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  1. Can't decide if I'll get them on PS4, or just stick to the Vita. A bit skeptical about how they'd work on a larger screen tbh.
  2. I had a similar thought, but it was a portal style game. Maybe it would be Eggman testing some new robots.
  3. The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav. I like Deadalic's games, and I've always wanted to learn about the Dark Eye universe. So far it's a good adventure game; if a little pixel hunt-y at time. But the English voice acting is so flat and dry.
  4. Started playing Rise of Lyric the other day. For all it's faults, I think it's okay so far. At worst, I'd call it mediocre. Of Course things could change; the first boat section was terrible - I hope there's not more.
  5. Hi all, I’m an old Sonic fan from the UK, and have been since the first game on the MegaDrive, and used to love reading the Fleetway comics. Recently I spent stupid money rebuilding my Fleetway collection, and even building and near complete Archie collection I’m also a mostly over optimistic guy; I even like Boom
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