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  1. Mountaindewandsprite

    Sonic game concepts that you think would've worked better than the final product.

    This. When I first saw classic sonic in the trailer, I immediately turned off my computer, because now it's just nostalgia pandering, which makes no sense due to Sonic Mania being released the same year.
  2. Whatever concept you think would've made the final games 10x better. Whether it be characters, gameplay, level design, etc.
  3. Mountaindewandsprite

    Sonic Mania Adventures (The Complete Series)

    I loved this series. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a modern Sonic cartoon series.
  4. Mountaindewandsprite

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    It's the dumbest thing Takashi Iizuka could've come up with. It makes no sense what so ever. It feels like he just pulled it out of his ass...almost like when you're taking a test and you have little time and you just have to guess. IMO, the biggest problem with the two worlds thing is the presence of Angel Island. It exists both in the human world and the anthro world. I've heard users say it crosses between both worlds. Pfft! Wouldn't that mean Angel Island would have to stay in each world for an extended period of time? Also, how did Professor Gerald know exactly how to make Shadow look like the anthro hedgehogs of Sonic's world without interacting with them if they're in separate worlds? Stuff like this makes me prefer Archie's canon and even some fanon to the Sega games. The inconsistencies, plot holes, and downright dumb answers like this make me want to reboot the franchise if I was in charge.
  5. Mountaindewandsprite

    Seriously, why are Pontaff still writing for Sonic?

    Sonic had a lore?
  6. What I don't like is how characters are used in the games. People demanded to see more of Silver, so he appears in Forces. It just seems more like fanservice than adding characters that are crucial to the plot. Well, most past few Sonic games have been fanservice, anyway.
  7. Mountaindewandsprite

    Sonic Concept Art

    Could be either.
  8. Mountaindewandsprite

    Sonic Concept Art

    A yak? Hmm, that's interesting. You know what, I approve! We need large ungulates!
  9. Mountaindewandsprite

    Sonic Headcanons

    I too support this theory. On the Sonic wiki, under the Chao page, there is a description box (you have to scroll down) and in the box it says "A type of creature that can absorb and learn skills and traits from other life-forms, adapting its shape as it does." It's possible that the chao adapted and took on many different forms of animal, with each animal species acting like a race. Evolved chao are the species and hedgehogs would be a race.
  10. Looking back on Sonic Forces' bear option for the Avatar, I think it's ridiculous how they think a bear...A GODDAMN BEAR... would share Sonic's shape and stature. Vector and Big are exceptions, but Bears, if anything, should be muscular or bulky and not taller than 7 feet and no shorter than 5 feet. The body shape and stature should depend on the chosen species. This is one reason why I hated Forces. Only one body type.
  11. Mountaindewandsprite

    Improve a Sonic character's design with subtle changes

    Maybe make Knuckles snout longer so he'd look somewhat closer to an echidna and shorten Sonic's nose. Hedgehogs have long snouts, not long noses. And maybe shorten Sonic's quills, too. They make him look more like a porcupine than a hedgehog.
  12. Mountaindewandsprite

    Which other animal species should be introduced to the series?

    I hear ya on that missed opportunities part, brother. Silver was supposed to be a mink, but sega thought a mink wouldn't fit in. Would've made for a more diverse cast.
  13. Mountaindewandsprite

    Which other animal species should be introduced to the series?

    Just being a jerboa was good enough. Never understood the "part wolf" thing.
  14. Mountaindewandsprite

    Which other animal species should be introduced to the series?

    Actually, I've always wanted to see what a marmoset would look like.

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