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  1. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    But what makes a good game a quality game? What is quality in a video game context? Having fun equals having quality? And what if it has quality and it isn't fun? Why a fun game isn't a quality game since having fun is the primordial point of any game? Fun is subjective. Why quality isn't? What does "having quality" even mean? (I am pretty much asking stuff because I was just wondering about this)
  2. Sonic Forces OST - Aqua Road

    Man, this song is A M A Z I N G! My new favorite! It's kinda Aquarium park but with some Riders's instrumental (?)
  3. Sonic Forces PS4 Trophies to be Leaked

    I had always looked at Trophies in two ways, the Hardcore trophies list, which you need to have amazing skills to get a platinum - and the 100% list, which you need to basically play the entire game 100%, collecting all the stuff and playing in every single mode and option. It makes me happy to see Forces go into the 100% style and it really justifies the "play with all races" trophie! I mean, you'll need to play with all kinds of modes to play 100% of the game - that's just logical
  4. Sonic Forces Theories

    I think that the phantom ruby came to present time because of the vortex that opened in sonic mania! Eggman remembered all about the gem and took it, tested it in his lab, and then created infinite. He is planning on using the Phantom Ruby's energy for destroying everything and then create EggmanLand...... also I've been thinking... the Phantom Ruby is some kind of magic stone, right? So... maybe a new super form for Sonic? Like, instead of utilizing the chaos emerald, he would use phantom rubie's prototypes and transform into Super Infinite Sonic
  5. I think with forces HE IS TRULY COMING BACK THIS TIME
  6. sonic forces - returning stage wishlist

    Anything from sonic heroes, (aside seaside hill) specially Mystic mansion and Grand canyon
  7. I think they didn't want to show the rest because there isn't any voice clips from the characters yet. In the japanese version, knuckles talks to you when you first jumps to the red rings thing
  8. To me is the other way around. In a speed game like Sonic (modern), I prefer that the camera is fixed for me, so I won't spend time "searching" for the way I am supposed to go. I don't think controls are weird for the Avatar, his/her animations just seems too rigid and non-expressive in my opinion. It's like a robot trying to manipulate human fluid movements
  9. I doubt it, since classic can't be in 3D... Yeah, but maybe modern can be with Classic in Classic Stages only, since modern can be in a bidimensional stage. It seems odd though
  10. all this screenshots of Modern Sonic and the avatar just screams more and more that classic is unecessary hahaha I loved all the pictures and sonic and avatar's iterations seems neat
  11. I see clothes in the Sonic universe as an optional thing. Is like a coat - you can wear it if you want it, if it's cold or something, but if you take it off, that's normal too.
  12. My favorite zone ever is Grand Metropolis from Heroes and Mystic Mansion, I'd love to see this two zones in a gamme, but since this is not a popular opinion I'm not expecting either. I'm simply tired of green-hill and chemical plant. Actually, Mania did a great job remaking all Genesis zones, so I'm expecting to see something form Sonic Advneture/Adventure 2/heroes
  13. Just came to me that maybe Infinite is one of the gods that created the Chaos Emerald. In the japanese manual from Sonic 2, it says that people believe the chaos emeralds were created by the gods at the beggining of times. And according to a theory, Chaos was one of those gods, since Dr. Eggman refers to him as "the god of destruction" at Sonic Adventure. Solaris also looked like a god - and now, it seems Infinite is some kind of god too, since his powers are very destructive and he can (supposedly) control time and space.
  14. Sonic Forces Impressions

    3D Sonic*
  15. The online features will likely be sharing/publishing your custom character's assets, clothes and gadgets for others to download and stuff