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  1. Every game that is almost universally well received goes through that type of phase for whatever reason. Mario Galaxy went through it, The Last of Us went through out, Uncharted 4 went through it, and now Persona 5 and Breath of the Wild are currently being trashed by some parts of the user base. It's a strange phenomenon that always happens.
  2. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    https://gonintendo.com/stories/287524-nintendo-holding-a-special-panel-at-pax-west Nintendo is having some sort of panel at PAX next week, and journalists seem to have been invited. What it's about is currently unknown. Hard to say, possibly more Mario Odessey news? Pokemon US/UM? A variety of things? New games?
  3. While that is a very fair point, the amount of people in there getting angry because a reviewer criticized something they like is outright lunacy. Disagreeing is totally fine, but taking personal offense because of someone else's opinion is different from their own has always been and always will be silly. They're already starting to pop up. I'm not one to start dumb classic vs modern fan arguments, but in that very comment section, there are fans of 3D Sonic claiming that reviewers are "blind" and "biased" and are only praising Mania because it's 2D and features the classic design, which is outright nonsense and hilarious. It really does feel like some modern fans are jealous that a classic Sonic game is getting far more praise than the 3D ones, which is incredibly unfortunate. Fans, old and new, should be celebrating the game's success. But then again, it's the fucking Sonic fan base we're talking about.
  4. Jirard's review is up. It's excellent and Matt joins him. Don't look at the comments though, unless you like seeing angry, defensive Modern Sonic fanboys blowing a lid or two.
  5. It's an original story, so I'm not gonna complain too much. It's better than retelling all of Z again for the thousandth time.
  6. It's pretty fucking bad, especially on YouTube. Inconsiderate, view hungry, money hungry morons like InBetweenGamer and ProstiaGaming have the most spoilery shit on their Mania video thumbnails, and I know they do that shit on purpose to get as many views as possible. YouTube's video suggestions system is fucking crap, so I know there's a ton of people out there being affected by that shit. I recommend getting any filters you can find, I know Chrome has some good ones out there.
  7. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    That Knuckles one is hilarious. Also, I got another Sonic CD Steam Code of anyone wants it, first reply wins it.
  8. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    The post about the Heavies is literally above you.
  9. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    This. What does it do, if anyone knows?
  10. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    Wait, his name actually was Heavy King? Wuddya know. Also, what is "original"?
  11. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    Hey, I got a free code for Sonic CD on Steam. If anyone wants it, PM me! Edit: And it's gone!
  12. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    Huh. That's rather interesting. Who would have thought Mirage Saloon would be the one stage to get 3 acts, technically.
  13. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    So Mirage Saloon Act 1 for Knuckles is a completely different stage?
  14. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    Is Heavy King the final boss in Knuckles story?
  15. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    Can't watch the stream. Heavy King is the boss of Lava Reef in Knuckles' story or?