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  1. The Blues are still rather angry, grinding teeth and all. They say, "Well, then Monokuma's going down!" "You don't mess with the Angry Birds and get away with it!" "When we meet Monokuma, he's getting a good dose of Egg Surprise!" The Blues march off back to their room. It's scheming time, and it's not for a fun prank in this case.
  2. Inside Aku's fire was a flashback to Chuck's death. It showed the entire scene in perfect detail, save for a red tint from the flame of course. Cue Flashback! Time: Page 425, after posts ( and ( Location: In a random closet, in front of a mirror End Flashback The Blues' beaks open wide, and they shake their heads. "But.... But...." "Jay, it's over.... "We can't argue with real footage there.... we were too slow to catch up to the fastest....." The Blues continue, "Well, this makes all those tricks we made on Chuck way less funny...." "Like, infinitely less...." "I'd make a joke here, but this just ain't the time...." And following the sadness, is pure anger, enough to make The Blues glow with a red aura. "Who did this!? Who would murder Chuck like that! He's a jerk sometimes but that doesn't mean he should be a dead bird!" "When we find 'em, we're gonna make them regret this! Killing off a near extinct species just isn't right! And he was our pal too!" "Yeah, we're gonna steal their eggs or something they like away from them, and see how they feel! The Blues add, "Well, this settles that then" "we're hanging around until" "justice is delivered for Chuck!"
  3. The Blues' laughter slowly came to a stop. "No way....." "That can't be... Chuck's like, the master escape artist.... He'd never end up in a situation where he could be legitimately hurt and not super speed right back out!" "I'm not believing you! We know tricks better than all of you combined, and you're gonna need some real proof to show that the Chuckster actually went down!"
  4. The Blues nod to Flame and say, "Yes, we are! What, did you not hear or something?" "Remember, this is the Angry Bird, not any other Chuck you might know!" "Jake, you sound like a Wikipedia article." Jake complains, "Did not! Those articles are completely devoid of personality!" Jim argues, "Yes too. Have you ever heard of a disambiguation page?" The Blues then hear Amitie's and Sig's answer. The Blues look back at each other, blink a few times, then look at Amitie and Sig. Then they start laughing. "Bwahahaha! That's a good one there, Amitie and Sig!" "Chuck? Dead? Never gonna happen, folks!" "That joke was almost as good as ours! Almost." The Blues all ask together, "But seriously, where's Chuck? He's been gone for weeks, and the Flock has had to make do with Hal for the wooden stuff that he would normally deal with! We need him back, so Matilda and Red sent us to go get him!"
  5. The Blues head up to the dorms and look for a room. They eventually find a room with a picture of them taped onto the door. "Think this is our room?" "Well, it has a picture of us on it!" "Wouldn't hurt to take a look inside!" The Blues open the door and hop into the room. The empty room would be morphing into whatever home the Blues have or had from their series... except the Angry Birds are nomads so that's not an option. After taking a second to think, the room morphs into a recreation of the most common location in the franchise, Cobalt Plateaus. Small steps of plateaus are spread around the room, each made up of cobalt blue rock. Each of these plateaus has a layer of grass on top. Toward the back of the room there is a window and a giant slingshot. "Sweet! It turns into whatever place we like best!" "And it's got the Slingshot for a bed! And without Chuck or Red here we can sleep on it for as long as we want!" "Do the fans ever get sick of Cobalt Plateaus?" A portal opens up and all of the toys the Blues bought come out of it, landing in their room. "And there's our stuff!" "Man, those portals are way cool!" "And way less random than our devices' portals!" The Blues take the time to explore their new room and mess around with their new toys. Eventually, they group back at the Slingshot. "You know, we've been having so much fun here that I forgot that we're supposed to be looking for Chuck!" "Oh yeah, that.... I forgot too..." "Well, if he's not here, then looks like we'll have to bounce off from this world and see if we can find any hints elsewhere...." Jay adds, "We'll miss this place, but we have a task to get over with! Let's see if we can get any information!" The Blues leave their room and wander around the Academy. "Has anyone seen an Angry Bird named Chuck? "You know, triangular, arrogant, very annoying? He's been gone for weeks," and we've got to find him! Any info on his whereabouts would help!"
  6. Kirby thinks to himself as he wanders through the Academy. "This isn't good at all.... Now Sarge is really sick, Celes hasn't gotten back up, and Hina is still having a headache.... This is all just too much.... I don't think I can handle all three cases, even with Doctor.... Wait, did I hear something?" Kirby looks out the window and sees Makoto, Aku, Sayaka and the rest of the new medical team. "Is that the new medical staff that people requested? They probably can deal with Sarge, Celes, and Hina easily! Whew! I thought we were in trouble!" He doesn't even question Aku's appearance.
  7. Kirby backs away from the medbay's door as soon as Undyne broke it open. The sight of Sarge's current physical and mental state shook him. "Sarge.... are you okay? Please? We're not your enemies.... Please don't fire at us...."
  8. Kirby and The Blues land in the Academy. Kirby says, "As soon as we're back, there's an issue. I've got some medicine so I'll just use Doctor and see if I can help Sarge out. What are you gonna do, Blues?" The Blues say, "Eh, we kinda don't want to have" "to fight right after that madness." "We'll just mess around. Bye, Kirby!" Kirby shrugs and says, "Okay, see you around!" And with that, Kirby heads over to the medbay in the hopes of helping Sarge out.
  9. The Blues feel a lot better after the Metal Sonics take their toys for them. "Thanks, Metal Sonics!" "Well that made things simple!" "Now we can go!" The Blues hop through the portal and head back to the Academy.
  10. The Blues all groan at Sayaka's answer. "Oh come on! We paid for these already! Your portals are no fun!" Now we have to individually toss each toy through! Do you know" "how long that will take? Hours of busy work probably!" The Blues start getting to work, taking toys off their pile and tossing them through the portal. "We demand" "bigger portals" "next time!" Kirby just jumps through the portal. "While having fun is cool and all, I think we may have had too much fun while waiting for you Kaede, Yusei, and Kirumi. I think I'm done with this world, so I'm heading back this instant. See you later, Blues!"
  11. Kirby runs up to Kaede, Yusei, and Kirumi, excited as always. "Yay! You came back! And without difficulties I presume? Anyways, what happened down there that made you want to stay in the TV World anyway? Oh, and I'm ready to go Sonic! Just open the portal and I'll head through!" The Blues state while still in their RC car, "Yeah, we're good too! But please tell us" "That the portal's gonna be big enough to" "take our mountain of toys through at one time!" They all complain, "Otherwise, taking our stuff through will be tedious work!" All the while, Jim shoves some paper bags into the car as well, which contain the food they ordered.
  12. A small RC car rolls into the Junes food court, with a large wagon full of toys attached to it. Sitting in the driver's seat is The Blues, sharing the remote control. "And this is our haul!" "Pretty grand, isn't it?" "Makes the whole mission way more worthwhile!" Kirby spits out some soda he was drinking and looks at everything the Blues bought. "Do you guys think you went a little overboard with the toys?" The Blues reply with, "Nope! This is just how we roll! It could all come" "in handy at some point! Like these new unresponsive" "yo-yos we bought! They're better than our old responsive ones!" The Blues start to fool around with their new yo-yos while Kirby gets up and starts to head back to the electronics department. "Okay, we had our fun. But Kaede, Yusei, and Kirumi are taking a while to get back here. We should go check on them." The Blues say, "Kirby, they'll be fine! If those cards are" "as powerful as they we're in the fight" "Not much could threaten them!" Kirby turns around and sits back down at the food court. "Fine.... but if they take a while longer, we'll have to go find them, alright? They could get lost down there, especially with the fog...."
  13. Kirby and the Blues crash land back in the Junes Department Store, namely in the electronics department. The Blues groan and say, "Least fun part of" portals, not knowing" "where to land!" Kirby hops up and says, "Well, at least you aren't hurt. That's good! Anyways, we can't head home until Kaede, Yusei, and Kirumi come back, so what should we do?" The Blues start to bounce off, trying to find their way to a toy store. "Buy new toys!" "Like replacement yo-yos!" "We don't have human cash but no one can argue with solid gold!" Jim flips a Bird Coin into the air and catches it on the way down. Jim adds, "Surprisingly, this stuff is so common on Piggy Island that it takes at least 200 of the things to buy anything! But here they'll go way farther! You can spend some for yourself, pinky!" Jim tosses back 20 Bird Coins at Kirby, which Kirby catches. Kirby looks at them and says, "Wow, this stuff is common there? On Pop Star, this would be worth a ton! I wonder how much I can buy with it...." Kirby buys himself some medication so that he can become Doctor Kirby if needed and then four burgers, five hot dogs, three slices of pizza, and a bunch of muffins. He takes all of this food down to the food court and Inhales it all at once. "Mmmm, delicious! Just as I expected from food as well prepared as what they serve here!" Meanwhile, various bystanders just watch as Kirby swallowed his ginormous meal in one gulp. It's impressive to some, but disgusting to others.
  14. Kirby hops into the TV, saying. "We had fun here but now it's time to say good-bye! And Kaede, just try not to get yourself in any trouble while we're gone! This place is kinda creepy sometimes...." The Blues head into the TV as well. "Good riddance to this ugly yellow filled world." "It looks horrid, has horrid monsters, and is super scary!" "Not our kind of style, being from a family friendly franchise and all. Well, if you discount those idiots over in non-fictional land who decide to make Angry Birds dark and gritty for no good reason!"
  15. The Blues answer with, "Well, that's easy!" "They're power sources!" "You saw 'em fuse with the bots earlier, right?" They all say together, "With enough of the things they could probably make a fused bot army bigger than the Minion Pigs! And there are a lot of piggies, and the bots were way stronger than them!" The Blues add, "We should be worried...." "But thanks for guiding us through this" "weird place, Teddie! You were a big help!" Kirby nods and says, "If we gained something from it I'd say we did good enough! Anyways, thanks for the help, Teddie! We really needed it!"