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  1. The delay being because they wanted to add in a new zone? Eh. I don't see it happening. Speaking of which, I keep forgetting that we've already seen Studiopolis Act 2 already, that is, at least a bit of it.
  2. Looks absolutely horrendous. Man of Action have outdone themselves. It's been taken down but I reuploaded it for anyone who wants to suffer with me.
  3. I'm sure it's been brought up before, but Green Hill, Flying Battery and Aquatic Ruin were all in the Mania reveal trailer using footage from their respective games. Two of those zones are confirmed now, could ARZ be joining them? I hope so.
  4. Drill Dozer 2 confirmed?!
  5. Almost complete confirmation that Game Freak is working on a console Pokemon game. If the Pokemon Stars rumors are to be believed however, this sounds like a brand new Pokemon generation early in development, makes sense that Pokemon Stars would be an appetizer for a built from the ground up Generation 8 game. We also know that Game Freak usually has two teams working on separate Pokemon games concurrently. "Game Freak is recruiting for a new console development project and they’re in need of 3D CG designers with experience on Wii U and PS Vita level character models using animation and modeling software Maya.In the staff recruitment ad, Game Freak is looking for someone that can consult with the programmers and work on assisting with data. It starts out with “Here’s a chance to work on the development of a globally popular RPG!” The work requires using material to create cartoon-like super deformed characters, monsters, and item models."
  6. Quoting this again for people who may have forgotten. Eggman will be the boss for every second act in the game. The HBH will be the bosses for every first act of the new zones, while the act one bosses for the old zones look to be different entirely.
  7. And if that's true, coupled with the speculation that the HBH will the bosses of the new stages, then we're looking at 5-6 new zones, not including a final new zone with Eggman as the boss, of course. That also means at least 7 or 8 returning zones, meaning we probably haven't even seen a quarter of the total zones yet. Crazy.
  8. I think a lot of people seemed to have missed this second piece of art in the madness.
  9. The one concern I do have is I really hope we don't have to wait months upon months for new info again. The months of silence we've had is agonising. I'm hyped as fuck about Flying Battery, but 20 seconds of new footage isn't quite enough.
  10. I'm so fucking excited for this. I loved Generations to bits. All it needed is improved control and level design, and i would like other characters to play as. Stick to what works. People also need to remember Iizuka has already confirmed a third, new gameplay component as well.
  11. You guys. You guys should have been in this panel. The energy was positively electrifying. My favorite level in 3&K was just confirmed so i am very hyped right now. The art work looks incredible, the only downside? The delay hurts my inner being, but Team Mania needs more time.
  12. It's central standard time here in Texas. Also, I noticed a lot of new people have joined the forums this week. Welcome, all of you!
  13. We've haven't even seen the full art yet. I'd wait to see the thing in full before dismissing it entirely.
  14. That's correct. It's an evening panel. I'll be there but for everyone else, there's no live stream at the moment.