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  1. I really want to see Casino Night, I think it's one of the best stages in all of gaming. I think it's a safe bet that it will be remixed in Mania. Perhaps they could take some inspiration from Casinopolis from Sonic Adventure too, pay some love to the 3D titles and also freshen up Casino Night. I mean, technically they are the same stage.
  2. I really like CD. But that said, it does have quite a lot of noticeable flaws. The time travel mechanic is poorly implemented and the level design can be a little odd. That said, it's so unique and fun that I can overlook that. It also doesn't hurt that the music is so amazing.
  3. I think the Boost mechanic is actually pretty well perfected, the only thing they really need to improve is the walking controls. I actually think introducing multiple characters would be a good way of building upon the Boost gameplay. It's a way of building upon an existing formula and making it fresh and exciting without needlessly innovating. It also would improve replay value because the levels could hide secrets for Tails, Knuckles and Co. The length of the Boost games is arguably one of their greatest weaknesses, do it would be a good way to address that.
  4. Guys, guys, Mania is like the second coming of the Hedgehog Christ xD Let's not devolve into personal attacks, we should be rejoicing. As Silver would say IT'S NO USE
  5. Yeah, if CD is represented I think there will be some form of time travel. It could even be a act transition time travel.
  6. I understand that Mania would conflict with the timeline to include Adventure callbacks, but hey, who cares :p . Besides, it could be done in a more subtle way. Perhaps a reference to City Escape in a new city level, like running past a City Escape-esque park of something. I think a reference to Adventure would be cool, it's always exciting to see sprite renditions of classic 3D titles.
  7. I never thought of fighting the other versions of Metal Sonic, that would be really cool. I agree with Celestia that it would be really awesome to fight a new Mania Metal Sonic. Great idea Celestia! :)
  8. Hey Miki, thanks for the follow!

  9. It's a bit silly for Knuckles to be tricked again, but to be fair that plot point hasn't been used in a long time. It would be fun too to have Knuckles as a rival once again. Knuckles is epic. I'm so happy he's back in his classic form!
  10. Dessert Dazzle would be awesome. Maybe Dust Hill could play a part in it too. It's great to meet you guys, you are all reasonably new too . I'm going to follow you all and we can be friends .
  11. I'm re-railing this back to Mania What levels are you most excited to see come back? I'm hoping for some of the cut levels, maybe something like Wood Zone or Dust Hill. Taxman likes cut content and I'm sure he would nail it.
  12. I think it is safe to think it will at least be longer than Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Generations is admittedly not a very long game, so it's not a massive boast that Mania is longer . What ultimately matters is how good the game is. Replay value is the ultimate length!
  13. Thanks for the lovely welcome everyone
  14. Hi everyone, I'm Safka and I've been a huge Sonic fan for years. After getting my hopes up with Generations, they kind of got dashed again with Boom. But now with Mania on the horizon I am excited to be a Sonic fan again! I hope I can contribute to this forum .
  15. Hmm, I wouldn't say Sonic sucks in 3D. But I am also happy for Mania! I've wanted a Sonic game like this for years!
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