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  1. And the last of the questions crawls over the finish line! Thanks for the extension Kiah so I could finish this! 6. Who is your favorite Sonic character and why? Tails, because of his brother like relationship with Sonic. It's really charming and never fails to make me smile. 9. What is your favorite story in the Sonic franchise? Sonic Unleashed, even though I've only watched it. All of the one shot characters in it are wonderful, especially Chip and his interactions with Sonic.Dark Gaia was an interesting enemy for Sonic to fend off, and discovering Chip's past was an interesting twist. Oh, and the world tour elements really tie the entire package together.. 11. What is your favorite cutscene from a Sonic game? Team Rose vs Team Chaotix from Sonic Heroes, just because of how ridiculously fast both teams ended up hating each other after they just met. 16. What is your favorite image from the series? Please post it here and mention the source. This promotional image from Sonic Runners. It feels fast despite the lack of movement and it references a multitude of past Sonic games. I still can't get over the hilarity of having the Death Egg of all things helping out Sonic. 21. What was your most memorable year in the franchise for you? This year, actually. Not one but two Sonic games coming out, being on a Sonic forum for the first time, and watching The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time. I don't think I can have a better Sonic related year! 23. What is your favorite trailer for Sonic games revealed? 24. There are many versions of the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog in the quarter century he has existed across various forms of media. Which one is your favorite version of Sonic and why? The one that started it all, SEGA's Sonic. I can't really put my finger on why though.
  2. The Blues hop over to Neptune and point out, "Hey, could have been worse, Neptune. You could have been stuck with a unimportant mission like rounding up coffee for the dectives." "Or some writer could forget about you for a bit and cause you to straight up be absent for a story! Like us actually. " "Besides, the whole investigation might have gotten cramped if it wasn't for that cap. I mean, we don't say how big a room is and all of the Skylanders can fit in the Academy, but all of the Skylanders in one room hunting for clues? That's not really probable."
  3. Ice Kirby hops up and cheers, "Yay! Shademon isn't destroyed anymore! This mission really does end happily!" Ginger joins Kirby in his cheering. "We're really lucky that Jorgen decided to let us use that muffin!"
  4. Ice Kirby perks up after Jorgen explains what the fairyversary muffin does. "Wow, who knew food could be that powerful! A wish with no rules at all, from a muffin of all things? There's so many things we could wish for, but one thing's clearly the most important! Bringing Shademon back to life!"
  5. Ice Kirby and Ginger walk into the portal, both of them looking back at the area where they battled Undergrowth. Kirby sighs and says, "And now Shademon's gone too.... All he wanted do was help out the rest of us by holding back Nicole and he got destroyed in the process.... This isn't fair to him at all.: Ginger closes her eyes and thinks about the events leading up to Shademon's deletion aloud. "If my plan had just worked, for even a few moments, this never would have happened.... Shademon wouldn't need to stop Iron Nicole, and he never would have died... Its all my fault...."
  6. Ice Kirby freezes the severed remains of some of the mind vines into chunks of ice before kicking the ice into Undergrowth. Meanwhile, Ginger backs away from Jessica's blizzard before freaking out and running away. "It's getting too cold! I can't stay around here! Ahhhh!"
  7. Kirby walks over to Yaya and says, "But Nicole's handheld is nowhere in sight. We'll have to go around her for the time being in order to put a stop on Undergrowth! Then we can get Nicole fixed! But how are we going to do that?" Ginger quickly offers her own solution. "I think I have a plan! Nicole wanted to analyze the gas of those flowers even though it wasn't a good time to be analyzing stuff. If we can give her something to analyze, she'll be too distracted to stop us! Me and Kirby could easily be the distraction! I'm a fireball that's alive, and he's a puffball who can gain abilities by eating stuff! It'll take hours to fully study us!"
  8. Kirby hops to his feet and smiles to Ginger. "Thanks for the help Ginger! I really needed it." Ginger grows back to her normal size, then says, "Don't worry about it, Kirby! We've got something else to deal with! Specifically him!" Both of them head over to Undergrowth, with Ginger taking the lead. "Alright, Undergrowth! We played your game, but that means you have to play ours! Give us the lily or we'll take you down!"
  9. Ginger's fireballs continue to swirl around Leaf Kirby, the fire nibbling at Kirby's leafy crown. Kirby proceeds to chuckle, saying "You've fallen right into my trap you naive flame. Leaf was only the bait for this!" Suddenly, the leaves on Kirby's head wilt and are burnt up by Ginger's fireballs. The green gem turns back into a leaf before the same happens to it. Leaf Kirby became normal Kirby! (Kirby lost his Life element and regained his Air element!) (Kirby lost his Sorcerer class and regained his Bazooker class!) Kirby starts to Inhale, sucking many of Ginger's fireballs into his mouth. Ginger realizes what's happening and the remainder of her fireballs fuse back together. Ginger returns to normal, only at a quarter of her orginal size. "Uh.... that was unexpected...." He already knows all of my tatics and I've only scratched the surface with his thanks to that power copying of his! I've got to end this fight fast! Maybe I can burn up the vine controlling him! Ginger morphs into a single fireball and flies over Kirby, slamming onto the mind controlling vine stuck into Kirby. While the vine catches fire, it's not disintegrating fast enough. Ginger gasps in shock, then says, "Oh boy, this one's too thick to burn instantly! And in my current state I can't make it go any faster! I've got to charge back up!" Ginger runs away from Kirby as fast as she can, slowly regaining her normal size as she goes. Kirby gives chase, trying to stomp Ginger into the dirt.
  10. Kirby keeps swinging around, trying to approach Undergrowth. "There it is, the lily! Hey, Undergrowth! I bet I can suck that flower right off your head! It's important that we have it and that you don't!" Of course, getting closer to Undergrowth made Kirby an easy target. One of the vines stuck into Kirby, making his eyes turn green and covering him with vein like vines. "Undergrowth is our leader. Everyone should obey him and his plants." Meanwhile, one of the vines makes its way into Ginger's box, only to burn up as it's about to hit Ginger. Ginger sighs in relief, then says, "You may have a ton of our friends under your control, but you won't get me! Being a fireball has its advantages!" But this means I have to fight Kirby and the rest of the mind controlled Skylanders, all of which have way more experience then I do at the heroics thing! Oh, this situation is still super bad! Would it be better if I had been hit instead of someone more experienced? No, don't think like that, that just makes things worse!
  11. Kirby rocks back and forth in the vines, exclaiming, "We won't let you take control of all of our friends you overgrown weed! We'll fix Nicole and get those nasty vines off of Sonic, somehow!" Kirby tries to open his mouth wide enough to Inhale the vines entangling him.
  12. "So a giant plant is who has us all wrapped up? Once we get out of here, he's surely going to fry!" Ginger flares up and pushes against the lid of her box, but can only open it enough to get a peek at Undergrowth. "...Once I get out of my box that is..."
  13. Kirby blinks a few times then wakes up. He yawns, rubs his eyes, then says, "Oh boy.... we've been trapped up here with all of these vines.... We need to escape before something happens, but these vines have us held really tightly.... Maybe Ginger could help us out of here?" Ginger's box rumbles a bit before Ginger yells from inside it, "Well, I could if these vines didn't have my box sealed shut! We're stuck until the bad guy wants us to leave, which probably won't happen. "
  14. Ginger peeks out of her box, then immediately ducks back into the box and closes it. "Looks like we really have ourselves in a bind.... Trapped in this hole with knockout flowers! I'd go burn them up, but I don't want to be hit too!" Kirby flattens himself against the floor, closes his mouth, and asks, "Um, whoever you are, why are you trapping us in this pit with these flowers? Are you going to turn us into monsters..."
  15. Kirby leaps over the goopy monster's honey, Inhales some of the honey mid leap, then shoots a star back at the monster. "So there are some non-plants around here but they don't really like us..." Meanwhile, Ginger splits off into a ton of little fireballs that swirl around the spider monster, burning it for a bit until the fireballs merge back into Ginger.
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