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  1. Positive Things About Forces?

    -The visuals look rather nice. -60 FPS On PS4 Pro/XBOX is great. -Playing this on the Switch in portable mode will be very nice. -PC port from day one means easy moding. -Modern Sonic levels will once again, be a blast to play, probably. -Minus the classic stages, the soundtrack will most likely be top notch, as always. -Shadow is finally playable again for the first time in ages. -I'm not one for stories in Sonic typically, but this one looks a lot more intriguing. -A 3D Sonic game finally looks to be ambitious again.
  2. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Ugh. The level environment itself looked great, but everything else looked awful. QTES in 20fucking17 is mind boggling to me. Also, can you guys please show something that isn't the fucking avatar?? We've seen literally one fucking Modern Sonic stage, for fucks sake.
  3. http://nintendoeverything.com/september-2017s-best-selling-games-on-the-north-american-switch-eshop/ Great news once again. Sonic Mania was the second best selling game in the NA ahs EU Eshop last month.
  4. That sounds about right. The Shadow press release said there were at least over "10" modern stages.
  5. Please don't tell me I'm not the only one who saw this
  6. Something happening tomorrow

    https://mobile.twitter.com/IanFlynnBKC/status/917078274156777473 Ian said there would be more "surprises" this week, and there are only two days left in the week, not saying that's what it is, but... Ian is also in the SOCAL area this week. https://mobile.twitter.com/IanFlynnBKC/status/917965630397210629 Something is going on here.
  7. Cybershell sheds light on some incredibly obscure things I didn't know even existed until now.
  8. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Ian said there would be more news this week. Just for what it's worth. Not saying that is what it is, but: https://mobile.twitter.com/IanFlynnBKC/status/917078274156777473.
  9. Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread

    Not going to happen, but I would fucking love it if Tyson was working on another animated trailer, this time for Forces.
  10. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Should be about 6 hours from now.
  11. Not sure if this one counts, but I remember many people falling for this one, hook, line and sinker.
  12. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Sick! If he's going with this style for the comics I am all in.
  13. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    Where's this from?
  14. https://m.gamestop.com/product/collectibles/toys/sonic-forces-figure-pack-only-at-gamestop/149754#media This came outta nowhere. Gamestop listed Sonic Forces figures on their online store today, it will be a pack of four figures, featuring Modern Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, as well as Classic Sonic for $24.99. It also comes with 4 lithographs. The release date is listed as November 21st, right before black Friday. These are Tomy's first ever Classic and Modern Sonic action figures, unless I'm mistaken. They've been focusing on Boom exclusively since 2014.
  15. Sonic 2 HD

    https://sonic2hd.com/download/ The demo is out and it is incredible. The original animations were recreated beautifully and meticulously. The new animations they added brought a huge smile to my face. The remixed music was very well done. I heartily recommend it.