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  1. I have very little faith in Sonic 17, but I hope we get some positive info for it. If if has boost then there's very little to save it. However, if they learn from Whitehead and make the fake Classic Sonic from Generations resemble the true Classic Sonic from the glorious Classic titles, then hopefully we can get something good. Fixing fake Classic Sonic's physics and personality should be top priority. I don't want to see Generation's scripted sequences return, all because Sonic team were too lazy to implement Claasic Sonic's physics properly. See Mods, I didn't attack Modern Sonic, I can improve From now on, I won't attack Modern Sonic! I'll only sing the praises of glorious Classic Sonic!
  2. Fame Plaza just doesn't have the same ring to it. Another incredible aspect of the illustrious Classic games is the names of their levels.
  3. I'm glad they could stick with Studiopolis. It's fresh while still keeping to the spirit of the amazing Classics.
  4. Also, I just want to address the topic that I praise glorious Classic Sonic too much and denigrate the 3D era. I know this is hard for a lot of Sonic fans to accept, but Modern Sonic is so inferior to Classic Sonic that it's blindingly obvious. The Classic series had far superior gameplay, level design, art syle, music and were revolutionary, changing the gaming landscape permamently. The best of 3D Sonic is mediocre at best. Everyone outside the hardcore fanbase knows this, but for some reason, some of the hardcore fans are in complete denial about it. I understand if you personally prefer the 3D titles, but you have to accept that the Classic titles are so obviously better. The Trump analogy Azoo used is completely absurd and I'm going to be outright confrontional, I won't just sit and be compared with the most regressive man in Western Politics. Even if it is just by association with old, bigoted voters. I mean, come the fuck on. This is a far better analogy. There's an anime that ran for three seasons and it's groundbreaking. It's technically a marvel and sets a new gold standard for anime going forward. However, in the fourth season, the show completely changes direction and is worse in every conceivable way. Not only does it betray the design philosophy of the original three seasons, but it's a massive drop in quality. Many fans would want to see the series truly go back to the design philosophy of the original seasons, the seasons which made the anime a phenomenon in the first place. I find this a perfect analogy to Sonic. We haven't had a mainline Classic Sonic game since Sonic and Knuckles and I think it is fucking insanity. Mania is a step in the right direction, but it's not a high budget main release. And you know, I really should be able to express this completely reasonable opinion.
  5. Hyper Sonic was just a fun, cool extra. Not everything needs a deep, hidden secret. Besides, the team could think of some way of building on him.
  6. Stomping makes sense from a gameplay sense as it is more fluid. The main problem with the Modern Gameplay is that it often feels too mechanical and clunky. In fact, I think people like the Adventure gameplay most because it is the most organic. Obviously, Sonic in 3D has never matched the fluidity of glorious Classic Sonic, but the stomp is a step in the right direction.
  7. The illustrious Classic Sonic games don't get the recognition they deserve really.

    1. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Dude, you could literally ask any Brit about Sonic 1-3 and they'd tell you they've at least heard about it. 

      Do you want every human being to have played it or something? 

    2. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      illustrious - Well known, respected and admired for past achievements.

      The well known, respected and admired Classic Sonic games don't get the recognition they deserve really.

    3. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      PS: you do realise Illustrious means something that is well known and respected right? Quite an oxymoron there. 

    4. The Master

      The Master

      Read any reviews in the last 10 years? They just say Sonic is having a hard time blah blah blah the classics are the best. We get it. Don't become a broken record.

    5. Pixel


      I used a synonym for glorious :P 

    6. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      They're pretty much the only ones that get recognition tho.

    7. FriendBot


      Top 10 Biggest Lies 

    8. TheOcelot


      Well Mania is a good start :D

    9. Milo


      Considering how games like Sonic 4 (in regards to that being a disappointment) and the Boom games (in regards to being another Sonic 2006-tier screwup) has prompted people to think the classic games (and thus Sonic in general) were never good, I'd say Pixel kinda has a point.

  8. Yeah, the main point of bringing up Fang was to disprove Diogenes' point about the Hyper forms being non-obscure. Fang is an obscure character, but he's appeared in numerous spinoffs and has been referenced in Generations and now Mania. Meanwhile, Hyper forms have only appeared as a secret when Sonic 3 is locked on with Sonic and Knuckles and have never been referred to since. It's clear that the Hyper forms are far more obscure than Fang and are very obscure by extension (as Fang is obscure as is). I'd say that as the Hyper forms are so obscure, they'd fit right into Whitehead's habit of incorporating obscure Sonic trivia into his games.
  9. True Classic Sonic had a mix of cute and serious in the glorious Classic titles. The problem with Generations was that he was overwhelmingly cute and cuddly.
  10. Fang was an obscure character, which is why I compared him to Hyper Sonic. It's cool to see him back though.
  11. They obscure so far as they've only ever been used as a secret unlockable when you lock Sonic 3 to Sonic and Knuckles, and have never been referred to ever since then. That's pretty damn obscure to me. Far more obscure than Fang the Sniper, who's very possibly cameoing in the game and a lot of people are surprised by that.
  12. It fits with their constant references to obscure aspects of Classic Sonic is the point. But we'll only know for sure when Mania releases.
  13. It's very likely considering that he's consistently been making every conceivable obscure reference to the Classic titles he can, going as far as to reincorporate beta animations. Considering his track record, it would honestly be more unexpected that Hyper Forms don't appear (even if the Super Emeralds don't). The Hyper Forms just fit right into what he's been previously doing.
  14. Sorry, but what do you actually do for SEGA? You are a nobody as far as I'm concerned, and you seem to get away with all kinds of baiting and trolling, kinds that no other forum user would get away with. It would make sense if you were somewhat well known, like RubyEclipse, but I've never heard of you in my life. Whitehead would include them if he could, it's totally in his style. He's the kind of guy who reincorporates beta animations for crying out loud.
  15. Nah, it's listed as Lava Reef 3 on the level select. I was referring to the Eggman chase. I said the titles not the sprites, you pumpkin Look at CD's opening and the promotional art
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