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  1. Like Breath of the Wild! Now let's start a discussion about how Sonic rips-off Zelda.
  2. 8:34 I WISH that Ian is doing the story, if Archie Sonic is dying at least he should do the story for the game as a goodbye for Archie Sonic. Oh well, different jokes for different folks. But yeah, the PA annoucements were good. I feel like the writing will be made by the same people from the Adventure days.
  3. ClementJ64 likes it. Anyway, who you guys think that is writing the story for this game?
  4. I'm glad there is something that everyone can agree with. Lost World story sucks.
  5. Pontac and Graff are so great. I love their writing, so full of good jokes and characters. Did I mention how much I love the Deadly Six? I can't wait for the third Forces character, The seventh Deadly Six. Anyway, please don't bring them ever again, Sonic Team.
  6. ... Green alien boobs. Nah, I'm just kidding. The Deadly Six are probably my most hated characters in any game ever.
  7. Zik and Zeena are my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog characters.
  8. I still think if Sonic Team is more confident, Classic Sonic shouldn't need to be in the game. (or just playable)
  9. The problem with having a full boost game, is that it was confirmed here in this topic that a lot of people despise the boost formula, so that's why Sonic Team tries to put more gameplay styles, so the game could be at least "alright" for those people, instead of being total crap with only one gameplay style that people don't like.
  10. It looks like Eggman is already building over the city. It sounds kinda overdramatic, but yeah, something like that. (Of course no casualities because is Sonic game, people don't die from that!) I'm sure the people shooting at the robots are GUN. There is no character that works with weapons like that. They will be the guys who try to help in the city, and send commands to Team Dark. I THINK. If is GUN, is funny how we could have a game that seems more focused on story with "edgy" GUN back, but with also unnecessarily adorable Classic Sonic. This is could be the most "Adventure-like" game since Sonic '06... That's sounds like a terrible idea on paper.
  11. Anyway, a Platinum styled gameplay should work very well. Something I would like is that the city can get worse and worse until it gets to the point of the concept art shown. It looks a place that the final boss should be. Instead of space just for once.
  12. Read the comments if you hate yourself.

    1. Adamabba


      Sure, I already read the Forces thread after all

    2. Strickerx5


      "A company would never do this if the political opinions were reversed"

      So... if you don't call another race inferior you won't get removed from a project? Yep, sounds about right.

    3. JosepMelloZSM


      I need to stop looking at this kinda of arguments.

      I don't want to see the word "SJW" or the phrase "racism against white people" never again.

      Those people are getting louder and louder because they think they are getting support from other people who think the same, or now their president is the same as them so they can say anything they want.

      Oooh, I don't think so. And that's an just a small example. 


  13. Pretty much. Still, I could see Shadow and Blaze because their moveset is Sonic's and they are clones in the games that they are playable with some minor differences. There are Generations mods that show how Blaze and Shadow work in the boost formula.