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  1. Merry Christmas everyone :)

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      Merry Christmas!

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      Merry Christmas

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      Merry Christmas!

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      Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Age: 20 Gender: Female Home Country: Australia 1. Have you ever been to the United States? No. 1a. If so why (business, vacation, study abroad program, visiting relatives, etc.)? - 1b. How long were you there (If you have been to the US more than once please list the longest period you were there)? - 1c. Which state(s) did you visit? - 1d. How would you describe your experience? Was it positive or negative? Did anything stick out as being good, bad, unusual, or unexpected? - 2. Do you have any relatives living in the United States? No. 3. What is the general attitude towards the United States where you live? Some like it, others don’t. Mixed. 3a. What are your personal feelings towards the United States? Personally I am Ok with the US. A country that is alike to my own. 4. What stereotypes of Americans are commonly found in your home country? Very loud. 5. It’s commonly said in the United States that America has no culture of its own but is instead a mish-mash of various other cultures. What is your opinion of this statement? Is there anything that you would consider unique to American culture? I find the love and seen importance of guns as a part of American culture (although not all accept this practice of course). 6. How familiar are you with the American political system? Are you aware of concepts such as the branches of government, the Bill of Rights, and the federal system? Somewhat familiar. 7. As you have probably already heard the United States is currently in the middle of a presidential election. Have you been following the election at all? I did not really follow the election but did look if I’d happen to come across related things on social media or told by friends. I did take interest on the final day however. 7a. If so what is your opinion of Donald Trump? I do not think he is fit to be president. He has the ability to ruin the country and its connections (relationships) to other countries. 7b. What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton? I do not know much, other than she hasn’t had the best history. But has the experience. 7c. If you could vote in the election do you have any idea which one you would cast your vote for? Would you vote for a third party? Abstain from the election altogether? I would probably vote for Hilary. She at least seems better than Trump and no one else appears to have a chance. 8. America has two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, how familiar are you with these parties and their ideologies? Not that familiar. 9. The United States has earned itself the nickname of “the world’s policeman” due to its habit of getting involved in other countries’ affairs. Do you think America should continue to intervene in foreign conflicts, or should it let other nations solve their problems themselves? Only go in if the situation in some way involves them, or invited in. There are some situations that should be solved by themselves. 10. Do you think that there is anything America could learn from your country’s culture or political system? Is there anything that you think your country could learn from America’s culture or political system? Can’t think of any.
  3. I’m starting to wonder if some of the scenes in the first footage are actually flashbacks that are used as Link learns what had happened to Hyrule and before he was put to sleep. The 2 scenes with what could be Zelda, one might be in the past and the other in present time. Could go the same with the scenes where the Master sword is shown as just before the “bird” appears Link does not appear to have the Sheikah Slate. Just a thought though.
  4. I love that there is a Jungle! Honestly I wonder what these Timeline theorists are thinking right about now with the Twilight Princess Castle town alongside the other pointers to other parts of the timeline. Frustrating lol
  5. Wow! This is a much darker teaser than I would have expected for this movie. I wonder how much it will hold up in the movie itself. A nice showcase for the time being. Loving the realistic lighting Pixar has been using as of late. Curious and Hyped for this one!
  6. Good morning, Good afternoon and for me Goodnight!

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      Good night!

      Even though, it's morning for me.

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      Night, buddy!

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      Good morning and good night to you! :) 

  7. Well... I haven’t been a part of any sort of Forum board for a few years so I thought of finding some based around video game interests and see how things go and so here I am! I have been lurking around here for the past month or so to see how things are and decided yup I should make an account and adventure on wards. Anyways Hello all! I am Snowie, and I’ve been a Sonic fan since I pretty started playing on Home consoles and being handed a bunch of different games for the PS2, one of them being Sonic Heroes and that’s where it began and continued to play with Sonic Adventures DX. I have had a few ‘Breaks’ from the series mainly after Heroes to Unleashed and Colours to Boom ROL and have now decided to get back in even though I’m maintained a soft spot for series since discovering it and now hope to go through these that I’ve missed as I am an absolute nut at the moment. Outside of the games I have just recently started to read the Archie comics and although I haven’t gotten so far I am enjoying them and even watched a bit of the TV shows recently. About me, I love platformers and adventure games and I am also a big Zelda fan as well. I have a strong interest for animals and have even studied to become a Veterinary Nurse for at least 3 years though due to issues, I am recently starting to take more interest in Animation or Video game development instead. I’m a bit more of the quiet type of person at the start but hope to break out of my shell as time goes on. That’s all I’ve got up my sleeve at the moment. Nice to meet you all!
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