, please send a letter to Sonic Team with this single post. Please. Don't even remove the insults, leave them as they are. I'm pretty sure 90% of the fanbase can agree with you.
  11. Random question about Forces...

    What kind of art style do you want for the artwork of Forces? Something with red colors to combine with the logo, or just normal renders?

    1. Bowbowis


      The logo kinda reminds me of those Che Guevara posters. Perhaps something reminiscent of those?


      Sonic Forces art copy.jpg

  12. Can E3 come out today? 

    So people can talk about new Mania stuff while I get hyped about Forces alone?

    1. OcelotBot


      Plenty of fans are interested in Forces. Whilst I'm more excited for Mania I'll be eager to see footage from both games at E3.

    2. BlueTidalGamer


      As one who is hyped for both Mania and Forces big time, E3 can't come soon enough.

    3. Fusion Ellipsis

      Fusion Ellipsis

      E3 is sometime in June right?

    4. Joseph Mello

      Joseph Mello

      I know, me too :P

      I want to see a new trailer from Mania with some new stages and the reveal of that animation, and Forces a gameplay trailer mixed with story stuff. That's very possible nope?

    5. BlueTidalGamer


      It'll happen. June's gonna be an exciting time.

  13. Ian Flynn is a freelancer writer, now possibly more freelancer than ever with the possible death of Archie Sonic. So... Why not have him write a Sonic game?
  14. I don't think you have to worry about Amy's voice... She sounds a lot like Jennifer Doillard here. Kirk got better, but still... It needs to be deeper. At 4:29 when Shadow says "another rift", he sounds better. And about Knuckles, his tone of voice changed really quickly here at 0:20 he sounds exactly like Boom Knuckles, but when he says "Why, who told you otherwise, his voice changed completly.