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  1. Sounds like a remake of Superstar Saga on the GBA is coming to 3DS. Twilight Princess HD was discovered the exact same way. Given how this wasn't announced in the Direct a couple of weeks ago, we're guessing this is an E3 announcement. Beyond hyped for this.
  2. It's really, really bad. Worst level design in the entire series. I can't blame you for forgetting.
  3. I know multiple people who don't know the difference between the two designs, so i guess it helps.
  4. This is straight up nonsense, by the way. People hate Sonic Adventure and it's sequel for very valid reasons. No need to reiterate what's already been said in this very topic, though.
  5. That's a new one to me, Interesting The reason he was made lighter is to easier differentiate him from Modern Sonic, which i think works. It's a very cool look, but the lighter fur coloring in Mania works better, in my opinion.
  6. I will complement Sonic Team with one thing, when it comes to his design, they got the Classic Sonic look perfectly. To his idle animations, mannerisms, and coloring, even the spinning feet looks just right. They did a great job overall with bringing him to the modern era. It's exactly how I imagined Classic Sonic looking in high defintion.
  7. That's a relief. I'm just so used to him being so goofy and comedic in later games that it's hard to think of him as threatening sometimes.
  8. I'm totally down for an Eggman that's eccentric, yet threatening, if it's convincing, but Mike Pollack isn't Damien Clarke, known for voicing both extremes (Cell from Dragon Ball, Handsome Jack). I dunno if Pollack is up to the task, but i sure hope so, if that's the take of Eggman we happen to get.
  9. . Oh, i didn't know of this. There were issues with the Joycons and rumble in that game?
  10. Still great news all around, hope it keeps up. Also, Blaster Master Zero reportedly has the best use of HD rumble at the moment.
  11. Mega Man 9 is the best Mega Man game of all time. I want that baby on my PS4 and Switch. I'll buy 10 copies.
  12. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is currently the best selling game of 2017.
  13. I hate Square.
  15. I'm not particularly fond of Sonic 1, but if it gets a second stage chosen, then it has to be Star Light. It's the best stage in Sonic 1 by far. The incredible music, visuals and the neat gimmicks always made me enjoy going back to it. It's an all time classic.