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  1. The all caps make me think something robotic. Perhaps its something about the heavies?
  2. I feel like its too soon to assume anything. He might be forced to say this, as until part 5 comes out, we can't be sure.
  3. Judging by Mighty and Ray's mania mode intro, its likely that their mania mode's are un-cannon. So my guess is it took them a year of development to make 2 characters I guess. I'm very dissapointed.
  4. A very interesting screen. Although both endings of encore mode frustrate me. Can I really call them endings?
  5. A streamer named "Misterteamot" has streamed encore mode completely on twitch. I know this is a spoiler chat but I don't want to spoil it for anyone, if you want to check it out search him up on twitch. All i'm going to say is that im disappointed.
  6. Part of me still hopes for changes to the final boss, but part of me worries that we wont get any changes at all, and the hydrocity transition will stay bad, no final boss changes at all, etc. Although that's my cynical side, I could be very surprised too! Something that confirms this quote was fake, he says he doesn't want to break embargo by showing gameplay, yet breaks the embargo anyway by telling us about it. A little hint that this was fake I guess you could say
  7. A fight against the Titanic Monarch would have been awesome. Like most sonic games, I expected the Phantom Egg to be the Titanic Monarch act 2 boss, and then the Titanic Monarch to be the normal final boss
  8. Ill be honest, Ray and Mighty both seem super good. I feel like Knuckles needs a serious buff if they want him to be as balanced as the other characters, as honestly, he is easily the worst so far. Mighty's defensive capabilities, while not super good for mobility, give him the ability to absolutely cheese bosses. I believe it was stated that his shell can deflect certain projectiles like the elemental shields as well as spikes. This, along with his ground slam's utility, makes him much stronger than Knuckles. Knuckles also has a lower jump, which seems to make him obviously the worst character. I think Tails is fine still, but not in the same league as ray. While Tails flight is protected from above, and is easy to control, is very slow. Even though Ray is very open to attacks in his glide, the fact that he can quickly turn into ball form is very strong. If Ray could somehow go back into gliding after bouncing off an enemy in ball form, he would easily be the most broken character's mobility in general. TL;DR - Mighty's defensive capabilities and Ray's mobility easily make them 2 of the best characters in the game, surpassing Tails and easily surpassing Knuckles. The only character that still competes with them is Sonic, due to the shield abilities and drop dash. Here's a little tier list I thought of, if anyone is interested. A - Sonic, Ray B - Mighty, Tails C - Knuckles What do you all think about the characters, how powerful they are, and what would you do to make Knuckles stronger? (By the way there is one last thing I would like to add. I would definitely consider Sonic & Tails together S tier. You get Tails flight and sonics speed and shield abilities, its very powerful)
  9. I really like the mechanics of encore mode. Unlock new characters in life boxes instead of lives. You can find item boxes to swap both your characters or just the one your playing as Death results in the loss of the character you died as instead of a life And, during a boss fight, loss of a character will let you continue the fight as your other characters, a detail I find very cool.
  10. Here is my list (I will choose a level to represent each main game) - - CLASSIC - Green Hill (Sonic 1) Chemical Plant/Mystic Cave (Sonic 2) Marble Garden/Hydrocity (Sonic 3) Lava Reef/Death Egg (S&K) Stardust Speedway (Sonic CD) Studiopolis (Sonic Mania) - MODERN - Twinkle Park (Adventure) Crazy Gadget (Adventure 2) Seaside Hill (Heroes) Kingdom Valley (Sonic 06) Planet Wisp/Asteroid Coaster (Sonic Colors) Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed) Sky Sanctuary (While technically S&K, it will represent Generations in this, though any stage could work) Frozen Factory (Lost World) Casino Forest (Sonic Forces)
  11. Really hoping they put a stage from Mania in the game. Imagine racing through Press Garden or Studiopolis! (Would probably be studiopolis but any would be good)
  12. I completely agree with you. Hydrocity is my favorite zone in S3, and while I like the idea of going backwards through the zone, I feel like it could have been done much better, as it feels like a real let down compared to Chemical Plant, Flying Battery, and the other old zones which were incredibly creative. I always wish they used more fast paced gimmicks and stage mechanics like you mentioned. I had the idea of a water pressure gauge that launches you depending on when you press the button, or the loops from Death Egg Zone becoming made of bubbles and controllable. What if they even took the idea of the bubbles from the game Celeste and had them launch you quickly in the direction you chose. Besides the gimmicks, act 2 is almost entirely the exact same zone. The beginning is different, but about 80 percent of the stage is a copy and paste. Along with more original level design, I also wish the music was better. The act 2 theme is still great, but after listening to Chemical Plant and Flying Battery act 2, a completely original song with hints of the original act 2 might have made for my favorite song on the entire soundtrack. Still hoping Mighty and Ray get their own Hydrocity act with its own music or it gets re-done in some way in plus, as it was very disappointing for me. This is one zone I really wish had gotten an act 3.
  13. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but in gameplay you can see Sonic jumping from the foreground in encore to get to the other Sonic, which means Mighty respawn is him jumping back onto the map.
  14. I doubt things like new bosses, new story segments, etc would be put in an early update. Its probably just the skins and level design. The new characters are also not in, so anything new that had to be programmed besides Angel Island is not implemented yet.
  15. I'm guessing it will play like the acorn in New Mario Bros. A glide and a double jump boost, but when the double jump is used, the glide is weakened.
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