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  1. ffviir spoilers



    so hollow is basically the ending of crisis core eh

    hyukhuykhuykhck hollow's bout zack hyukhyukhyuk


    1. Teoskaven



      Hollow is how i feel about everything in chapter 18 after the Motorball boss fight.


    2. JosepHenry



      i guess you didn't like it

      well can't win them all


    3. Teoskaven



      Eh, no-ish?
      I don't mind the idea of the remake project taking different decisions and executions as long as the core plot remains the same. Same playable party members, Aerith dying at some point, Meteor being summoned, that jazz.
      Thing is, the first part we got is deceptive in how it dumps the whole "we can change the future" smc message at the tail end of a pretty straightforward retelling, and basically demonifies the original game's fanbase, almost saying that Nomura and his team were scared on touching the project too much or they would have angered said fanbase.
      Except major changes do exist in the first part anyway (addition of minor NPCs like Chadley or Corneo's lackeys, Rude being fought early, new bosses, and so on) and people have no real major quarrel with them, including me, so what do you want to tell, dev team?
      That's why i feel hollow, not really angry. Because as someone who literally (and unoriginally, i know) grew up with the original game, i had 0 problems in what the remake has done except the part i said in chapter 18 and mostly just in how they handle presenting the subject to you.
      What hold for the next parts (if we will ever get them that is) i dunno, but i'll still be interested with them. Hopefully by that point the team will be more honest with the buyers.


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