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  1. Mountaindewandsprite

    Has "Solo Sonic" been detrimental to the series?

    SA1 comes to mind. He was competent in that game.
  2. Mountaindewandsprite

    Has "Solo Sonic" been detrimental to the series?

    The problem with characters like Knuckles is a little something called flanderization. They took that one flaw and basically over exaggerated it to the point where it became his defining character trait. Eggman fooling Knuckles once or twice is okay and good for a quick joke, but multiple times? At that point you're just trying to make the character a butt-monkey. Then you have characters like Cream saying he isn't very bright. Also, I disagree that Knuckles was always meant to be the "butt of all jokes".
  3. Mountaindewandsprite

    Speed Battle: Sonic vs the Flash (SEGA vs DC)

    Flash, no contest. Even Archie Sonic loses according to this post on Reddit (yeah, I'm doing this) debunking his feats. https://www.reddit.com/r/CharacterRant/comments/8yx85n/archie_sonic_is_not_multiversal_holy_shit/
  4. Mountaindewandsprite

    HOT TAKE: Should Sonic Team stop listening to the fans?

    Yes, partly due to the fact that if they do listen to fans and they get something wrong (in the fan's eyes), the fanbase will start blasting them. When I first got into the fanbase, I remember people saying that Sega should listen to the fans. Then games like Forces come out, and now you have those same people telling SEGA to not let the fanbase influence their decisions. Make up your fucking mind! However, the problem at hand is the games have formulas that work but then they'll switch to a completely different formula for the sake of not being monotonous. If it works, it works. Stick to it. Don't let crybaby fans influence what happens in the department.
  5. Mountaindewandsprite

    Has "Solo Sonic" been detrimental to the series?

    This. Solo Sonic games tend to get extremely repetitive and being the titular character doesn't justify it. IIRC, Crash Bandicoot has multiple playable characters even with Crash as the central focus.
  6. Given the hate for Sonic's "shitty friends", it's no wonder why the series would listen to the fans and try to go back to their classic roots. Problem is, even in the classic era, new characters were added with each game. Hell, the whole point of Sonic as a game and as a character is that he is a nomad. He goes where ever life takes him. He is eventually going to meet someone new, get into trouble, and work together with said new ally. So I really saw no problem with the cast. The problem wasn't really the number of characters but the characterization. Some of the characters are easily forgettable. That being said, I feel that solo Sonic has been a disaster and defeats the whole purpose of Sonic.
  7. Mountaindewandsprite

    A question about the Classic characters

    I don't see why not. However, given the current treatment of already established characters, it might be best to keep hands off characters like Mighty and Ray, at least until Sonic Team gets more competent developers. I would kill to see Fang, Bean, and Bark make an appearance in Modern games (No, I don't mean on a wanted poster).
  8. Mountaindewandsprite

    Female Sonic character tier list(battle strength and skill wise)

    No disrespect, but what feats does Amy have that even puts her in the same rank as Blaze let alone above it?
  9. Can't we just agree that the "Holy Trinity Male Hedgehogs" are all overpowered? I mean SEGA has been trying to make them the Saiyans of the Sonic series.
  10. Mountaindewandsprite

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    You think that's bad? This one states that Knuckles is 15 even though he is said to be 16.
  11. Mountaindewandsprite

    Sonic Strength Tiers

    How is Amy a higher rank than Knuckles?
  12. If the whole concept of a speedy blue hedgehog was created on American soil rather than Japan, what would be different about the series? Characters? Settings? World? Story? You name it. I for one think that it would've been a lot like early PS1 games such as Crash Bandicoot and Rayman and emulate the Archie comics series.
  13. Former SEGA of America CEO, Tom Kalinske, knew that SEGA of Japan disagreed with the American division of the company making Sonic "soft". Apparently, Sonic was aggressive, had sharp teeth, and a busty girlfriend (whom I think is Madonna). This could explain the "edgy" shonen route the series was taking in the early 2000s.
  14. Mountaindewandsprite

    New characters: Should they stay or should they go?

    To me, it depends on three things: The character themselves, the plot, and the setting. These three things tend to go hand in hand, as a character needs to work or fit into the game. For more lighthearted and humorous games, characters like Orbot and Cubot are perfect. Not so much with darker toned games. That's where characters like Infinite (as much as I despise him) should come into play. Also, as others have stated, characters like Knuckles, Blaze, and Silver shouldn't be placed in a game for fanservice. Knuckles is tied to his duty of guarding the most powerful artifact in existence, Blaze is tasked with guarding the Sol Emeralds in another dimension, and Silver is the protector of the future. If SEGA wants to use these characters, they need to develop plots that will involve said characters, i.e. something threatens Angel Island or some wicked, Thanos-like being who wants to curb the population or whatever goes after the Master Emerald. The problem is that SEGA limits themselves. They've been focusing exclusively on Sonic and relying on short-term, forgettable gameplay and plot elements.
  15. Mountaindewandsprite

    How would you fix Sonic's lore, gameplay, narrative, and characters?

    This. And pretty much the fact that SEGA tried to replicate the relationship of Sonic and Tails with Amy and Cream.

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