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  1. BOOYA! Got all my paragraphs typed up finally! Tomorrow I create more online music accounts, and my 90-day music-posting marathon begins Wednesday. Well, 89 right now, but I'm sure I can bust out at least one more song by the time I get there.

    This is so exciting. I'm going viral!

  2. Market Street Riot (Pauly B & Johnny Crash) vs. Police Brutality Precedinct (Officer Payne & Officer Punishment)

    Primos Hardcore & Wrestling 04/07/2018,  Glendale, Colorado

  3. Some food for thought: If Steam had a game called Clams, . . ..

    You know where I'm going with this

    1. Forte-Metallix


      You're going to Krusty Burger?

    2. Harkofthewaa


      May I play it?

    3. Eurisko


      Prawn dumplings

  4. Ok peeps!!! I got my DS up and running. I hope to see many of you

    My friend code is 5172-6147-8042

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Remind me later to get you my friend code. I'm about to crash.

    2. Strickerx5


      Do you mean 3DS or the actual DS?

      Because if it's the DS then... well, I got some bad news for you...

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      2DS actually.

    4. Kiah


      I can give you my friend code later assuming I don’t forget AND that I can actually find the thing...

  5. I'm now a proud owner of a Nintendo 2DS. I was also able to find Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic classic collection, and Pokemon Diamond. I asked the store clerk about Call of Duty, he said don't even bother LOL

    I'll probably need friend codes . . . As soon as I figure this thing out

  6. Sup peeps! I'm just typing up more paragraphs for my music descriptions. Got about 10 to go. Then I plan to spread out to SoundCloud, YouTube, OCRemix . . . and there's a few others a couple of you mentioned. I'm gonna have to dig through a bunch of my old statuses to find it lol. Unless you all have suggestions. And I apologize if you have to repeat something you already told me XD.

    I'm hoping that in the end, when everything is up, that I'll be able to expand to different audiences and get a tad closer to achieving the dream. I do remember the representative I spoke to from SEGA did say that I needed more of an online presence. This is step one. And it's taking a while. 90 total paragraphs, one for each song and a quick bio. I started this about four months ago but walked away from it for a while halfway through.

    I'll probably be posting the links to the songs once they are up. I'll probably do one a day, to not oversaturate the feed here, and it probably gives people time to get a glimpse of my stuff. To think I've already posted 10 songs since my arrival to SSMB less than two years ago. It's cray cray

    1. MightyRay


      Good on you for getting your name out there even more! I hope you can do your best and get even more folks to give you a listen!

    2. Kiah


      That’s why it’s easier to make a topic. All the awesomeness is all in one place. If you do that by all means feel free to bring attention to your new songs in the statuses as long as you aren’t spamming for disclaimer’s sake as you haven’t been doing that like some people. /obligatory mod talk

      Now as a fan and a friend I really hope everything works out and you’ll be able to accomplish your dreams. I really enjoy your work and I really hope you will be able to get more exposure out there and have more success.

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      @Kiah Already got a topic made. No worries, i know da roolz XD. I'll probably make one giant post once it's all done. No need for 89 double posts

    4. Kiah


      The mentioning of the topic was more along the lines keeping all your works in one place as statuses come and go. Trust me as I well know you have a topic per our original PM.

      The “mod” talk really was about status spamming more than anything just to cover bases. You haven’t done that at all but I tell this to any and everyone who wants to advertise their posts with their latest work on the SSMB. 

  7. Does anyone know if my disc copy of Generations will work on the XB1, or does it HAVE to be digital?

    I would test this out for myself right now, except that I'm at work

    1. Speederino


      I can't 100% confirm, but the disk should work fine if I understand correctly.

      EDIT: For some reason I thought you were talking about an original Xbox game XD  Yes, backwards compatible 360 disks work completely fine. That I *can* confirm.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Word! That's great news

    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      The disk counts as a license, you put it on and you have to download the game on the One. Even if the disk is scratched it's just a way to prove to Microsoft that you own the game. 

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      That said, unless it’s changed since I last used the backwards compatibility, you need the disc inserted to play it.

    5. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's probably the only downside to discs

    6. Eurisko


      Hi Pauly.

      Yes it will. Your disc will trigger the download for the game as all games have to be burned to the Hard Drive on XBOX ONE. The only thing with generations going backwards compatible is that it doesn't seem that they've made the Casino Night DLC available for those who got the game on release. At least I cant find it anywhere.

    7. PaulyBFromDa303


      @Eurisko That's ok with me. Being the absolute richest Sonic fan ever, i actually missed that one. Shame it's not available . . . yet

    8. Eurisko


      I'm hoping you're right , I really enjoy that pinball DLC.

    9. PaulyBFromDa303


      Well, the disc didn't work. Probably have to buy a digital copy. If i really want it

    10. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      what do you mean the disk didn't work

    11. PaulyBFromDa303


      Wouldn't read it I guess. It's not showing up anywhere

      I just popped in Skyrim to check something. Sure enough my disc reader is broken somehow

    12. Speederino


      That sucks. It's probably the lens, if I had to guess. Since we're in the same general area, I know a place that'll fix it if you'd like. They charge about $60 though.

    13. PaulyBFromDa303


      Lay it on me brah. 60 really isn't that bad compared to others

  8. Totally gotta get my online presence going. I just remembered. I've got about 16 more paragraphs to type up and I'll be ready to spread out. Shouldn't take but a few hours

  9. Oy! Bud! Happy Bday!ric-flair-woo.jpg.549a46fd2f335ac2e302bfac6aa0b9fd.jpg

  10. Sonic Forces - Virtual Enemies (Capital City) Pauly B Vs @Polkadi Mix (28% complete)

    Just a little bit further on my end. I had ideas I didn't want to lose. What's challenging about this one is trying to gradually build everything up without oversaturating the sound. Leaving as much room as I can. I've got some cool sounds in there but I might be jumping the gun on a few of them. I dunno. I'll have to see what my partner thinks XD I'm having a blast with this one

  11. I'd love to finish the 5-hour long WrestleMania. I just watched 


    Undertaker destroy John Cena XD

    But I just can't stay up. Psht, night shift. I'll pick up later, I hope. Deuces y'all

    1. Kiah



      Sleep well!

    2. NikoS


      I guess everyone can see him now...


  12. Finally home from work

    Time for Wrestlemania 34

    It's 4am . . . i need chocolate pudding XD

    1. MightyRay


      Funny you mention chocolate, I just finished tasting a slice of my choc brownie cheesecake.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Oooooooooo . . . that sounds awesome right now.

      I really don't have much. Ramen. Some cherries. Oh hey, look at this. I totally forgot I ordered Indian yesterday. I have leftovers LOL

    3. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      I used to watch wrestlemania a long time ago but I got out of it because my brother stopped watching it with me. If there was a stream so we could all watch it together I'd join

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Hmmmmm . . . I really wonder if I could hook up my WWE Network to Motobug. I doubt it though

    5. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      I think hooking anything up to motobug would require ryan's help. PM 'em and ask if he'd be willing to let you stream wrestlemania on motobug and maybe he can help you

    6. PaulyBFromDa303


      I think tagging @Ryannumber1gamer would be easier XD

    7. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      That works too lol

    8. Kiah


      Ew chocolate pudding. You have fun with that. And I actually second @The drunkard from space!‘s suggestion to PM Ryan as these tagging could be overlooked and the discussion would likely move there anyway especially if it can be done. 

      @MightyRay that sounds delicious! Chocolate ain’t my thing but I can definitely do brownies. Especially in a cheesecake lol. 

  13. Well my day is off to a pretty terrible start. I just learned that my childhood piano teacher died last night of pancreatic cancer at age 86. She was actually a heavy influence not only on my music, but in life.

    You guys want to know exactly how much of a music nerd I am? My father has home video of me playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the piano, nearly perfectly, at the age of 2. When I turned 8, I started taking piano lessons with Marianne, my piano teacher. She taught me a lot about music. Things that I still use to this day. We had a blast together. We did shows together.

    Shortly after my 11th birthday, I graduated from her school and was off to supposedly more prestigious academies. And then shortly after that, I would stop taking lessons entirely because my actual school grades would slip. But after I graduated from Marianne's academy, I would unfortunately lose touch with her. And here and there, I would try to reach out, but she had moved away for a while

    It was nearly 20 years before I heard from her again. About 3 months ago, she learned that she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. And it was terminal. She actually reached out to my father looking for me. I got there just in time. We found a day last month to go over and hang out with her for a little bit. Play some piano, show her my music on Newgrounds, just like old times. But it was a pretty emotional day as well.

    During this time, I was in the midst of making my Park Avenue remix. I promised her that it would be the hardest I've ever worked on a song. She listened to it. She told me she was proud of what she heard and that she had faith that I would go far with it.

    I just heard of her death an hour ago. Honestly I'm a bit more torn up than I expected. No doubt, whatever I post next will be to honor her memory, and I will treat it as such during creation. Not to mention, I've got to try to get back in touch with SEGA. Nothing ever came of that yet

    1. MightyRay


      I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, your teacher made a heck on an impact and I'm sure you'll do her memory proud.

    2. Sean


      Sounds like she was really awesome. Just keep doing what you do and maybe someday you'll be able to pass on some of what she taught you.

    3. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      Like @Sean said, keep doing what you do best. No doubt in my mind that she'd want you to.

    4. Polkadi


      Oh, Pauly...

      You have so much to thank her for. She helped you to allow your talents to flourish. Without her, you would not be where you are in your musical career!

      It'd be beautiful for you to honor her and the gift she's given you through a personal track. Oh, how I think it'd be truly great if, thanks to her help, you really did get your dream job with SEGA!

      And like the others are saying, do teach onto to others what she's taught unto you. What she was to you, you can become for someone else.

    5. PaulyBFromDa303


      @Polkadi She was more fluent in jazz. I could definitely try my hand at that

    6. Kiah


      I’m sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was an awesome woman (bonus points for her fluency in jazz!). It’s wonderful that she had such a positive influence on you that is still relevant to this day with the awesome music that you are making. 

      I am with the others saying you should honor her and keep doing what you are doing as well as sharing it with others in your appreciation for all she did for you. Sharing is caring after all and that way her positive influence would continue to live on possibly for generations to come.

    7. Space☆Yeow


      Sorry to hear about the passing of your piano teacher. As someone who's had some teachers I was close with (including piano teachers), I can't imagine having to face what you're feeling right now.

    8. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      I'm really sorry to hear about your loss Pauly. Losing to cancer is always awful... From the sounds of things she was really helpful and its great that you got a good influence as well as a great teacher (not often that happens), basically making you the musician that you are. It was like you had the talent and she was the one that brought it out to you. Also glad that she liked your Park Avenue remix.

      Since she meant so much to her, at least think about doing something for her memory like a song or something as a tribute.

    9. qt.steeph


      I'm sending all my love to you dude !! I can't imagine what it's like to lose someone who's motivated you so much in what you do. I think it's super admirable that you're choosing to spread the love they showed you by continuing to make incredibly strong tracks that even inspire the likes of me ! Never stop doing what you're doing, cause like others on here, I really do think you've got a bright future ahead of you. Hope you heal soon ! 

  14. Well. Looks like I missed some Spyro news

    All I'm gonna say is

    BOUT TIME!!!!!


    Average Guys (11% complete)

    6 minute beat (70%) Lyrics (10%) Recording (10%) Editing (10%)

    Little back story, some friends of mine have a podcast that's really growing as far as the wrestling scene here in Colorado. It's actually pretty cool. It's an hour long show, only half of it is about the wrestling, but the other half is basically video game talk. I'm sure you guys would like it. They broadcast on Twitch. I'll definitely make a shoutout to SSMB when I'm on the show. They're called The Average Guys Podcast. Anyway, they've asked me to do a theme for them. They're pretty patient. They only have six episodes at the moment anyway. I'm gonna eventually have to find a link for y'all. So far I have an intro, it was pretty simple. Slow strings and a minor bass line. I've also got a chorus written but I've got a long way to go before the lyrics are actually on paper. I just wanted to get a few of the basics down before I forgot ideas


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