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  1. The witchcart and her witchcarters. They only managed to appear in a handheld game focusing on Tails.
  2. There are some who are against having humans at all and there are some who are against the photorealistic Final Fantasy-esque humans. Humans are okay, as long as they look like the ones from Unleashed. As for the question itself, many of those people grew playing the classic games (where storytelling/worldbuilding was minimal) or watching the SATAM cartoon (where Robotnik and Snivley were the only humans).
  3. Have we actually ever seen Knuckles cause volcanic eruptions by punching the ground aside from the Sonic Boom opening? That would be a fair point, if ridiculous chaos powers weren't add on top of that. Shadow is (or at least was) basically a DBZ-esque character.
  4. I feel that Shadow's power should just be chaos manipulation. Having him be as fast as Sonic and strong as Knuckles makes him (look) OP. Also, Knuckles should just have his strength.
  5. Oh yeah! I totally forgot about Tails' Sky Patrol. If only they could appear in a modern game. And Team Hooligan, too. I wonder what would happen if they were to collide. Bark and Bearenger could bear knuckle box.
  6. Decisions, decisions, decisions. So many to list, but I'll keep it concise. Archie's story arcs (Post-SGW) More independent females i.e. Tangle Not having Sonic be the Goku of the series (What I loved most about Archie is that it allowed other characters to have their moments to shine) Tension/adversity that feels natural One world where humans and mobians coexist More character interaction Bean and Bark appearing as antagonists alongside Fang (cause I can't see them any other way) Fleetway Sonic or Dark Sonic Tiara Boobowski (I know. This is a scrapped concept rather than different continuity but I couldn't resist) Mammoth Mogul (Yes!) Ixis/Walter Naugus Wendy Naugus and her witchcarters The eclipse saga There's more, but I wanted to keep this as short as possible.
  7. The blue arms in this particular artwork makes Sonic look like he has on sleeves.
  8. This is basically what I'm trying to get at. In past games (mainly the Sonic Adventure series), the supporting cast were capable and competent, but not in a way that drew attention away from Sonic.
  9. I know. It's just that in the past, I've read posts from people who justify the "defenselessness" with the "eponymous character" notion, claiming that Sonic is the titular character and that any feats from another less important character would shift attention from Sonic to said character. I probably should've used a different title.
  10. With Sonic Force coming close to its 2nd Anniversary, I thought I'd go on a friendly rant about what irked me the most about the game: Sonic's friends being shown as defenseless or incompetent without him around. Yes, I know Sonic is the titular character and he is ultimately the one who saves the day, however, that shouldn't come at the expense of other characters' competence. In Forces we have Vector mentioning how without Sonic there is no hope, Knuckles failing a raid or something (only mentioned IIRC), Silver getting thrashed by Infinite (though in his defense, Sonic did too), and last but not least, Tails cowering before Chaos 0 (when he defeated Chaos 4) and crying for Sonic to save him. So, we're really just making the other characters defenseless now, Sega? Not surprising, considering the series has become like DBZ in the fact that characters such as Knuckles, Tails, etc. have taken a backseat while Sonic, Shadow, and Silver hog (no pun intended) all the glory. Now that I think about it, the only one's who directly fought Infinite were Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. The others just fought a bunch of clones.
  11. Agreed. However, I do have one problem. The Sonic body shapes. I understand that would require more animation and designs, but an anthropomorphic dragon, gorilla, horse, deer, cow, or bear should not share the scrawny 3'3 body type. They should at least be the size of Vector.
  12. Unpopular: Classic and modern timelines now being "separate universes/dimensions" makes a tad bit of sense, and I say that cautiously, only if chaos emeralds are involved (we haven't seen those in a while). With their infinite power, they should be capable of allowing interdimensional travel. Also, aren't the special stages in the Classic era different dimensions anyway? If so, dimension hopping should be nothing new.
  13. Setting wise of course, as well as character design. Instead of the checkerboard style settings from the games, we got Knothole. And since Sonic is blue, he stuck out like a sore thumb among the cast, who all have the colors of their real life species (excluding Rotor).
  14. I've only really seen like...four of the animated Sonic television shows so I'll just stick to those four. Satam- Despite trying to be serious is actually quite lackluster compared to the games. Whereas the games feel surreal and sort of alien, Satam is just too realistic and there is nothing special about the world/setting. Sonic X- Liked it as a kid, but eventually grew to hate it when I got older. I loathed how they treated the characters. Knuckles was a bonehead, Amy was basically Chi-chi from DBZ, we're not even gonna talk about Chris, and last but not least, Sonic. Never took anything seriously before the Metarex saga. I really hated how other characters basically couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag until Sonic shows up (this seems to have carried over into the games as well *cough* Forces *cough*) just for the sake of some type of cool entrance. Too much filler, unnecessary characters, etc. I remember when I first saw this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7AqlIp5evA ...and then compared it to what we got. Sonic Boom- Actually not that bad. Could use some more development of characters. I just don't like how it gave in to the notion that Knuckles is some bumbling idiot who couldn't think his way out of a cardboard box. I love what they did with Amy, though and Sticks is... interesting. Sonic Underground- *throws up in mouth* Horrible! Moving on. As for the new series, I am interested to see how they develop the characters and utilize them to their full potential. I am also excited to see the settings incorporated in the series. I hope to god, it does not revolve around classic sonic. We've been seeing to much of him. It's just nostalgia pandering at this point.
  15. All that character development in the Sonic Adventure game only to be unraveled. It's sad that the only form of media you get to see characters like Tails and Knuckles at their greatest potential is in comics and/or fanmade projects.
  16. I'm guessing this has already been asked, but why does IDW keep delaying the release of the next issue? They've done this before as well.
  17. The "obscure" characters from the Classic era are in the main universe, but don't appear for the following reasons: Because Fang is a wanted criminal, he believes that if he is in a popular game, someone will recognize him and call the authorities. He's keeping a low profile. Bean is deemed to be too crazy to appear in anything and might cause unnecessary problems (such as trying to make himself the main star as well as threatening everyone with bombs), so he is kept in an institution. Bark doesn't enjoy the publicity and will punch anyone who comes near him with a camera. Mighty and Ray are camera shy and prefer to not even be mentioned.
  18. Terminate that "two worlds" shit. Is it really that hard to have the anthro and human population exist in one world? Haven't they watched Looney Tunes? Not base it on the games continuity. I feel like Sonic X could've been the next Satam, just with the game chracters (even obscure ones) instead. I would keep the game characters but not base it solely off the games. No sagas (I'm looking at you Metarex). Yeah the Metarex saga was kinda cool and all but I feel that sagas wouldn't work just because they just drag on and that's how you get filler episodes.
  19. Yes. But non-physical feats such as Amy talking Shadow out of destroying the world are acceptable.
  20. Back in 2006, Sega released Sonic 06. We all know that in that game, the male hedgehogs were basically the Saiyans of the franchise. Sonic, being the main character, always gets the best feats. Shadow has a lot of feats under his belt, and Silver does have a somewhat fair amount, but what about the other characters who aren't male hedgehogs? I know Knuckles has some gameplay feats but outside of that I have yet to see anything impressive in the cutscenes. What feats do other characters have?
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