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  1. Setting wise of course, as well as character design. Instead of the checkerboard style settings from the games, we got Knothole. And since Sonic is blue, he stuck out like a sore thumb among the cast, who all have the colors of their real life species (excluding Rotor).
  2. I've only really seen like...four of the animated Sonic television shows so I'll just stick to those four. Satam- Despite trying to be serious is actually quite lackluster compared to the games. Whereas the games feel surreal and sort of alien, Satam is just too realistic and there is nothing special about the world/setting. Sonic X- Liked it as a kid, but eventually grew to hate it when I got older. I loathed how they treated the characters. Knuckles was a bonehead, Amy was basically Chi-chi from DBZ, we're not even gonna talk about Chris, and last but not least, Sonic. Never took anything seriously before the Metarex saga. I really hated how other characters basically couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag until Sonic shows up (this seems to have carried over into the games as well *cough* Forces *cough*) just for the sake of some type of cool entrance. Too much filler, unnecessary characters, etc. I remember when I first saw this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7AqlIp5evA ...and then compared it to what we got. Sonic Boom- Actually not that bad. Could use some more development of characters. I just don't like how it gave in to the notion that Knuckles is some bumbling idiot who couldn't think his way out of a cardboard box. I love what they did with Amy, though and Sticks is... interesting. Sonic Underground- *throws up in mouth* Horrible! Moving on. As for the new series, I am interested to see how they develop the characters and utilize them to their full potential. I am also excited to see the settings incorporated in the series. I hope to god, it does not revolve around classic sonic. We've been seeing to much of him. It's just nostalgia pandering at this point.
  3. All that character development in the Sonic Adventure game only to be unraveled. It's sad that the only form of media you get to see characters like Tails and Knuckles at their greatest potential is in comics and/or fanmade projects.
  4. I'm guessing this has already been asked, but why does IDW keep delaying the release of the next issue? They've done this before as well.
  5. The "obscure" characters from the Classic era are in the main universe, but don't appear for the following reasons: Because Fang is a wanted criminal, he believes that if he is in a popular game, someone will recognize him and call the authorities. He's keeping a low profile. Bean is deemed to be too crazy to appear in anything and might cause unnecessary problems (such as trying to make himself the main star as well as threatening everyone with bombs), so he is kept in an institution. Bark doesn't enjoy the publicity and will punch anyone who comes near him with a camera. Mighty and Ray are camera shy and prefer to not even be mentioned.
  6. Terminate that "two worlds" shit. Is it really that hard to have the anthro and human population exist in one world? Haven't they watched Looney Tunes? Not base it on the games continuity. I feel like Sonic X could've been the next Satam, just with the game chracters (even obscure ones) instead. I would keep the game characters but not base it solely off the games. No sagas (I'm looking at you Metarex). Yeah the Metarex saga was kinda cool and all but I feel that sagas wouldn't work just because they just drag on and that's how you get filler episodes.
  7. Yes. But non-physical feats such as Amy talking Shadow out of destroying the world are acceptable.
  8. Back in 2006, Sega released Sonic 06. We all know that in that game, the male hedgehogs were basically the Saiyans of the franchise. Sonic, being the main character, always gets the best feats. Shadow has a lot of feats under his belt, and Silver does have a somewhat fair amount, but what about the other characters who aren't male hedgehogs? I know Knuckles has some gameplay feats but outside of that I have yet to see anything impressive in the cutscenes. What feats do other characters have?
  9. http://shmuplations.com/sonic/ According to the link above, Sonic's name wasn't going to be "Sonic", but instead it was going to be something light speed related, stated by Naka himself.
  10. You want reasoning? Here it is. Sonic's gameplay is easily the first thing that comes to mind. For a platforming game, whether 2D or 3D, it's kinda hard, but not impossible, to control such fast paced gameplay. Second, the whole atmosphere feels more cartoonish, from the design, the characters, and setting. Hell, Sonic Team was using Felix the cat and Mickey Mouse for inspiration. Third, Sonic already has, or tries to have, a cinematic feel to it, which is why I think it would work as a cartoon.
  11. Perhaps I should've elaborated. I'm not saying it wasn't successful. Shit, at one point Sonic was more recognizable than Mickey Mouse. I was just saying that I felt the concept would work better as a cartoon. I wasn't denying the games' success. Yes, otherwise I wouldn't be a member of this forum.
  12. From time to time, I've heard some users claim that Sonic would work better as a cartoon series rather than a video game series, and you know what? I actually agree. I believe it would've better as a cartoon. I'd imagine something like an animated series emulating the Ian Flynn written Archie Comics storyline. I feel that the concept of a speedy blue hedgehog and his friends going on adventures and stopping evil doesn't really work as a video games franchise, but hey, that's just my opinion. What does everyone else think?
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