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  1. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    Tumblr tags: sonic forces prequel comic ian flynncan we all just agree silver at this point is a time cop of sorts?some sort of cataclysm befalls the future?here comes future boygoing to knuckles too of all peoplewould this make silver the second in command of the resistance?*thinking sounds* So, Silver may be the second in command.
  2. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    I’m just thrilled that Sonic Team remembers Pachacamac’s village. We finally have continuity again!
  3. If I cared about how well received a game was, I wouldn't be in this fanbase. Heck, caring about the critics is what kept me out of this fanbase through Colors and Generations (they did not like those games). Eventually I stop putting so much stock in the opinions of others, and started looking for games that I would like. And the rest is (incredibly over-simplified) history.
  4. “Hey, there’s some new Forces news, I wonder what the fine people at the Sonic Stadium Message Board think about it.”


    ”They’re debating whether opinions are facts. Of course they are.”

    (I really do like the discussions here, but we go off on some weird tangets)

  5. How I play Breath of the Wild:

    Search through Hyrule Field for that last picture (which may or may not actually be there, please don’t tell me).

    Try and avoid enemies for the sake of time.

    Get in fights anyway because they like to spawn on top of you.

    Tediously try to beat them using only bombs because the game punishes you for using anything else.

    Have it start raining on you, and use this time to make a sandwich or take out the trash IRL, because rain in this game grinds exploration to a hault.

    Go to bed eventually, still having not found the last picture, despite meticulously marking all the places on your map where it’s not located.

    Wait about a month before you touch the game again.


    I swear, I’ll go after Ganon as soon as I find that stupid picture.

    1. Blacklightning



      Tediously try to beat them using only bombs because the game punishes you for using anything else.

      What? Bombs are piss weak against most enemies. If anything the opposite is true =\

    2. Kellan


      @Blacklightning Yes, but they’re the only thing in the game that doesn’t break. So, it’s either use the sword you only have 10 swings of, or save those swings for something important and take out this teleporting ninja with bombs. Guardians and Lynels are pretty much the only normal enemy in the game I don’t try to use bombs on.

    3. Blacklightning


      Considering most enemies short of a wild octorok drop at least one weapon on death, it's kinda hard to believe you're that short on weapons. Hell, my last self-imposed challenge was to use them as throwing weapons only, and I still managed with that =V

    4. Kellan


      It’s not that I’m short on weapons, it’s that all the weapons I have are better than what they’d drop. Why would I use my critical hit royal greatsword on something that’s just going to drop a dragon bone club or a wind-cleaver? Basically, I consider all my weapons too nice to ever actually use.



      At least the Master Sword comes back, but it takes so long to do so, that I usually save it for guardians anyway.


    5. Blacklightning


      That's why I always keep a slot or two free for the more disposable weapons whenever I can help it. Sure, my inventory sometimes overflows whenever something drops a bunch of awesome crap at once and have to use one to make room, but honestly as long as I have enough backup gear to take down a Lynel at a moment's notice that's way more than enough for me.

      If you're going with the conservative approach anyway though, you tried using Magnesis? You might be surprised at the kind of damage you can inflict just by rubbing a metal box against someone.

    6. Captain Fun

      Captain Fun

      Because you can get more stuff later. You're not meant to be attached to your weapons. 

    7. Zaysho


      I usually stake out areas that spawn strong enemies or that have the best weapons (at the base of the Tabantha tower I can easily pick up a Royal Claymore whenever I break the one I have) so I can always go and reload after the Blood Moon. It sucks losing an awesome weapon, but over time the weapon breaking bugged me less and I've expanded my inventory enough I can hold onto the best stuff while I burn through other stuff. Honestly, sometimes I can't get rid of certain weapons fast enough.

    8. Kellan


      @Blacklightning I do use Magnesis when I can, but it doesn’t seem to come up that often. It is super fun when they give me something metal to whack them with, though.

      @Captain Fun If they didn’t want me to become attached to a sword, they shouldn’t have given me a sword made out of fire. That is way too awesome to use on anything short of a boss. Or a miniboss, if I’m running out of stuff. Usually duplicates go first in that scenario.

      @Zaysho I had a place where I could get Royal Claymores, but then I got one that was stronger than usual. Now I can’t use that one because the one I get to replace it won’t be as good, so it’ll just be wasted on any regular enemy. I could try and get a second one, but then that becomes a duplicate, and my (figuratively) obsessive compulsive mind marks the duplicate as having a lower value. So then I get an ice sword or something, and the regular royal claymore is the first one discarded. So, now my inventory is full again, and I don’t have any weapons I consider disposable enough to use.


      The sad thing is, I’ve already upgraded my weapon slots so many times. I have more than 40 Korok Seeds right now, but I’m not even sure if they’d even end up helping me. I’d probably just fill up those slots too, and just go right back to bombs.

    9. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      @Kellan: Here's a challenge: try and get rid of those high level weapons with the common enemy mooks. It's a lot harder than you think.

      The game progresses depending on how many enemies you kill, as well. Normal bokoblins become white bokoblins with rubies and sapphires, higher level weapons become the "common" weapons that enemy camps use, and you get more loot and weapons overall by raiding enemy camps in the first place.

      Its better to betray your instincts and go with the flow, honestly. Trying to maximize efficiency is all well and good if you're deciding between your fire sword and a rusty claymore for a red bokoblin, but avoiding combat entirely because you have to decide between fire or lightning swords, and resorting to items that are tedious but "efficient", really is just ruining the game for yourself, honestly. There's a lot more fire and lightning swords where they came from, especially if your inventory is full of them. Just use them for what they're meant for and wreck some fools in the process.

    10. Kellan


      I appreciate the advice, but I don’t think I’ll be able to turn off that part of my brain that tells me to be efficient. It’s been too finely trained by survival horror games that teach you save your ammo, or else. And I don’t think I’m the one ruining the game here. Well, I am, I definitely am, but what did they expect? If they wanted me to use the weapons all willy-nilly for the common mooks, then why did they make them breakable in the first place? Like, I still know I’m playing this game wrong, and in a way they didn’t intend, but I’m just working with the tools they give me.

      *Sigh* Ok, now that I’ve got that out. I’ll try and use those weapons. I’ve got to do something to mix it up while looking for that last picture. Thanks for the advice everyone.

  6. This may be a weird thing to gush about, but I LOVE the cutscene-accompaniment music in Sonic and the Black Knight. Like, I think the cutscene music in Sonic and the Black Knight is the best cutscene music we've ever had in this series.

    Not that there's much competition, I guess. But it's still really good.

    1. Ferno


      can we have jun back as the lead music guy of another original non-compilation game, i miss that dude

    2. Kellan


      I miss him too. Maybe he'll come back one day, bringing with him cinematic scores, reoccurring musical themes, and an awesome Crush 40 theme song and/or boss theme. We can only hope.

      (Although, it's still possible that we'll get the boss theme in Forces. Fingers crossed!)

    3. Izuku Deku Midoriya

      Izuku Deku Midoriya

      I would argue that Adventure 2 has the best cutscene music in the entire franchise, but I do remember enjoying Black Knight cutscene music.

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Didn't Richard Jacques compose Black Knight's non-vocal themes, though?

    5. Zaysho


      Jacques only did a handful of tracks, IIRC, and most of them were for levels. I'd have to grab my copy of the OST to see which ones he worked on.

    6. Kellan



  7. Aren’t “Fireballs” and “Energy Balls” the same thing? And when was him manipulating time or space confirmed? Also, it seems weird to put the cubes on the confirmed list as its own power. We don’t even know what they do yet. They could end up being a part of his fireballs or hypnosis (if he can do that) or something. Shouldn’t that put them on the unconfirmed list as “possible cube-related power”? Same with the smoke, I guess.
  8. Sonic Forces OST - Aqua Road

    Song kinda reminds me of Seabottom Segue from Lost World. That was my favorite track from that game, so this is hitting all the right notes for me. No pun intended.
  9. I don’t know if that Sonic Forces PlayStation trophy leak is legit or not, but I do know that I don’t want to see it. I’m probably going to get off of the upcoming games board for a little bit. See you guys!

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's legit. No doubt about it. I suggest that you install a spoiler blocker extension for your browser - you won't have to avoid certain websites that way.

    2. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      It's absolutely legit.

      PSN Profiles pulls the trophy data from the servers once it's live...


      Wait... that means the game is on There!

    3. Kellan


      Thanks for the info, guys. Have fun discussing!

  10. I’d wanted to watch the Japanese version of Sonic X for long time. I finally got Hulu, so I’ve been able to do that.

    I just finished the show, and I forgot how good season 3 was!

    I also forgot how sad it was. How very, very sad it was. I’m… I’m just going to lie down for a while.

  11. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    The way I interpreted it was that they were still trying to decide internally if they were going to bring those characters back. I think the Town Hall was for the purposes of gauging interests in various topics, so that they’d know what the people want to see in a new comic.
  12. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    They never confirmed that there won’t be Freedom Fighters. Or that there wouldn’t be Sally (not sure why you listed them separately).
  13. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    No, I was expecting to learn something about the upcoming comic. We got Flynn back, which is nice, but it seems like they were dodging every other topic. We just got a bunch of "Stay tuned".
  14. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    So, I made my pic this shadowy version of Tails when the Archie comics were cancelled. I had planned to change it back when we got some solid information about the new comic. I guess that's not happening today.
  15. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    I’ve already bought it. As soon as I saw that first trailer, with the city on fire and Sonic finally looking like he gives a darn, I knew I was going to get this game. The Classic showed up, and I was unsure again, but they’ve won me back since then. Though, I’m still not happy with Graff coming back. I’m just hoping they finally step it up with the story. I’m already convinced that I’ll probably like everything else in this game. It looks fun, the graphics are good, and the music is rockin’. So, the only thing left that concerns me is also the part that I’m the most hyped about: the story. Let’s just hope they finally get it right.