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  1. Final Fantasy 8 - Battle (86% complete) Like I said, this one was gonna fly from where I last left off. The ending is gonna be the hardest part of this whole thing. But I'll be able to finish tomorrow, and who knows, I'll probably post it then too. Laptop battery is dead now. That's it for tonight.

  2. Final Fantasy 8 - Battle (73% complete) Aaaaah, just what I needed. Fresh mountain air, good chai latte, inspiring scenery, no distractions. Definitely good for the brain. Now it's all downhill from here. Time to finish this off!

    Also, I found a chaos emerald up there, so I got it. $10 lol


    1. Kiah


      Mmmm chai latte...that all seems like the perfect combination to get things done. Although being there I would of felt compelled to take a ton of pictures and would of likely defeated the purpose lol. 

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Wouldn't exactly defeat the purpose. Our scenery is very beautiful. Wildflowers paving every field, mountaintops, mist and fog, Definitely like the Shire from Lord of the Rings

    3. Kiah


      It would defeat the purpose of what I went there for which was to get some work done. That's what I mean as I would still need to get it finished after not getting it done then and there.

       Surely another purpose would be accomplished via the photos so it wouldn't be a total loss. Especially since it involves my favorite hobby of photography :)

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's true. It can be distracting, but inspiring for sure. 

  3. Such a nice day . . . Think I'll go to a coffee shop in the mountains and work on my remix 

  4. Final Fantasy 8 - Battle (62% complete) Finally got past the part I was stuck on before. Finally caught up and then some. All it took was a lot of brain power . . . and like an hour straight of listening to the same loop to get ideas . . . . and I threw a flute in that might need a little tweaking. It's the home stretch now! And about time too.

  5. Final Fantasy 8 - Battle (42% complete) Yeah, bit of a slow start today. Took me a whole hour to get 4 measures down. Basically I've just been trying to fix a little something that hasn't felt right. Brass is hard to work with lol

  6. I was there for nine whole hours. It was a lot of fun mingling with the Sonic fan fam getting to know each other and all. And the support . . . . I actually felt touched today. Inspired to make better remixes. Thanks you all. And big thanks to @Ryannumber1gamer you worked really hard to make everything run today. Good work. Til next time . . .
  7. Amazing. I actually scored off work for Motobug tomorow. 

    See you then. Long day . . . Zzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Kiah


      I have the day off but for a totally different read which is going to conflict with the Motobug event. I'll show up when I can.

      And good night 😴 

  8. I found one of my remixes . . . . and the slot is open! Sonic Advance 2! True Area 53 by yours truly
  9. Current projects:

    Final Fantasy 8 - Battle (41% complete) Yeah, I definitely made this one better and more intense just by changing up the drums from before. Unfortunately I lost the trumpet synth from my Perfect Dark Gaia remix, so I'll have to figure it out again, or come up with something cooler. I've got something kinda cool right now but still feels like something is missing. I'll get it back. Definitely keeping the whole cinematic DnB feel for this one

    Megaman X5 - Axel The Red (19% complete) The synths are pretty hard to match on this one, but the attitude isn't. I came up with a cool jungle beat to represent this level. I'm actually really digging this one. This one's gonna be of the Dance genre, like my last one. Relatively slower, but still a lot of pep. This one's gonna be awesome once I have it all together

  10. Current projects:

    Final Fantasy 8 - Battle (18% complete) I have to make up for lost time. Everything I had on this is gone. It's a good thing I remember for the most part what I already had, now I have to recreate that. Who knows, this could be an opportunity to fix what wasn't so great on my first attempt

    Megaman X5 - Axel the Red (11% complete) I haven't used any presets in a while but these ones are fitting in perfectly. Couldn't have come up with a better congo combination if I tried. I've actually wanted to do this one for a while. This isn't my first attempt on the project either, just the best XD

    I would like to have one of these finished by next week. It's my birthday. Nothing's really happening, I'd just rather be closer to another goal, you know?

  11. Started projects: Megaman X5 - Axel The Red and Sonic Heroes - Lost Jungle

    Target: 6 minutes

    I'm just freeballin' here, coming up with whatever passes my mind. Turns out I'm in a Congo mood, we will see what happens first 


    That was hard work, but look how colorful it is now. And all information, track numbers, and artist info has been updated. I just wish the pictures could download with the track

  13. Awesome. Fully functional once again . . . . I gotta start all my projects over from scratch . . . any suggestions? Anything you guys wanna hear me remix?

    I'm gonna try to recreate what I had on Final Fantasy 8 Battle. That was quite a few hours though XD. @King of SSMB, King Dedede! We oughta try something else now. Start from scratch like we should've in the first place anyway.

    1. Kiah


      Surprise me as I'm sure it will be good 😊 

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      If only i had ideas. I'm pretty flustered lately lol

    3. Kiah


      You'll get past it. I know you will :) 

  14. Trying to be back online in time for the Motobug stream next week. You know how it goes . . . Technology . . . 

    1. Kiah


      Yeah. It can be amazing one minute and suck the next. Hope you'll be able to make it. I'll be out of town next weekend and super busy so I'm going to have to make an appearance at the very least. 

  15. Glad I saved my receipt. It appears I have more shopping to do. Really wish today's laptops came with a CD reader