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  1. Not to mention adding human hair. I mean, we got this... https://comicvine1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/scale_small/5/55582/2122340-salma.jpg No way a chipmunk like Sally should have what looks like a wig, let alone a friggin reptile!
  2. We all know Knuckles is the dutiful guardian of the all powerful Master Emerald (which, for some reason, hasn't been relevant to the plot in long time), protecting it and Angel Island from outside threats. However, I can't help but feel it limits his potential. For starters, he's supposed to guard it 24/7, yet somehow has time to be a commander in the resistance as well as go on a multitude of adventures with Sonic and co. For this reason alone, I think the Master Emerald should be eliminated from the story. Knuckles could literally be doing anything else. Second, for him to (logically) be relevant in the story, something has to threaten the M.E. or Angel Island as a whole. In order to have Knuckles in multiple stories, we can't continue to reuse that storyline lest it becomes repetitive. So what do you think?
  3. The title says it all. Pretty much is there a concept that did not make it into the games that you are glad or disappointed about? For me, I have two: 1) Venice the mink and 2) The multitude of potential species for avatars in Sonic Forces (dragons, mice, monkeys etc.)
  4. I personally think SEGA pulled a stupid move by making the classic and modern eras different dimensions. This not only further destroyed Sonic's all ready inconsistent lore, it also limited creativity and makes it where classic fan-favorite characters like Fang, Bean, Bark, Mighty, and Ray can't even make appearances in the IDW comics. Smooth move, SEGA.
  5. Really? He seems more like a Dairy Queen guy.
  6. I guess that's valid given that Shadow was meant to be a dark counterpart to Sonic.
  7. If you count teleportation, Chaos Control, etc., then yes. If not, Sonic is still faster overall. On the subject of Chaos Control, if Shadow can stop time and teleport, why does he even need to move as fast as Sonic? That treads deep into Mary Sue territory.
  8. The series only had "too many characters" when SEGA tried to squeeze them all into one game rathers than featuring those who were relevant to the plot.
  9. This. While I agree that the shonen anime type story isn't really for Sonic, it shouldn't be a comedy based series either.
  10. Unpopular: Archie and IDW comics treats the characters better than the main game series ever will.
  11. Amy in Sonic X would be my top pick for most nerve-racking voice if Cream didn't exist.
  12. Basically when a series (like DBZ and DBS) begins to ignore equally integral (or at least beloved) supporting characters to focus on the MC and maybe a another character (i.e. Vegeta). On paper this doesn't seem bad due to the main character being the central focus, however, when supporting characters who were once competent and independent become useless damsels who rely on the MC to save their tails, that's when you have a problem. I understand that, however it is evident that SEGA also cares about the classic-era fans' opinions considering the last 3 or so games have pandered to them by having Classic Sonic, Green Hill Zone, etc.
  13. IMHO, the fanbase. Believe it or not, SEGA actually listens. How do you think we got the custom character in Sonic Forces? The fanbase used to complain about Sonic's "shitty friends". Now that they've been reduced to cheerleaders and spectators, all of a sudden the fandom wants them to be playable again. While I agree that a company should listen to the people, they ultimately have to do what is best for business. The series also suffers from what I call "Toriyama Syndrome".
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