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  1. I'd bet money that this spinoff was definitely gonna be one of the announcements at the SXSW panel. If this April thing is a video presentation, (and it likely is) then it was smart to get this one out of the way now.
  2. They gave him the benefit of the doubt and he gave his side of the story. Of course, he makes himself sound like the hero. Was entertaining, at least.
  3. Easily one of my favorite ongoing trainwrecks. That midnight's edge interview was great.
  4. Whatever it ends up being (I have my own ideas), I hope it's good. Definitely would be a great pick me up during these crazy times.
  5. I'm talking about having the games for a modern portable system, something that won't collect dust, like the PSP. I wasn't clear enough in my wording.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/StreetFighter/status/939989924727595008 Yoooooooooo Alpha 3 and Third Strike?! On the Go? YES!
  7. Thanks to a Taiwanese games rating board, a new Scribblenauts game just got leaked for Switch. Probably one of the Game Awards announcements.
  8. Here's more concept art as well as our first real look at Wily.
  9. Rumour time! NateDrake, an insider and Resetera moderator, is claiming there will be some big Nintendo reveals at the Game Awards on Thursday. He's saying it should be considered a "Mini Direct". Vern, the guy who leaked LA Noire on Switch and the last big Direct is also teasing that Dark Souls 1 is coming to Switch. Also, one of the site's admins has hinted that the rumor about Namco Bandai being the developer of Prime 4 is true.
  10. Potentially big news. Wii games have offically been ported to the Nvidia Shield in China. The Shield uses the exact same chip that powers the Switch, so it's safe to say Nintendo has these same games running on Switch in house as well. Wii games should be stupidly easy to port because of the Joy Cons. Virtual console announcement could happen any time now, though I'd expect it at the big January direct.
  11. For those that didn't see it, here's our first look at Roll. It's safe to say Dr. Light and Wily will be getting slight redesigns as well.
  12. Game Informer is doing a whole month of coverage for the game. Christmas came three weeks early, it seems. It's this month's cover story:
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