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  1. http://shmuplations.com/sonic/ According to the link above, Sonic's name wasn't going to be "Sonic", but instead it was going to be something light speed related, stated by Naka himself.
  2. You want reasoning? Here it is. Sonic's gameplay is easily the first thing that comes to mind. For a platforming game, whether 2D or 3D, it's kinda hard, but not impossible, to control such fast paced gameplay. Second, the whole atmosphere feels more cartoonish, from the design, the characters, and setting. Hell, Sonic Team was using Felix the cat and Mickey Mouse for inspiration. Third, Sonic already has, or tries to have, a cinematic feel to it, which is why I think it would work as a cartoon.
  3. Perhaps I should've elaborated. I'm not saying it wasn't successful. Shit, at one point Sonic was more recognizable than Mickey Mouse. I was just saying that I felt the concept would work better as a cartoon. I wasn't denying the games' success. Yes, otherwise I wouldn't be a member of this forum.
  4. From time to time, I've heard some users claim that Sonic would work better as a cartoon series rather than a video game series, and you know what? I actually agree. I believe it would've better as a cartoon. I'd imagine something like an animated series emulating the Ian Flynn written Archie Comics storyline. I feel that the concept of a speedy blue hedgehog and his friends going on adventures and stopping evil doesn't really work as a video games franchise, but hey, that's just my opinion. What does everyone else think?
  5. Or like saying the Fast and Furious franchise should move on from racing to fighting domestic terrorists. Sometimes, change isn't always good. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  6. I've never understood the physics of Sonic's homing attack and the light speed dash. Does him spinning build up some sort of energy that propels him forward/up?
  7. IMO, the Boost formula kinda defeats the purpose of Sonic's most notable trait: his species. The reason Sonic was chosen to be a hedgehog (an armadillo was another candidate) was because SEGA wanted to make a character based off an animal that could roll into a ball. They then wanted said character to be able to weaponize that ability at high speeds, and thus, a speedy blue hedgehog was born. However, the spin dash only makes sense when going down steep hillsides.
  8. Knuckles is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he ain't the dullest either. Saying he's a "dunce" really doesn't do him any justice. Hell, intelligence is subjective anyway. He's completely clueless in social interaction, but anything that deals with ancient history and even Tails has nothing on him. I mean, I don't see anyone calling Silver a dunce because he rushes head first into things without asking questions, only to get kicked in the head.
  9. Makes sense. I'm just going by what was stated. We don't know the size of these "universes".
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