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  1. 32 minutes ago, SBR2 said:

    Wait a minute I remember a while back Evan was talking about trying to work an LGBT character into a pitch she was working on. I don't know if it's this but if it is I hope she managed to do it.

    Also I know Evan does a lot if Silver stuff but I'd think the fact Silver isn't mentioned at all in the story synopsis might mean he isn't in the story.

    Oh really? Wasn't she talking about a personal project? Or maybe Tangle and Whisper? Starline? Lol

    If that's the case then please be a non stereotypical good guy lol

  2. People who just want female characters to be a love interest, not fight, not develop, not interact with other characters, not do anything aside of be thirsty for the main character confuse the hell out of me.

    I would like if female characters felt human or like, likable, thank you very much. Including Amy. She is young and all, and has a puppy crush on Sonic, but this can't be her entire shtick, that is just a disservice for ANY female character.

  3. I was just super surprised by this issue, and people like to say that that "mandates" kill darker stories so I took a piss out of that. Well this is like the darkest and emotional this series has ever been in not a stupid way like the GUN raid or Shadow using guns so yeah. Like legitmately this comic made me sad.

    I honestly need a Team Dark driving an ice cream truck next, I don't need this Walking Dead stuff for like... 10 years now. Ian used all dread possible, this is amazing. lol



    Also issue 25 will kill me.

  4. So. Those mandates people like to bring up.


    there is none. holy freaking god what was this issue. the art, the emotion, the despair, this isn't sonic the hedgehog this is Walking freaking Dead with animals

    - Cream completely dead inside

    - Tangle getting caught and hugging Sonic before that

    - WHISPER'S REACTION TO IT what the frick was that

    - And the absolutely horrifying scene of Whisper completely destroyed getting consoled by a six year old girl who lost everything so is dead inside


    Issue 25 has some serious goddamn implications thanks to ABT's comment on it


    .... Is Gemerl going to die trying to save Cream?


  5. .........Guys, what?!

    How the heck Ian is not fond of Shadow?!

    He made the character the best he could be in Archie, specially Sonic Universe, he steals the show in that series!  Is the reason why I like Shadow so much! Because of how Ian wrote him.

    That's just almost absurd to hear, Ian loves Shadow, I don't know what are you talking about.

  6. Shadow was always an arrogant jerk rival, is not something from "2010 and beyond" even back in Sonic Battle Shadow says that he hates the friendship talk and stuff, tries to beat up Sonic to get Emerl... And in Heroes he beats up the other teams just to get to Eggman first. If thats not being an jerk I don't know what that is.

    Like guys, you don't even know the characters you like. This is absolutely fine for Shadow.  Specially in a zombie apocalipse caused  by the annoying blue hedgehog that stopped him.

    Or you guys want him to not have any flaws which uh thats not how characters should work.

  7. Yeah, 2.5D and 2D don't make a lot of difference, unless is something like Klonoa for PSX with a really dynamic level design. The important thing is for that to be good. And I know some people are tired of 2D but... I wouldn't mind at all a 2D (handrawn or pixelart) Modern game. If it is good, hell yeah, why not? Modern doesn't have to be exclusive to the 3rd dimension...

  8. I really want this. A game which the vessel for Ganon's curse is actually a good guy because the curse wasn't able to hit him, so he becomes friends with Link and Zelda and both try to protect him from the curse, and even people who want him as a vessel to kill him and block the curse once again. The same fate as the corpse that Zelda and Link find in this trailer.


    I am absolutely letting myself to a big pile of disappointment but I do not care, this kind of story would be absolutely amazing.

  9. ... Can't we just settle on "Sonic doesn't have feelings for anybody" and let it be that? It was proven time to time that Sonic The Hedgehog is not a series for romance. Amy has feelings for him but Sonic doesn't want anything with anybody. It just works Sonic being an asexual character. So he is truly the embodiment of freedom. Relationship means commitment and comprimise. Which Sonic wants none. We don't need a love interest for the main character on this one. Kids don't care about it. Neither adults.

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