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  1. [19] Sonic 3D Blast - Boss (PC)



    ***YouTube is lower quality than the others. I don't understand this, so if anyone here has any suggestions, I'd be grateful***

    OPD: August 11, 2006  //  Length: 4:05  //  Style: Drum ‘n Bass


    This was a special request made. These guys wanted me to remix the PC version of the song which I had never heard before. So after a little bit of research and searching, and listening for hours upon hours, I came up with this little shindig. Again, tried to match the boss type feeling. Played around with a couple of synths, tried to make a few instruments that sounded deep and dark. This one was done a tad differently, I used a preset for it and just edited little things here and there throughout. Many Sonic fans in the community found this piece to be somewhat educational, as they had never heard the PC version either. Still pretty basic, but fun to do, and interesting to say the least.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Very retro!


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