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  1. I am loving this new "Bowsette esque" trend of making mummy Ganondorf an actual hero and hot

    Please Nintendo make the dream come true

    1. SupahBerry






      Ten Thousand Yeeeeeeeeearrrrs could give ya such a crick in the neck!

  2. DQXI S will basically added an option to "live with" (you know what that means) a male friend and couldn't be happier about that, in such a traditional type game I wasn't expecting that at all. I suppose they tied up and gagged Suyigama Kobo to a chair for both this and the orchestral soundtrack. 

  3. I really want this. A game which the vessel for Ganon's curse is actually a good guy because the curse wasn't able to hit him, so he becomes friends with Link and Zelda and both try to protect him from the curse, and even people who want him as a vessel to kill him and block the curse once again. The same fate as the corpse that Zelda and Link find in this trailer. I am absolutely letting myself to a big pile of disappointment but I do not care, this kind of story would be absolutely amazing.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Why don't we have a thinking reaction?

  5. Can we talk about botw2 for a second

    The melancholic, calm feel is gone

    We present you, rotting corpses, creepy inverted music and heartbeats.


    If this game gets E+10 rated I will be shocked.

  6. Buy Final Fantasy VII Remake with money.

  7. Interesting thing about the KH3 DLC. Hahahaha...

    1. KHCast



  8. Huh, knowing the rumors it might not really be a remake, but a full fledged Threeie.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      As long as they don't consider Nuts and Bolts to be Threeie.

    2. JosepHenry


      The Rare employee part is very telling. He wasn't talking about N&B.

      Funny how nobody talked about this in october cuz... It is... Kind obvious lmao

  9. ... It is NOT a sequel guys.


    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      brand new experience

    2. SupahBerry


      ...It's still looks a little pointless.


      Like, it's a decent looking game I'll admit, but I feel that it could've more unique if the entire game had the Zelda top down gameplay. With the rolling, swimming and rope swinging just gives me the idea that this a Donkey Kong successor, and it doesn't have any real reason to.

      DKC doesn't need a successor, it's already been revived by Retro Studios. The first game being a Banjo Kazooie successor, as blunt as that was, holds more weight and appeal, because Banjo did not get revived.

      I can excuse this for being a spinoff, but this reminds me of "Hey! Pikmin." That was also a spinoff and the real Pikmin 4 is coming, but people still complained how the 2d goes against the 3d exploration themes of the main Pikmin series. It's just... baffling, but I'll live.


      ...Then again, DK and Retro Studios themselves have been MIA since Tropical Freeze, and we may soon be facing the triumphant return of ol' Banjo-Kazooie themselves... Maybe being a DKC clone is the better option after all.

    3. Diogenes


      i mean, it is a sequel, even if it's not "Yooka-Laylee 2"

      i don't really mind either way though. they wanna do a dkc they can do a dkc.

    4. Tarnish


      I'm just surprised the studio lived to make a 2nd game. The reception to the first Yooka-Laylee wasn't exactly stellar.

  10. Yo, SB BFBB is $30?! That's half ofnthe price I thought it would be

    1. Perkilator


      If it means a quality game

      (The GameCube version's $180. I checked on Amazon.)

  11. ... Can't we just settle on "Sonic doesn't have feelings for anybody" and let it be that? It was proven time to time that Sonic The Hedgehog is not a series for romance. Amy has feelings for him but Sonic doesn't want anything with anybody. It just works Sonic being an asexual character. So he is truly the embodiment of freedom. Relationship means commitment and comprimise. Which Sonic wants none. We don't need a love interest for the main character on this one. Kids don't care about it. Neither adults.
  12. Holy shit I love Metroid Samus Returns

    It was such a good game!

    It might be tied with Super Metroid for me

    The new final boss was such a fantastic addition

    Baby Metroid MVP

    It was a really damn good lead up for Super Metroid, the final boss is probably in my top 10 favorites

  13. Reminder to stan the philanthropist, cat lover, indie supporter, accepting of everyone who's good, florist, coffee bean eater, Shadow The Hedgehog.

    1. PublicEnemy1


      Don't forget #1 Maria supporter.

    2. JosepHenry



    3. PublicEnemy1


      No, I know what I said. Knowing him, he'll support every Maria out there that he can.

    4. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      Nothing but respect for my president.

    5. Thigolf


      I can't believe that Shadow, over night, turned into the best character

      Not because he got an amazing game appearance

      Not because he had a great role in the comics

      not even because he got an episode in a show or something

      But because of Twitter



  15. Oh man they are making a great job with Shadow. Being an unexpected indie supporter and donating to charity, that's nice of them remind us that Shadow has good intentions, is what would Maria want anyway lol


  17. Oh boy mods are a comin.

    1. Diogenes


      make the cars invisible so this can be sonic r 2

    2. JosepHenry


      Sonic R 2 except the characters are just in driving positions

    3. Strickerx5


      Damn, it's a shame that these probably will never work in online matches...

      ... if the online matches worked in the first place that is...

    4. SupahBerry


      I will give this some credit for not going the "Team Sonic.EXE Reaping" route I'd expected for a first texture hack. 

    5. Dejimon11


      I am shocked that we never saw mods for the last 2 games. 

  18. Man... TSR reminded me of how much I absolutely love the modern universe. The game might be not great, but the character interactions is something I was hoping for in a decade, maybe in forever. It was just so good seeing all of these characters interact, simple story be damned. I may prefer the classic games, but I much much prefer the modern universe. If we ever have a game as good as the classics, with the fun character interaction from TSR, nothing would be me happier.

    1. Wraith


      Yeah I like classic Sonic but almost nothing about the characters and universe is as interesting in comparison to big boy Sonic. 

    2. JosepHenry


      If Modern ever achieve Mania gameplay, I can throw Classic in the trash with no remorse lol (just bring the classic exclusive characters to modern tho, locations are already the same since Sandopolis exists in Modern)

  19. ... Every turn based RPG should have a fast forward button. Pokémon especially.

    1. Polkadi~♪


      Praise be to Persona and it's Rush command.

    2. JosepHenry


      I will give Persona that.

      But even outside battles, even cutscenes should have a fast forward buttons.

      I was playing FFVII on my phone, and I played 40 minutes of it. Ingame time? THREE HOURS.

    3. SupahBerry


      Recent Mario & Luigi's got the cutscene half covered.

      Though not having it in battles is justified since there way more action involve, so I don't think they even count.

  20. Final Fantasy XIII is the one game I wanna keep on playing, something I haven't felt for a game in a very long time.

    1. Teoskaven


      I'm curious, what interests you specifically?

    2. JosepHenry


      I have no idea.

      The combat? Stagering enemies is pretty satsfying.

      The straight forwardness of it? (How you don't have those "get lost" moments in this game since yhe whole game is a hallway. So you can just keep going without fear of having a part which you need to find a thing or place that's out of the way.

      The story? Which is dumb but somehow... Kind of engaging? I wanna see what happens next...

      Or maybe a mix of all?

    3. Teoskaven


      Of these points i can get the first one. It doesn't excuse to me the simplification of the combat and the nerfing of the characters (not really a spoiler, but you don't get the usual cool iconic toys of the franchise, like Ultima, Flare or Holy; even the limit breaks don't look impressive), but i admit the stagger gage has a satisfaction element to it.
      Everything else... eh, i personally can't stand them. I like some of the characters, and i get the idea behind that this team is supposed to be more realistic, more prone to argue with each other, but most of the bickering i can't stand unfortunately. The story has a cool premise, dyson shell and opression with religious/political undertones, but i think the execution falls flat on the long run.
      The sequels certainly don't help, as a Final Fantasy universe, it's on the bottom of my list. I'll still welcome it when it has to be represented in crossovers, but that'll be it.

    4. JosepHenry


      lol is already better than X for me

    5. Teoskaven


      Can't argue with that on the most part. Be sure to tell me more once you've finished the game, i look forward to your opinion.

    6. JosepHenry


      I'm 7 hours in. I'm enjoying my time and I wanna keep playing.

      I will try to make a review or something like that.

  21. Say that the story was an after thought all you want. This is still in my opinion the best written sonic game. I love every character in this game. If the story is bad cuz nobody had to fight a monster of the week or some deep dark story wasn't here, then it doesnt mean the story is bad, it means you dont like silly lighthearted stories.
  22. Dear lord. We can't even have a silly story with Silver cuz nooo he has to fight some villain that destroyed his future everytime or else his character doesnt make sense. For some reason. This discussion is so tiring but holy shit I want people to know that Sonic doesnt have to have an explanation for this and that, it should be fun, FIRST AND FOREMOST.
  23. We didnt have Shadow, but we got Tails, Knuckles and later on freaking Mighty and Ray, and I am very thankful Mania is not just Sonic. And I'm sure I am not the only one and neither the "vocal minority"
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