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  1. I think that in a completely new game and franchise, an opening level that sounds peaceful is great for presenting the world to the player But everyone in planet earth knows that Sonic is the hero and Eggman is the bad guy, so whatever, can we jump to the part of the story we'll actually be engaged?
  2. Actually, I'd like more starting the game with eggman taking control over the world already And as the story moves on, we learn bit by bit how eggman won this time.
  3. Mind if I ask what do you see, that you like in Zeena?
  4. almost All of them are dead And Vanilla and Marine appeared only in the Spin off series
  5. Yeah, There is a lack of female characters in (mais) Sonic Series We have, what? 4? Amy, Blaze, Cream, and Rouge... oh and Elise
  6. Really? My favorite ones are from Day Stages in Unleashed. I think colors's bosses are too simple - I mean, in the Wii version. The DS ones are great. My fav boss is the Egg Dragon in Generations, but call me crazy, there is a ton of bosses I love to fight as sonic. Oh. So good.
  7. Ok. You're crazy, hahaha Level Design, and Level Design. I though Unleashed had the best boost gameplay not because the boost itself is different from other games, no, it was the levels. All Day stage levels were pretty fun to play, with a great balance of 3D and 2D in the game. Generations is really fun in the first time you play the level, but in the second time you already know how to avoid everything and the whole thing just gets kinda boring. Also, would love to see more bosses levels in Forces, not just one per world. Personally, Bosses levels are always the best part in Sonic games (except Colors) So I am looking forward to destroy loads of giant robots
  8. The thing is, having a third different character that is not sonic being playable seems odd and assymetrical... Even if it's the new one... The only way it wouldn't be weird is if the character is a bad guy/gal, or if it is another sonic. Oh, or if the third gameplay is actually with more than one character... Hmmm.
  9. I am not talking about making creative ways of using the boost, but creative ways to change the boost in a way that is fun and still challenging to play.
  10. Of course they can find a way, what kind of statement is that? All they have to do is think and GET CREATIVE !!!
  11. I'm ok with the boost gameplay if they don't make the Boost power overpower again, which seems to not be the case in Forces. Can we say the good things about Forces for a change?... What do you like in the game for now? - I am in love with the first level itself being so cinematic. - Really liked the new visual effects of the homming attack and the boost. - The fact that eggman won this time makes me pretty hyped for the story of the game. It will be Story driven. - As always, the graphics, colors, and overall art is just perfect, as well as... - The theme music, which is really great and dramatic. Gives me Sonic Heroes and SA2's feels.
  12. A guy on my facebook came with a really interesting thory about the story, it was in portuguese so I'll try to summarize since is a big text. Still here if someone wants to read it. He said that the first cinematic teaser comes after the gameplay of Modern Sonic we seen, since the town is starting to get destroyed and Sonic is still fighting in the gameplay we watched. In the teaser, the city is already completely destroyed and conquered... it makes sense, doesn't it? He states that maybe eggman trapped Sonic or made him sleep for some days/weeks, after the first level of the games (which seems to be the one from the gameplay). "The world needs a hero" would be a reference to the ausence of sonic during eggman's conquering of the town. And during those days, Classic Sonic and Sonic's friends get together to create a resistance group.
  13. I used "Good Metal Sonic" just for you to picture the idea, but I was talking something more about Classic Sonic actually being a regular robot created by Tails.
  14. I really don't mind that the other characters are NPCs. I just wanna feel them in the game, you know? Sonic Team can do that in so many ways... for example, imagine if the gun shooting at the Death Egg in the beggining of the level was actually Tails flying around with the Tornado attacking the giant robot? *radio static* "Sonic, I'm slowing him down! But I can't hold it for too long! You got to HURRY UP!" Or if a giant piece of shit a broken building is coming at full speed at sonic's head, but Shadow appears jumping and screaming "CHAOS BLAST!", resulting in the thing to crash and save the blue?
  15. What I'm trying to say is, your first opinion and impression on the game is the basic for building a more evolved though about it. Everything that comes after it is just different shapes of that first opinion. Sorry, english is not my first language, and sometimes I struggle to explain something that looks simple