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  1. Also, about the story, I find the story of 2-3&K better than most of the 3D games. Sonic and tails dashing up the collapsing sky sanctuary and just barely boarding the deathegg is so badass.
  2. In 3&K, acts have different art, and music tracks to make them different, which makes them different. For realisticness, I actually enjoy the classic games more. Even if they are more cartoony, it's a game about a talking blue hedgehog fighting an evil fat egg scientist. Not trying to start a modern vs classic war, just stating Why I'm more of a classic guy. As for the boring part, Iactually can't explain that, I just get kinda bored in some parts Of modern sonic games.
  3. I'm a fan of running bosses when they aren't all of the bosses and are done right. The mushroom hill boss, eggman laser chase and egg man getaway in deathegg are all super fun.
  4. For me, I have fun the entire time in the 2D games, but in most the 3D games, I get bored or other stuff (basically what molul said) I also love how big and connect the worlds are, at least for 3&K with the connecting zones and acts, making it feel like a grand world and adventure.
  5. If they are gonna have a sonic robot with a ton of upgraded equipment, they should totally make it Mecha sonic. It would be awesome if Metal Sonic is in Sonics game, and Mecha Sonic + Egg Robo are back for Knuckles? That would be really cool!
  6. The idea of a walker kind of reminds me of palm tree panic. We know this level gets ideas from emerald hill, so maybe that's where the design is from.
  7. Well, I also mean stuff like angel island act 1 dropping bombs angel island act 2 boss shoots more ice cap act 2 moving the platform towards him and other stuff like this
  8. It probably varies Some knuckles bosses are the same, but in a different place as he is forced to go his own route. It could be a harder version than sonic. Or, it's a completely different boss. I'm gonna guess the first option for act one, I don't think there were any harder mid bosses in 3&K
  9. I agree, and really hope this happens. Hopefully we will find out if there will be one or not on march 16
  10. Also guys, I have noticied something. Sonic starts over what looks to be a sewer kind of hatch in Studiopolis zone. Could this be linked to the transition?
  11. Plot was comfirmed like 3&K. With a plot that's good but not super in depth, with transitions between zones and such.
  12. I think we will see... The release date New zone or act MAYBE a zone count
  13. Well you will probably get one on the 16th.
  14. By the way for those who do not know, we are getting new news updates on Mania and 2017 March 16!