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  1. Cartoon Network promoted the vote! But, they also completely ignored the fact that they had more than one show nominated. Rude. Maybe they just consider it a Boomerang show at this point.
  2. Oh right, I forgot to mention: For some reason, you're allowed to vote for the same category 10 times a day. I have no idea why. So, you know what to do:
  3. Well, votes can be cast here: Like Nepenthe said, the odds aren't exactly with us here, but I suppose there's no harm in voting.
  4. Watching people react to Sonic Forces has made me realize that I may have been unfair to Paper Mario: Color Splash.

  5. I care very much about the lore, and that's precisely why this trailer made me super hyped. I can't wait to see what they do with this.
  6. So the new villain is named "Infinity". I guess that's what they meant by that "Fun is infinite" clue.
  7. I liked that spider robot chase at the end.
  8. I really love that the characters are going to be talking during the levels. I always found it weird when games would have their characters go through some fantastic experience, and remain silent the whole time. It's like, "Dude, you just saw something explode (or something)! Why aren't you reacting to that!" I always thought that the in-level dialogue in Sonic Heroes made the characters feel more real. When they saw a giant mushroom, they would comment on the giant mushroom, because a giant mushroom is something that's conversation-worthy. I like it.
  9. Seriously. I don't like it either, but if you Google "Sonic" right now, the third article that comes up is called "Sonic Forces lets you make your own character, you probably can’t do worse than the people paid to do it". Somehow, despite it being, like, almost a decade since anyone else was playable in any sort of capacity, this franchise still has the "Sonic's s*%#y friends" stereotype. It sucks, and I really want the other characters to be playable again, but at this point I'm willing to take Buddy for now, just because he's not Sonic. I'm just hoping that the other characters are important in the story, and don't get Pontaffed again.
  10. You absolutely can deny that a good game is good. Have you seen IGN's review of Sonic Adventure? They said that the game had 2D-Sidescrolling sections in it. Unless I'm misremembering Sonic Adventure right now, I'm pretty sure that game didn't have any 2D-Sidescrolling sections. So, they either didn't know what a 2D-Sidescroller was, or they were straight-up lying to their readers. (Or I'm misremembering Sonic Adventure right now, which would be super embarrassing for me.) I think they also used the term "boost" at some point in the review, but I can forgive them a little bit for that, since it might not be as well-known as a term.
  11. This game is really weird for me, because it seems like every time they announce something that gets me hyped, they immediately announce something else that I don't want. The first trailer had the darker tone, but then immediately announced Classic Sonic. The first gameplay had the boost (which I like well enough), but then immediately brought back the Wisps. This trailer finally announced a playable character that isn't Sonic, and then I immediately found out that Graff is back! In a way, I guess this may be the one of the most interesting games I've ever followed pre-release, because I still don't know if I'm hyped or not. I guess I am. Somehow. (Seriously, why on Earth would they bring Graff back? Does he have a really long contract or something?)
  12. I'm kinda hoping for a character creator. I think it could be fun.