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  1. Carbo is pregnant and I'm the father. Sean will be so proud. ;w;

    1. Komodin


      ... Eh, I've seen weirder.

    2. Crabigail


      I didn't ask for that! I demand a congratulations! )^:<

  2. http://t.co/swWrw1foKh I have a problem and it's tiny and cute
  3. Senran Kagura is a game with actual plot

    1. Komodin


      ... It has a plot?

    2. Crabigail


      What a surprise, eh?

    3. Komodin
  4. K-K-Kaiji-san!

  5. I forgot how to participate in a community, please give me pointers and call me bad names.

    1. Jeffhog


      bad toast we hate you you butt don't be a butt when you post bad toast <3

    2. Crabigail


      Thanks Vizard. I knew I could count on you.

  6. A world without Dead Meat is a world without good entertainment

    1. Komodin


      Well, yeah. Who would want to actually eat live meat?

    2. Crabigail


      People that don't want to fund Dead Meat

  7. It's over. It's all over. And it ended in the most perfect way possible.

    1. Sean
    2. Diz


      I just got home from work. What happened?

    3. Tracker_TD


      @Diz Breaking Bad I assume.

    4. Jeffhog
  8. I probably wouldn't place my finger on the ideal that Jesse would be considered "family" to Walt anymore, since this entire last half of the season has been focused on the tension between them. Because of Walt's actions a la the Heisenberg personality, he's become more of a monster than a father-figure in Jesse's eyes. Even Aaron Paul has confirmed that Walt was supposed to play a sort of fatherly role for Jesse, but because of how dangerous and egotistical he is, Jesse sought out solace in Mike. After Mike's death, Jesse finally opened his eyes and saw that Walt was just completely engulfed in the Heisenberg persona, he was no longer his true self. Getting the truth from Saul about Walt poisoning Brock was just the cherry on the proverbial ice cream sundae. And it enraged Jesse even more, that his own partner would even consider going out with such a sick and twisted procedure of poisoning a child. At this point, this is when Jesse basically gives up on everything and tosses his filthy blood money out on the streets. He no longer desires wealth, he helped Walt KILL people to make this money. He is drowning in a bottomless ocean of guilt and shame. Helping Hank was the only thing he could do to redeem himself, but even that ended in vain. And because of Jesse trying to turn Walt in, this is where everything just turns even uglier than before. This is where they are no longer that dynamic duo of meth cooks. Jesse wants Walt gone for good, and Walt (as Heisenberg) just wants Jesse dead. If watching the Schwartz' interview on TV made Walt realize something about himself, going back for Jesse may not be an option. Jesse loathes him for everything he's put him through. Jane and Andrea's death are all Walt's fault, and Jesse pretty much has nothing to live for anymore at this point. Walt has practically taken Jesse's life and smashed it in front of him, there will be no forgiveness whatsoever, and Walt probably knows this. If Walt does happen to save Jesse from Jack and his gang, I can totally expect Jesse killing Walt in the end. But, if Walt does't save Jesse, then well... I guess I could probably see that one coming too. Here's to hoping Walt somehow redeems himself in the final episode. I am not expecting a happy ending, but I certainly expect that this final episode will be some sort of "logical conclusion" to all of these fucked up events. God I love this series.
  9. I watched Ozymandias with Carbo this morning and I was kinda half-asleep and hesitant on watching it because I was really tired, but I pushed myself to plop onto the sofa and watch the episode with him. Sure enough, not even five minutes in, I was wide awake and already shaking with from the chain of events going on. If you didn't hate Walter White's guts by now, Ozymandias made sure you did. I can't say I'm really on anyone's side anymore, but I am still very interested in what Walt will do now since he's the one who dragged everyone into this mess in the first place. I am very eager to see what the star anti-villain of Breaking Bad will do for the remaining two episodes. And well, as for Jesse? I feel bad for the guy. I can understand that he desired revenge, but because he was so blinded by the thought of finally giving Walt what he deserves, he never really gave himself the time to really think things through. Although, he wasn't really much of a thinker in the first place; always depending on Walt to come through with some kind of plan. I actually hope Jesse can manage to escape and live for the ending of the series, but I can't bet on that happening considering the conditions and possibilities. Also, I was really upset when Skylar was forced into telling Walt Jr. everything. I can't say it's a relateable situation since I highly doubt anyone has had to learn of their father's deep dark secret of working as a methamphetamine cook and their mother's involvement in money laundering, but it's relateable in the sense that you feel lied and cheated to. They say children are cruel? Man, parents can be just as baffling and horrifying. My heart sank even more when Walt Jr. called the police though. It was right then and there, that we finally see the White family collapsing for good.
  10. I don't think I can handle watching this series anymore. The way that episode ended is going to prevent me from sleeping tonight, and maybe for the rest of the week. I MUST see the next episode!! I'm placing bets that them Aryan dudes will have Hank killed
  11. GOD DAMN HANK GOT CORNERED GOOD. Well played man, well played! I am losing my shit over this. It's getting hella INTENSE.
  12. Did anyone catch the latest episode yesterday? Gosh darn that was some intense stuff as usual! I wonder how Walt is going to weasel himself out of this predicament, if he can.
  13. The series isn't supposed to be pleasant since it's literally just "dying man wants to make mad cash the only way he can", and with a premise like that you can expect there will be a lot of terrifying scenarios and heart-racing situations. The scary characters kind of reflects just how serious and dangerous drug businesses can really be, and Tuco is merely an introduction. As you delve further into the series, you'll experience more frightening figures and crazy-ass twists. Also, The little snippets of humour sprinkled all throughout the show are also really great and it's amazing how it actually helps rather than hurts.
  14. Please do! Breaking Bad is an incredible series and each episode will literally have you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Fair warning though, it can get really morbid and somewhat grotesque, so if you're really squeamish you might get grossed out within the first few episodes. Also, you might find yourself getting extremely angry with the characters ahaha... But yes, it's always good to have more people getting into Breaking Bad, this thread needs some life!
  15. I think it's time to revive the thread. AMC just aired the first new episode for season 5 last night and I hope some of you guys saw it, because hot damn that was some intense stuff!
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