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  1. Sorry, but no. What else is there to say besides "Oh, I know this is not accurate to the situation at hand and I have information that backs this assertion up"? People who need to be aware of the information's validity are aware. i.e. not you. I will not ever make claims that I can't back up to the appropriate people. I've had this verified and I have no obligation to give you anything else on this matter. Dislike how the information is given? Great, that's your prerogative and that's more than fine. I've been detailed enough and i'm not changing the way I give out information just to please impatient, frustrated people like you. That'd be a fool's errand. They will make the announcements when they are ready. This isn't a hard concept to understand.
  2. Receipts have already been sent to staff, and they're free to PM further, if needed.
  3. A lot of people have failed to read this properly. Full on panic mode. I also have receipts (for many things) that this poster thingamajig is outdated any way.
  4. Ah, that's right! They handled that not so great Panzer Dragoon remake. Well, at least Streets of Rage 4 turned out amazing, and both Alex Kidd and Monster World IV look incredible, so their plans have been working out for the most part.
  5. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't House of the Dead being licensed out, like Alex Kidd, Streets of Rage, Wonder Boy and such? Knowing SEGA, there's probably some truth to that, haha. And hi!
  6. I'll be curious to see what they announce first. They have Colors, a Sonic Collection, a new Super Monkey Ball, and there's a new Virtua Fighter port, probably more. I'm surprised they haven't just started doing their own directs, considering everyone else has.
  7. Considering everything going on, and the more I think about it, yeah... I don't think the 3D game is this year. Covid has impacted every game development studio in a big way, and SEGA wasn't spared in that, obviously. My guess is that it'll release early next year. I'd bet that they want it out before the end of the next fiscal year (March). This year, I see them focusing on the 2D game and the collection/ports/remasters. That should (hopefully) be enough for most people right now. This big 3D game has got to be good. Give it all the time it needs. Regardless, they're still getting ready to make announcements soon, but I don't think you'll get more than a CG trailer from that 3D Sonic game, as is tradition at this point.
  8. We should be getting a new calendar anytime now. I bet it's Sonic and Amy, on Little Planet.
  9. At this point, it's just an art style/aesthetic to me. There's nothing Modern can't do, that Classic magically can. They could do a Sonic Mania follow up that features Modern Sonic with no alterations otherwise, and I wouldn't care. I brought this up in my article, but Dragon Ball is a great example of this. Z made the use of Classic DB unnecessary, and I think it's the same case here. Modern is a much broader subset of the franchise, and it shows.
  10. Yeah, that does make sense. Something, minor or major, between now and the end of March is very likely. Though, very much leaning towards major.
  11. Well, we've already had two, technically, but yes, I think so. We haven't had an Official Sonic Livestream since the year started. Maybe that means nothing, but isn't that a bit sus to anyone else? Maybe I'm nuts.
  12. Some people were wondering if someone was masquerading as me for that blog post, but nah, that's me haha. Oh, and to the one person who said I was an "Adventure fan", noooope. Lol, I don't find either of those games particularly good.
  13. My guess is, they'll have PR about all this pretty soon. If they're preparing 30th anniversary and of course, game announcements (which, I'm sure they are) they want this out of the way now, rather than later.
  14. I'd bet money that this spinoff was definitely gonna be one of the announcements at the SXSW panel. If this April thing is a video presentation, (and it likely is) then it was smart to get this one out of the way now.
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