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  1. *looks at newest member*


    1. JosepHenry






    2. Won't Stop, Just Go
    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Literally you:


    4. Milo


      ngl i was focused more on their avatar being an edited pornhub logo than their actual name lol

    5. Kuzu


      I am a Shadow, the True Self. 


    6. Dejimon11


      Man this is one weird soap opera 

    7. Zaysho


      We'll look into it.

  2. This is absolutely amazing, you really nailed the references and put them in a really really nice flow. I really loved it, is so fun. Thorndyke on fire being my favorite for reasons.
  3. So whens crash getting announced

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      The gifts given out on both previous times (the Spyro themed eggs and orange car dices for CTR) arrived about a week before the respective reveals, so there's that.

  4. *jumping around cuz KH news*

    oh. sonic drama. oh well.

    *keeps on jumping around*

    1. 8ther


      What Sonic drama?

  5. Wake me up when people do a date Yosuke mod


    Bless the Ratchet and Clank devs

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      insomniac does what jkrowldont

  7. Well

    My Xbox 360 died.

    It has been 9 years, but it gave up.

    The burden of buying a console exclusively for kinect is now dead

  8. Welp, got bored of games I was playing what do i do

    *pops on my wii and plays Mario Galaxy 2*

    I dont know why this isn't the only game i play, it has all i need

    1. DryLagoon


      Me when playing SA2


    1. PublicEnemy1


      Sega, what the FUCK were you thinking?

    2. JosepHenry


      this is the worst thing sega has ever done.

      how did that thought process was considered acceptable.

    3. Thigolf


       this is the worst thing sega has ever done.

      I can think of a couple worse things, mainly 'We're gonna ruin ourselves and drive us out of the consolemarket' related

      ...but it is pretty damn stupid

    4. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Literally WHAT would be the POINT of that ARRRRGGHGHGHG

    5. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      The more I hear about this the more I think this-


  10. 4 games in each version 50 dollars this is actually the worst thing sega has ever done I AM FUCKING HORRIFIED THIS IS BEYOND HORRIBLE

    1. PublicEnemy1


      Oh god, that is bad.

      Edit: I take it back: that's disgusting.

    2. Sean



    3. Dejimon11


      There's the SEGA we know and love 

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yeah game count was the driving factor of if I'd buy one or not and I expected it to disappoint me, though this is even worse than I actually expected tbh

    5. Zaysho


      I thought the form factor was a joke, but I wasn't prepared for the actual punchline with them making four different versions with four different games.

    6. Strickerx5


      Not only is the screen smaller than my thumb but I only get 4 games on the damn thing for $50?...

      ... come on sega...

    7. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      90% of modern sega's output is overpriced repackaging of old games and overpriced merch and this is the worst of both words.

    8. KHCast
  11. honestly this is the funniest fucking thing i am not even a bit mad

    give me game gear for newborns

    1. Polkadi~☆


      with all these mini consoles, a mini handheld is the logical next step

      and it's goddamn hilarious to look at


    1. altum_dolorem


      Like this?


  13. Yep, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is EASILY the best one in the series.

    Great dungeons, wonderful characters and dialogue, music is surprisngly very catchy, it controls really well, abilities are great and solved all problems i had with Half Genie Hero. This is EVERYTHING I wanted.

    1. Nix


      It's a close second for me right now.  Pirate's Curse is still the GOAT.

      Massive improvement over Half Genie Hero though, I agree.

  14. God I am LOVING Shantae and the Seven Sirens so far. The Newt transformation is the best.

    1. Sean


      It looks like it could be the best Shantae game to date from what I've seen of it. I might pick it up soon as opposed to waiting for a sale like I typically do.

    2. JosepHenry


      Honestly at this point i thought i would be half way but i only did the first dungeon lol

      And I'm just missing Max Shampoo, Whipping Speed and Attract lol

      Also the music is surprisingly catchy! I thought I wouldn't be able to like it that much due to not being Jake Kaufman, but I can't stop humming it.

  15. ffviir spoilers



    so hollow is basically the ending of crisis core eh

    hyukhuykhuykhck hollow's bout zack hyukhyukhyuk


    1. Teoskaven



      Hollow is how i feel about everything in chapter 18 after the Motorball boss fight.


    2. JosepHenry



      i guess you didn't like it

      well can't win them all


    3. Teoskaven



      Eh, no-ish?
      I don't mind the idea of the remake project taking different decisions and executions as long as the core plot remains the same. Same playable party members, Aerith dying at some point, Meteor being summoned, that jazz.
      Thing is, the first part we got is deceptive in how it dumps the whole "we can change the future" smc message at the tail end of a pretty straightforward retelling, and basically demonifies the original game's fanbase, almost saying that Nomura and his team were scared on touching the project too much or they would have angered said fanbase.
      Except major changes do exist in the first part anyway (addition of minor NPCs like Chadley or Corneo's lackeys, Rude being fought early, new bosses, and so on) and people have no real major quarrel with them, including me, so what do you want to tell, dev team?
      That's why i feel hollow, not really angry. Because as someone who literally (and unoriginally, i know) grew up with the original game, i had 0 problems in what the remake has done except the part i said in chapter 18 and mostly just in how they handle presenting the subject to you.
      What hold for the next parts (if we will ever get them that is) i dunno, but i'll still be interested with them. Hopefully by that point the team will be more honest with the buyers.


  16. so silver the hedgehog's theme is about a gay love story


    i always had a hunch

    1. Polkadi~☆


      silver is the big gay lol

    2. JosepHenry


      Silver the Gay

    3. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon
    4. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      We finally have the representation we deserve.


    Gay main character in a pixar short? Oh damn! Yes!

    1. VisionaryofSUPER


      Nice. Front and center!

    2. KHCast


      Love it, but I really hope we soon get past the “coming out deep emotional” trope it feels like big budget hollywood seems to see lgbt people as the only thing good for when in a starring role. We can have natural organic stories about other things too while just happening to be gay, bi, trans, etc 

      Then again this is disney, the company that at one point removed the love Simon tv show from Disney + to please china and other homophobic countries, and used a flimsy reason when talking to the public about it, for why they took it down, hoping we were dumb enough to buy that, and feels background lgbt characters are praiseworthy additions, so I guess in comparison to their past, it’s something in the way of progress. We’ll see if this leads to anything more

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Oh hey, something @KHCast and I agree on. I really, really don't care for big and emotional coming out stories. They're what makes the whole idea of coming out seem like a big ordeal instead of just being a natural, normal thing. Tell stories about characters that are incidentally LGBT, and don't wedge them into forced relationships with the first other LGBT character that come across. Being LGBT needs to stop being a plot line.

    4. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      I'm not sure @Blue Blood I can see why "being LGBT focused story" can be offensive, like, you make it sound special in what should be normal things like coming out, the truth is... for me and a lot of people, it IS really special, I fucking love every time I come out to people, I do it in special ways, in fun ways, it's just very important for me. However some people lives it normally and believes there should not be much focus in coming out, I get that. It really is up to every person. For me? It isn't clear I'm gay, so I have to come out to people. I did NOT come out to my parents yet but still, that's another matter entirely, it's more an issue with my parents. I've come to realise that sexuality is different for everyone. So IMO it's not offensive to find something special and important in coming out stories.

    5. KHCast


      The point is it shouldn’t ALWAYS be this same song and dance, especially when we’re trying to push the industry to normalize lgbt people in ANY story environment. A action comedy with a gay lead, a raunchy frat comedy like Jump Street with a gay male main character, a horror movie with a trans person lead, any of these blockbuster genres should be game for lgbt people, but what do we usually get?  Come out stories. Super emotional “my life is hard because I’m lgbt” plots. 

      now, those stories have merit yes, and no ones saying coming out to a individual isn’t a big deal/turning point in their life(though the ultimate goal is to reach a point where we DONT HAVE TO come out, and it isn’t a huge deal) , or that lgbt people don’t struggle. showing this stuff certainly can inform people. But this shouldn’t be all we’re good for, pulling emotional strings.  It starts to get cynical. We have PLENTY of these stories to educate people with, and it doesn’t really do much to normalize to reiterate what we already know and have seen over and over

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Jack at Home I love that leap you took, assuming that I'm somehow offended by coming out stories or even just LGBT focused stories as you specifically said. I'm not offended in the slightest; just bored of a very typical, predictable and boring storyline making a issue out of something that we should be trying not to make an issue about. I really don't give a shit about coming out. Just be out. @KHCast is absolutely right here. The stories have merit to some degree, but it's becoming cynical and lazy, and is being capitalised on so that media can appear "progressive" and "morally superior" without making any strides beyond these little platitudes. It's not the 1980s anymore. 

      Just on a personal level, how do you find "special" or "fun" ways to come out to people? That would honestly annoy the fuck out of me if I had to bear witness. Oh you're gay? Zero fucks given, zero fucks deserved. Overcoming a difficult situation and coming out to people who might have degrees of homophobia is one thing, but in such situations I can't imagine that you'd be doing anything productive by coming out in anything other than a serious, down to Earth manner.

    7. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      A lot of people still are in situations where coming out would be a struggle and might appreciate the fantasy. I get the exhaustion with these types of stories but let's not make it seem like we made more progress than we actually did.

    8. KHCast


      @Blue Blood “and is being capitalised on so that media can appear "progressive" and "morally superior" without making any strides beyond these little platitudes. It's not the 1980s anymore. ”


      Exactly this. Like I initially said. This is Disney we’re talking about. The company that made a big deal about a barely noticeable lesbian cop in a Pixar film. The company that was blowing their load about how progressive Star Wars was and ended up only representing in their recent biggest blockbuster movie lgbt people with two random background women kissing for one fucking second, a second that got cut out in many versions of the movie. The company with a gay director inserting himself into Endgame for 30 seconds as a rando to talk about his rando boyfriend, and that was our at the time only gay representation. The company that, again, had no problem taking down the Love Simon tv series from Disney + in a attempt to appease homophobic countries like China, that when caught, attempted to weasel their way out of criticism by going “we’re a family values company, there’s alcohol in the show”, despite the fucking simpsons being on that very same service.

      Simply put, Disney only NOW deciding to do the most generic storyline you could do for a story with LGBT people at the front of the plot(for a short not a full movie), almost certainly is marketing more then genuine. It’s a reaction to backlash. They want to “look” progressive and call it a day once the mass media seems it good enough. Most of these Hollywood/entertainment companies just want to “look” the part, and not actually follow through with meaningful changes. If they were actually progressive, we wouldn’t have this problem with movies and representation. They wouldn’t just gleefully okay censorship to please China. Job Discrimination against lgbt actors wouldn’t be still a issue. The video game industry wouldn’t still be a cesspool when it comes to diversity. They want to have their and eat it. And I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna respect bare minimum anymore.


      @Wraith Like I literally said, we’ve HAD these stories for decades. If people want them, there are lots of films to find. nothing improves upon cynical repetition of the same 2 storylines, and this industry, and Disney especially, isn’t “trying” when that’s all they can come up with

    9. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Wraith I totally get that. But this is Disney.

    10. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      Yeah the points you guys raise are fair. New 'coming out' stories are just  ok with me with where the world is at.

    11. JosepHenry


      Progress is progress... Disney doing it is important.... It is not anything ground breaking... I don't really care for coming out stories but listen.... i have nothing agaisnt either. It is an slow process. And this is freaking Disney. Thr biggest corporation in the world doing a coming out short. Before that it was relagated to indie animation. Like it or not, it is a step. Accusing this short of being just a reaction to backlash would be an insult to whomever in this project legitmately cares.

    12. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      @Blue Blood I get that you don't care about the LGBT stuff, you are not a part of it, it's simple, zero fucks given. I get it. But you still ignored what I said. It's important for LGBT+ people to feel special too, because we are a minority, and the world IS difficult for us, it's difficult for everyone today but it's difficult for us because of who we are. Not everyone feels that. So I am just happy that Disney represents lgbtq people. I don't care if they want to capitalize on that. Coming out can be special to people. It's possible. This just isn't a story for you but that's it.

      I often come out to my friends in new ways, with interesting words, direct ways, in person most of the time. It's important for me to do it. There are also people who prefer it to be perfectly normal.

    13. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Just going to hone in on one point real quick; you think I don't care about LGBT stuff? 

    14. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      Neutral. Not in a negative way. Indifferent, I guess? That's what I understood, or tried to.

    15. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Why do you think that?

    16. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      I'm out of this pop quiz. Anyway, In my opinion, there is nothing "normal" in the life of a LGBT person, yeah because of the society we have. It's special like it can be in any hard situation, not just sexual orientation. It's natural, because we want equality, being gay is just as special and as important as being straight, and it's not the same thing at the same time. It's complicated. So coming out is a special moment in the life of the LGBT community. It's nice to be talked about, like any other tlinteresting topic.

    17. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You're making some pretty big assumptions about the LGBT community. Being gay or straight or whatever else isn't special. Plenty of LGBT people have perfectly normal lives. There's nothing inherently special about coming out. I'd argue that everything about their lives is normal, apart from the strange restrictions placed upon them sometimes by societies. And talking about progressive/liberal Western societies specifically, one of those strange restrictions is glamorising or dramatising coming out stories. Increasingly as the years go by people just don't care anyone's sexuality. There's still progress to be made of course, but the whole issue of just "coming out" is basic as fuck and we've moved on much further than that.

    18. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      That's a cynical way to look at life in general. I get fun every time I come out to somebody, my friends, etc. but it could be applied to ANYTHING, not just being homosexual, lol. I'm just trying to live and enjoy what I get to do, even with a fucking boring life like mine.

      As for the short: I just find it cool that they acknowledge it, I didn't think Disney would do that, so of course I'm surprised. It's a lot for them. Of course I prefer... more interesting stories though, more complicated.


    19. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      How can your life be boring when you're gay and special and not normal?

    20. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      I keep replying because I'm annoyed by the mentality "why do they keep shoving in gay stories, can't it be treated as a normal thing in life". It's still a minority, at least where I live (in Italy, with catholic church reigning and ignorance everywhere), so of course they fight... we fight.

    21. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      @Blue Blood Don't mess with me. Also, read the post above. You could be special too, you know, if you just believed it. Still, my life has "problems", being gay is definitely not one of them, it actually helps.

    22. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'm dragging you along here, man. Your point about finding the stories uplifting and relatable is fine, perfectly valid, you're entitled to it etc etc. I'm not for a second dunking on that, and I'm not dunking on this short for merely existing. My issue is that the vast majority of stories containing LGBT characters (although I must say that T is cast unfairly even further into the shadows) centre around a coming out story or use such as formative. It's the tired, lazy and cynical approach where they can tug at people's heart strings for good boy points. It's about getting praise for doing the bear minimum. 

      Why do stories have to be "gay stories" if they've got a gay character? Let them just be stories without the characters sexuality being totally unambiguous but also totally unrelated to the plot (like with most straight characters). Continuing on this current trend makes it tokenism. We're definitely at a stage where telling stories about incidentally LGBT characters would have a strong impact. It humanises them, instead of treating them as something different. Disney could do so much more than this to promote LGBT.

      Also really not sure what you mean by "you could be special too if you just believed it". This some Saturday morning very special episode or something?

    23. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      Yeah, I am THAT cheesy. lol

    24. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Okay, question for you again, how does being gay help? I'm genuinely asking, no snark, how it makes any difference beyond who you jump into bed with,`

    25. KHCast


      @JosepHenry “Accusing this short of being just a reaction to backlash would be an insult to whomever in this project legitmately cares.”


      except it is. It literally is. Lmao. Disney’s had the opportunities to incorporate meaningful lgbt characters for years instead of the shitty ones we ended up getting. And they’ve for years been criticized. Suddenly making a /short/ with one of the most generic lgbt tropes you could come up with is cynical. It doesn’t matter if Disney got lgbt people to work on it. They’re the ones that called the initial shots.  Any decisions tbh going forward about inclusion of lgbt characters at that company I’d attribute to publicity and “looking good” more than honesty and a desire to be reasonable and genuine, since they clearly had to be bugged and yelled at to get off their ass and finally give a shit. It’s clear they were content with how they were doing representation (Background lgbt characters/ throwaway lines by side character that barely shows up) given how often it followed that trend. It IS a reaction/response

      Your confusing progress with reaction. It’s like claiming a company capitalizing on pride month with their shit ads is progress when they don’t follow through in any meaningful ways that matter long term 

      @Blue Blood as another point to keep in mind, glamorizing come out stories this often, usually just puts pressure on people in the closet, because it makes it seem like this huge moment they have to get “right” which results in more anxiety and fear. That’s certainly how I felt 

  18. In this house we support Ray The Flying Squirrel.

    1. JosepHenry


      Who facepalmed

      Show yourself coward

  19. Sonic Rush Adventure is pretty good.

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch
    2. StaticMania



    3. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      I liked it, and its a better game than the first in a vacuum, but I cant help but feel its missing out on about 75% of the funk the first one had. 

      The Original Rush game had some serious swagger to it.

    4. JosepHenry


      that is true

      oh what i would give for a rush 3 with Rush Adventure level design and creativity plus the "funk of Rush"

    5. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima


  20. mario was able to turn into a literal origami of a airplane and a boat in ttyd just saying.
  21. let it be sonic or mario, nothing is fun anymore

    1. Dejimon11


      Odyssey and Mania exist bro

  22. A translated look at the battle system. Color me intrigued.
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