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  1. Perhaps a magician heavy could go well in a sort of original house of cards or circus level
  2. Guys I just watched the footage. Classic has the drop dash, and why are there speed boosters in front of the speed tunnels? I also see classic loosing all momentum gained from speed boosters shortly after. The physics seem off to me
  3. Making the bubble shield be able to run fast under water, breath under water, and bounce off of water would make it so good for any stage with it.
  4. I hope the Hard Boiled Heavies are either in a Mania sequel, or something else, because I really love their design and the concept of them.
  5. About the time thing with Tee, I asked him how long the longest song is, and he said it has take. Him 12 hours so far. this could mean it's an indepth song or is just a long song
  6. You know what would make it even cooler? At the start of the next Zone, you can see the destroyed airship in the backround
  7. This would be awesome. I also think, for act 2, the sky could get dark (reference to the beta) and there will be a thunderstorm, with flashing lightning in the sky, and maybe some stuff from Sonic 1 8-bit sky base. Also, the flying battery falling apart would be crazy. Fire could be coming out of spots, and the boss could have a time limit, you need to beat him before the ship crashes/explodes
  8. About the whole heavies betray eggman hint, remember, it's just a hint, and it could go a few ways. You could fight eggman, heavy takes him out and you fight him, but than eggman returns into a giant mech, smash the heavy and then comes back to Sonic. We never know what could happen, and I say we shouldn't confirm anything until the game is out.
  9. About the new items, they might end up having 14 special stages again. Would this lead to a new Sonic form? Maybe the super emeralds don't return but Hyper does?
  10. But what if there are more islands? Eastwatch Islands? Northtop Islands?
  11. I'm sure we are gonna get super sonic playable in stages too. Hell, even Sonic 4 had that. I can see super knuckles returning too, as he didn't need to use the super emeralds. Not sure about Tails though. Actually, some of the levels in Sonic 3&K had 2 in each act. I think Marble Garden, Mushroom Hill, and Carnival Night had a lot more though
  12. There will probably be a time attack mode in Mania like in Sonic remastered, which is great for speed running
  13. happening to many. Placeholder im sure
  14. Actually, if we're got 2 from each game, it would make 10, as Sonic 3 stages &Knuckles stages are being counted separately. With maybe around 5-6 new stages, this makes me think we are getting 15-16 stages.
  15. I'm actually debating on it for a few reasons. I really want to, but I want to play the game right when it comes out, and not have to wait for it to be delivered xD Do you guys think I should get it? Maybe I should get it for PC and then just buy the Switch version too? I'm going to get both eventually. What do you all think?