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  1. Okay I am almost sure that the cartoon will be classic, but if that's the case, can we have another location aside from Angel Island and more characters even?

    Like have Studiopolis and introduce Honey in there working as a fashionista/fighter

    Have Bean, Bark and Fang as minor villains

    Bring back Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles and actually go all out with the "cursed doll meme"

    Have an episode adaptation of SegaSonic and Knuckles Chaotix (without chaotix this time rip)

    1. Milo


      of all the talk about a new animated series based on the original games/mania, i'm surprised nobody's just mentioned making something directly inspired by archie's sonic mega drive (especially those not wanting an extension of the mania adventures shorts). it had the characters talking to each other with generally well-liked dialogue/interactions; and it was a standalone series that was telling an original story (until the third/final issue, overdrive, got cancelled with the whole archie split 😐).

      and it accomplished all of that while still being genesis-themed in art direction and tone.  🤷‍♂️

    2. Ferno


      can they also let the characters talk

      tbh generations really messed with history because classic sonic was always talking in the early days tbh, people just tend to hype up the CD opening alot where he didn't speak, but forget about the OVA released around the same time period where he spoke for the whole thing

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Even in CD did Sonic speak. Even in the Mega Drive games, it was implied that Sonic spoke.

      Whether people liked it or not, "Classic" Sonic was always talking.

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