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  1. Lately I've been thinking that all chaotix together and interacting in only one car would be more fun than all of them in different cars! like *Player gets hit* "Charmy (angry): Vector!!! Vector: Not my fault! Espio: Quiet!" *race starts* "Charmy: Oh yea, It's time for rock'n'roll! Espio: roger!"
  2. I don't find sub-forums very positive because they can end up segregating people to just where they want to be, and they end up not seeing other topics from other sub-forums where they are not accustomed to go. But inside the "Green Hill" session, there is a sub forum for SAGE, and literally, the rest of the series's universe is shoehorned into that session. I'm relatively new here, I've been browsing this forum for less than four months (I think) and honestly, I've been avoiding the "Green Hill" session because it simply looks like a complete mess. Many subjects that I have been interested in reading and talking about are thrown around in the same space, and I drifted away from that session simply because of this lack of organization. The Sonic series is not made only of games, so I think there should be at least one "Movies / Comics / Cartoon" section separate from the Games one, because these three universes are actually just as big as the Sonic's games universe. Exactly how I feel. That's the main point of me asking this, too.
  3. ok, considereing I can't change the past and only the present/future... most important shit: I would establish 4 pillars of sonic: ||| Adventure/Lost world's Sonic ||| ||| Boost Sonic ||| ||| Classic Sonic ||| ||| Spin off Sonic (Racing and Sports) ||| Only one game would be released per year, so all games from each pillar would have 4 years to be developed and published!
  4. Hello, sorry if a topic like this already exists. But I searched and did not find anything, so ... Just some constructive criticism! The main topic to talk about Archie's Sonic already has more than 1,200 pages, and IDw's got 240 pages already. There are a lot of people chatting there, and I think that's enough for a sub-forum to be born. Within the same 2 topics, there are (for sure) more than four hundred different discussions about different things - and it really sucks to have to read all the pages trying to find a discussion that I'm interested in reading and participating in. And when I do find one, the discussion is already over and everyone is already talking about something else lol The thing is, I'm missing a sub-forum dedicated to only IDW's Sonic, where each person can start their own specific topic and multiple discussions and conversations can happen at the same time, rather than one at a time in a messy way.
  5. Now that I came to think of it... Maybe this new racing game will be just like the other two (Sega All stars racing and Transformed), and actually, just a sequel to it. But since it'll be a sonic-solo racing game, they changed the name and said it won't be a sequel to any of the old racing series. And, wow, I just realized (I know that's obvious) that Sonic R and Sonic Riders are actually the only two solo-sonic racing game. Since Sonic Riders have a really established gameplay, concept, design, and narrative, that's not a surprise that the only game left to make a reference was Sonic R. Maybe it does have a connection to Sonic R at some gameplay/concept extent, but I really don't believe that is the case anymore. I believe they probably just made a logo reference so that the game can make some more noise at the fans.
  6. did you forget that the last racing game (transformed) featured stats? Steering power, speed, acceleration, etc. For a on-foot race that could work the same way - sonic is faster but has lower acceleration and mid-steering power. Or tails can have max acceleration and low speed, etc I think the main problem for a on-foot racer is how the controls would be implemented in-game. I mean, controlling a car and controlling a character at the same time really seems weird to me since both controls are very different comparing one another. If you ask me, I think Riders 1 and 2 had the best control for on-foot race. Yeah, it was actually a punishment for you being reckless about not getting more Gas for your Extreme Gear, but it did controls nicely and easy - because, in Riders, the characters was visually 'free' from a enclausured box at wheels (aka cars), which made it easier for the players to mentally disconnect the worldwide pattern of 'hold [button] to accelerate' and all that jazz The thing is, the only thing the teaser confirmed is that we'll be controlling cars at some extent - and I don't imagine a on-foot racing game where you need to hold a button to make your character run, wtf
  7. It seems legit but the lack of a more appealing and imagetic logo really makes me think that is isn't... I mean, it is just a shield and some letters, it just sucks
  8. How casual do you prefer the game to be? The bad part of Transformed was that some details of its gameplay were too hidden or unobvious. A lot of people stopped playing after the first try because they found the game just boring. When in reality the positive part and the fun of the game comes when you finally mastered and discovered 100% of its mechanics. I had the patience and the will to find out about everything and the game and I played like for 3 whole years, it was great! But I understand that a lot of people did not have this same experience with Transformed because of the lack of casuality.
  9. My racing track predictions: Green Hill cup: Green Hill night Green Hill day Green Hill Desert Green Hill Cavern Chemical Plant: Chemical Plant outside Chemical Plant inside Chemical Plant underwater Chemical Plant - Classic
  10. I was wondering, the R focus is making a reference to Sonic R, meaning that this does have some connection to sonic R... What if instead of cars, boats, and planes, we actually get Racing by foot/Racing with cars at the same time? Like, at a certain point at a track, Sonic gets off his car and goes by foot. This could also be implemented as a gameplay mechanic for getting certain paths that a car couldn't and etc
  11. Well I just wanted to inform you, that's all I think it's interesting how IDW is showing that othey care for our opinion . Here is the facebook group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IDWSonicComicSquad/
  12. I think there is a balance between absolutely new elements and and an evolution for what the series actually is I mean, if they change too much from the main 'core' game, we won't be even capable of telling what game is this and even if the game is a sequel to Mania, y'know I think a new art style (that is still recognazible as Classic Sonic, of course) and one more playable character (like amy) would be enough for a mania's sequel for me.
  13. Well, they could just put a new sound that's not in the track list.
  14. The only thing I'd like to see in a supposedly good Sonic Forces sequel would be the premiss that Eggman took over the world. I mean, it's a pretty big deal for a amazing storyline, but Forces still gave us a mediocre thing. That was the most disappointing thing for me. huh... maybe adding Tails, Knuckles and Amy as playable. characters. Oh, I don't like the ideas of a lot of returning characters (aside from the main cast), like Gamma or Black Doom, since the new generation of kids never played the games which these characters appeared and probably they would feel absolutely lost in the main storyline. Like, kids today probably won't even know that Silver is from the future, since Forces don't even bothered to mention it. If a Forces 2 would come to be real, I'd ask for a more concise story about EGGMAN TOOKING OVER THE WORLD. Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles VS Eggman That's it just E G G M A N
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