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  1. What else could it be? Angel Island badnik is in chemical plant, so thats probably out Marble garden running pillar is in Stardust Speedway Carnival Night is out because they are already 3 nighttime city levels, and studiopolis is sort of a tv/city/bouncy level That only leaves Hydrocity, Launch Base, and Ice Cap. If there are going to be 2 stages per game, it would probably be Ice Cap and Hydrocity, since they are very popular. I could be wrong though.
  2. I would really like Hydrocity. My favorite classic stage
  3. If they put a lot of elements from Hydrocity in there, it would make for a fantastic stage
  4. I do see what you mean, but I think it already was confirmed that Studiopolis is before it. Another note that leads me to believe that Mirage Saloon is the last/2nd to last original stage is that the "Heavy Leader" is plastered everywhere in portraits. However, he could still be the mirage saloon heavy, but atleast I think he is the leader. After analyzing the level select screen a bit more, I have a theory to how level progression will work in mania. I'm sure the order will make sense, and that there will be level transitions of course. I think its going to be 2 classic stages (from a certain game) and than a new stage. Heres an example of what I mean Green Hill Other Sonic 1 Zone New Stage Chemical Plant Other Sonic 2 Zone Studiopolis (I think this would happen after the Sonic 2 stages due to its position on the level select we have) This also leads me to believe that Mirage Saloon will take place after the 2 Sonic CD stages, and all 3 of these will be late in the game. Since mirage saloon is based off of desert dazzle, it would make sense to have it on little planet, where desert dazzle was originally going to appear.
  5. What if the stages are in the order in the final game they will be, just with other stages missing? Aligns with Mirage Saloon being much later in the game than Studiopolis and Green Hill Also I have to say, both acts of chemical plant look like so much fun. I can not wait to play the full game!
  6. I wouldn't get your hopes down for other Sonic 2 stages yet. This game is longer than generations, and with atleast 5 new stages, At Least one game is going to have more than one stage returning from it. Sonic 2, being one of the games with more zones, and being one of the most popular classic games, easily sets its self up for having atleast one more classic stage from it. (Mystic Cave please...)
  7. I could defintally see that. Probably with stuff like sand geysers, desert trees, and more! Maybe even mirages are actually there!
  8. Also, in polygons new green hill act 2 gameplay, Tails died and never came back. Another bug.
  9. I could defintally see that too. Maybe it leads into that japan level Also something I noticed that nobody has mentioned. In new gameplay the zip lines in green hill are a blueish silver. Is this intentional or a glitch?
  10. I could see the hole leading to the scrap brain sewers or labrynth zone. This also confirms zone transitions pretty much
  11. Polygon released some footage of chemical plant act 2. Tails can be flown with in single player like in the iOS remakes.
  12. I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the new boss theme.
  13. The one in the portraits could be the leader
  14. I took a screenshot of the curtain in mirage saloon for anybody who wants it.
  15. Aaron just comfirmed there will be more news tommorow