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  1. I'm sure none of them are doing it because they honestly think the movie is a rotting pile of shit.
  2. Black man having an opinion that's different from yours = racist black. Gotcha.
  3. It's world and lore building. The reason it's brought up it so expand on what's happened in the past.
  4. Haha, I noticed someone on the Mobius Encyclopedia really jumped at the idea of Green Hill Zone being on Westside Island in the comics just because Ian made a mistake.
  5. Been confirmed it's just the 4Kids dub.
  6. The hell kind of places you living at? Where I'm from, if you hear an ambulance, you pull over the side of the road and let them pass immediately.
  7. The thing is, you wouldn't be creating the story of the games. What you'd most likely be doing is taking the story Sonic Team gave you, and translate it for an english speaking audience. I believe that's what the current writers said is what they do.
  8. I would have loved a hard reboot myself, but there's one thing ya gotta keep in mind though. Even if they had started back to the very beginning, classic designs were still mandated against, so they'd be telling the classic stories with the modern designs. I'd be fine with that personally, but I'm very sure many people would have hated it.
  9. It was most likely an editorial mandate.
  10. That is a rather odd choice, but I'm not too bothered by it. Wonder why it's not just the Royal Hill Zone, it has checkerboards and palm trees too.
  11. I remember when reading through Sonic the Comic, that I thought the holiday specials were a pretty neat thing to do. If IDW is bringing the concept back up, I'd be all for Archie doing the same.
  12. Only the live streams I watched while it was going on, trying keeping track of everything I possibly could. Still waiting to hear if my brother's okay.
  13. 11 officers shot. 4 dead. 1 civilian dead. 4 officers in critical condition. 4 suspects. 1 shot, 3 taken into custody. There were bomb threats, the Texas National Guard showed up. And now after everything that happened, protesters are still dancing in the streets, mocking and taunting the police who went through all that to protect them.
  14. I made a twitter account and asked about the location myself.
  15. I'm going to say it's the Royal Hills Zone we heard about in Bunnie's flashback. Neither Worlds Unite #1 or the Battle special actually say it's Green Hill Zone. Between three different artists it's been drawn out differently though, so I don't think it's quite a continuity error so much as artistic differences. I don't have a twitter, maybe someone could ask Ian if it's supposed to be Green Hills, Emerald Hills, or Royal Hills so we'll know for sure?
  16. In Archie's continuity however, Triple Trouble IS canon. This is still young, naive very much trickable Knuckles if you'll remember.
  17. That would be... really weird. Very dark for the series and I could see it becoming a point of ridicule over how out of place it would be.
  18. You're about a month late, but I think it's a pretty safe assumption I didn't vote on it, don't you think?
  19. Amy's cute as all hell in that intro, glad to see she's not being a naggy wet blanket in the game the way she was in the show.
  20. It's canon to the main comic, but they're standalone issues so they won't have many direct ties.
  21. Endangered Species was Penders' lawsuit. House of Cards was Pellerito rushing the plot to get to Enerjak. Worlds Unite was Kaminski's fanfiction. Bow and the Expies were better than RobO's merry band of nobodies anyway. Don't see how they were mistakes.
  22. I loved the issue. Nice, quiet little set up for Panic in the Sky's action packed arc. Fell in love with Gemerl, and he only had two lines. The first story gives a sense of hope that things are about to finally go well, and all will be fine. The backup crushes those hopes with Eggman's realization he's being played.
  23. Chip was the absolute worst part of Sonic Unleashed in my opinion, so the fact that he was featured less in the Archie version makes it that much more enjoyable for me.
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