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  1. Excuse my ignorance but other than the "Two Worlds" nonsense, what else has Iizuka done to show he's not fit to be in charge of Sonic?
  2. I really see nothing wrong with introducing the Freedom Fighters to the IDW comics. In fact, I welcome it. As other's have said, there's really nothing to suggest that the very world of the IDW comics has to change just to accommodate the FFs. Seeing as how the Post-SGW Archie Comics brought in some of the most obscure characters in Sonic media like Breezie, Honey, Scratch and Grounder, etc., I think the IDW comics can manage to adapt the FFs to the IDW world perfectly fine.
  3. Many users on this forum feel different ways about certain mandates that Sega has in place such as Sonic 'supposedly' not being able to show emotions and Shadow not having friends or something along those lines. Personally, I'm not a fan of the 'Classic and Modern being separate dimensions' extending to the comics, restricting the use of certain characters. I can accept Mighty, Ray, and the Hooligans not appearing in the modern games, but excluding them from the comics is just wasted potential IMO. Do any of ya'll think that Sega can pull back the restricts on some, not all of their mandates or do you think Sega will remain adamant on keeping them in place?
  4. During the 90s, yeah. He was even more recognizable than Mickey Mouse at one point.
  5. Huh, I didn't think about those. I guess what I want to know is, do any other characters have impressive physical feats as of recently?
  6. I'm talking physical abilities. We all know Sonic has gotten stronger (beating Perfect Chaos in base after previous requiring a super form) and Shadow is the ultimate lifeform, so I want to ignore those two. I don't think any other character has shown progression in their abilities and/or power, except maybe Silver. Knuckles hasn't really shown much despite being the strongest of the cast physically. Tails is just there to provide technobabble, and the other characters don't have a hope in the world of keeping up (figuratively and literally) with the Triple S Hedgehogs.
  7. She's an excellent addition to the cast. Tbh, I don't like that she lives in a separate dimension. What's wrong with Sonic's world having a monarchy? Anyway, I think she'd have an interesting dynamic with Amy which I'd love to see explored.
  8. Another this just in: https://tailschannel.com/sonic-the-hedgehog/cindy-robinson-hints-not-voicing-amy-rose-going-forward/ We're practically going through a Sonic VA purge.
  9. My favorite character has to be good ol' rad red, Knuckles the Echidna. Rougher than the rest of them, the best of them, Tougher than leather. They call him Knuckles. Unlike Sonic he don't chuckle. He'd rather flex his muscles! Best: Sonic Universe Pre-SGW/Post-SGW STH comics. Knuckles had his own thing going but was still relevant to the plot such as the Champions' world tournament (which was a nice nod to Sonic the Fighters). He was serious, diligent, and protective and was less naive than he is in the games. He was actually treated like the force of nature he is, going toe-to-toe with Sonic, Shadow, Dr. Finitevus, etc. but above all he was actually respected unlike the games where he's just a laughing stock. I also enjoyed his interactions with the Chaotix, Mighty, and Ray. Worst: It's actually two. Sonic X and Sonic Boom. I hear a lot of people say that Knuckles was done right in Sonic X. I respectfully disagree. It was Sonic X that played on his gullibility and flanderized him into a stereotypical angry fool and then later games and even Sonic Boom went along with it, portraying Knuckles as an incompetent idiot.
  10. I honestly don't know how to feel about the multiverse element, but I'm sure it could work. Hell, look at the spiderverse. I'm ecstatic to hear that this is going to be a story-driven show. Here's an idea! Since this is supposedly going to be a multiverse show, maybe they can make a reference to the fact that an Armadillo was considered for Sega's mascot and have an Armadillo (doesn't have to be Mighty) as the main hero.
  11. Roger was a great VA. I think it's just the corny and cringeworthy writing of the last few games that gives people the impression that Roger is a bad VA. Just my opinion.
  12. What I like: His backstory and the events that lead to his view of humanity. His music His change of heart His diligence and dedication to his work What I Don't Like: The tryhard "edginess" The fact that he can't have friends Too serious
  13. Wishful thinking. Expecting consistency from Sonic lore is like expecting Sonic to slow down. It just ain't gonna happen.
  14. No because he's not a male hedgehog therefor he can't have any concrete feats under his belt. For a kid, I'd say so. But as a Sonic character, he's average and that's okay. His strength is his brain power, but that's not to say he doesn't deserve some kick ass moments. I hate when media portrays the smart guy as a weakling. I know plenty of smart guys who will open up a can of whoop ass when the time calls for it.
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