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  1. This episode was 'meh' to me. I don't usually use that word. Cyborg Sonic mocking Sonic made me think of Neil Goldman from Family Guy. As for Cindy Robinson singing, I don't know whether the song was original or it was inspired by songs like 'What a Feeling' or 'Fame'. It did sound like something out of Footloose to me, though I haven't heard many songs from that movie. The mayor was a terrible and foolish person for destroying all the hard work Team Sonic out into saving the rec centre, as well as coming up with the bright idea having a sports competition to save it. Why did he have to close down the library, though? I like how Cyborg Sonic and his team tried to take down Eggman when he entered the City in the Sky, which made me wonder why Hedgehog Village doesn't do something like that (especially when it has police officers to try and stop him). The bracelets/wristwatches made me think of a couple of brainwashing episodes from shows like 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' (the wedding ring) and 'Power Rangers Dino Thunder' (where the Ninja Storm Rangers were corrupted by evil power coins). I also liked the dance scene in that episode. I think they made Amy and friends lift their legs up in a different angle, because... reasons. And again with the Tails abuse. Why? :-(
  2. Stardust Speedway (Freestyle) (Message to Sonic Haters)

    Do you think 'Where Will We Go From Here' from Hardline would suit Sonic Forces either as the main theme or the final boss theme? If that song was in the game, the words 'blood thick as stone' would have to change to 'ready to go', 'rearing to go' or 'all set to go'. What do you think?
  3. Cyborg Sticks did say that in the final part of Robots From the Sky.
  4. Yes, I think so. As long as the story, dialogue, moral and jokes are good.
  5. I thought so. Couldn't Team Sonic just knock the cyborgs out, leaving Tails to restore them to their original state?
  6. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the heroes win and destroy the cyborgs because... of course, they do.
  7. Stardust Speedway (Freestyle) (Message to Sonic Haters)

    I just wanted to say that I liked your rendition of the Sonic Forces main theme. When I heard the vocal track of the main theme from Hoobastank, it... didn't appeal to me.
  8. Stardust Speedway (Freestyle) (Message to Sonic Haters)

    Hey Smooth4Lyfe, how are you doing?
  9. If that's true, then can you explain how he was able to CLEARLY remember what happened BEFORE he hit the wall?
  10. If literally everyone was gone, then Sonic wouldn't have anyone to blame, would he? He said that the ENTIRE place was deserted, so Sonic was the only one left at the time. And if that is the case, then Sonic can't shift the blame to anyone, right?