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  1. Mountaindewandsprite

    How much of an important character would you say Amy is?

    To be fair, Tails hasn't really had much importance in current games other than providing "geek talk" to Sonic.
  2. Yeah. That is the reason why some people have called for either ST to replace their current staff or just give the rights to another company.
  3. Everybody brings up the best point of being held back by mandates and the like. I hadn't thought about that.
  4. For me, personally, the DBZ style sonic fan films (Nazo Unleashed, Chaos Emerald Z, etc.) are annoying while some fan characters whose species is unique (as in not a hedgehog or fox) are admirable. What fan creations are admirable or annoying to you?
  5. Mountaindewandsprite

    Is there any way for Infinite's backstory to have worked?

    As Blue Blood said, showing it in-game would be a first. Second, they shouldn't have went with the "Waahhh Shadow called me weak wahhhh" crybaby shit. The best I can think of is Shadow defeating Infinite, Infinite accepting that he took the L, and striving to surpass Shadow and working towards it rather than throwing a tantrum like a 5 year old. Also, they shouldn't have made him into this "You're not worth killing, so I'll let you live" character. I personally believe he should be this sort of honor driven villain (if you could say that for any villains) who wants a challenge and sometimes critiques his foes after defeating them.
  6. An unpopular opinion I agree with is how Sonic ( in games like Generations and Forces and even outside media like Sonic X) is basically the other character's lifeline. I can't stress this enough. In Sonic Forces, during the final boss fight, Tails literally says Sonic is their "shining hope". It's like the other characters are completely defenseless or incompetent when he's not around. Generations reduced everyone to Sonic's personal cheerleaders. Forces has everything go to shit after Sonic is presumed dead. Even outside media like Sonic X has characters like Knuckles...fucking Knuckles...the dude who knocked the chaos emeralds out of super Sonic... getting his ass kicked until Sonic shows up to crack some not so witty banter and effortlessly defeat the robot or whatever. I get that he's the main character but there's a thing called SUPPORTING characters. Supporting characters are actually involved in the action. Those who aren't are background, minor, or stock characters. This is Sonic, not Superman.
  7. Mountaindewandsprite

    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    So they couldn't have just taken notes from the Archie comics and created one world were anthropomorphic animals, humans, deities, chao, wisps, and other fantasy creatures coexist? Even Akira Toriyama would be shaking his head.
  8. Mountaindewandsprite

    Is/was Sonic getting the Goku treatment?

    Tails probably got to me the most. Dude defeats Chaos 4 but cowers in front of Chaos 0.
  9. Mountaindewandsprite

    Is/was Sonic getting the Goku treatment?

    I've actually noticed for a while. You know how you can know about something yet not speak out on it? That's what I did.
  10. Mountaindewandsprite

    Is/was Sonic getting the Goku treatment?

    The "Goku treatment" is when the writers totally make all supporting characters useless or defenseless against the main villain in order to set up for the "hero" to swoop in and save everyone's ass. Don't get me wrong, I know this happens a lot in fiction but I was curious to know if some of you believe Sonic is or was being given the "Goku treatment" where he is the only one who can defeat a villain (I'm not saying he shouldn't due to the fact that he IS the MAIN character) while the others get stomped, cry for him, and then act like his personal cheerleaders? EDIT: I know he officially lost to Infinite, which is why I added "was".
  11. Mountaindewandsprite

    Sonic game concepts that you think would've worked better than the final product.

    This. When I first saw classic sonic in the trailer, I immediately turned off my computer, because now it's just nostalgia pandering, which makes no sense due to Sonic Mania being released the same year.
  12. Whatever concept you think would've made the final games 10x better. Whether it be characters, gameplay, level design, etc.
  13. Mountaindewandsprite

    Sonic Mania Adventures (The Complete Series)

    I loved this series. I actually wouldn't mind seeing a modern Sonic cartoon series.

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