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  1. Aaaaand Sonic Heroes is 75% done!

    I did Team Rose, Team Dark and Team Sonic in this order.

    Team Rose was fun, it was easy, i liked it a lot

    But I got surprised in how much fun I got with Team Dark, I expected it to be draining and terrible, but not really I had a lot of fun, specially in later levels, which is even weirder, I just loved my time with Team Dark

    But Team Sonic while it was good, honestly felt like a worse designed Team Dark, I swear I didnt die once by bullshit in Team Rose and Team Dark, but Team Sonic, there were scripted scenes that launched me to the wrong direction and made me fall to my death, and also the robot choices are somehow more annoying, I felt that Team dark had more breathing room and team blast.

    Well, onto Team Chaotix, but from what I remember the only terrible mission is the torches one. But lets see.

    But as it stands, I kinda love this game! Surprising.

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      The Grand Metropolis and Mystic Mansion Team Chaotix missions are the only terrible ones. The others are fine. I play through their campaign all the time since to this day its the only 3D Sonic game where I can play as all three of them.

    2. Licensed Professional CC14

      Licensed Professional CC14

      Always nice seeing more Heroes fans. First game I ever saved cash to buy on day one and was one of my faves on the Gamecube back in the day. Just has some really memorable levels, music, and mechanics as well as a fun atmosphere to it.

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