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  1. I have to say, while I absolutely love Ray with all of my being, just for being adorable and gives the impression that he wouldn't judge you for who you are in no way, but Mighty.... Eh, in both gameplay and personality wise he is.... Boring. I liked when the headcanon for Mighty was that he was a pacifist that doesn't like violence and keeps it in second plan, it felt like something different, but Mania turned him into... A nicer Knuckles. He is just as temperamental, and that's... Well, boring. Maybe is because we haven't seen much of him, but that's the impression he gives me.

    1. Cuz


      While I like the pacifism trait I feel it's hard to get across in an action series like this while remaining playable (glances over at Cream with puppy dog eyes).

      I like Ray here more than in Archie, but am still firmly in the Mighty camp.

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