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  1. Hi, everyone! Thanks for playing my game, and thanks for all the feedback! With this game, I wanted to try a different interpretation of CD's special stages. Something with the same art style and aesthetic, but different to play. Something faster and focused around collecting rings like a traditional Sonic special stage with some arcadey elements thrown in. It's definitely not going to appeal to everyone, especially people more fond of the original game, but I had fun making it. It's fun to experiment with things every now and then. The boss was something I thought would be neat to serve as some sort of climax to the whole game, but nothing too complicated. Maybe it should've been less predictable, but I also didn't want it doing crazy attacks that would be hard to avoid with this movement style. PROTIP THAT I REALLY SHOULD'VE MADE MORE OBVIOUS THAN A SINGLE LINE IN THE README FILE: You can hold Shift or LT/RT while turning to turn more sharply around corners, kinda like Sonic R. I feel bad leaving that a mystery in-game, because it's a lot harder to control without it.
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