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  1. If you're worried about the discussion becoming too dismissive, then I feel like you're going about this the wrong way. People expressing their opinions does not mean that they are dismissing other people's opinions, it just means that they differ. If someone were to say something like, "Oh yeah? Well, you liked Sonic Adventure, so you're not allowed to talk!" that would be dismissive. But someone simply saying, "I, personally, didn't like Sonic X" or even "I think the majority of people disliked Marine the Racoon" are absolutely not dismissive at all. You know what is kinda dismissive though? Claiming that Lost World was "universally hated". Not "disliked by many", but "hated by all". That's pretty dismissive.
  2. I'm not sure if this is known yet, and I'm too afraid of spoilers to look through this thread to find out, but I just checked the Cartoon Network app, and the entire Sonic Boom section is gone. It's not showing up at all, even in that opening animation where it shows you "Your favorite shows". I was able to find three episodes under the "Unlocked Full Episodes" list, but, as far as I can tell, that is the only reference to the show in the app right now. I hope it's just a glitch.
  3. I was going to post this in a topic, but I thought it was too off-topic:

    There's something about Eggman's characterization that's interested me lately. Ok, so you know that one Sonic plot that they keep on doing? Eggman summons monster, monster turns on Eggman, Eggman either teams up with the good guys, or at least ignores them to attack the monster, until Sonic finally goes in for the kill. It's the same plot they did (more or less) in Adventure, Adventure 2, Heroes, '06, Battle, Unleashed, Advanced 3, and maybe some others I can't think of right now.

    Now, correct me if I'm wrong, and I think that there's a very good chance that I'm wrong, but was Sonic Lost World the first time that Eggman betrayed the heroes after the monster of the week turned on him? Like, I know he's been deceitful before, but I feel like he usually gets pretty honest once he's lost control of the situation. He tries to take out Chaos, he helps prevent the Ark from crashing into Earth, he directs the attack against Metal Sonic, and he helped Sonic fight whoever the final boss of Sonic Advanced 3 was (I can't remember, I never played the game). And in all those situations, Eggman always left quietly when the situation was dealt with.

    So, was Lost World the first time Eggman betrayed the heroes after the monster of the week was taken care of? And if so, what does that say about his character? Is he becoming more underhanded? Was he always that underhanded, and I just forgot those examples? Or am I reading too much into this?

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Never played LW so i wouldn't know. But if this is true then i wouldn't quite write off the possibility of some big twist coming up.

      If there's one thing wrestling has taught me about aspects like this is to not rule anything out no matter how predictable.

    2. VEDJ-F


      Not the first time, Chronicles did the same trick too. 

      That made Lost World look like a master at writing in comparison though, so I don't blame you for forgetting it. 

  4. I just zoomed in a little on that screenshot, and has anyone else noticed that his arms don't cleanly attach to his torso? It's pretty noticeable with his right arm especially. It probably won't be visible in the actual game, but it looks pretty weird in this shot.
  5. If the desertification is supposed to be caused by Eggman, then I can't help but feel like it's not a dramatic enough change to really sell it. Like, sure, there's sand now, but it really doesn't look like the area is any worse off for it. Everything is still lush and green. Shouldn't the vegetation be dying or something? I'm not really feeling the impact here.
  6. Ok. Well he went 93 billion light-years faster than an instant, and that didn't happen. Unless Sonic has went 94 billion light-years faster that an instant, I fail to see how that's relevant. Edit: This isn't worth it, I'm done.
  7. The Flash once crossed the universe faster that instant teleportation. The size of the observable universe is 93 billion light-years in diameter. It's not even close. Edit: I can't believe I got sucked back into this conversation.
  8. I don't think I've seen this pointed out yet, but the signpost at the end had Classic Eggman on it. I guess that means that either this level takes place in the past, or that Classic Eggman is coming to the present again. Or it doesn't mean anything. Thoughts?
  9. There is. It slows you down and makes you lose your momentum, because you didn't jump for the ledge in time. I said that in my first comment, remember?
  10. I, uhh. I definitely think that's a bit of an extreme conclusion to come to. Well, I guess technically it teaches the player to watch out for hidden springs (which, again, I really wish they weren't hidden).
  11. Yes, but this punishes you slightly less. I guess they prioritized keeping the flow in this scenario, will still making sure that there was room for the player to improve. Look, I'm not thrilled about all the springs, but at least it looks like they put some thought into it.
  12. I really didn't like the hidden springs placed before those small ledges, but then I noticed how much of your momentum they take from you. You'll only hit those springs if you don't jump for the ledge on your own in time, and the game punishes you for that. But, dang, I really wish the springs weren't hidden.
  13. That was a reboot? But it had a bunch of already established characters in it, it didn't explain any of them, it didn't contradict any established canon (except for Blaze, for some reason), and it wiped itself out of the timeline at the end. I checked the Wikipedia page and it doesn't have a source for it being a reboot. Was that said in an interview or something?
  14. Can confirm. Every time they announce a game that doesn't look like something I'd be into, I'm generally ok with it. I figure, "This is Sonic Team, so they'll probably have a completely different kind of game next time, and I'll just hope the next one is something I'll like." If they did a reboot, and it wasn't what I wanted in a Sonic game, I would be much less accepting of it. A reboot, to me, would imply much more commitment to what they're doing. So, if I didn't like what they're doing, I would feel super alienated. Edit: Plus, I happen to like this continuity.
  15. What you have is a "No Limits Fallacy". Even if we've never seen Sonic's top speed (which is already a bit of a stretch), that does not mean that we're allowed to assume that his top speed is whatever we want it to be. Until there is evidence otherwise, Sonic's top speed is assumed to be his his, well, top speed. No more, no less.