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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. I'm sure none of them are doing it because they honestly think the movie is a rotting pile of shit.
  3. I know no one here cares, because it goes against what the majority here believe, but I just read this facebook post by a black policeman in florida, and felt it deserved to be posted here. https://www.facebook.com/jay.stalien/posts/911372818974402 But don't worry, he's obviously wrong. Just a conditionally racist black officer.
  4. Black man having an opinion that's different from yours = racist black. Gotcha.
  5. It's world and lore building. The reason it's brought up it so expand on what's happened in the past.
  6. Haha, I noticed someone on the Mobius Encyclopedia really jumped at the idea of Green Hill Zone being on Westside Island in the comics just because Ian made a mistake.
  7. Been confirmed it's just the 4Kids dub.
  8. The hell kind of places you living at? Where I'm from, if you hear an ambulance, you pull over the side of the road and let them pass immediately.
  9. The thing is, you wouldn't be creating the story of the games. What you'd most likely be doing is taking the story Sonic Team gave you, and translate it for an english speaking audience. I believe that's what the current writers said is what they do.
  10. I would have loved a hard reboot myself, but there's one thing ya gotta keep in mind though. Even if they had started back to the very beginning, classic designs were still mandated against, so they'd be telling the classic stories with the modern designs. I'd be fine with that personally, but I'm very sure many people would have hated it.
  11. It was most likely an editorial mandate.
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