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  1. Journey Cross These Worlds (63% complete)

    Started the instrumental solo, already halfway done. Still got a couple things to do, and I would like to create a new instrument for this one. I threw in a variation of my Sky Synth and I would like to add another to accompany it. I'm also a lot further in writing the lyrics. Just a few lines lift to go! I may change some of the words here and there. I just wanted to get something up. It's best to at least have something down for just a general idea, fix little things, work on vocabulary a little bit. Brain work. I'm almost done with both the lyrics and the instrumentals. I'll have to record soon. Just to keep up. You know, #TryToKeepUp and what not XD. Soon I'll be able to analyze exactly what I need left to finish this track. I could probably do it right after this next part. The percentage rate is still based on the 6-minute target. It seems like I'll have more. I'll figure it out soon for a more accurate percentage read.

  2. That GD Barrel has always made clowns of us all


    1. tailsBOOM!


      What if the rumor about DLC boss characters for Smash is true, and instead of Eggman we get the Barrel of Doom?

  3. Sonic Legacy Issue 2 is now up and online! Everyone worked really hard to get this up once and for all, fell a little behind but not too bad. Here's the link. Hope you all like it!



    1. tailsBOOM!


      Let's go my dude!

    2. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Awesome! Way to go bro!

  4. Got you some birthday entertainment. Enjoy!


  5. Yo what up peeps of the Stadium! We are now starting the Megaman Watch Party in Motobug! Everyone head on over to  https://cytu.be/r/Motobug    and let's partaaayy! Megaman style! Do you have GUTS(man)?

  6. Gotta woah fast

    Try to keep buddabuk-up


    1. Tarnish


      It's honestly an improvement.

  7. Journey Cross These Worlds (52% complete)

    Instrumentals all the way through the second chorus is finished. Only a little advancement made on the lyrics. Made quite a jump from the last report. This last part was pretty easy because I only had to make minor adjustments for the second verse. Added in a couple of high pitched bells, new combos, and of course my signature synth instrument, Sky Synth (I've pretty much been using this since 2008). I am almost done writing the lyrics. Just half a verse to go. Maybe a little something in between the breakdown and the end. I do plan on putting in a small breakdown in between everything. Kinda like the layout to my last song, the Eggman theme I made for Sonic Legacy. Only a little more bunched together with the lyrics. I've been practicing when I get the chance, usually when I'm driving. I get really jazzy with some of these chords in the chorus. I gotta keep it intense though. So far, so good

    1. tailsBOOM!


      You've got this!!!

  8. PaulyBFromDa303

    Sonic Legacy (Sonic Paradox Comic Series)

    Just wait until Baldy McNosehair himself shows up
  9. Moving on up y'all! I was named an official contributor to Sonic Paradox this morning! But not just a contributor . . . I guess I'm kinda running the whole music department now! (there's not many of us atm. That's about to change)

    Now I know what you're thinking. Doesn't it already count since you're in Sonic Legacy? Well, only sorta actually. Legacy is a branch of Paradox itself, something bigger.

    It's quite the honor. I've been following these guys since high school, back before Sonic Paradox was Sonic Paradox, when everyone was their own independent. It's something I've actually wanted to be a part of for many years now. This is my chance! I'm going to do my best, just as always!

    What a neat day

    1. tailsBOOM!



    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      You guys always have been by my side this whole way. I couldn't be more thankful

    3. Fusion-Ellipsis
    4. Kiah


      That’s awesome! Congratulations! You’re doing big things and keep it up!

  10. Journey Cross These Worlds (37% complete)

    Lyrics partially recorded. It was a little more difficult than anything else I've ever done because I actually sing kinda fast, having to hit every word correctly can sometimes prove to be tongue twisting. I'm also having quite a problem with the quality of my mic. I've been learning a lot lately, so maybe I have the ability to fix it up to sound more authentic. I'm pretty sure it'll be ok. As for the instrumentals, things are indeed going a lot faster since I already have a base down. Verse two sounds very much the same with just a few things changed up to make it diverse. I've got some great ideas cooking in the ol' noggin. It's really starting to sound like an anime intro, and while I'm trying to at least keep it heavy sounding as well, I do like how it's turning out. I haven't done anything like this in SUCH a long time. And I'm loving it

    1. tailsBOOM!


      You've got this!

  11. Journey Cross These Worlds (29% complete)

    Chorus backdrop is finished. Still got a ways to go with this. I can probably record a little bit and keep ahead. I'll need to get the other lyrics in as well. It'll come to me. I love having to come up with it. It's kinda like a puzzle. And it's been building my vocabulary a little bit too. I'm trying to keep away from being repetitive with the words. I've still got quite a bit of editing and changing up some instruments and what not. I've got a cool chord sequence in the chorus. It kinda sounds like an anime opening. I'm looking forward to singing it. I should probably get a vocal sample out there to the person that requested this piece. It's pretty cool so far. And not too complicated either, now that I've been learning so much. Things should be quicker at this point

    1. tailsBOOM!


      You've got this!

  12. Sonic Legacy - Our Legacy (Sonic Legacy Theme) (93% complete)

    Lyrics have been finished and sent in for editing. Multiple people will be editing this project, in which the process has already commenced. I' will be taking the instrumentals and the guitars and editing them through, some others may join in for a few extra contributions. This project involves ALL of the current musicians in the Legacy team. There's like six of us going at it! It's kinda cool to be gathering everyone's takes and clips and mixing them together. I've also had to adjust a few things on my own side, adjusting volumes and what not. I've got a few ideas I would like to try out. There's plenty of time (to an extent). Others from the team from Serenity Seven have also joined in with the editing, and will probably be doing the final edits once everything is done. It won't be much longer. SpringsNRings didn't do too bad with the vocals. He added in his own things to add to the whole Crush 40 inspired feel we're all going for. Nailed it. 

    1. tailsBOOM!


      You got this!

  13. Diggin' the new profile pic, Kiah! 

    1. Kiah


      Thanks Pauly! It’s SSMB anniversary time for me hence the avi change. I was way overdue for showing Sonic Unleashed some love!

    2. TheOcelot



      Yeah, I like your new avatar and happy 7th anniversary!


    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      Here's to seven more at least amirite? Thanks for being here @Kiah

  14. Journey Cross These Worlds (Journey Across Worlds Theme) (24% complete)

    Instrumentals are done all the way up until right before the first chorus. First verse and chorus lyrics are written. There are now 10 loops in the books. Still making little adjustments here and here as I go. Bunch of different chord sequences. This song isn't like other songs I have written. It seems like every part has its own sequence of chords and note trills. I'm really going for the rock-techno fusion with this one, and I do hope it sounds ok to everyone else. Something sounds like it's missing right now though. Maybe it's the type of drums I'm using. They sound really cool though so I'm a little torn between decisions. There's Endless Possibilities with this one. Which, by the way, is also where I'm picking up some inspiration. Remember that remix I made for the SSMB Motobug Anniversary a few years back? I'm starting to remember some stuff I did from there that actually really work here. Also, further on down the road I'll be adding my signature synth, of course, the Sky Synth. I've found ways to make it all work. It's all about the time now. Big progress today

  15. Journey Cross These Worlds (Journey Across Worlds Theme) (18% complete)

    Part of the lyrics are written. It's pretty much starting to sound like a gamer's anthem. I accept this. Instrumental is coming together quite nicely. It sounds very electro-rock at this point. I know there's a couple things missing from what I have so far, but I'll touch that up once my ideas are all down. Can't afford to forget what's next. The important thing is that everything flows nicely while sounding as rocker as I can possibly make it. 

    1. tailsBOOM!


      You have this!


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