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  1. Investigation Time! Nintendo released this giant World Map a couple of days ago, attempting to obscure the unrevealed kingdoms: Someone went and made an enhanced version: Going from there, we can see what looks to be 7 unlabeled landmasses. The mushroom shaped one is obviously the Mushroom Kingdom, so we're guessing that is where you'll start the game. The Metro and Wooded Kingdoms are in between two big, unrevealed continents. The one to the west looks to be shaped like a giant snowflake, while part of the comtinent to the east looks like a giant champagne bottle. To the north of Metro Kingdom, there's a mustache shaped island. There's also palm tree shaped islands to the west of Metro Kingdom. It's also now incredibly obvious that the land mass of Metro Kingdom is mostly based off of the continental US. Lastly, there's a landmass south of Sand Kingdom. So, if we tally the number of revealed kingdoms with the number of unrevealed ones together, that's a total of 13 kingdoms in the game, and that's not counting a potential final level on the moon, which seems to be prominent in every kingdom so far. On Treehouse Live, the Nintendo employees emphasized that they were only showcasing " a very small portion" and a narrow silver" of each kingdom. The game's director also stated that there will be "many, many more" things to control and take over beyond what's been shown and that the true scope of the game is far beyond what was shown at E3. TL;DR we've barely seen anything of Mario Odessey.
  2. Sonic Boom will air on Netflix in Japan starting next week. Anippon are selling Sonic-styled shoes starting today. Sega has opened up something called the "Sega Mono Shop" and are selling exclusive Sega brand related goods on Sonic Stamps are now being sold via LINE. The "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG CAFE SELECTION" album is once again being sold for a limited time.
  3. This is huge news so I decided to go ahead with a new thread. ( Some math based on that confirmation from Iizuka: Given how S3&K had 14 zones in total, that means we're getting 15 zones at the very least. We know now that there are 5 Hard Boiled Heavies, which would mean 5 new zones. Also, we can add one more, as Eggman is practically guaranteed to have his own zone as the finale, so that adds up to 6 new zones. At the very least, that leaves us with 9 returning zones. All five Mega Drive era games are being represented, so that further confirms the notion that multiple classic games will be represented with multiple zones. Now we can be a little bit less conservative with our guesses on which levels are and aren't making the cut, hooray!
  4. Thinking about it, was it possible that Iizuka was referring to Infinite as the new character and not the custom character? I mean, looking at what he said, he never explicitly said anything about the new characters' alignment. And he also never specified whether or not the "new gameplay component" meant Sonic or someone else entirely. Not a big deal either way but food for thought.
  5. What's weird about that build is that the demo on the show floor had a completely different design for the stage select screen. Makes me wonder which one will used for the final game. Perhaps it can be toggled? A classic or modern styled menu? It's also different from this build from last year:
  6. Trunks CONFIRMED!
  7. Remember, Sonic's anniversary in Japan starts around 8 hours from now. Not saying any announcements will happen today or tomorrow (Although, Sonic Forces was first announced on that very day a year ago), but I'm sure they have at least one cool thing planned. Perhaps Oshima's Sonic Mania art is done? We'll see what happens.
  8. Actually, I remembered hearing talk 5 or so years ago that a reboot of the franchise was going to happen with Boom. New designs, new characters, Skylanders-like toys, the works. Then the higher ups realized that drastically redesigning their mascot, throwing the old designs out, and getting rid of 15 years worth of games was in fact, a terrible idea, so Boom became it's own universe.
  9. If the second act is in the present or future, I wonder if they'll even bother touching the American soundtrack. Probably not, I would guess.
  10. A lot of this wasn't known before, so I figured I would make a thread about it: "Mania's dev story is pretty neat actually, and I'm sure we'll discuss it in the fullness of time but the short of it is this: Our initial proposal was actually to do a rather modest little original 2D game & bundle in the remasters to sweeten the deal. Iizuka-san then suggested the "Mania" concept of re-imagining the classic Zones along with our new Zones as one cohesive game, and our team went to work coming up with a new story and ideas to go with it. So yeah, we've really been able to run with it, and produce something considerably more grandiose (classic zones have new BGs, layouts, bosses & gimmicks after all). Anyway, it's back to work for me!"
  11. People far more musically inclined than myself have pointed out and examined the music similarities numerous times, and while not confirmed, there's large amounts evidence to support fans' suspicions, and that's not even getting into the PC port music discussion. I don't expect Sega to even mention it, they've done a great job not doing it so far. I still wouldn't expect to see it, but anything's possible.
  12. The obvious music issues that Sega won't touch with a ten foot pole. Also, Taxman said the Death Egg won't return, so that doubly deconfirms Launch Base.