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  1. The Blues roll their eyes and say, "Great, horrid Heartless again. But recycled" "in horror form! I'd love to scare 'em off, but" "there's no way that's happening if the skeleton hasn't done so first!" Sword Kirby pulls out his sword once again and says, "We'd better head down there! That creepy skeleton looks like he may need assistance!" Sword Kirby went down the hill and started slashing at Heartless, while the Blues use a pocket fan to blow one of the ghost like Heartless away.
  2. The Blues pout at Roxas and complain, "Yeah, but could the costumes all be somewhat consistent!" "There's quite the variety, but we got nearly the worst of the lot!" "Well, nearly. We do feel really sorry for Jessica getting the shortest straw ever...." The Blues then perk up and say, "But, Celes, Halloween is already more than just" "a dress up day! It's also for Trick or Treating!" "Otherwise known as 'making adults give you free candy!'" They completely missed the point, as always.
  3. Sword Kirby looks over at one of his arms and says, "Mmm, I do look really tasty.... Why don't I give myself a try!" Kirby bites his own arm then reels back in pain. "Ouch! Now I know what the Bloppers feel like whenever I eat them! And I didn't even taste that good!"
  4. Sword Kirby steps out of the Gummi Ship, only to smell pumpkins. That pumpkin was himself, as he had just changed to fit the Halloween environment. "Wait, why am I smelling pumpkins so close to me? This is really odd. I thought the pumpkins were a couple feet away." The Blues start laughing before saying, "Kirby, are you farsighted or something?" "Look at your arms!" "You're the pumpkin around here!" Sword Kirby remarks back, "Don't start laughing at me before you look at yourselves! You look like scarecrows or something!" The Blues look at each other and freak out. "Gah! What is this weird look we've got!" "Looks something like a scarecrow.... but clearly the artist messed up the colors!" "How ironic, since we are birds."
  5. Sword Kirby and The Blues leap into the Gummi-Ship, all four of them panting. Kirby says, "That was too close! We'd better leave as fast as we can!" The Blues add, "I wonder if the organization" "got back at Hook for failing them." "Beats me, but it's great we're escaping!"
  6. Sword Kirby slams into the floor, complete missing Data-Axel. He quickly pulls his blade out of the floor and notices that Data-Axel has grabbed Roxas. "Roxas! Leave him alone Data-Axel! You will not harm him!" Sword Kirby takes a running start then dives at Data-Axel, swinging his sword at the same time.
  7. Sword Kirby flattens himself against the ground and avoids Data-Axel's weapon entirely. He springs back up and leaps into the air. "You're not going to win, no matter how many tricks you pull out against us! Sword Kirby drops down, swinging his blade at Data-Axel. As the sword comes down, it leaves a yellow trail of particles. The Blues leap out of the way of the weapon, only to have one of Jay's feathers get cut off by it. "Seriously!? I just had that feather scrubbed clean!" "This is no fun, Data-Axel!" "If you want us to bring it, then we'll bring it!" The Blues run up to Data-Axel and start pecking at his feet to distract him from the rest of the Skylanders.
  8. Sword Kirby points his sword at Data-Axel and declares, "People don't impersonate our friends and get away with it! We won't let you or your organization win!" Sword Kirby rushes in and slashes wildly at Data-Axel.
  9. Sword Kirby and the Blues get up from the floor and look around. The Blues complain, "Dang trap doors and their always dangerous dropping points!" "We don't even know where we are anymore!" "And now we're stuck with some kinda robot!" Sword Kirby points out, "Relax, guys! I'm sure we can fight our way out of this trap and get out of the ship in no time at all! Now, what are we fighting exactly..."
  10. Sword Kirby's eyes droop as he notices the Heartless Pirate Ship. "Looks like we have another ship fight.... And this one looks more powerful than those last ships! Roxas, please get us us out of this confrontation safely...."
  11. The Blues press up against the glass of the Gummi Ship and look out of it, admiring all of the worlds they pass by. "Wait, there's a place called Prankster's Paradise? Oh man," "we wish we could go! But we have to save the universe again...." "Hey, don't forget that I think we're going to Halloween Town next! We'll have ample time for playing tricks, then getting treats as a bonus!"
  12. Does anyone know how to make images from Imgur bigger here? My uploaded art looks way smaller than it was when I scanned it in, when I expected it to be the same size.

  13. Sword Kirby waves at Genie and Aladdin as he hopped into the Gummi Ship. "Bye Genie and Aladdin! Thanks for repairing our ship and the new device too! See you later!" The Blues head back to the Gummi Ship too, saying, "That was tough work saving you two but it was totally worth it!" "So, a Halloween area is next? Man, Bubbles would so wish to be with us!" "He loves Halloween, though we like it too! Candy is just the best! But... what bad things happen on Halloween that we'd have to stop? A good scare is just a part of the fun!"
  14. Sword Kirby twirls his sword and then plants it into the floor. "Take that, Jafar! You're no match for the power of teamwork!" The Blues blow raspberries at Jafar and say, "Na na na na na! You weren't strong enough!" "You really shouldn't be playing with fire anyway!" "Talk about a real backfire!"
  15. The Blues start panicking as the look at Jafar's large spell forming. "Uh oh, we're in big trouble" "now! And here we thought" "Red and Matilda were bad enough!" When the Blues "Oh man do I feel energized!" "It must've been what Roxas wished for!" "Now we can put a stop to Jafar!" Sword Kirby raises his blade to the ceiling, and it starts to fill up with energy. "You may have infinite power Jafar, but once you're up against all of us and Genie's power enhancing magic your power won't be enough to fall back on! Here we go!" Sword Kirby joins up with the Skylanders then unleashes a flurry of slashes alongside the rest of their attacks, each shooting off a more powerful than normal Sky Energy Beam at Jafar! The Blues follow up with their usual Egg Surprise, tossing out three green eggs wrapped up in a bow that blow up against Jafar!