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  1. Just out of curiosity, was the Dudemobile episode trying to say that what Tails did was worse than what Sonic did? Please do not flame me or anything.
  2. Or maybe I'm too mature to enjoy the show as a whole. Joke 1 got me thinking about Knuckles needing to go to the bathroom all the time. It could be a four-headed thing, it could be a smaller bladder thing or it could be that he needs to see a doctor. I was really worried about him. Joke 3 had me wondering if the police officer was so obsessed with finding the Bike Chain Bandit that he led himself to believe that anyone wearing or carrying a chain has to be an accomplice. The first half of Joke 2 disturbed me and still does to this day. I know it's a cartoon, but someone could have ended up injured or dead. Imagine yourself driving really well and someone forcefully takes the wheel. Anything could have happened. The second half of Joke 2 had me question why Sonic didn't let Tails take the wheel. He knows Knuckles fully well, so he should know what he's capable of. The second joke just had Sonic put himself and his teammates in danger twice.
  3. I see nothing funny about 'jokes' 1, 2 and 3. ESPECIALLY 'Joke' 2. Some people could have been injured or they could have died.
  4. This episode was OK. I have some questions. 1) Why was Knuckles the only one who frequently needs to take a rest stop, instead of the other Team Sonic members in each turn? 2) What was Sonic thinking when he forcefully took the wheel and foolishly let Knuckles take the wheel? 3) Why didn't the police officer take the chain -- in the back seat of the Dudemobile -- to the Forensics team to analyse and 4) Was the police officer so obsessed with catching the Chain Bandit that he led himself to believe that anyone wearing a chain has to be an accomplice?
  5. That doesn't sound like a good reason to hesitate. Kung Fu Panda did it better without the use of words (aside from Tigress telling the story). That, I don't remember very well. But if that's the case, you do have a point. First quote: Bad continuity maybe? Second quote: Again, Kung Fu Panda did a better job of someone hesitating to destroy what they created. Also, risking the lives of many to save the life of one? Maybe Tails thought there had to be another way to stop Hypnobot without the use of violence. And speaking of risking many lives just to save one or a few, it kind of reminds me of a certain female hedgehog.
  6. Not to mention doing speed boost experiments while seriously injured. Tails didn't deserve that kind of treatment. I feel like this scene could have included Tails trying to explain himself (not wanting to create Hypnobot), only for Hypnobot to take it the wrong way (how Tails' life would have been so much better, so much easier, if Hypnobot hadn't been created), causing Sonic to confess that he and his friends didn't have the heart to stand up for Tails when he was being picked on by a certain echidna. At least the episode wouldn't have ended with Sonic agreeing with Tails being at fault 'for creating a monster and hesitating to destroy it'.
  7. I agree. Except for the LOL part. I'm thinking that Hypnobot should have hypnotised Eggman's robots first before hypnotising the robots who saved him. The reason for this is because their rejection angered him when they refused to join him in a battle against the people who 'enslaved' robots to do their work. Except that he still respects them while being convinced that his actions are for the greater good for all robot-kind (sorry, I couldn't find a better name for the robot race. Ugh.). Also, I don't understand how explosions can send people (or robots) into outer space. If anything, it (illogically) should have sent him to Maurice Town, where Hypnobot would be taken in by other robots and nursed back to health. Then he would wait for Tails to show up and take him home, only to eventually realise that Tails wasn't coming for him, which would then lead to Hypnobot feeling abandoned and wanting revenge. That's what I believe.
  8. That seems like a fair idea, but I would prefer it if Sonic's friends (along with Sonic) and a few villagers were suspicious of Metal Sonic's (and Eggman's) motives.
  9. No. Uh... what? Sigh. Didn't you read the idea I had for the 10-minute episode?
  10. The three parts of the four-part episode did. The action was pretty good and Hypnobot (on his own) did a great job at wreaking havoc on Hedgehog Village. I watched the episodes in French, by the way.
  11. The only reason I complain about people getting along and fighting, in the show, is because the show does this in the wrong areas. Let's take... The Sidekick, for instance. The first episode introduces us to our three main characters: Sonic, Tails and Eggman. Now, I'm not expecting the show to start way back before Sonic and Tails became friends or Sonic and Eggman became enemies. I was expecting the show to introduce its characters properly, for the audience that knows little to nothing about Sonic and co. I thought the first episode would focus mainly on Sonic, Tails and Eggman. To give us an idea of they are about in this episode. But no, it didn't. New characters (for the new audiences) were shoved down people's throat, expecting them to know who they are and what to do. That is not how introductions work. Let's take a look at Pokemon and Sailor Moon. These shows took their time in introducing one or more main characters because they wanted us to slowly get to know them and, as the shows progress, know what they do. I know that Sonic Boom has 10 to 11-minute episodes, but introducing characters doesn't mean you should just put them there and expect someone to know the characters when they have little to no knowledge about them. Now, what do I mean by "the show does this in the wrong areas"? Well, in the Sidekick episode, Sonic fires Tails in order to protect him. Now, I feel like this could have been a scene where you look at both sides of the story, where Sonic is worried about Tails dying from a young age whereas Tails believes that Sonic is limiting his potential. We can then see where they are coming from. I admit, the first episode was OK with the two characters, but looking at it now I feel like it could have done something more with them. When Tails gets into trouble because he wants to help, and Sonic saves him, Sonic reminds Tails of his reason for firing him. Tails then realises that he also made a mistake in being oblivious to why Sonic would do this and suggests that Sonic should keep him out of a mission if it gets too dangerous, whether in whole or part. That, to me, is drama. Not to say that EVERY episode should have drama, it's a comedy show after all. But then again, even comedy shows can have drama and tragedy. You just need to put these things in the right place. And no, I'm not saying I could a better job than the writers can. After all, they're just my ideas. The next episode I would like to talk about is 'Do Not Disturb'. Bear in mind that what I'm about to say is my own opinion. Let's say that Amy ISN'T a member of the Endangered Species program. She would have at least shown some sympathy and care for Sonic (getting kicked out of his shack), Tails (having to bear with Sonic as a roommate) and the villagers (running away from the stampede). I know she cares for the widabit in the original episode, but it kind of feels like her only concern is the widabit, and NOTHING BUT the widabit. I guess what I'm trying to say (if that makes any sort of sense) is that her selflessness is coming across as a bit selfish. A friend is being is kicked out, another friend has to deal with a substandard roommate and the villagers are done for if they don't have the common sense to run away in fear and panic. That's what Amy was to me in this episode. Also, I have to say something about Sonic. Sonic, to me, was the worst written character of this episode. I'm saying this because the episode quickly destroyed my sympathy for him. Quick-ly. If this episode made Sonic more likable, bearable and understandable AND LESS annoying, selfish and inconsiderate, then maybe I would have felt for Sonic AND Tails. Considering that Tails (the person I felt mostly sorry for) is struggling to keep it together. Now, let's say that Sonic's... attitude is toned down to make Tails feel less annoyed and less constrained. It would come across as if Tails knows that Sonic isn't at fault, but at the same time, he begins to feel as if he couldn't do ALL the things he wants to do in such limited space. He eventually snaps at Sonic, before regretting his words. I would be a bit upset with Tails, but at least I could see where he is coming from. It would also KEEP my sympathy for Sonic constant. If the Toy Story writers can make Woody more likable in the movie, why couldn't the Sonic Boom writers do the same for Sonic (and Amy) in this episode? That would have made for a slightly better episode, in my opinion.
  12. Maybe it's because they realised that Sonic Boom wasn't such a good show for the audience after all. I don't know. Hopefully, one day they will come up with a better show.