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  1. It could very well be this. Also, for people who are upset about the delay, fear not. We will probably be getting a release date around April or May, as I would expect to get one before summer, as the games release right now is just summer, which could mean as early as June or as late as August (Although i'm expecting a early-mid july release myself.)
  2. This is very true. A lot of my faith for this game comes from the fact of who the developers are.
  3. Exactly, and I don't see why Sonic 4 should be any reason for Little Planet to not appear. The story was left unresolved, so i'm hoping they just forget it exists, or just say this game takes place before Sonic 4.
  4. Since the game is telling a story, they couldn't go from, for example, Green Hill, then appear in stardust speedway to Hydrocity. 3&K style cutscenes, which are confirmed, this wouldn't make since. So I would expect levels from the same game (with the exception of something like flying battery because it's an airship) would appear near similar levels. However, the new zones are open to appear anywhere. But, they could skip levels on the same island, or go to islands in different orders. Sonic and Tails could do a new level, and the Sonic 1 levels ( since the game starts on South Island) and then tails and sonic take the tornado to angel island. This also makes me wonder. The current locations are South Island, Westside Island, Angel Island, Little Planet, and maybe a new island? It would be a cool touch if we found out Mirage Salloon was actually a place in South Island we never went to in Sonic 1, or something like that.
  5. Because at least 5 new zones, so at least 6 old zones. Only having two from one game, like you said, would be un-even.
  6. Taxman said we have not seen Sonic Mania special stages I'm pretty sure. All demos have not had the special rings filled in. And Taxman did confirm at least 1 stage from 3 and Knuckles, but I'm sure there is probably gonna be 2 from each game.
  7. So sonic official is streaming and he responded too two of my questions! What do you think about flying battery - he likes it! whos your favorite hard boiled heavy - heavy big the cat he knew what I was going for on the second one haha. Heavy big the cat comfirmed!
  8. If they add the Zone in, this game will be Aquatic Ruined. Jokes aside, Mystic Cave and Oil Ocean would be interesting picks
  9. Yeah, I'd rather have Hydrocity for water and for Sonic 2, I need Mystic Cave lol
  10. It's not, it's a brand new zone. my theory is, if icecap isn't coming, it's an ice-castle theme, judging by the gear, blue bricks and snow. Would explain the knight heavy too.
  11. While I don't hate ARZ, I would rather have Hydrocity and Mystic Cave
  12. so guys, I have an idea for the new level teaser. So let's say there are copyrights, and we won't be getting ice cap, they would put in a new snow level I would think. so in the image we have what's looks like snow, blue bricks, and a yellow gear. So an ice castle stage? Would explain the knight heavy, gears are found in castles, and blue bricks would fit this theme. (I'm sure there would be snow boarding too.)
  13. Actually, I think Mania is comfirmed to have a story, and if 3&K is anything to go off of, it will probably be awesome.
  14. I would love for them to at the very least say how many zones are going to be in the game. That way, we can figure out how many new+old zones will appear.
  15. Well, we know there are 5 heavies (cape is probably for the heavy on the right) so that's at least 5 new stages. In this case, there has to be at the very least 6 old stages. This would mean that there would be an extra stage from one game, but I don't think that they would have only one of the games have a second stage. However, if there is 2 from each game (10 remastered stages) i'm hoping that there is also more new stages as well. 5 New and 10 Old is NOT 40:60 Ratio. So i'm hoping there is maybe a hidden hard-boiled heavy leader, and eggman's new base for a total of 7 new zones and 10 old zones. I would be good with that, 17 zones would be awesome!