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  1. Character species choice: Obscure or Well known

    Thank you, Diogenes and ShroomZed. You both make excellent points about picking a character based on attributes and abilities related to the story and/or environment.
  2. Character species choice: Obscure or Well known

    I have an animal character. Actually, I'm lying. I have like five animal characters I'm creating for a flash animation. I want to be original in my choices by picking obscure animals. I have a Caracal and a Coati in mind for two of the characters, however I'm conflicted on making them well known animals (Jaguars and Foxes) or obscure animals (Caracals and Coatis). I know it's my decision, but it's really hard to decide right now.
  3. Establishing worlds and Consistency

    It seems that Sonic Team and SoJ either don't know what to do with the Sonic franchise, or don't what they're doing, period. Seriously, SoJ and Sonic Team doesn't really get that they have created so many plotholes in this franchise that a million rabbits could burrow in them. SoJ and Sonic Team need to get their act together especially after all the promises they made for Sonic Forces, which was mediocre at best. Do we need a reboot, Sega? Do we need to get new developers, Sonic Team? It is kinda sad when the fans create an established world and consistent plot galaxies ahead of Sega and Sonic Team. Here's my thoughts on what's happening now and what could've happened. Establishing a setting/world: I'm sure that every Sonic fan and their grandmother has heard of Iizuka's "Two Worlds" response when asked about where the games take place. For those who don't know, Iizuka said that there is a human world (Adventure games, ShTH, Unleashed) and an animal world (Generations, Forces, etc.) and the characters some how hop between worlds. Wtf? That only makes things more confusing. Instead of this two worlds thing, they could've said that it takes place on one world where humans and anthros coexist, i.e. Archie comics and Dragonball. Consistency: This franchise is infamous for having inconsistencies in the plot of each game. For example, in one game, Classic Sonic is Modern Sonic's younger self. In the next game, Classic Sonic is a being from another dimension. The problem is that Sonic Team and Sega find ideas, use them for one game, and then abandon them. I know they are focused on gameplay, but people are actually interested in the story behind things.
  4. So, the reason why Infinite became evil...

    My concern is that it always seems that Shadow has some history/connection/ or knowledge of the villain in the plots. Remember Mephiles from 06? Edgy much?
  5. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    This. I don't want to see anything from SATAM, Underground, etc. Just the cast from the Sega games and definitely some comic exclusive characters created by Ian Flynn. I'd also love to see the obscure sonic characters like Fang, Bean, Bark, Mighty, and Ray. Hell, Flynn could even incorporate characters, like Tiara Boobowski, from scrapped games.
  6. Aren't spin dashes/attacks supposed to be for those who can curl into a ball?

    That I was unaware of.
  7. Sonic and Shadow, being hedgehogs, can do it, but it seems that almost every character can do it. I saw one for Tails (whose spin is really odd) and Knuckles. Hell, even Vector, Espio, and Blaze can do it. If there was an armadillo or a pangolin character, I would understand, but a crocodile, a chameleon, a fox, an echidna, and a cat? I think there was one for Cream the rabbit as well. Spin dashes and spin attacks went from a "species that naturally curls into a ball" thing to an "every Sonic character can do it" thing. Aren't Sonic characters supposed to have enhanced physical abilities of their species? Why do a spin for everybody?
  8. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Looking forward to this. I'd rather they not take up characters from the past (Archie) and just make new characters that we'll love. If they do include the FFs, as others have said, they should be supporting, kinda like the Chaotix in where they do their own thing. Either way, it's gonna be interesting.
  9. Sonic and co. compared with their respective animals

    At least you could still tell he was a rabbit through appearance. When StH 1 and S3&K were first introduced, the only way you could tell their species was through their names/titles.
  10. Sonic and co. compared with their respective animals

    Oh! That explains the long ears.
  11. Sonic and co. compared with their respective animals

    I think Mickey actually looks more like a mouse than Sonic looks like a hedgehog or Knuckles looks like an echidna.
  12. Here's Sonic, Silver, Shadow, and Amy Rose. All hedgehogs. Here's a real hedgehog. Knuckles the so called "Echidna". A real echidna. Espio the Chameleon Real Chameleon. Charmy Bee. (Looks more like some type of mammal) A real bee. Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel (even though he hasn't been in a game since Sonic triple trouble, I wanted to include him. He looks more like a wallaby, bilby, thylacine, or some other type of marsupial) Real weasel (notice the short, rounded ears and tail). Some Sonic characters really look nothing like their respective animals. Knuckles and Nack are the most guilty of this. You can tell what animals Cream, Tails, Blaze, Vector, etc. are.
  13. I personally would love to see a cartoon based off of Archie Sonic Universe. It has great stories and uses the characters well. If Ian Flynn were to make a cartoon of it, I would watch in a heartbeat. What about you guys? What would you think about a Sonic Universe cartoon?
  14. First off, why did SEGA tend to use more obscure species as opposed to more well known animals? Anyway, if they were to add another character, which species should it be? It has to be a lesser known animal. I'd say a pangolin.