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  1. Wow I wasn’t expecting this kind of news from IDW. I’m quite excited now!

    1. DiamondX


      Hey Electric!

      It's nice to see you again on SSMB. Remember me?

    2. Dejimon11


      I've said this before but considering that this is Aaron and how he knows the fans, Ian was an obvious choice. Plus the official Sonic twitter follows him(and Evan Stanley) on twitter which is more than what you can say about the guys who write for their cartoon(that they barely promote). And Tyson doing art is a no brainier since Mega Drive got a lot of praise not to mention he did the  animation for Mania.

  2. Omfg I just checked the latest thread. I'm dying. 

  3. So glad to see at least one artist from the Archie crew moved over to IDW. And hooooo if that's the cover art for the first issue I'm so down. It looks so cool! I was expecting some obscure artist or someone who hasn't drawn Sonic before given how it's been for few other IDW titles :S But I like what I'm seeing so far.
  4. Huh, was going through TV listings and apparently Sonic SatAM is airing on Starz Encore Family. I don't have Starz though so I can't watch it :V But an interesting observation anyway

  5. Yeah this is what I've been thinking too. Archie seems to be dying slowly and they'll either fall of the face of the Earth or likely be bought out by Marvel.
  6. I see there's a "prrrrromotion!" button when you go to like a post. Wonder what it does... 

    1. Dejimon11



    2. .   .

      . .


  7. Well that seems kind of stupid of Trump. :U From the quick research I did there seems to be only a little over 2k trans people active in the military.. And hormones are dirt cheap so "tremendous medical costs" my ass.
  8. Meh, I don't think it'll happen. Even if someone did say it, remember the same was said about Generations and that didn't go anywhere so...
  9. Hey Electric.

    It's nice to see that you're back!

  10. Archie's app is basically a filtered version of the Madefire app that only shows Archie comics for sale. So I'm sure they'll still be on your Madefire account (which you can log in using your account details from Archie if you signed up via the Archie app). In my (and other's) experience, with any digital goods, things have never disappeared. Be it Amazon Video, iTunes, Steam, everything you have purchased can still be accessed even if it's taken down from the store. I mean, it'd be a dick move to take away access to something someone might have paid tens, if not hundreds of dollars on.
  11. The fact that SEGA specifically mentioned a new direction and a brand new comic series means we won't have the old Archie cast. I mean, I guess at most I can expect to see the Freedom Fighters separately from Sonic & co. Like have them name dropped or something as the police force in the new world, or have them as cameos in the background. And this is at most. Given how SEGA has been trying to get the Sonic series consistent and with one identity, I fully expect this to be a SEGA-only characters comic. I'm still hopeful for new additions to the cast like a one-off baddie or something since I can't recall any licensed comic I've read that hasn't had exclusive characters introduced at some point. Gotta keep the comic fresh, you know?
  12. If I remember what Ian said, even the solicits and covers are made months before the actual pencils are done. So yeah it's all a lengthy process. Early 2018 likely means they'll start the issue scripts in the next month or so.
  13. Oh hm, I didn't think of it that way. I was thinking like, if Archie asked permission from SEGA to use their characters in a certain story then SEGA still owns it? But your explanations make more sense so, yeahh I guess Archie owns most of that then.
  14. The more things I see, the more excited for the series I get! Well, except for the fact that Darkwing is going to be in this one. I would've liked it if they kept him separate, but oh well. Maybe this is a test run to see how audiences react to a modernised Darkwing before they reboot that series too?
  15. inb4 the IDW comics are based on Sonic Boom

    1. Kiah


      Electric pls lol.  

      And I was surprised to get a notification from you! Been traveling all day so if you said something earlier I missed it. Welcome back! :) 

    2. .   .

      . .

      Thanks Kiah :) Hope your trip has been going well

    3. SonicWind


      Honestly, I wouldn't mind if IDW brought the Boom comics back. I hear they were hilarious.

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