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    1. JezMM


      Cool concept, and exactly what I assumed about Colours after checking out the stages on noclip.website (as they say, there's two "real" acts for each stage and you can see them in their entirety) - though I was suspicious of this fact even from what we see in the game.

      Disappointing execution though, like naturally I have no expectations from a mod for a game with no real modding tools available, what they did is still cool, but definitely not worth getting Colours running on my PC considering I thought they had restored the connections between the split-up longer acts so you could play the whole thing in one uninterrupted session.  Seems all they did was re-order the Egg Shuttle stages so the sequential areas always come after one another rather than having gimmick acts between them.  Add the fact that Starlight Carnival Act 1 is skipped due to technical issues and... yeah the project becomes a lot less exciting. While Egg Shuttle lets you play them back to back, you could repeat the general gameplay of this mod by simply playing the stages in a different order on the map screen in the vanilla game.

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