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  1. Sonic Mania - Destiny Or Fate (Mirage Saloon) (80% complete)

    Added a little piano solo in there and have one more planned for this last part, then I've gotta fins a cool unique way to close out. I had a few ideas, but I want to pick the right one. Endings are kinda tough too. I may have to get one more retake with the voice but I have already begun the editing process as well. It won't be much longer at this point. I've got to be careful and make sure EVERYTHING is evened out, most of the time its just been putting the ideas together, and blending them, but it's not perfect yet. It'll take some heavy duty attention, but no big deal. It's almost there! I'm getting more and more excited

  2. Sonic Mania - Destiny Or Fate (Mirage Saloon) (71% complete)

    Lyrics are complete and all retakes have been made too! Solo has been completed, I've analyzed all that I need left to complete this song. Looking at around 5:30 at this point, but that can still change. I've got somewhat of a plan from here. Most of it repeating the initial part just up until one more solo., then it's time to close out. Of course, after the beat is complete, I still have to edit everything together. I'm hoping to have this up before my birthday (12 days from now). I'm making a good enough pace that it'll happen. I'm getting excited about this

  3. Sonic Mania - Destiny Or Fate (Mirage Saloon) (60% complete)

    Most lyrics are now recorded. I will definitely have to do some retakes as well, but at least I can take my song a few more steps in the right direction now. I'm currently working on the instrumental solo that will come right after the vocals. It's a very short vocal segment lasting right around 30 seconds at most. With a little tweaking and effect adding, these vocals can be almost perfect. It's all coming together. I'm making a lot of progress very rapidly with this song. Now that I'm a lot deeper into it, I'm just having a blast creating this remix!

    Music writing is like Pringles. Once you pop, you just can't stop XD

  4. Sonic Mania - Destiny Or Fate (Mirage Saloon) (49% complete)

    Lyrics are fully written and title has been given! I'm not sure that the lyrics will be final, but it's only 8 lines. Didn't want to make it too long. I've got to do the instrumental solo next, just as soon as I'm able to connect everything else in the beat. I've reached another tough part of the song where I'm supposed to make a buildup sound really good while not having to drown out any vocals. I dunno if I should add those first or not . . . it'll get me closer to finishing the sooner I get to it, but I'm not sure I'm ready. There's still plenty of time to edit the lyrics in case I come up with something better. It's pretty thematic though so I'll probably keep most of it. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it

  5. Howdy y'all! Just poppin' in to say that Issue 3 of Sonic Legacy is now up on Tapas! The Legacy crew worked really hard to get this up with good timing. We hope you like it


    This will take you Off The Deep End

  6. Sonic Mania - Mirage Saloon (37% complete)

    I kinda fell back a little bit. But here's why . . . I'm adding lyrics. I came up with something recently at work and I've been wanting to use it. The issue now is finishing the lyrics. I have them written down here and there. It's like a vocabulary puzzle. It's really fun actually. Anyway, I've recorded a sample. I hope you guys like it so far. I'm only getting started



    1. qt.steeph


      Love the percussion, can't wait for the finished product !

    2. tailsBOOM!
  7. Sonic Mania - Mirage Saloon (42% complete)

    Entire original part has been remixed. Now it's time to bridge into my own stuff. Things are really heating up now. The rest of this should be real simple. I'll probably be posting a sample up here shortly as well. It's definitely one of the most interesting setups I've had in a bit. I've gotta make it sound a tad more western from here on out. The wood block percussion and the harmonica really helps. I have also added an electric piano to the mix. Not sure if I still need to do some extra sound searching for it or not. I have plenty of time to do so. I've come this far and it's only been a week. I'm so happy this is going great so far. I can't wait to show you . . .

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Let's go!

    2. TheOcelot
    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      Smooth4Lyfe is a pretty good rapper. I wonder if sometime we can work together . . . it's a bit of a longshot

  8. Sonic Mania - Mirage Saloon (31% complete)

    10 loops are now complete! I have spent a lot of time lately just fixing what harmonicas and pianos I've been using. I added a little vibrato to the harmonica to make it sound just a little more realistic. And the piano solo in the beginning is getting changed up every now and again. I really have to focus my jazzy energy into making it top notch. It's all slowly coming together. I've been playing with the note-bending function a lot especially with the harmonica and the acoustic bass. I've been learning a lot about keeping things mathematical and extra detailed. The major thing is fitting everything in to sound smooth. Timing is everything. I really can't wait to get to my own solo, but this part is really getting me in a good mood, a good zone.

  9. Sonic Mania - Mirage Saloon (26% complete)

    Huge progress today! I've been working on it for about 16 hours straight, with a tiny break here and there. Intro is complete. I've added so many instruments. I've tweaked the harmonica as planned, and added a piano like as well as acoustic guitars and trumpets. And a percussion instrument known as a quijad. It makes that kinda rattlesnake sound. Perfect for something western. Mixed up the drums a little bit too from the usual. It's really coming together. I'm using a lot of jazz chords with this one. It's so cool because the original is already very jazzy, innovation is crucial. I'm gonna have to study this song a little more in order to move on. That and I think I'm done for the day. I've accomplished a lot, and I'm very proud. At this rate this song should only take around three weeks maybe less. Assuming my real world schedule isn't too harsh.

    1. tailsBOOM!



  10. Sonic Mania - Mirage Saloon (8% complete)

    This is rather difficult to sound hunt for exactly what I want. I've had to create a new instrument that's supposed to sound like a harmonica but I still have a little tweaking to do on it. I've got the foundation for half of the intro laid out. I need to fill in the rest. So a little more sound hunting. I am wondering whether I should record the piano playing myself. I recently obtained my old keyboard that my father was holding on to. I just need to find some chords for it and I can probably get it on my computer to use it. until then I'm gonna have to come up with some really cool chords for this intro. I should probably also add a few drums in. But at least the fire's getting started!

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Let's go!

  11. STARTING PROJECT: Sonic Mania - Mirage Saloon 

    6-minute beat (95%), Editing (5%), subject to change

    A remix request non-Legacy related but for another friend's fan series. I've got a cool plan with this. The only stipulation is that it had western aura to it. That should be simple, as the original itself is pretty western as it is. I've been really looking forward to the day that I do a Tee Lopes remix. I'm definitely gonna try my best with this one. I'm thinking a somewhat cinematic intro into a full on Drum n Bass. There's a lot of good opportunities to show off my jazz knowledge here, something I also very much enjoy. I've already been coming up with things in my head. The sooner I can get them down the better. Beginning a song is one of the most difficult things about music writing because whatever you choose to put down has to play out evenly throughout the entire rest of the track. I always love a challenge. 

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Let's go!

  12. Got a quick question for you guys, my SSMB family . . .

    Has anyone here heard the one about the hedgehog with no spikes?


    Ah, never mind. It's pretty pointless


    1. Blue Blood
    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      That made this joke really dark actually . . .

      He still reminds me of my old hedgehog. Still cute

  13. Ey homie! Long time no see, as a wise hedgehog once said (or 100x said). Hope things are ok. Life can be tough sometimes

  14. Thanks brother! It's quite the honor to be opening up the series for them. I mean, this is the very first scene of the very first episode! I'm also in charge of overseeing everybody's music projects throughout this episode. This probably won't be the case every episode, but this is still a pretty amazing experience. Honestly, I couldn't be more proud to represent Sonic Legacy.
  15. Looks like my remix of Sonic Forces - Sunset Heights is set in its place at 3RD PLACE for the week on Newgrounds and is currently enjoying a feature spot on the Newgrounds Audio front page!!! I owe a huge thanks to the entire Sonic community. It's amazing how we all support each other through music, art, writing, etc. It really is just a huge worldwide family to me. Thank you all for such wonderful support!
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