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    I'm just a gamer.... All I do is play heaps of games, and just like talking to people with the same interest nothing more or less.
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  1. Have you guys noticed that 2017 is the year when some of these Villains finally are winning?? Breath of the Wild Spoiler ahead: Dr.Eggman FINALLY won in Sonic Forces. Bowser in Mario Odyssey forcing Peach into marriage (In a official platforming game) Also excuse my English. Staff edit: spoiler tags implemented as the topic is still viewable although locked.
  2. Hes currently doing a review series of the entire Archie Sonic series...So if you have nothing to do for the next few hours give him a watch~
  3. I love the beach setting...It feels relax.
  4. Sonic Lost World is a good game in my opinion. Sonic Adventure is better than Adventure 2 CD is my favorite of the classics. And....Yep I am outta here.
  5. Followed~

    1. Menace2Society


      Aw, thank you! I'll follow you back!

    2. Badnik


      You're welcome man~

  6. I don't know, just a random question that just spark in my head. If I have to pick a favorite it'll have to be Neo-Green Hill from Sonic Advance.
  7. Badnik

    Human Badniks!!

    Of course! I have a few of them designed at this moment.
  8. Badnik

    Human Badniks!!

    Decided to upload the last two. Sir, you made me laugh.
  9. You rock man!!

  10. Badnik

    Human Badniks!!

    Hello! A few months ago, me and my friend designed human versions of a few Badniks of the first Sonic The Hedgehog game. If you guys like them I'll upload more~
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