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  1. Lol unpopular opinion alert but I did not mind the treasure hunting levels in SA2 after replaying the game 2 years ago and still today.. Heck, I would even go so far to say that Knux's levels were better than Rouge's. Plus, for those having trouble with the levels (similar to Heroes and its Chaos Emeralds) there's some tips here too.
  2. What's your favorite Persona game in the series? Spin offs included. For me I am a bit personally divided since I feel the gameplay in Persona 5 was amazing but the story was a step down when compared to previous titles in the series.
  3. That sounds fair and reasonable. I've already edited the topic post to provide more information on my choices. Will this new info I provided work?
  4. How would you rank the levels in Sonic Unleashed (HD or not). You can also choose whether or not to include the Werehog levels too. For me it's: Best Tier (Replay the most and absolutely love): Jungle Joyride, Arid Sands, Eggmanland, Skyscraper Scamper These levels imo contain the best themes in the game. Eggmanland and Jungle Joyride are really long though once you've S rank the levels a few times it feels REALLY satisfying completing those levels. Plus, Arid Sands, SS, and JJ all contain Acts that I enjoy and don't hate. Meh Tier(Don't Exactly Hate or Love): Cool Edge, Windmill Isle Windmill Isle is great until you get to Act 3. Cool Edge is also pretty...cool til Act 2 starts up and it gets pretty difficult dodging those ice glaciers while running on water. Worst Tier (Don't replay that much): Rooftop Run, Savannah Citadel RR is pretty long just for one of the beginning levels, the Act 2 version can rot in hell, and those Green robots can weirdly hit Sonic when it just starts grinding (thus ruining the S rank). Savannah Citadel in general is just a level that focuses a lot more on Sonic's Drift. And I hate Unleashes' Drift. Note: My list is the HD version and the Daytime Acts.
  5. Really? I guess I'll have to try the PC port sometime then. Glad I could help. Though, unfortunately I can't take the credit now since apparently DSS figured this out 8 years ago. So despite what was stated in the video I can't be first on this knowledge. Either way I was glad I could help.
  6. I've honestly had more trouble with Rouge and Tails' kart racing minigames than I did with Mad Space lol. Also with the Unleashed hotdog challenge...did it involve Eggmanland?
  7. As in more than just complete the story. As in found all the chaos emeralds/emblems/red rings, achieved the highest rank on all the levels, etc... And did you discover anything new from that Sonic that you didn't know before?
  8. For the rare minority which are both Sonic & Chromebook fans.
  9. There has been a SA2 theory that was developed years back about the game being originally intended for the 3 characters shown in the first trailer. Those characters would have been Sonic, Knuckles, & Eggman. What are your thoughts on this theory & how much of it do you believe is true or false?
  10. After replaying both games these past 2 months I gotta go with SA2. SA2 DOES HAVE some repetitive soundtrack HOWEVER I feel like people enjoy the 1st game's soundtrack because they hear it more? Due to most of the characters sharing the same levels which I considered to be a flaw. On top of that even though SA2 & SA1 have roughly the same amount of stages SA1 is LONGER in a bad way. Since: You can't skip any cutscenes (until DX) You watch the same cutscenes OVER & OVER Again with different characters (Chaos 4's transformation 3 times & the Gamma vs Sonic one 4 times). 7 unskippable end credits. I'll admit SA1 had a much more "charming plot" but it just dragged on too long for my taste unlike SA2. I gotta disagree with you there buddy. SA2's light dash wasn't perfect due to the button placement but I really had an issue when I was in the sewer recently... Although I DO agree that Shadow had a WAY BETTER time of using the light dash because it doesn't have the bounce bracelet. Absolutely agreed. It is a lot like food tastes. Some of you guys might enjoy peanut butter but I for one DESPISE it & can't even stand the smell of it. Doesn't mean I'm wrong or right it is just my taste/opinion. Which soundtrack did you prefer then?
  11. Lol I thought I was the only person who enjoyed these stages. However, after replaying Heroes recently I have to say both of these stages are my all time favorite in Sonic Heroes. However ONLY with Team Sonic (due to the other teams have a longer version & because A-ranking Egg Fleet with Rose proved to be difficult). I can see why fans were upset that neither of these stages returned in Generations. I altered the original post now. Does it meet the standards or should I add more information & be more in depth?
  12. What is your favorite final level in Sonic Game? Do you enjoy it because whenever you replay the level it gives you least amount of trouble? Or maybe you enjoy it not because of the gameplay but purely for what it represents the overall theme of the level. Or maybe there is just some other unknown reason you enjoy this level. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.
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