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  1. It's terrifying how suddenly it appears on the videos. A small light just pops out of nowhere then zooms by quickly with a long trail behind.Not to mention the flashing. Yep,the asteroid 2012 DA14. Tho they're saying it's in no way connected to the meteor shower in Russia.That asteroid is closing in from the south while this meteor only landed on the northern hemishpere after exploding a bunch of times on its way down. Still,a pretty scary coincidence. And the fact that around 3000 buildings in the region are reported with damage from the shockwave alone.Wow.
  2. Err nope! It's made by Marza Animation Planet,a Japan-based animation studio. The same folks that make all the wonderful CGI material for Sonic and some other Sega-related franchises.
  3. That just reminded me of a certain Crash Bandicoot level where you're being chased by a boulder, and he occasionally looks back in shock. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IPrtqNY6G4 Always thought it was a nice touch. So yeah, I wouldn't mind if they had these little animation quirks at specific points. Could work pretty neatly, especially for chase scenarios and I'd kinda prefer that over dialogue (unless there's other characters with him). And ofc, stuff like Eggman's PA announcements in Colors is always welcome in my book.
  4. ^^This The amount of arm flailing and twitching around in that game is amazing. I can never look at these cutscenes with a straight face.They are downright hilarious(and that is just visually,unlike in SHtH where you need the audio to be able to laugh at what unintentional hilarity they're spouting).
  5. Ow...damn, right. Totally forgot about those two violet cats. *looks at own signature* sorry Big
  6. We kinda already got the yellow complementary eyes thing with Espio(although he is more fuchsia than plain purple). I think the olive green could fit well,like in that picture above.It doesn't stand out too much. As for Nack himself,yeah(like many other), I would love to see this guy return! The design is pretty awesome and he could make a great witty bounty hunter-esque antagonist (if done RIGHT,ofc).
  7. The Meat Circus from Psychonauts...just...MY GOD... The music may be awesome,but srsly,fuck that level.
  8. Kimb

    Short Films

    Oh man,I love this stuff x3! Here's a funny one. And I particularly adore just about everything that the French Animation School ''Gobelins'' puts out on youtube,be it 2D or 3D. They have loads of wonderful,creative shorts
  9. Well to be fair,real life echidnas don't really have ''ears'' either,they are more like vertical slits on the side of the head. Lop-eared :-D
  10. Here's the vid (lower quality tho,but you can still see). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtlGL9i9c-o And wow,the quality is definitely a step-up from both Penguins and KFP-Legends of awesomeness! Although this looks pretty damn good so far,deep down I still would rather prefer if the show was done in 2D Like those 2D portions in Legend of the BoneKnapper,loved those. But oh well,I'm still looking forward to this!
  11. Kimb

    New Plot Ideas

    Actually,the battle Kukku Army were originally from Tails Adventure on the Sega game gear and the Nocturnus tribe from Sonic Chronicles (tho they might be inspired by Archie's Dark Legion) -EDIT- aaand Dark Energon Johnny beat me to it xD But I do agree,I would really like to see these two groups introduced again.They seem to have some good potential.
  12. ^ Not only that,but you have a breed of domestic lop-eared rabbits,which totally justifies Cream's ear design/position. and also...dawwwwwwww
  13. Well,that's cus Marza Animation studio only makes the pre-rendered/cinematic stuff for trailers,''special HQ cutscenes''(like the grand Unleashed intro/Dark Gaia appears scene,etc)and shorts like NoTW(which alone took like a year to make according to an interview), while Sonic Team does all the rest of the cutscenes In-engine,meaning they render in real-time using the game's engine and they use the existing game assets and models. So you can't really compare the two,since in-engine animations(which are limited) will obviously always have a disadvantage to the cinematic cutscenes(which can do all those crazy explosions/extreme environment details/more expressive gestures and well ...expressions/actions/squash and stretch effects etc). But regarding character in-game animations,I think Sonic Team is currently doing an awesome job! As of Unleashed specifically.Aside from nomal Sonic's ones,I just loved the stylish werehog combo moves animations.(the 360/ps3 version since the other 2 are watered down) The fluid and unclunky movements really add liveliness to the character.
  14. I'd personally love to see something like a ...snowy volcano-type stage... (do we even have something like this already?I can't recall atm) Pretty please?
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