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    Hey! I do voice acting on youtube! I'm a member of Youtube Voice Actors on facebook and so far I have auditioned for Amy Rose (twice), Bunnie Rabbot and a Fortune Teller. So far, I've only got the part of the Fortune Teller...

    I'm the founder of the 'Restore the Sonic Fandom 2012' campaign! That means I don't hate on anyone, any characters, shippings, games or 'canon' (Seriously, enough of the AmericaVSJapan) and I like other stuff too! I just got back into the fandom (I had forgotten about since the age of 8) and like drawing anthro. I also draw other styles too though!

    Repairing the sonic fanbase's reputation since 2012.
    PLEASE understand, I am not another fanbrat. I support all characters and almost every pairing I like (or at least respect) so don't judge before you know! I'm even friends with haters and lovers of different characters, but that's because I find them nice people, not the fact they hate. Ok, ok, I'll shut up now. I have many interests!

    Love Anime, Danny phantom, SONIC the hedge'hunk', Half Life Series, Violent sci-fi style video games but only if they have an ACTUAL STORY, Spryo <3 and much more!

    I don't just draw sonic. I'm doing my own anime manga after this Sonic Comic. I'll vary between the two. Oh, did I mention I like Avatar: the last airbender?
    (And the hunger games, murder novels, mysteries, teen spy books, teen comedy *georgia nicholson, hello?* and reading in general. Even a bit of dark romance, as long as there is plenty of mystery and the romance isn't overblown)

    Love SonAmy and all the old cartoons but do original drawings of my own anime shortly, after I'm finished doing a SonAmy comic...Oh. It includes Kenally and a hint of Knuxley! (I don't care for SEGA characterxOC so this is just a few hints and tension. Won't make it into anything!)

    Oh...hey, I like Sonaze too, so don't come crying that I promise and don't deliver! You'll see Sonaze and MAYBE just MAYBE some Sonally action. Hey, they weren't that
    bad if we just stick to the satam version!

    Love emerald green and purple. Sunset orange too. Make a youtube show in my spare time called Always Smiling Cheesy show completely unrelated. This just fills the rest of my time up. Play guitar, but not very well. Used to play the flute. I also have won quite a few angling trophies in my time! I <3 Fishing, no matter what ANYONE says! I used to do dancing years ago and did a couple assessments and competitions, but that's not really my thing anymore. I <3 Collage work! xxxMissMisteriousxxx
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  1. Wondering who Amethyst is? Ever heard of SoulxThexCat on DA aka ShadowxFangirl on Youtube? Look. Stare. Drool.

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      I'll pass thanks.

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      No, thank you.

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      show us her then i'll believe you.

  2. I don't know if these have already been posted, but do you expect me to go through 44 pages worth of discussion? And my favourite...Gordon Freeman! [media=] Any other half life fans out there? Edit: I forgot...How could I leave this out???
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