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  1. Really? He seems more like a Dairy Queen guy.
  2. I guess that's valid given that Shadow was meant to be a dark counterpart to Sonic.
  3. If you count teleportation, Chaos Control, etc., then yes. If not, Sonic is still faster overall. On the subject of Chaos Control, if Shadow can stop time and teleport, why does he even need to move as fast as Sonic? That treads deep into Mary Sue territory.
  4. The series only had "too many characters" when SEGA tried to squeeze them all into one game rathers than featuring those who were relevant to the plot.
  5. This. While I agree that the shonen anime type story isn't really for Sonic, it shouldn't be a comedy based series either.
  6. Unpopular: Archie and IDW comics treats the characters better than the main game series ever will.
  7. Amy in Sonic X would be my top pick for most nerve-racking voice if Cream didn't exist.
  8. Basically when a series (like DBZ and DBS) begins to ignore equally integral (or at least beloved) supporting characters to focus on the MC and maybe a another character (i.e. Vegeta). On paper this doesn't seem bad due to the main character being the central focus, however, when supporting characters who were once competent and independent become useless damsels who rely on the MC to save their tails, that's when you have a problem. I understand that, however it is evident that SEGA also cares about the classic-era fans' opinions considering the last 3 or so games have pandered to them by having Classic Sonic, Green Hill Zone, etc.
  9. IMHO, the fanbase. Believe it or not, SEGA actually listens. How do you think we got the custom character in Sonic Forces? The fanbase used to complain about Sonic's "shitty friends". Now that they've been reduced to cheerleaders and spectators, all of a sudden the fandom wants them to be playable again. While I agree that a company should listen to the people, they ultimately have to do what is best for business. The series also suffers from what I call "Toriyama Syndrome".
  10. There are some who are against having humans at all and there are some who are against the photorealistic Final Fantasy-esque humans. Humans are okay, as long as they look like the ones from Unleashed. As for the question itself, many of those people grew playing the classic games (where storytelling/worldbuilding was minimal) or watching the SATAM cartoon (where Robotnik and Snivley were the only humans).
  11. I feel that Shadow's power should just be chaos manipulation. Having him be as fast as Sonic and strong as Knuckles makes him (look) OP. Also, Knuckles should just have his strength.
  12. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about Tails' Sky Patrol. If only they could appear in a modern game. And Team Hooligan, too. I wonder what would happen if they were to collide. Bark and Bearenger could bear knuckle box.
  13. Decisions, decisions, decisions. So many to list, but I'll keep it concise. Archie's story arcs (Post-SGW) More independent females i.e. Tangle Not having Sonic be the Goku of the series (What I loved most about Archie is that it allowed other characters to have their moments to shine) Tension/adversity that feels natural One world where humans and mobians coexist More character interaction Bean and Bark appearing as antagonists alongside Fang (cause I can't see them any other way) Fleetway Sonic or Dark Sonic Tiara Boobowski (I know. This is a scrapped concept rather than different continuity but I couldn't resist) Mammoth Mogul (Yes!) Ixis/Walter Naugus Wendy Naugus and her witchcarters The eclipse saga There's more, but I wanted to keep this as short as possible.
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