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  1. I saw this news while at school, so I drew what I thought they might look like. (But I'm probably not close at all.. >B ) I was hoping to see more people do something like this before looking at this topic, but I guess you guys just wanna make a meme out of it...
  2. I'd actually like Big to be in the game again, but the poll on SEGA Fourms said no Sonic characters during the first round so i didn't bother.
  3. Hey S0L, I have a question for you too. How possible would it be to get Conker in the game rather than Banjo (if doing XBOX-only character again)?
  4. I too have made one, since i've finally came up with a good idea. Direct link in case of resizing.
  5. It looks like a homing shot!

    1. Frogging101


      Be careful, Mr. Sonic!

  6. Heeey, you missed pal!

  7. It's been so long since I've played Sonic Unleashed, I forgot how to play it. :P

    1. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter

      BOOST TO WIN! Am I doin it right, guys?

    2. RhikoruFa-La-La-La-♪


      More like Boost + QTE mastery to win. With minor quickstep and drifting moments.

    3. Ultimate Waffle

      Ultimate Waffle


  8. Still waiting for GameStop to ship Generations to my house. ;-;

  9. How about Edwin Neal (Sonic OVA voice actor), I liked his voice and it would fit Classic Eggman (imo).
  10. Engrish is great though! Then Japanese version only voice then?
  11. I'd like Jaleel White like most people, but I'd also like Keiko Utoku (the person who did his voice in Sonic CD). :B
  12. If Shadow is in the game, then I'd like to see Big in it! I wonder how he'd look in "Classic" style.
  13. Le gasp! That kinda looks like Grounder!
  14. This commercial is very creepy but yet I cannot stop watching it...
  15. This really stinks for SEGA, how and why did the hacker open the download up for public? The same problem probably would have not happened if it was a disk.
  16. How does liking the original over the 4kids dub make anybody a weaboo? Anyways, it would be cool to see a new cartoon, I would prefer it to be in 2D cel-colored (right word?) animation than 3D.

  18. Even if he is, he still fits to having either no toes or animal-like toepaws (or whatever) not human toesfeet.
  19. That was a troll that was impersonating him on Facebook that said that.
  20. I've never really been inside the SONIC restaurant. But whenever I get slushies I always get them from SONIC since they have the best slushies, I have never tried any of their food in all the years I've gotten slushies from them though.
  21. Super Sonic is a must at the last boss for most people, since having him super makes the boss battle even more epic for lots of people. A final boss without Super Sonic would be interesting, but a lot of fans and critics would wonder why Super Sonic wasn't included in the game at all and probably bash the game for not including him. Or Sega could make Super Sonic be in the "final" boss in one game but that boss wouldn't actually be the final one and right after that battle Sonic's powers are drained (because the Emerald's powers wear off) so he has to continue fighting the boss as normal non-Super Sonic... But people would just think that idea is bogus.
  22. The only reason I would want to read this comic is because Big is in it, and that interests me.
  23. I didn't change my avatar this time, but I did change my signature into something random I did, which is edited from an Invader Zim screenshot.
  24. Am I the only one who noticed how the Sonic 2 Beta running sprite is used in the trailer but in the gameplay it's not the beta game?
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